Kidderminster Harriers v West Ham | Key Moments | Fourth Round | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

Key moments from Kidderminster's Fourth Round tie with West Ham in the Emirates FA Cup.

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S. O
S. O:
A 6th division club was just moments away from knocking out a Premier League club fighting for UCL qualification. Rice just saved West Ham from huge embarrassment.. Great performance by this non-league side!
Dino The TRex
Dino The TRex:
The heart that Kidderminster and their fans displayed after the game is more impressive than any premier league side's performance. Hope the team goes far
Thijs de Groot
Thijs de Groot:
The worst way to lose a game. Congrats to West Ham and respect for Kidderminster🙌
Purple Crayon
Purple Crayon:
As a West Ham fan for 40 years, this is the least satisfying victory I've witnessed.
The fact that kiddminster held their own against a team with player’s values higher than their entire squad is impressive.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith:
As a Kiddy fan, I am very proud of our boys today, they played their hearts out. Congratulations to the hammers, this is a day to remember. Kiddy are massive! <3
English Folker
English Folker:
Kidderminster didn't deserve to lose like to Kidderminster 👏👏👏
Steven Leung
Steven Leung:
Well played Kidderminster! The team did their club proud. Best wishes for the rest of the season.
Luke Wlsn
Luke Wlsn:
I’m heartbroken and there’s no other way to put it. We played superbly all game and we were 2 minutes away from knocking out a premier league side challenging for champions league football. Then a few seconds away from taking them to penalty’s. This should be a massive confidence boost and help us for the rest of the season. Cmon Kiddy 🔴⚪️
Dũng Nguyễn Việt
Dũng Nguyễn Việt:
That so heartbreaking for Kidderminster because two goals were in added time
Never felt more proud of this club than the moment that final whistle blew. We lost to two last minute goals, but all I’ll remember is that feeling after Alex Penny’s goal and the pride I felt after the game ended. As much as it hurt to concede that late, West Ham deserved to win, but I know that the whole of the country backed us through this match and that’s what I love about football. We may be out of the FA cup but the league is still ours to win, so if you came to this game as a kiddy fan I hope you also come to the hereford game in a couple of weeks from now and show the same support and passion for a team that can make the whole country proud
TsaigA #Maki300k
TsaigA #Maki300k:
I'm from Brazil and I saw the match from here. The game was exciting, I'm a Hammers fan but Kidderminster deserves congratulations even though they didn't win the game. You have heart and I respect that.
Ronaldo John
Ronaldo John:
The way the fans went wild for rices goal was priceless
Brilliant from the harriers, the loss was more than likely undeserved but this run will inspire the future of their club
I feel so unlucky for Kidderminster,they lost this game because a goal in added time by Bowen
But Kidderminster is win the hearts of fans❤️❤️❤️
Probably the most heartbreaking game I ever watched. 2 mins from full time when West Ham score the 1st. 30 secs from pens when they got the winner! Credit to Kidderminster Harriers...WHAT HEART!
James Brooker
James Brooker:
As a West Ham supporter got the result but love seeing Kidderminster in the cup well done to them 👌
nice jaffacake
nice jaffacake:
I'm a west ham fan but mad respect to Kidderminster
On The Level TV
On The Level TV:
I am a West Ham fan, but this is why the F A Cup is so amazing, Kidderminster were impressive and deserved to win the game
Greg Iles
Greg Iles:
Thank you Kidderminster FC for playing a REAL FA Cup Run, from start to finish. You honour yourselves, your town, and your sport. It was fun to follow your run.
Jack Webb
Jack Webb:
Kidderminster were incredible, was a nice feeling to get through in the end but they truthfully deserved it over us, amazing performance from them. Lack of investment is already showing and it’s only been days since the window shut
Laurence Haddad
Laurence Haddad:
This is my local club. What a journey that game was today, so close to a massive upset. Kiddy had beat Reading the round before so that alone is fantastic. Love the underdog to do well! COME ON YOU REDS
RJ Boxing
RJ Boxing:
As a Westham fan I feel sorry for them. They had us on ropes
West Ham dug themselves out of a massive hole. On paper it’s a West Ham easy win but Kidderminster were by far the better team and to concede 2 goals in added time is heartbreaking. Even Declan Rice knew they should have lost that game
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
Thank you Kidderminster FC for playing a REAL FA Cup Run, from start to finish. You honour yourselves, your town, and your sport. It was fun to follow your run.
Ashley Clarke
Ashley Clarke:
Derby fan here, just want to say that was a great performance from your lads! Shame about the result but you did yourselves proud!!
Marie Wyatt
Marie Wyatt:
Loved by few, Unknown by many, Respected by all 🔴Harriers
Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba:
Gotta feel for Kidderminster
The Kidderminster's six division stadim looks more amazing than most stadiums of Belarus first division.
The passion in the fa cup is unmatched
Gazza 29
Gazza 29:
Congratulations Kidderminster!
No disgrace there lads.
Lloyd H.
Lloyd H.:
Respect to Kidderminster, they played well. West Ham got there in the end. Yarmelenko is a embarrassment.
Maximillionares That's Football
Maximillionares That's Football:
Well done Kidderminster for giving a great go and against premier league opposition. Very unlucky!
Leslie Garcia Bowman
Leslie Garcia Bowman:
Actually gutted for Kidderminster! Deserved to get the win today but West Ham showed their class in the end
Well done to the underdogs for winning!
We played so poorly but idc bc we (narrowly I’ll admit) scraped through 😂⚒️
mmpj twod
mmpj twod:
As a Westham fan I feel sorry for them. They had us on ropes
The beauty of the cup !
So sad for Kidderminster🙁
What an excellent game! Yes that dirt Kidderminster goal should have been disallowed. Handball imo was deliberate.
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols:
They scored in the 10th to last second of the game. Kidi came so close
eman kcin
eman kcin:
Another example why soul and heart beat skill on paper. But you also need luck, and giantkillers ran out of it at the very end. Superbly well done nonetheless.
Scrubby 211
Scrubby 211:
Hope Kidderminster makes it to the EFL!
Nick Lavarini
Nick Lavarini:
I'm a hammer 🔨 and believe you me , I wouldn't have been upset if Kidderminster had won...
Great performance... Carpet Boys...
Pingu Penguin
Pingu Penguin:
This would have been the biggest upset in the history of the game. Well done Kidd. Harriers 👏👏👏
max Day
max Day:
Jarrod Bowen the absolute 🐐
Hereford born and bred
yoram gabai
yoram gabai:
Bravo Kidderminster!
Braden O'driscoll
Braden O'driscoll:
what a player declan rice is
J Attitude
J Attitude:
This is why I love the FA CUP and Carabao cup
Dhani YT
Dhani YT:
Respect to Kidderminster from a West Ham fan
Peter Craven
Peter Craven:
Kidderminster were superb!
A D:
Those Kidderminster fans dancing just before the West Ham equaliser 😂😂😂
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
That so heartbreaking for Kidderminster because two goals were in added time
Well played KH. Deserved the win to be honest.
East Lamb
East Lamb:
Love the away fans celebrating the last minute equaliser like it was against Spurs. Shows the emotion of football right there!
Craig Waters
Craig Waters:
Well done West Ham
Muhammad Afif Harist
Muhammad Afif Harist:
Line Up


L. Simpson 1 (GK)
A. Penny 2
M. Preston 28
C. Nathan 4
C. Richards 3
G. Bajrami 16
M. Carrington 8
A. Hemmings 10
S. Austin 7
O. James 11
A. Morgan-Smith 9

West Ham

A. Areola 13 (GK)
R. Fredericks 24
I. Diop 23
K. Zouma 4
B. Johnson 31
A. Kral 33
M. Noble 16
A. Yarmolenko 7
S. Benrahma 22
N. Vlasic 11
J. Bowen 20
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
Congratulations Kidderminster! No disgrace there lads. (NFFC)
KH´s ground reminds me of playing football in the park as a kid. Jumpers for goalposts
james Last
james Last:
Sad for kiddy but rice is star quality. Needs to be at a top club asap for his development
Zach Couch
Zach Couch:
Respect to Kidderminster.
Ziphozonke Mdletshe
Ziphozonke Mdletshe:
Jarrod Bowen 🔥🔥🙌🙌
Devastating. We were so close.
History Of Football
History Of Football:
I don't think I have seen a game like that in a long time.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
Huge game from the harriers, deserved the win. West ham not at it at all, got out of jail.
Andy B
Andy B:
Not a kiddy fan, but I felt that pain when Rice equalised 🤢
This is the beauty of football
catherine thompson
catherine thompson:
Lads its football!!! calm down.Kidder played their hearts out! Anyroad this is not the Hammers i knew and loved! There was only ONE Jonny Lyle!!!
Can some please explain to me how Bowen was not offside when he tapped it in, he’s clearly beyond the last defender and the pass to him was forward
Daniel Black
Daniel Black:
declan rice's celebration is amazing
There’s no competition like the FA cup
JSC Cross
JSC Cross:
Goodness me, better be prepared to face the Harriers next season!
Lewis Davies
Lewis Davies:
Declan Rice for England (C)
I thought the West Ham winning goal was offside
ste vo
ste vo:
I wonder if the winning goal would have been given had it been man city on the receiving end
Learn to Dig 2 Pits
Learn to Dig 2 Pits:
The best team lost, Big up your station Kiddieminster, Respect is due.

Now can we pay up some of these passengers contracts to leave, right now ?
Moses Clinton
Moses Clinton:
That GK deserves more recognition
doliio volay
doliio volay:
Congratulations Kidderminster! No disgrace there lads. (NFFC)
Jim Calvin
Jim Calvin:
Rice's celebration <3 ;)
i’m not even proud of west ham in my opinion kiddy should’ve kept 1-0 but kiddy overall performance was really amazing. They should leave with a pat on the back.
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy:
Kidderminster deserved the win though
Badger Jordan
Badger Jordan:
How was West hams 2nd goal not offside?
So harsh on Kiddy. 2 goals at the death. Gutting
Ken Cotterill
Ken Cotterill:
West Ham fans going bonkers as though they have just beaten Real Madrid. Well done Harriers.
Muhamad Helmi
Muhamad Helmi:
Hopefully the extra match will give Arsenal the edge above West Ham
RonMesReBaFoot 10
RonMesReBaFoot 10:
I feel bad for Kidderminster
Keshav Sharma
Keshav Sharma:
This is football 💙🥲
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗:
What a match
Martin Smith
Martin Smith:
Magic and cruelty of rhe FA Cup rolled into one game. Atmosphere you cant beat the fans in the FA Cup.
Dalton Duce
Dalton Duce:
West ham did not deserve this
Eclipse Animates!
Eclipse Animates!:
Absolute robbery. Clear offside at the end.
Insight 123
Insight 123:
Wow, last minute of game time, and last minute of extra time
M Levi Harris
M Levi Harris:
El Massivo was a massive
David James
David James:
I'm just surprised more hasn't been made of the offside winner (the player interfering with the keeper). If this had been at the other end you can imagine the fuss that West Ham would have kicked up.
D.o.c M.o.c
D.o.c M.o.c:
Broo I love how premier league giants celebrate against non leagues 😂😂 like they achieved something even tho they should be smashing em just joketing to kidmister
People saying West Ham was bad Kidderminster got the first goal as we started with less experienced players
David Casling
David Casling:
Harriers.might of lost the game.but won thousand's of heart s
Clips m' Ezzy
Clips m' Ezzy:
Rice doing the Michael Jackson dance....classic.
Spirit of '69
Spirit of '69:
Ffs don't do that to me . I thought that next time I walked out the front door I'd have to wear a mask.

Unlucky though KM. You stood up.