Katie Melua - Your Longing Is Gone (Official Audio)

The official audio for 'Your Longing Is Gone' by Katie Melua. Taken from 'Album No. 8' out on 16th October. Pre-order: https://katiemelua.lnk.to/Album8yv

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It used to really feel like we were high flying
you could say our days were too good to be true
I loved it when you showed me that inside you were dying
like I had to answer that pull from you
and then the leaves changed shades and up they flew
Your longing is gone
now don’t go trying to force it
your longing is gone
I’m gonna leave with the morning dew

I’ve got a list of places where I’ll find my freedom
you could see me somewhere not thinking of you
well maybe it’s because I gave you too much of what you were needing
but the real reasons are fading and shading in the blue
and then the sea grew dark and up it flew
Your longing is gone
it was sweet like a summer sky
your longing is gone
I just got used to it being all mine

For a while we were the only thing that mattered in our lives
how did you make me believe
in such a sweet, in such a free, in such a cool thing

Your longing is gone
it doesn’t matter what I do
your longing is gone
I’m gonna leave with the morning dew
your longing is gone
I’m gonna leave with the morning dew

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100+ komentarze:

jairo ramirez
jairo ramirez:
As always, only a few seconds have passed with your voice and I feel completely relaxed and transported into a new world of happiness!
piano soul
piano soul:
Admire your honest and authentic music. Mesmerising voice, great lyrics.... <3
Wow. Surprise surprise. What did we do to deserve this treasure?
Beautiful! Voice of an Angel.
Irene Conti
Irene Conti:
Wonderful. A fresh, new Katie with a powerful voice, full of personality and power. I love this new track. Will be my new soundtrack of 2020. :)
Lela Lomidze
Lela Lomidze:
Mesmerizing, honest, pure, delightful..... the list of describing words can be endless but the best thing which makes me so proud is- She has Georgian roots and we have the same homecounty 🇬🇪🥰
Best wishes from Georgia 💕💕
Constance Merticaru
Constance Merticaru:
Your music is the therapy of my soul. I love it.❤❤❤ Thank you because you are.🕊
Keith Ho
Keith Ho:
Such a beautiful magical voice, and a heavenly soothing tune. Surely one of the best things to come out of this wretched 2020 year!
Beautiful i love your perfect liquid gold voice❤🙂❤
Lucas Garcia
Lucas Garcia:
Katie ❤
I wanna listen to this song in a summer day, going home.
John Lumpp
John Lumpp:
Katie could sing the phonebook and it would be stellar! Bravo!
Juan Ignacio López Carrillo
Juan Ignacio López Carrillo:
❤️Eres un amor katie ❤️
Your voice get me fly so high 💖🧡💛
Few artists can still surprise us after such a beautiful portfolio.
lilia Lilia
lilia Lilia:
this song will be great in my car when i get out of work at the end of the day ☕🍰👌
Salty Sea Of Tears
Salty Sea Of Tears:
Aye, this sea shanty sounds delightful! Reminds me of my encounter with the sirens.. Aye... The sirens...
Constantine Tvalashvili
Constantine Tvalashvili:
Your longing is goooooooneee... /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\
Nice! Is it a Batumi beach on a label?
Levan Ghvinjilia
Levan Ghvinjilia:
აბა ქართველებო ვალაიქებთ
Iliko Chitashvili
Iliko Chitashvili:
Thank you Katie!
Will's Music
Will's Music:
This is my fav from the album so far, but love all.
Dom Dallas Dallas
Dom Dallas Dallas:
Parabéns Katie Melua, sou Angolano, gosto tanto da sua musica, faz-me relaxar, e gosto de todas...
J. Val
J. Val:
Cómo siempre brillante , felicidades !!!
Emotions fly
Romana Strasheim
Romana Strasheim:
My longing will never end ...🌹
Monika Mickiewicz
Monika Mickiewicz:
Wonderful as always, your voice always relax me. I love listening your fantastic songs with soul. I am waiting for next
Espaço Boa Música
Espaço Boa Música:
Cada dia mais encantado a magia das suas canções. Você simplesmente encanta os seus fãs com a sua maravilhosa voz. 🎶
Julien Capoulun
Julien Capoulun:
Favorite track from the album so far, so beautiful and heartbreaking <3
Andreas Joerg
Andreas Joerg:
Thank you, Katie. I really love this song. Looking forward to seeing it performed live on stage
Javier Nieves
Javier Nieves:
hermosa¡ bellisima¡
Leo Benjamin
Leo Benjamin:
Lovely song yet again on the road to the new album. Sadly news of sage gateshead hit me today being cancelled so gutted can't be helped with covid. Thank you as always for being a light to us peace.
Charl Jacobs
Charl Jacobs:
Absolutely beautiful. Road trip.....
I already knew that I would love Album No. 8 because it’s Katie singing, and every song that’s released continues to back that up. Just wonderful!
Denis B
Denis B:
Reminds me somehow of "Easy like Sunday morning"...
Тамир Камараули
Тамир Камараули:
შენ გაიხარე შვილო👍
Golden Gate
Golden Gate:
wonderful voice! Greetings from Turkey!
Mr E Nigma
Mr E Nigma:
This is quite a different song for Katie - I like it!

Bit worried about Katie right now, after her recent separation. Hope she's okay.
António Beijoca
António Beijoca:
Your voice!!! OMG smooth and sweet
James Russell
James Russell:
I wrote a beautiful song and love to sing it with angel voice Katie mulua....love from the republic of Ireland
Maria de Lurdes Calheiros
Maria de Lurdes Calheiros:
Katie, yours songs are simply deeply beautifully
malcolm enticott
malcolm enticott:
What a beautiful song a very melodic tune perfect for your amazing voice 😘
Ana Kadieshvili
Ana Kadieshvili:
My lovely Katie <3 the biggest artist
Your voice is so beautiful and great song !
Hussein Fouli
Hussein Fouli:
Wonderful and pure talent ❤️
Classicracer Uk
Classicracer Uk:
What a beautiful song, such a haunting voice. Well done Katie
Elia Georgian
Elia Georgian:
I am proud of you! Thank you 🙏🏻 🇬🇪
Gustavo Muñoz Pallás
Gustavo Muñoz Pallás:
Nice trip into soul, my soul. Thanks.
Thomas R Williams
Thomas R Williams:
Back to Dublin Katie, you are missed.
Bruce Roubitchek
Bruce Roubitchek:
I think is now the 4th single from the new album!! Why release so many singles before the full album is even released? We are going to hear half the album before it is even released!!
Asia Jankowiak
Asia Jankowiak:
Vision Thing
Vision Thing:
Katie...you're so precious
Clavers Odhiambo
Clavers Odhiambo:
Can't wait for October. I'm now playing all your other albums in anticipation.
Ben Eastwood
Ben Eastwood:
Love this! 💕
Piotr Koba
Piotr Koba:
This song has 90s feel to it.
Hamsik 2707
Hamsik 2707:
Perfect! <333
Mark A.
Mark A.:
So amazingly beautiful and touching with your stunningly gorgeous voice!!!!!
Awesome as always Katie 💖🌝👌
Maria Liza Latiff
Maria Liza Latiff:
❤️ From Penang, Malaysia
Great ! I am Chilling
Ashnoy Atrushanyan
Ashnoy Atrushanyan:
Katie! Your voice is everything!!!
Anders Greko
Anders Greko:
Song 4 from the album that makes me longing for the album ❤️
Tê Caroli
Tê Caroli:
Paolo Rossi
Paolo Rossi:
Meravigliosa! ❤️💓💞
Fhatimma Lhemos
Fhatimma Lhemos:
Good morning!
My like forever 🌷🎶💖🍀
Best single!
Олег Бережной
Олег Бережной:
На фотографии горизонт завален, но быть может это специально.
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke:
Great song love it
Tian Wardle
Tian Wardle:
Heard This On The Radio And I Immediately Fell In Love With This 😍🥰
Rusudan Diasamidze
Rusudan Diasamidze:
kochag magari gogo xar❤️gilocav❤️💋💋💋
Hey it's Delilah
Hey it's Delilah:
Stress reliever😊
James Russell
James Russell:
Lovely song Katie mulua..lovely...love from the republic of Ireland
nvl venu Gopal
nvl venu Gopal:
I love your almost all songs. In this song I felt healing sense. This type of songs possible to sung only the legend singer late pb Srinivas. The most popular South Indian playback singer. Now you too achieve that artistry
Tanya Pearson
Tanya Pearson:
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Delta Fox
Delta Fox:
I love Katie Melua - only thing she ever did wrong was mary someone else :'-(
Mini Me 78
Mini Me 78:
Such a lovely voice 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Claude Revelin
Claude Revelin:
Mon artiste coup de cœur depuis plus de 10 ans
***shine on***
Fernando Esteves
Fernando Esteves:
Stainless !
Ia Ia-Ia
Ia Ia-Ia:
ქეთი <3 სულმოუთქმელად ველოდები ხოლმე თქვენ ვიდეოს <3
Arkadii Belenko
Arkadii Belenko:
Катя, ты открываешь новую дименсию в душах! 🤗
Roy Wessbecher
Roy Wessbecher:
This one will hit it big...
Dennis Esplin
Dennis Esplin:
Our longing has not gone. This Album suits the melonocoly mood of the country. Cleaver song clever lyrics. Katie has the right formula for our troubled times. Love and best wishes X.
poppy paul
poppy paul:
she needs a hit again.
keti kurdadze
keti kurdadze:
მიყვარს ქეთის ყველა სიმღერა <3 საუკეთესოა
Mary D
Mary D:
ქეთი ❤️
Tiago Oliveira
Tiago Oliveira:
Amo ela. Love you
jackay k
jackay k:
Longing or ended love is natural each thing or pheneomenon and talk which has a beginning has an end thats what we call normal .but its a very high quality thing beginning and end as you say it and feel it .so its good other wise it will be poisen and cause a blast in sane mind .
Blue Blue
Blue Blue:
Katie, please don´t sing sad songs to me...
Adrian Natella
Adrian Natella:
Ah lovely 💗
Miss Potter
Miss Potter:
Dennis Zaiffdeen
Dennis Zaiffdeen:
I’m the closest thing to crazy about your voice, so silky.
ᴍᴏᴋʀʏ ᴘᴀʀᴀsᴏʟ
ᴍᴏᴋʀʏ ᴘᴀʀᴀsᴏʟ:
Mark Decker
Mark Decker:
Masha and the Panda
Masha and the Panda:
Three guys made a mistake on the button...
Tom Williams
Tom Williams:
💖💖💖💖Thanks Katie 🤗🤗💖💖💖
Thijs Vermolen.
Thijs Vermolen.:
so beautiful
Maia Kevkhishvili
Maia Kevkhishvili:
Q Y:
We are for always flying ..... flying high because we are standing strong.....feel the earth beneath your feet..... feel he wind in your hair know ......believe & faith..... you are, you is, you am, you will always be. you have already defied the question: to be or not to be .....breath....you deserve the best....