Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber cook mac and cheese & play Never Have I Ever | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Wild conversations. Different guests. Same bathroom. Join me on the premiere episode of Who’s in My Bathroom? with special guest and my best friend: Kendall Jenner. Things get quirky and we go deep in the most unexpected (yet least surprising) place in the house - my bathroom.

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Ashleigh June
Ashleigh June:
Kendall crying over not being married is such a drunk mood 😂😂
the concept of the "girl talk" in the bathroom is actually a very fresh and original idea! I didn't expect that, good job miss.
Now I see why Justin loves Hailey. She is so cute and silly. I never knew how much of a sweetheart she is until I started watching these.
This episode made me love you gals even more😂 so many good laughs! Kendall’s tears are hilarious!
Hailey seems like really interesting and creative friend , and her voice is so soothing omg!
Fire Films
Fire Films:
ten minutes in.. just realized they're in a bathroom. It's so big
Ermina Caringal
Ermina Caringal:
I love how quirky and fun Hailey is!! 💕
#carolinehaxton73 Haxton
#carolinehaxton73 Haxton:
That was hilarious I love how we see kendal letting loose. 🤣 you guys are so funny. Love to you both and hope Justin feels better soon 💕 xx
I never really realized that Hailey is so authentic and real and she comes from a family with REAL talent
Emma Israt
Emma Israt:
This was really fun to watch. Never been drunk before🤭 but should be on my checklist!
Anaya049 Vids
Anaya049 Vids:
Kendall being the emotional drunk, and Hailey laughing at everything is iconic😭
Dee S
Dee S:
I really like Hailey when she laughs. Her laughter makes us laugh too 🤣 Weird but happy
Savannah Vincent-Corry
Savannah Vincent-Corry:
The love Kendall and Hailey have for each other is so cute, they are both so beautiful. Love you guys 💖
Julia Lawrence
Julia Lawrence:
The fact they already start laughing when in each others company is so cute imo, like that's just such a great feeling awe
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith:
Hailey bringing out the best type of mac and cheese. I love her.
Debri Riri
Debri Riri:
The more Kendall get drunk the more funnier she gets 😆
This friendship is iconic and what everyone wants their friendship to be like
Hailey is such a mood 😂
Rodaina Yousry
Rodaina Yousry:
Forever my favorite episode 🥰🥰🥰 I love seeing this relaxed side of them 😍😍
I laughed so hard girls you are so funny I wish you would do a whole bunch of more of these lots of love to you
ulya zahir
ulya zahir:
Kendall popping on to Hailey and Kylie’s channels and getting drunk on her new tequila is the best form of advertising. I’m sold
Alberta Rose
Alberta Rose:
You’re freaking adorable Hailey and I’m a mature 64 yr old. This is the first time I’ve watched anything like this. May you have many happy years ahead sharing your life with those you love and who love you. It’s what life is about sweet girl. ♥️
Fawmon Aung
Fawmon Aung:
I love Kendall and Hailey’s friendships
Somaya garcia
Somaya garcia:
This is the most funniest episode ever and I love how Kendall acted she got so drunk 😂😂😂😂😂💅 love it
Stranger Things
Stranger Things:
Hailey and Kendall are so sweet friends and I love how they make my day everyday
When your husband asks why you’re taking so long in the bathroom.
Evie DeWees
Evie DeWees:
"Get a friend that you can eat Mac and Cheese in the bathroom with." My new motto.
kolbi 317
kolbi 317:
People don't give kendall enough credit she seems like a great person who works hard also love there so close.
Michelle Arroyo
Michelle Arroyo:
I died laughing lol loved it 🥰
Darena Chyrngap
Darena Chyrngap:
Hailey she's always good at cooking ❤️❤️
I can't help but imagine Justin going to the bathroom and seeing his wife and Kendall making mac and cheese, getting drunk and crying
Now I see what Justin meant when he said "Hailey is an amazing cook", cause she really is 😃
Adinda Utamie
Adinda Utamie:
We need more of this video with another guest, Hailey !
anna kosma
anna kosma:
Hailey is the friend we would all wish to have.
Zilly Zilly 🥺💫
Zilly Zilly 🥺💫:
When Hailey feed Kendall Mac and cheese 🫕is so adorable 🥰
Chan’s World
Chan’s World:
I feel like Kendall is actual so much funnier than people expect her to be! Same with Hailey. She seems so sweet !
They do realize that "saved myself for marriage" means remained a virgin until marriage, right? Either way, absolutely LOVED this.
Nicole Sinclair
Nicole Sinclair:
This has to be one of my favourite videos in YouTube! Up there with your secret hand shake😂
Hailey, Gigi, Bella and Kendall should have their own show.
kolbi 317
kolbi 317:
We need a who's in my bathroom with Justin or your mom or in law that would be fun to watch either way love this channel
Najsierra Colvin
Najsierra Colvin:
hailey: get yourself a friend you can eat in the bathroom with
me: get yourself a bathroom you can eat in with a friend
ambee sky
ambee sky:
I love how Kendall's nail color matches exactly with Hailey's coat and they didn't even notice it! <3
Engy Lee
Engy Lee:
tf this is so freaking unique, more videos to come Hailey 💕
always coming here when i need to laugh
I love this look of Hailey, no heavy make just fresh looking. 💕
Juliana Echipare
Juliana Echipare:
Hailey's laugh is so cute ❤
Suzy Pak
Suzy Pak:
i love the “this feels more us” from kendal in the beginning like everyone has that thing their best friends where like it’s just what we do 🤷‍♀️
Jenifer Kenney
Jenifer Kenney:
I need me a nice bathroom like that to talk to my besties in. Like a bathroom/lounge. ❤
Lealani Svoboda
Lealani Svoboda:
Loved this. Next time give the question reader a mic. And maybe some more backstories after each question if you had to drink 👏
it's cool seeing celebrities doing normal but silly things with their bestfriend. it feels so genuine and fun to watch rather than just Instagram and what not
sure hack
sure hack :
Awesome to see them both together having fun ☺️
Joanna Angelo
Joanna Angelo:
In THIS bathroom I would definitely eat a WHOLE menu by my own self!!
Erfan Fallah
Erfan Fallah:
Staying home with your highest paid super model friend drinking wine and watching movies is SOOO normal.I do it everyday
İrem İroş
İrem İroş:
I love how Hailey wasn't scared to take a whole bite from that food
Dana Felipe
Dana Felipe:
Kendall: “Is it weird that I kissed myself in the mirror?”
Hailey: “No, you’re cute”
Their relationship is so cute
I’ve probably seen this video a billion times
Can we just have a whole series on you two
Chaitiwa Boatametse
Chaitiwa Boatametse:
😂😂😂 these girls are funny tbh. I love their friendship, it's amazing
Alexandria Galope
Alexandria Galope:
I was laughing so hard love you both
Kaitlyn Glow
Kaitlyn Glow:
They're a whole vibe especially kendal drunk eating more mac and cheese 🤣
I love how Hailey wasn't scared to take a whole bite from that food
So envious of their bond! I bet they even finish each other’s sentences! 💖💖
Sinaya Banai
Sinaya Banai:
"Get yourself a friend that you can eat mac & cheese in the bathroom with"
Hailey Rhode Bieber
That's a true best friend goal right there
PLEASEEE do more videos with Kendall you guys are my favourite duo!!
Candace’s Travels
Candace’s Travels:
Hailey making me want to make Mac and cheese 🧀 🫕
Hailey seems like the most calm, chill, down to earth person. She’s defo the friend who lifts your mood. She just seems super nice.
they are both so relaxed. it’s crazy to think that a regular person being in this situation with all the cameras all the lights would have anxiety or be nervous. this is their everyday. people doing their makeup for them, doing their hair. they get pampered every day (idk ab hailey but kendall sure does)

i watched a video of kendall saying how she would get anxiety to go to a big event if she had a pimple or something like that. and it made me think their anxiety comes from the physical. they grew up with everything they have.

idk just so crazy to me that any one of us could’ve been in their shoes.
Clara Sch.
Clara Sch.:
it's still the best episode of "Who's in my bathroom?", so fun to watch
Alexa De La Rosa
Alexa De La Rosa:
Also love how kendall would barely touch the mac and cheese and Hailey just gobbled the spoon 3:48
Jessica Whitaker
Jessica Whitaker:
Of course they are relatable , lol ! Don’t forget they are people too not made in a factory or some lab .
Beautiful , intelligent , inspiring , humble, genuinely nice kind hearted PEOPLE . This episode was so far the best for me . Keep doin you Hailey !
Sahar Nauman
Sahar Nauman:
“I was crying in this girls guest bedroom for like 2 years straight.” That’s literally bestie goals
Desiree Morrison
Desiree Morrison:
I love the cuts at the end 😂😂 Kendall is so cute “I am a stoner” lmao
Evelyn Lobos
Evelyn Lobos:
such a cute video of you both ...great to see real friends who have survived Hollywood BS....true friends are hard to find and you gals have found it.....
Amisha singh
Amisha singh:
Kenny and hailey are so fun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ literally they are bestie goals we know this episode be gonna be superfun coz it has hailey and kenny in it ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️love this cool girls fun vibes❤️❤️
C 344
C 344:
11:00 Hailey's laugh 😂 omg I love her
anonymous. maj
anonymous. maj:
When Kendall said:"It would be so nice to be married but I'm not" "A dress would be so nice"
Damn I feel her!
Kendall's laugh 😂 when they asked about pregnancy 😂😂
Julie Kimingi
Julie Kimingi:
guys you know what. actually i'm feeling proud to have a daughter like kendall she and her bestii are enjoying the foods on my gifted cups
Katherine Ripia
Katherine Ripia:
I love this. Keep coming back to it reminds me of me and my best friend
Abz Star
Abz Star:
Never noticed this before but Hailey smiles with her eyes and it’s so warming when people smile like that
nunca me canso desse vídeo
Rosemarie’s Corner
Rosemarie’s Corner:
I really enjoy this episode!🥰
Анастасия Миронова
Анастасия Миронова:
I'm so jealous about this friendship... And I am so happy for them
This was so fun to watch !!
Alex Mayono
Alex Mayono:
When Kendall began laugh crying about being married and Hailey just laughing while comforting her was sweet but so funny at the same time
Anna Love
Anna Love:
“My sister pulled a knife on me” 😂 This was cute good job!
Take me back to 2000
Take me back to 2000:
When she said “I’m more funner” I immediately thought the same thing 🤣🤣 sorry Kylie but Kendall is the fun one
Sakshi Agarwal
Sakshi Agarwal:
The way kendall waved showed she is a perfect example of model ❤️❤️
L Perkins
L Perkins:
Hailey is really down to Earth! I don't care what sh*t they say about her! Kendall is cool, too!
Kun Woo
Kun Woo:
Kendall never has an unattractive moment, she doesn't even ugly cry. I wish I can HOT cry like kendall
Andrina V
Andrina V:
Kendall's makeup here is so pretty, her eyes. Love their friendship
Sarah Chan
Sarah Chan:
this is gold dude! this is so funny. need friends to do this with!
Courtney Collins
Courtney Collins:
I’m just so obsessed with the aesthetic of this video I’ve watched it like 3 times
Alexis Montes
Alexis Montes:
We love Hailey and Kendall 💖
I didn't know she's this fun. I like Hailey now. I never knew what her personality is like. She seems like a sweet heart really.
Hailey's smiling eyes
Britta Stephen
Britta Stephen:
I feel like Kendall is that friend who's always secretly jealous of you ... but acts confident haha
p c
p c:
Definitely bff when you can't breathe while laughing together
Mylene Cagalawan
Mylene Cagalawan:
i love hailey being so kind to kendall.
This is the first time Im loving Kendall for her personality. If she's like this when she's drunk then more episodes of her being drunk please cause she's so much fun and relatable here.