Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber cook mac and cheese & play Never Have I Ever | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Wild conversations. Different guests. Same bathroom. Join me on the premiere episode of Who’s in My Bathroom? with special guest and my best friend: Kendall Jenner. Things get quirky and we go deep in the most unexpected (yet least surprising) place in the house - my bathroom.

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Love seeing a genuine friendship
Sarita Hrickova
Sarita Hrickova:
I love how Hailey wasn't scared to take a whole bite from that food
Sahar Nauman
Sahar Nauman:
“I was crying in this girls guest bedroom for like 2 years straight.” That’s literally bestie goals
Something about Hailey is so sweet and pure. The way she loves Justin is just too sweet. Hailey and Kendall make a cute pair of friends.
Emily Sandefur
Emily Sandefur:
Dude Hailey is literally so could you not love that personality
Mands Peixoto
Mands Peixoto:
hailey using videos to show herself and her visions, that’s amazing
I love drunk Kendall haha it’s so fun to see how relaxed and care free she is! I’m pretty sure she’s like that regardless but she reminds me of myself when I’m drunk 🤣🙌🏽 love it
the concept of the "girl talk" in the bathroom is actually a very fresh and original idea! I didn't expect that, good job miss.
Anisha Saha
Anisha Saha:
The moment they both realised they've kissed same guy: JUSTIN
Hailey seems like really interesting and creative friend , and her voice is so soothing omg!
Fire Films
Fire Films:
ten minutes in.. just realized they're in a bathroom. It's so big
Esma Aguel
Esma Aguel:
This is so hilarious. I love how she started crying about the wedding dress 🤣 so funny and refreshing loving the concept!
Cara Leo
Cara Leo:
They’re both surprisingly down to earth and hilarious. Literally lol at some of their answers. Hailey is such a great interviewer.
Keesha Marie Oliverio
Keesha Marie Oliverio:
I'm starting to love Hailey she's very chill, polite and humble.😍💗
Julia Lawrence
Julia Lawrence:
The fact they already start laughing when in each others company is so cute imo, like that's just such a great feeling awe
As soon as I got these bowls I knew I wanted to eat mac n cheese in the bathroom with them
Penny Bryan
Penny Bryan:
I Love their friendship! Hailey dried the tears off Kendalls shirt so sweet!
Cobby Barzillai-Vandapuye
Cobby Barzillai-Vandapuye:
Never thought I could love Hailey more, but I do! She's simply amazing! 😍
Omogolo Gontle Sepako
Omogolo Gontle Sepako:
“Just Keep talking about whatever you want” Hailey is so sweet❤️
Eszter S. Deák
Eszter S. Deák:
Broke down in tearlaugh at Kenny's breakdown on "it would be so nice to be married but I'm actually not" 🤣🤣🤌 "the dresses are so so beautiful" 🤣🤣🤣😂
Debri Riri
Debri Riri:
The more Kendall get drunk the more funnier she gets 😆
Ermina Caringal
Ermina Caringal:
I love how quirky and fun Hailey is!! 💕
Jamie T
Jamie T:
Didn’t think I would be a Hailey Bieber fan but this video showed me she’s relatable and this was adorable. (Not that my opinions from her matter, she’s killing it in life). Thanks for sharing parts of yourself through YT in a format you had creative control over. It was very cool.
I laughed so hard while they both are about to drink the short in that pregnancy one.. 🤣😅😭😂
Cutest ever. I just love Hailey's videos. She doesn't pretend to be someone else. It's so natural. Mac n cheese is my fave dish, tbh. ♥️♥️😋
Mands Peixoto
Mands Peixoto:
hailey is so funny omg i love it 😍
Jessa Zabanal
Jessa Zabanal:
Hailey's Concept is so amazing! Kendall and Hailey you're both so adorable.
Evie DeWees
Evie DeWees:
"Get a friend that you can eat Mac and Cheese in the bathroom with." My new motto.
Savannah Vincent-Corry
Savannah Vincent-Corry:
The love Kendall and Hailey have for each other is so cute, they are both so beautiful. Love you guys 💖
Vasileia Kantani
Vasileia Kantani:
Amazing chemistry! I think we all want more videos with Kendall!
Kun Woo
Kun Woo:
Kendall never has an unattractive moment, she doesn't even ugly cry. I wish I can HOT cry like kendall
Nakita Rachel Rose
Nakita Rachel Rose:
You guys remind me of my best friend and I and we've been beasties since we were 9 years old 31 now. Love watching your shows Hailey your doing a really good job!
SampurnaSaha SanjaySaha
SampurnaSaha SanjaySaha:
when i was watching this i wanted it to never end and the way they laughed together.....was so pure
Brene Penunia
Brene Penunia:
I’m over here laughing like we’re all friends 🤣
This went from super awkward to super comfortable real quick. This turned out way better in the end. 😂😂
Anaya049 Vids
Anaya049 Vids:
Kendall being the emotional drunk, and Hailey laughing at everything is iconic😭
Inaê Carolline
Inaê Carolline:
I don’t know how I’m just now watching this but I’m glad cause I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂 I’m living for this
The realest show I've watch. I can truly relate ❤ Thank Hailey, and Kendall as well!
Dee S
Dee S:
I really like Hailey when she laughs. Her laughter makes us laugh too 🤣 Weird but happy
love the good energy in this! a true friendship <3
Ashleigh June
Ashleigh June:
Kendall crying over not being married is such a drunk mood 😂😂
Engy Lee
Engy Lee:
tf this is so freaking unique, more videos to come Hailey 💕
Tria Nueros
Tria Nueros:
Can't stop watching this 💖 I love them too much!
Kerstin S
Kerstin S:
I want a friendship just like that. You're both are so natural. Please make another episode with kendall ❤❤
Zilly Zilly 🥺💫
Zilly Zilly 🥺💫:
When Hailey feed Kendall Mac and cheese 🫕is so adorable 🥰
Zoey Armani
Zoey Armani:
I actually really liked this video, I feel like we really got to see Hailey’s personality a lot more and she seems so fun to be around
Now I see what Justin meant when he said "Hailey is an amazing cook", cause she really is 😃
Thanks for making me part of this! I laughed so much!
Fifi Bela
Fifi Bela:
She looks so much like her dad when she smiles that unique smile her dad has.
Bella Marie
Bella Marie:
I can not get enough of this ❤️
Vitoria Luiza
Vitoria Luiza:
I need “Who’s in My Bathroom?” with Bella Hadid!!!
Gladys Starr
Gladys Starr:
I love their friendship!!! Kendall seems to love Hailey so much❤
Ananda Novaes Oliveira
Ananda Novaes Oliveira:
A Hailey é tão linda 😍 E parece ser tão gente boa! Só desejo o melhor pra ela!!!💙
Sahar Nauman
Sahar Nauman:
“Get yourself a friend that you can eat Mac and cheese in the bathroom with.” 😩
Alyssa O'Grady
Alyssa O'Grady:
So good😂I love them together they’re the best duo it’s so underrated!
Hailey seems like the most calm, chill, down to earth person. She’s defo the friend who lifts your mood. She just seems super nice.
Carel Martyn
Carel Martyn:
I actually love them now. Lol. They have too many inside jokes. Sure they tell the story, but it feels like there's more to it. Just between them. That's friendship.
they’re so hilarious,love this content and their friendship❤️
Sophia Rakoski
Sophia Rakoski:
Hailey and Kendall are so sweet friends and I love how they make my day everyday
It's Tinashe
It's Tinashe:
I binged watched the whole series today and it’s official, I’m obsessed 🥺🥺🥺
Alex Mayono
Alex Mayono:
When Kendall began laugh crying about being married and Hailey just laughing while comforting her was sweet but so funny at the same time
Lori Ru
Lori Ru:
You two are adorable together. Great channel!
Shanae Daye
Shanae Daye:
You most definitely butter the water.. I’m with Kendall 😂
Rona Laure
Rona Laure:
I love how Hailey laughed♥️
NiNi RuByJeNnIe
NiNi RuByJeNnIe:
It’s a tradition to watch this once in a while✊✨
I didn't know she's this fun. I like Hailey now. I never knew what her personality is like. She seems like a sweet heart really.
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor:
💩 happens in the bathroom! It's nice to see good friends having a good time. Enjoyed this video take care
50 50
50 50:
Next to Kendall, Hailey seems smart and friendly. She is exactly an interesting person to talk face to face.
Asanda & Khanya
Asanda & Khanya:
The physical fight with sibling question I think we all agreed that Kendall needed to take a 100 shots 😁😂
Hayley Perkins
Hayley Perkins:
I enjoyed this.. this is legit me and my friends. Obviously my bathroom isn't as luxurious!
I can't help but imagine Justin going to the bathroom and seeing his wife and Kendall making mac and cheese, getting drunk and crying
Alex Pham
Alex Pham:
watching this will explain why Justin gets married to Hailey. she's sooooo genuine.
Khadine Charles
Khadine Charles:
"im really not lying im just drunk" i felt that one 100%
katelyn thompson
katelyn thompson:
kendall casually saying her sister pulled a knife on her and moving on quickly is so funny to me
Kaitlyn Glow
Kaitlyn Glow:
They're a whole vibe especially kendal drunk eating more mac and cheese 🤣
Dana Felipe
Dana Felipe:
Kendall: “Is it weird that I kissed myself in the mirror?”
Hailey: “No, you’re cute”
Their relationship is so cute
adrienne hodgins
adrienne hodgins:
genuinely hilarious, Keep it up gals xo
Yvette Bendix
Yvette Bendix:
So flipping funny!!!!! Love you both!!!😂😁🤣
Ira Maya
Ira Maya:
Kendall is so polished and cool. Hailey looks like the kind of mom who embarrasses the child when the school bus arrives. Loll. And almost so full of herself LOLLL. I’d be like that too if I’m her 😅
I love them both pretty ladies 💗
Johncie Clark
Johncie Clark:
I keep watching this over and over I love them so much! ♥️♥️♥️🤍🤍🤍
anonymous. maj
anonymous. maj:
When Kendall said:"It would be so nice to be married but I'm not" "A dress would be so nice"
Damn I feel her!
Jazmine Ramos
Jazmine Ramos:
Laughed so hard with the pregnancy question hahaha
Priyanka Oza
Priyanka Oza:
"Never have I ever had a guy write a song about me."

Justin's last two albums: AM I A JOKE TO YOU.
Mariam Gehad
Mariam Gehad:
I love this 🖤🖤I can’t stop watching it 🖤🖤
Lianasari Santo
Lianasari Santo:
I love Hailey laughter 😅🤣😂😹
ulya zahir
ulya zahir:
Kendall popping on to Hailey and Kylie’s channels and getting drunk on her new tequila is the best form of advertising. I’m sold
Adinda Utamie
Adinda Utamie:
We need more of this video with another guest, Hailey !
tara hoogen
tara hoogen:
Need more content like this with Kendall!!
Aya Abdullah
Aya Abdullah:
hailey is amazing
She's acting normally
She's being herself
manifest your best
manifest your best:
manifesting this kind of best friend energy for everyone in the comments! so much fun ♡
Alexandra Fields
Alexandra Fields:
it's cool seeing celebrities doing normal but silly things with their bestfriend. it feels so genuine and fun to watch rather than just Instagram and what not
Alexandra Maure
Alexandra Maure:
Eu preciso aprender inglês pra entender o que a Hailey fala :( . Hailey, será que você poderia colocar legenda pros Br entenderem? Por favor *.*
I have to say, these girls are more fun and interesting than I expected.
Purple Seasons
Purple Seasons:
3:52 YASSSSS Hailey!😹
I thought it's just me who does that whenever I cook x)
I love the friendship between these two lovely ladies!
Maya Carrothers
Maya Carrothers:
hahahaha this is so funny and entertaining. I love you both. can you make a vegan meal sometime ?
They remind me of a good friend and I a lot. I’ve met someone while while working towards being an actress, dancer, and arts therapist and she’s always real, authentic, and completely themselves with me. something I appreciate immensely. we also consider ourselves very spiritual so it definitely makes sense why i met her.
Roshana Acharya
Roshana Acharya:
well, their friendship is so adorable 🥺❤️
Fe Ramirez
Fe Ramirez:
I love how kendall just eat a bite and hailey ate the whole spoon 😭😭😭😭
Abz Star
Abz Star:
Never noticed this before but Hailey smiles with her eyes and it’s so warming when people smile like that