Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber cook mac and cheese & play Never Have I Ever | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Wild conversations. Different guests. Same bathroom. Join me on the premiere episode of Who’s in My Bathroom? with special guest and my best friend: Kendall Jenner. Things get quirky and we go deep in the most unexpected (yet least surprising) place in the house - my bathroom.

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Mands Peixoto
Mands Peixoto:
hailey using videos to show herself and her visions, that’s amazing
Winnie Winnie
Winnie Winnie:
Hailey is so cute and weird and authentic. I feel like the people around her don’t appreciate her enough
Sahar Nauman
Sahar Nauman:
“I was crying in this girls guest bedroom for like 2 years straight.” That’s literally bestie goals
She's June
She's June:
How sweet hailey is getting a tissue for kendall when she's literally crying.😭
Something about Hailey is so sweet and pure. The way she loves Justin is just too sweet. Hailey and Kendall make a cute pair of friends.
Mands Peixoto
Mands Peixoto:
if kendall jenner cries because she was never asked to be engaged, who am i not to cry?
Dude... they’re cooking in a bathroom. Doesn’t matter how fancy it might be... it’s still a bathroom
Mahian Rahman
Mahian Rahman:
I swear if I didn't start watching "who's in my bathroom" I would have never knew hailey is such a sweetheart. I just don't get it why ppl are so bitter about her getting married to justin. I mean like dude get over it
Anisha Saha
Anisha Saha:
The moment they both realised they've kissed same guy: JUSTIN
Kendall burst into tears cause the alcohol kicked in and she told the way she really feels...
Fire Films
Fire Films:
ten minutes in.. just realized they're in a bathroom. It's so big
"Never have I ever had a guy write a song about me "
Imagine taking a shot because Justin Bieber or Harry Styles wrote a song about you . That s the ultimate fucking flex
Hailey actually seems like she’s a really good friend. 🤍
Sarita Hrickova
Sarita Hrickova:
I love how Hailey wasn't scared to take a whole bite from that food
Priyanka Oza
Priyanka Oza:
"Never have I ever had a guy write a song about me."

Justin's last two albums: AM I A JOKE TO YOU.
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming:
*Thanks for inviting us all to your bathroom*
Emily Sandefur
Emily Sandefur:
Dude Hailey is literally so could you not love that personality
I love drunk Kendall haha it’s so fun to see how relaxed and care free she is! I’m pretty sure she’s like that regardless but she reminds me of myself when I’m drunk 🤣🙌🏽 love it
Cara Leo
Cara Leo:
They’re both surprisingly down to earth and hilarious. Literally lol at some of their answers. Hailey is such a great interviewer.
CE JU vlogs
CE JU vlogs:
"For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:8 KJV
Jennifer Kassir
Jennifer Kassir:
Kendall: “is it weird that I wanted to make out with myself” LOL 😂
Jessa Zabanal
Jessa Zabanal:
Hailey's Concept is so amazing! Kendall and Hailey you're both so adorable.
Fiorella Picher
Fiorella Picher:
She looks so much like her dad when she smiles that unique smile her dad has.
Omogolo Gontle Sepako
Omogolo Gontle Sepako:
“Just Keep talking about whatever you want” Hailey is so sweet❤️
Linda Kim
Linda Kim:
And hailey she's so lively and beautiful..didn't know this side of her🥰
Love seeing a genuine friendship
3:46 just looking at kendall small bite and then haiiiiley took all the spoon😂😂😂❤ i love her be natural you know we don't have this i mean am in my bathroom😂😂😂
Esma Aguel
Esma Aguel:
This is so hilarious. I love how she started crying about the wedding dress 🤣 so funny and refreshing loving the concept!
Penny Bryan
Penny Bryan:
I Love their friendship! Hailey dried the tears off Kendalls shirt so sweet!
Eszter S. Deák
Eszter S. Deák:
Broke down in tearlaugh at Kenny's breakdown on "it would be so nice to be married but I'm actually not" 🤣🤣🤌 "the dresses are so so beautiful" 🤣🤣🤣😂
Ashleigh June
Ashleigh June:
Kendall crying over not being married is such a drunk mood 😂😂
r McCutchen
r McCutchen:
I’ve never watched anything of these girls before and this is HILARIOUSSSSSS totally changed my opinion on these 2. Funny girls. 👌
Ruky Karym
Ruky Karym:
I love hailey biebers energy... she is so real, calm and classy. Kendal and hailey seem to have a great friendship
Aya Abdullah
Aya Abdullah:
hailey is amazing
She's acting normally
She's being herself
Keyate Cephus
Keyate Cephus:
So sweet of Haily to get up & grab a tissue for her best friend when she was crying
Jaclyn Forbes
Jaclyn Forbes:
hailey. omg. u were the first person i ever interviewed 5 years ago lol and I WAS SO NERVOUS but u were so kind 🥺💗🥲 at the MMVAs! forever grateful
Khadine Charles
Khadine Charles:
"im really not lying im just drunk" i felt that one 100%
Keesha Marie Oliverio
Keesha Marie Oliverio:
I'm starting to love Hailey she's very chill, polite and humble.😍💗
Bella Marie
Bella Marie:
I can not get enough of this ❤️
Johncie Clark
Johncie Clark:
I keep watching this over and over I love them so much! ♥️♥️♥️🤍🤍🤍
As soon as I got these bowls I knew I wanted to eat mac n cheese in the bathroom with them
Tyrah's Daydreams
Tyrah's Daydreams:
No one’s ever proposed to me- that part was hilarious 😂😂😂
Fe Ramirez
Fe Ramirez:
I love how kendall just eat a bite and hailey ate the whole spoon 😭😭😭😭
Cutest ever. I just love Hailey's videos. She doesn't pretend to be someone else. It's so natural. Mac n cheese is my fave dish, tbh. ♥️♥️😋
Lina L
Lina L:
"No one's ever proposed to me" had me dying 😂 Kendall is so beautiful its hard to believe no guy proposed to her! Probably they think she's too hot for them.
Kendall crying over the fact she never got proposed to is literally me
Sohana J
Sohana J:
*4:17** when you realize you don't have such a good friend* 🙃
Btw Hailey is too cute 💖😊
Catharine Roberts
Catharine Roberts:
I love Hailey so much omg lmaooo. I loved how she just grabbed the Mac and tried to feed Kendall. And then she just devoured it lol that’s such a mood. We’d definitely be good friends
SampurnaSaha SanjaySaha
SampurnaSaha SanjaySaha:
when i was watching this i wanted it to never end and the way they laughed together.....was so pure
Lori Ru
Lori Ru:
You two are adorable together. Great channel!
Kun Woo
Kun Woo:
Kendall never has an unattractive moment, she doesn't even ugly cry. I wish I can HOT cry like kendall
Vasileia Kantani
Vasileia Kantani:
Amazing chemistry! I think we all want more videos with Kendall!
Papu_12 Papi
Papu_12 Papi:
Kendall 's expression were like oh god why are we cooking in bathroom for real
Sahar Nauman
Sahar Nauman:
“Get yourself a friend that you can eat Mac and cheese in the bathroom with.” 😩
50 50
50 50:
Next to Kendall, Hailey seems smart and friendly. She is exactly an interesting person to talk face to face.
Melissa Middleton
Melissa Middleton:
When your husband asks why you’re taking so long in the bathroom.
they’re so hilarious,love this content and their friendship❤️
Nae’s Way Tv
Nae’s Way Tv:
Also, p:s I’m officially intrigued and a fan of hailey now. I see why jb married her.💋😇
Asanda & Khanya
Asanda & Khanya:
The physical fight with sibling question I think we all agreed that Kendall needed to take a 100 shots 😁😂
Tejal Bhangale
Tejal Bhangale:
I love hailey 🥺
I need a friend like hailey
She is such a funny person
Nelly Sofie
Nelly Sofie:
I laughed so hard when Kendall started crying because she's not married and not has ever proposed to her omg
Anjali Parajuli
Anjali Parajuli:
Awww hailey's smile is so beautiful
Alyssa O'Grady
Alyssa O'Grady:
So good😂I love them together they’re the best duo it’s so underrated!
Ira Maya
Ira Maya:
Kendall is so polished and cool. Hailey looks like the kind of mom who embarrasses the child when the school bus arrives. Loll. And almost so full of herself LOLLL. I’d be like that too if I’m her 😅
I love them both pretty ladies 💗
Cobby Barzillai-Vandapuye
Cobby Barzillai-Vandapuye:
Never thought I could love Hailey more, but I do! She's simply amazing! 😍
Anaya049 Vids
Anaya049 Vids:
Kendall being the emotional drunk, and Hailey laughing at everything is iconic😭
Purple Seasons
Purple Seasons:
3:52 YASSSSS Hailey!😹
I thought it's just me who does that whenever I cook x)
Roshana Acharya
Roshana Acharya:
well, their friendship is so adorable 🥺❤️
Gini Zanini
Gini Zanini:
This is life changing. I’m having a religious experience bc of hailley 😂
Linda Kim
Linda Kim:
I'm so in love with kendall... if i were a guy i would propose to her when she cried😢❤😁
kendall crying bc she isn't married or no one ever proposed her lmaooo
Absolutely an amazing video, cooking skills and love the stories + duel commentary.. (Ying & Yang ☯️) 🕶️🐾💗❤️💍
Integration Collective
Integration Collective:
Hailey is such a ball of Sunshine ☀️🤩🤩😘😘😘💕 I am glad we get to this side of you bebe
party animal
party animal:
Can we just admire the way hailey said YeAh when Kendall said this is so amazing
diwakar thapa magar
diwakar thapa magar:
Hailey you’re really a sweet person ❤️
anonymous. maj
anonymous. maj:
When Kendall said:"It would be so nice to be married but I'm not" "A dress would be so nice"
Damn I feel her!
Stephanie Gan
Stephanie Gan:
Love their sweetest friendship edition at fancy bathroom😘😅❤
Hailey, we need more content. We love you, your style, your makeup, your BATHROOM, etcetcetc. 💕
Tria Nueros
Tria Nueros:
Can't stop watching this 💖 I love them too much!
Pure joy of friendship. Omg can’t stop smiling. 🤩💯❤️👏
Ximena Venado Vázquez
Ximena Venado Vázquez:
"I've never been engaged... no one has ever proposed to me" * cries*
Jazmine Ramos
Jazmine Ramos:
Laughed so hard with the pregnancy question hahaha
The Man w/No Name
The Man w/No Name:
It’s what we do on a daily basis to give our lives meaning and to give our lives purpose. That’s what matters. At the end of the day, what we’ll remember will be those we loved and what we did for others. That’s why we’re here.)) - President Obama, 2012 🔥 🔥
Kerstin S
Kerstin S:
I want a friendship just like that. You're both are so natural. Please make another episode with kendall ❤❤
Ysabelle Santiago
Ysabelle Santiago:
"No one's ever proposed to me"
"I've never even been engaged."
"A dress would be so beautiful."

I've never felt so much like Kendall Jenner lmao
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan:
Just 2 hated women talking:
One hated for being a Kardashian
Other hated for marrying Pacito
Teresa Washington
Teresa Washington:
Love seeing there truth in how they really are and how close they are xx
alex stey
alex stey:
I love hailey personality, so cool, calm and collected, she seems so sweet, smart, genuine and pretty 😊
Alex Pham
Alex Pham:
watching this will explain why Justin gets married to Hailey. she's sooooo genuine.
ulya zahir
ulya zahir:
Kendall popping on to Hailey and Kylie’s channels and getting drunk on her new tequila is the best form of advertising. I’m sold
Chris Cantos
Chris Cantos:
I just realized Kendall looks so much like her mother.
Maria Teresa Concepcion
Maria Teresa Concepcion:
That's what I like to Hailey, she is so real...just being herself and not pretending.
KiNg TaeRin
KiNg TaeRin:
I love seeing these two Bestfriend.
NiNi RuByJeNnIe
NiNi RuByJeNnIe:
It’s a tradition to watch this once in a while✊✨
Vitoria Luiza
Vitoria Luiza:
I need “Who’s in My Bathroom?” with Bella Hadid!!!
Mandy Monroe
Mandy Monroe:
My god I love hailey so much ✨ she’s so precious
Ananda Novaes Oliveira
Ananda Novaes Oliveira:
A Hailey é tão linda 😍 E parece ser tão gente boa! Só desejo o melhor pra ela!!!💙
I never ever seen Hailey but her dad use to go to our church in rockland county I’m not sure if he still owns that house in rockland but yea he was so religious and would always talk to my mom. Super friendly he was great.
Sara Marie
Sara Marie:
When Kendall said “I am a stoner” I felt that LMFAO