Kevin Clark, drummer in 'School of Rock,' hit and killed by driver in Chicago

Kevin Clark, who as a kid starred alongside Jack Black in the movie "School of Rock," was fatally struck by a vehicle Wednesday morning in Chicago.

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24 komentarze:

Thee Misfit
Thee Misfit:
Crazy me and my lady just watched that movie last night and spoke on RIP
Ryan Callum
Ryan Callum:
Still can't believe he's gone. Loved him in School of Rock.... His mom seems such a lovely woman. A major loss, I can't believe he's dead. RIP KEVIN!!! 😭💔🥁
Get_ ClapzYT
Get_ ClapzYT:
Rip for Kevin Clark since he was the best drummer
Kim Reithel
Kim Reithel:
School of rock is my childhood movie it's so sad he died too soon R.I.P Kevin Clark 🕊️
Calum Lockyear
Calum Lockyear:
I am heartbroken, only 32 so young. RIP Kevin.
Mahir Rahman
Mahir Rahman:
RIP Kevin Clark. I enjoyed watching school of rock! ⚰️🥁
My heart goes out to his mom and the rest of his family. So sad. I hope the driver wasn't doing anything stupid like drinking or texting while driving. Either way, she'll have to live with this mistake the rest of her life.
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary:
You really never know, keep creating and building until the end my friends 💜
Manny De La Cruz
Manny De La Cruz:
The mom is so calm after this tragedy.... I would be going crazy !
Scott Masson
Scott Masson:
Sad. I used to live around there. Never felt safe on a bike in Chicago, so I’d avoid it at all costs.
k u r t x
k u r t x:
Mannn.. I've seen School Of Rock so many times. Never get bored. I'm 34 now and I wish they make a sequel to this.
Chester Lane
Chester Lane:
Kevin Clark played Freddie "Spazzy McGee "Jones in school of rock in 2003 and may he rest in peace and RIP Kevin Clark 1988-2021 (age 32) 🇺🇸😩💔😭🎵🥁
dani stoian
dani stoian:
Rest in peace
D B:
Ana Beatriz siclo now United
Ana Beatriz siclo now United:
Glo Green
Glo Green:
luana Barros
luana Barros:
I can't believe this has happened
Skull Drummer
Skull Drummer:
R.i.p Kevin Clark we miss you
The Menagerie
The Menagerie:
R.I.P. to a real one
Justa Hasbeen
Justa Hasbeen:
RIP Spazzy
Alison Farmer
Alison Farmer:
Rest In Peace Kevin.
IM StillStanding
IM StillStanding:
Cannot believe this. 😢😢😢😢
Boat Axe
Boat Axe:
Where is the criticism of the police department on this? If the police had developed a reputation for never ticketing automobile drivers for running red lights and a driver got killed running one wouldn’t that be partially their fault for making drivers feel immune from the law? Well that’s what they have done with bicyclists! They run red lights with immunity and one got killed doing so. If the police had a reputation for ticketing bicyclists for running red lights less of them would do it and more of them would stay alive.
his mom doesn’t seem too upset