Khloe Kardashian Gets EMOTIONAL Over Baby No. 2 Scandal in New Teaser | E! News

Ahead of "The Kardashians" season 2 premiere, Hulu drops a heartbreaking teaser featuring Khloe Kardashian addressing the scandal with Tristan Thompson. Watch.

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Khloe Kardashian Gets EMOTIONAL Over Baby No. 2 Scandal in New Teaser | E! News

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E! News
E! News:
We're emotional seeing Khloe's heart break all over again ☹💔
Big Red
Big Red:
I know she did this to herself in a way..but imagine standing 100% behind your family as a whole and this happening. I cant help but have so much sympathy. I just literally hope that baby doesn't get put in the back burner because of it....
I’m sorry, but there is no way I am feeling sorry for Khloe this time around. This man has cheated, and cheated, and cheated. The fact that she went and had a second child with him is simply ridiculous. She made it seem in the last season that they were really great friends and co-parents. Now she is crying? What happened to, “Tristan is just a great father to True, and so I have to maintain a relationship with him because of that”? This woman is not smart.
Shavon H
Shavon H:
the pain she’s feeling is all her fault. She keeps taking him back over and over again, causing her own pain. Jordan went through the same pain when Khloe was laying up with her baby daddy Tristan.
I understand her wanting to do everything for true to have her parents together, but come on Khloe prioritize yourself 🥺
Krystal Sedillo
Krystal Sedillo:
I feel really empathetic for her. She had a heart of forgiveness for him and that is beautiful.
Jentu Giba
Jentu Giba:
Why would she go for 2nd baby knowing what a cheater her partner is… Tristan is just not worth it and I cannot understand why she is constantly trying to continue any kind of relationship with him…
Lola P
Lola P:
I have ZERO sympathy for this woman anymore. You reap what you sow and she knew this man's history when she got together with him. I'm also quite angry with Kim for choosing to wear debit cards on her ears during an interview. That is SO 'last year'😂
Ari'Anna Jay'Lin
Ari'Anna Jay'Lin:
I can't really feel bad for her tbh. She did that to Jordan(his first BM) and bullied Jordan woods and consistently takes back a man who cheats on her constantly. This my friends is called Karma
No one feels bad anymore. She continues to do this to herself thinking she'll get a different outcome with this guy.
K C:
watched the The Kardash s2 ep 1 and its clear how dysfunctional this family really is. Khloe had to face probably one of the harshest lessons in life and the process of awaiting this baby was incredibly painful and very sensitive to her. Yet Kim made sure she made it about herself as much as possible: telling Khloe how she should feel, what she should do. And like a proper master of control, Kim probably edited the whole episode. It was painful for me to watch Khloe facing what she faced, and being a tinny tiny part of her reality made me feel like I can be there for her in her pain, yet Kim simply cannot do that.
If Khloe would feel the need to simply feel her pain for several months, then its her need to process in ways she sees fit, but no.... her apparently gracious sister at every given opportunity wants to give her opinion even when not asked nor requested. Kim's sense of self importance is astounding.

Mommager Chris also jumped on the -be happy Khloe- wagon. Baby shower- felt like they threw it for themselves not Khloe, so they dont have to feel Khlo's pain.
Girl ... hang out with me... I can go there with u and I can be there for as long as u need it.... even if its scary, ugly and angry time for u.
Its not about being strong in moments like this, its about simply being there with someone, without feeling the need to tell them how to feel or needing to change it for them.
All those with money and fame yet having same problems just like for all of of mortals.
Desiree Reyes
Desiree Reyes:
Koko, he cheated on you when you were giving birth yourself. He stole the beauty of pregnancy once. What made you think that someother women having your child, he would care…?!?
I'm convinced Khloe's contract is titled, "clown", and she's okay with it🙄
Sherrie Williams
Sherrie Williams:
When a Person show you who they are 😎 Believe It.
Blessings and Congratulations to Khloe and her new Baby 🙏🏽
Mary Main
Mary Main:
I feel so much sorrow for her. She's been judged since the first episode but has always stuck by every 1 of her family members. I just pray after she held him all that sorrow from that broken heart lifted & he helps her realize it just them 3. There Father can keep it moving. 💯
If you decide to stay in a toxic situation I’m really sorry to say any hurt that you feel because of that is your fault…
Lind-Z TV
Lind-Z TV:
*You deserve what you tolerate.*
Khloe needs to understand that LOVE is a CHOICE, not a feeling. It is a VERB not a noun. And LOVE IS NOT SELFISH.

I don’t want to feel sorry for her because what she did is too selfish. She is not the only one going to suffer for her selfish actions, but mostly her kids. The children will suffer for it. Maybe not financially but mentally & emotionally. She should always care about that fact.

She is smart but she lacks discipline in decision making.
Lisa Showstopper
Lisa Showstopper:
Khloe is my ultimate favorite and the mom. But this hurts my heart 💔 because it happened to me and the hurt like a [email protected]& so I can only imagine her pain. But you will be ok just stay positive and focused on the what really matters love u ❤️
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
I've no sympathy left for Khloe time ,and time again she allowed herself to be used by him😑 it's exhausting at this stage now😴.
singmichon keishing
singmichon keishing:
At this point now, I can't help but say she is a willing victim of being betrayed/cheated on constantly. She could have totally chosen to stay away from her cheater. But she seems to be making compromises all the time. May be its because of her daughter True but for me, I don't think she's setting a good example for her daughter by constantly making up with a cheater. That, even if it may be for her daughter's sake, is not strength but a weakness for me.
Teresa Faria
Teresa Faria:
It almost seems like Tristan does it on purpose……. he has managed to severely affect the first and now the second birth with a tinge of sadness with what should only be joy!
Aww hopefully we get to see Khloe and Tristan’s new baby boy on the show ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊
H Parr
H Parr:
It’s sick how she can pay for someone to have a baby how can she do that it’s wrong 😡😡😡
Suzanne Simone
Suzanne Simone:
Come on Khloe, do you really think this is a HEALTHY family for True? You want your life to be a certain way and, when it’s not, you force it.
You should have taken True and turned your back on that cheating idiot when he humiliated you the first time.
He won’t change.
You have everything money can buy, a family, now two children.
He won’t change. He won’t change.
Stephanie Kolb
Stephanie Kolb:
I’m as guilty as the next person in falling for the entirely wrong person and creating in my mind a version of them that simply doesn’t exist to somehow justify not kicking them out full speed. That gets compounded of course when there are external reasons you may stay attached (shared home, kids, dogs, etc.) That said, she has endless financial means and other things far more available that most. That gives her an ability to keep separation far more easily. So for an average person with a birds eye view, it’s seems like she literally took some fertilized eggs and had another human bear the burden of carrying the baby to avoid any impact on her body. And it almost comes across like a DoorDash baby. Tristan screams creep and it seems babies with different fathers would be preferable to him. I’d hope she has some eggs that haven’t been fertilized by him. It would be stunning if not.
Khloe looked gorgeous for the Met Gala. I really hope she learns to value herself more. 🙏
She couldn’t care less. They all stayed in unhealthy “relationships” so that their children will only have one father. She knows this relationship will never last, so she just wanted another kid with the same man! Oh well!
im just hoping Ray Jay gets his justice !!!!
Tania Isabel
Tania Isabel:
It's painfuul see the insecurity and tremendous laks of confidence of her.
C. Simmons
C. Simmons:
Genevieve Aciro
Genevieve Aciro:
Keep your head up Khloe..
Kellyann thomas
Kellyann thomas:
Congratulations 👍🎈🎉💐👏❤️❤️❤️ You take care of yourself and the kids don't worry about the rest of the world none of us are perfect!..
sally smitgeddes
sally smitgeddes:
Little to late as how do you have a baby with a man when you not together. Then your ignorance Khloe is beyond me as you kept saying True needs a subling yet she has 2 already that you don't even acknowledge!!
Casey Smith
Casey Smith:
Great story line! No wonder Kim got with Pete. People talked about that instead of this.
D G:
It’s brutal to see her get sooo skinny n allow herself to be latched to a serial cheater. Looks like self mutiliation but what do we know. Just observing . I used to like watching her until she started to allow others to abuse her.
Damn it I'm p
Damn it I'm p:
What is there left to say?
He was a cheater, She knew it.
May she take this as a FINAL sign from God that HE DOESN'T really intend for Tristan to be with her no matter how she tries to "change" him. May this pain teach her a lesson to FINALLY let go.
crystal Castillo
crystal Castillo:
He cheated on her MULTIPLE times b4 they even decided to have another baby.She should've had a clue, multiple CLUES that he wasn't worth procreating again with. If he cheats once, he is certainly capable of doing it again!!
Dena Johnson
Dena Johnson:
Khloe, sent everything is in the light focus on the facts. True have a brother, you don't have to worry that true is the only child. I know you are hurting, but over all time is a bless and a healing. Khloe go look in the mirror, you looking at a strong person. Not because people tell you that you're strong, it's, because you know this and strong people cry as well. Congrats, a boy and a girl what a blessing. Your fan.....
Girl its the same experience every time🤣🤣🤣
Caroline Spina
Caroline Spina:
My heart breaks for her!! Khloe definitely deserve better!!
It’s supposed to be an exciting time, and it’s just a different.. experience..
Noo koko it’s exactly the same experience that you didn’t learn from the first time around can’t change a cheater
At this point it’s just for views and money now. She keeps saying I wanna be positive, then stfu and move on, lol I’m tired of this narrative.
vava vogue
vava vogue:
Feel like we heard her say this before 🤔
Autumn Autumn
Autumn Autumn:
I can't feel bad for her... Like sorry, you had time to get away after the 3rd time
Kristin Faul
Kristin Faul:
Don’t try and control your own life !!!
CeCe Smith
CeCe Smith:
I don't feel sorry she the one who keep going back and forward to him. I'm not surprised Tristan had other baby
Wendy J
Wendy J:
Ok so who styles Kim? If it's still Kanye it explains a lot because it's crazy and if it's a stylist the person needs to be fired! I'm not feeling any of it.
A C:
It seems he likes to cheat when has a girl pregnant..
There’s a pattern here .. not cool , the guy needs help !
Jacqueline Mila
Jacqueline Mila:
I just don’t understand why she still went ahead with baby #2… yes, it was CONFIRMED afterwards but leading up to Maralee & Tristan’s baby being born all the rumors and articles were already out there about him cheating for the millionth time and possibly fathering a child.
Tina A
Tina A:
her heart is breaking in time for their shows premiere. how convenient
Ya'ara Adriana Vardi
Ya'ara Adriana Vardi:
Sad for her
Unapologetically Romel
Unapologetically Romel:
We don't feel sad for her.
GAGirl B
GAGirl B:
Khloe used to be my favorite Kardashian, but she turned out to be so naive & clueless to reality.🧐
I am sorry for Khloe but can’t understand how someone so intelligent would want to have another baby with this kind of guy.
Elizabeth Njoki
Elizabeth Njoki:
He cheated on her when she was pregnant. What else was everyone else expecting. Honestly, it's time to let go and move on as hard and painful as it is
Tanya McKnight
Tanya McKnight:
He's the problem, not Khloe. To the contrary, she IS smart and she has been very forgiving--far more that he has ever deserved. He snaked his way back. He said he was doing the work to be different--but he'd already done the dirt and didn't bother to confess. After all of the forgivess she dolled out--and she DID make him earn it--she has just fiinally come to know that he's a leopard who will never change his spots. That's not a Khloe problem; that's a Tristan problem.
G L:
There is no way anyone can feel sorry for khloe!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Kaz b
Kaz b:
It would be hard for Khloe knowing the whole world is watching she needs to cut ties with him he’s evil no remorse only sorry when he gets caught Beautiful son ❤ looks like Theo
Avantika Panikar
Avantika Panikar:
Always khloe
Amanda DaSilva
Amanda DaSilva:
Are her earrings suppose to be credit cards? -_- absolutely ridiculous
OkayImBackWhatever Jones
OkayImBackWhatever Jones:
Kim's eyebrows in the Michael Strahan interview were dazzling
Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless:
She probably feels bad that she believed he would be better
Enough of her... Dont give her any media face, really uninspiring for young woman..
gn lilu
gn lilu:
Khloe knew. She ran ASAP to get her surrogate pregnant before the news broke to the world. Desperate. Momager Kris Jenner was like so ok let me cry 😭 By the way so we have to do a baby shower.
Paula Gabriele
Paula Gabriele:
This is funny 😂😂😂 How ridiculous they can be for some views? LOL
Courtney W
Courtney W:
Never knew until now that she was trying to have baby number 2 with the cheater. I have this feeling that these women would prefer having kids with only one man even if that man has screwed them over time and time again. Kourtney did it with Scott. They just don't wanna havw multiple baby daddy's
True told kylies baby name when she saw her brother, kylies baby name is SNOW, she said hiii snowi!!
Credit card earrings? Tacky af. She looks so lost.
She shouldnt have had another baby with a man who has a LONG history of cheating. Especially when they are not even together. It does not mean that you are not a family when your kids have different fathers. I will never understand her stubbornness on having another baby with that man. The only thing that man is consistent at is cheating on his woman.
Katja xxx
Katja xxx:
we all had our hart broken ---- I feel for her, poor thing
Lakenya Lawson
Lakenya Lawson:
She can barely speak without crying. She is just lost. I don't feel sorry for her over the situation. But I can't believe how he just has her head so gone. She's upset because she let him push her when she knew she probably shouldn't do it, and she did it behind her folks back. So not only does she feel like a fool, in a way she betrayed their trust or whatever they were feeling towards the situation. Because they probably honestly assumed they were just co-parenting at that point.
Jennifer Hendrickson
Jennifer Hendrickson:
Well what did you think!!!!🤦🏼‍♀️
Brenda Lee Lan Chong Chin
Brenda Lee Lan Chong Chin:
She keep pretending to be victims
Maria Solis
Maria Solis:
Shes so pathetic 🙄
Tracy Webb
Tracy Webb:
Thanks for sharing 😊🎉🤣🥰🥰💕🥰🥰 congratulations Koko 🎉🎉🎉
hayden bretton
hayden bretton:
95 photos of the Kardashion who had another surrogate child is seen in a hospital bed as if she had dropped the kid herself. 14 pages of the Daily Mail utterly wasted.
Why? The Man showed you jus who he was several times This case of only a fool breaks her own heart ! period I’m more sorry for the people that feel sorry for ya & the kids when he keeps disappointing Them by the time they grow up he might have a basketball Franchise not jus a team 😂
Lisa Guam
Lisa Guam:
Are those credit cards on Kim Kardashian's ears?
Emma Caldwell
Emma Caldwell:
She knew this guy was a cheater and she still wanted another baby with him.
Aleezah Anava
Aleezah Anava:
This Tristan stuff is getting old. Move on from it please Khloe. She loves to cry....
Johanna Cabrera
Johanna Cabrera:
Kim has business cards as earrings
Oluwatosin Michael
Oluwatosin Michael:
This "true" needs another sibling is false. She already has 2 siblings. Can Khloe check the meaning of sibling again?
iamchelsy gabrielle
iamchelsy gabrielle:
I think this is karma for how they did every person that was in their life for a time I'm talking about how she got with him whilst he was Jordan Craig mind you happens to be Tygas ex wife weird lol, blaming Jordyn and trying to start a hate train towards her, how she dispised Blac Chyna for being with Rob and took every opportunity to loathe her as well as supporting her ex leaving her to date her little sister Kylie
Karma for you. Know she understands.
Tina Taylor247
Tina Taylor247:
I think people forget Khloe still Tristian from another woman
pamela Ross
pamela Ross:
This is old news!!
Jane O'Leary
Jane O'Leary:
Khloe......get a grip !!!!
david dora
david dora:
He ducks the whole America and Khloe still keep him
A R G:
Kim sounds super uninteresting
Susan Jonsson
Susan Jonsson:
Im concern how skinny she became, all love to u khloe
neko nekic
neko nekic:
just go away..
Krys J
Krys J:
Why does Khloe talk like that?! My ears bleed listening to her. I have to mute her at times . I think it’s her teeth
Michelle Boehm
Michelle Boehm:
Kim looks awful.
D.s D
D.s D:
Can’t cry over a cheater and try to keep him cause u have 2 kids. U should have known better the first round. Kardashians will always be cursed
Pedro Fonseca
Pedro Fonseca:
This is crazy
Shruti Pare
Shruti Pare:
How sad is it for these babies that will now have broken homes
You can have all the money in the world but she’s broken
Her whole family it is and no amount of money can hold it
They really need Help
Mary E
Mary E:
Khloe uses the coparent card as a crutch. She is codependent and is truly numb to anything he does to her. He lied and deceived her in the worst way possible only thinking about his own self. There is no need to even co parent . Have some dignity for yourself .
Love Locked
Love Locked:
Severe low self worth. She will take scraps.