Killing Floor 2: Hell on Earth Biolapse Solo Sharpshooter w/Patriarch

Continuing from the previous solo, I finish up the last of the Cyber Revolt update for spring. I play the main event map Biolapse with the new DLC weapon for Sharpshooter the Compound Bow. A powerful, versatile weapon capable of tackling large zeds and trash bringing them down with ease. In this run I chose tactical reload for variety and because I wanted to showoff the speed of the Compound Bow in action without having to rely too much on the M14 needless to say, the weapon performs well with both skills but I still prefer Rack em' up for it's DPS and practicality.

Features, Buffs and Patch Notes:
KF Version: 1092

The Compound Bow is a welcome addition to Sharpshooter. The bow can be finicky at first, but once you get the trajectory and timing right the weapon becomes rewarding and quite enjoyable to use. The Bow does require some skill to fire consistently with. It has 2 modes of fire. Standard arrows for piercing, and cryo arrows for freezing zeds in place. Both extremely useful in combat. The damage output is strong and excel's at dispatching large zeds. I only wish I had a better map to play it on since Biolapse isn't the best map for Sharpshooter. Perhaps the Compound Bow deserves a video of it's own.

If I were to summarize this map into one word it would be chaotic. Biolapse was a pretty difficult map to play. The map layouts are too cramped and the spawns are littered everywhere around every corner. You aren't save nowhere. You can't hold out for long forcing you to kite early on which can lead to some awkward engagements with the zeds. The map does not play well with certain perks. To put it simply it was not an enjoyable experience for me. All things considered, the maps aesthetics are neatly detailed for each area which make clever use of the maps assets.

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That Heavy Goat
That Heavy Goat:
Dope vid as always. Hope you're staying safe, dude!
Spooky Skeleton
Spooky Skeleton:
The fact that he doesn't rush to the store gives me anxiety, he even stops to look around
Pyro The Fire Demon
Pyro The Fire Demon:
Ah yes the man that makes people wonder "have i really ever aim at anything right on my life?"
Love to see your videos man.
Joaquin Alba
Joaquin Alba:
Fat cat brain: if i miss a headshot im gay
Kiyoshi Miyasato
Kiyoshi Miyasato:
13:36 Fat Cat: "You shall battle to the death, and whoever wins will be given his freedom!"
13:52 Fat Cat: s i k e !
Booze Cyborg
Booze Cyborg:
Huh, so this is what legolas does now that the ring is destroyed
Fried Sosij
Fried Sosij:
The only difference between me and him is that he completed the stage
Damn, those shots is so satisfying to look at.
While I enjoy your solo videos, I think your multiplayer ones are some of the best content on this site, any plans on bringing those back? Thanks for the upload either way.
Joseph Ngo
Joseph Ngo:
Your bashing headshot accuracy is more accurate than me shooting bobble zeds
Haven't touched KF2 in a while, so the compound bow arrows travel faster than the original Xbow arrows it seems.
Chino Nakaji
Chino Nakaji:
Amazing, that's why you're the best boss.
Oh wow, didn't know you can stun the Patriarch that way.
Bodacious Degenerate
Bodacious Degenerate:
I gotta tip my hat to you... I got this game last year and I've been playing the hell out of it but I've never seen someone make HoE look like a slice of cake on a platter. Love the content I'm gonna start binge watching gonna tell my buddy Austin too he's kinda been in a perk slump lately.
Aren't these headshot FX making it harder to shoot heads?
Elijah Zoleta
Elijah Zoleta:
The fact that you get more views than tripwire interactive themselves 😭
6:22 that epic flip though hahah
Always wondered what Messi would be like playing kf2
Manpreet Bhamra
Manpreet Bhamra:
Early squad here! I am watching the video and within the first few minutes I can say it's awesome. Dude your aim alone makes it fun to watch.

Agree with the compound bow and your opinion on the new map. Biolapse is horrid on pub 6-p HOE matches and it almost necessitates having a firebug on the team just to control the trash. Makes me wonder if TWI is trying to fit in that perk into the game's meta somehow. The new weapon and map seem to be Firebug centric but I enjoyed them so far nonetheless. Any thoughts on the new fire M16? Have you tried it yet?
Preston Sales Duncan Preston Sales Duncan
Preston Sales Duncan Preston Sales Duncan:
Everyone: Aiming Down Sights
Psyhc0: No
Lewis Tricker
Lewis Tricker:
Fat cat : not really trying to aim - 90% headshot
Me : took my time to line up - 50% headshot
i was waiting to see a video on this map yay ^^ those shots are so perfect
I’m curious on what your record for headshots is
Because you hit just about every headshot you go 4
lmao the QP's take 2 headshots to kill but SC's take 1

Imagine making a zed with 1/4 the body HP of a FP but then almost 3/4 of his head HP to then spawn multiple of them when they are harder to kill than SC's which spawn in fewer numbers.
Christopher Acosta
Christopher Acosta:
One of these days I want like a montage with like, music from John Wick in the background.
5:05 Dragon balls ha
Many Things Review
Many Things Review:
Watching this, feels like ASMR for me.
RageQuitters UK
RageQuitters UK:
This one's tenacious.... nice headshotting skillz my friend. :)
The melee accuracy always amazes me.
I've never seen such good aim before. Amazing
Soviet Memer
Soviet Memer:
This guy legit has dead shot from red dead he is so godly I have found a new favourite game and youtuber so satisfying to watch your headshots they are so clean
Man, I need to try out the crossbow more often. I keep skipping over it to buy the m14, but egads does the crossbow stun zeds left and right.
35:45 Damn, that matador slip
Damn shit, i got in a game with you once. So cool to see that your this popular
Thank you for making this on Killing Floor 2 I saw it came out for free on the epic games store and i didn't know if it was fun or not and seeing this now I know its definitely will be getting it thank you.
Bob Lob
Bob Lob:
When’s the blooper reel coming out
Fallout Night
Fallout Night:
Seeing some Mrs.Foster was a treat!
bulldog micro
bulldog micro:
That wave 8 was a nail biter so insane how you can get so many FP spawns at once.
You’re Cracked holy!!
This is the first time ive seen your vids. And let me just say. I thought i was pretty good. Now i know my place is in the garbage with the rest of the noob. Because jfc you are so good. Just wow
Vasya Artur
Vasya Artur:
1:18 goddamn...
Miekuah Productions
Miekuah Productions:
When new upload men its been two months
Leon *
Leon *:
If i hear one more time Mrs forster im gonna freak out
Kyle Noonan
Kyle Noonan:
Heyyy you dropped it!
Owen Her
Owen Her:
I’ve never ever once been by myself in this game it’s scary as shit being alone
Phantom Eye
Phantom Eye:
10:18 Nice shot to freeze at him before you were shot by him.
Дмитрий Кузнецов
Дмитрий Кузнецов:
What a strange item, when he kills zedz?
upgraded 9mm for 5 times? I love this channel.
yussuf awkthy
yussuf awkthy:
great video dude got back on kf2 today this makes me wanna play sharpshooter
This bow is way too op. 2 headshots on fleshpounds and 1 headshot on scrakes. B R U H
alexander mcpeake
alexander mcpeake:
You make HoE look like normal, 😍 like I want to be in your level
Flowmaster 3000
Flowmaster 3000:
Absolutely gorgeous gameplay
This man turned this game into a point and click adventure game in the first wave I'm so done dude.
Your so good keep it up also how did you do that you have one shot on every zen
HAL 9000
HAL 9000:
Elegance. Class. Style. Are a few words that come mind when watching you play.
Alexey Panchenko
Alexey Panchenko:
Wow, how are you doing all that headshots?
man you gutta try playing doom eternal and post videos of it I'm sure I and a handful of people will like it that ofcourse along with kf2 videos I enjoy them so much thank you
hans davis
hans davis:
13:40 Can someone wash my eyes for me?
Thank you for the wonderful presentation
What is your dpi/sensitivity? I can't stop watching your videos for years now... your aim is just too clean and smooth.
He's back!
Persell Perry
Persell Perry:
Patriarch: STOP SPAMMING ARROWS!!! Psych: git gud :3
My God you character never stops talking
Great content! Quick question, what different roles do sharpshooter and gunslinger fulfill in cd games?

I've seen your comps sometimes have more than one sharpshooter, I've always thought sharps were only taken for zed time generation with commando and that slingers were the better perk overall.

Thank you!
Firenex 77
Firenex 77:
he played like aimbot wow this player is so good at this game good job bro
Actual TeddyBear
Actual TeddyBear:
She has my favorite voice in KF2
I thought my aim was good, but your craaaazy!!!!
ARandom Doggo
ARandom Doggo:
these headshots give me euphoria I swear
The Meming of Life
The Meming of Life:
2:34 Bruh that's the French war cry from Battlefield 1 for the They Shall not Pass DLC. Ebic
I might re download this game after watching this
as a kf2 streamer on twitch i wanna buy the dlc weapons. only problem is im broke as absolute hell. but dude, i absolutely love ur vids. keep it up and much love to you.

(dj skully is god)
Close Grip Bench press
Close Grip Bench press:
its so funny how you can do anything you want on kf2. kf1 on the other hand you go sharp and you die
Should I get this on psn? I’m tempted cause of this video :D
I bored
I bored:
how'd you get good at aiming0_[
Katniss Everdeen been realll quiet after this video
He makes HoE look like kids play : _ ;
less Tone
less Tone:
What a perfect aim... Can I ask ur mouse dpi n ingame sensetivity?
Diamond jeff
Diamond jeff:
You are super good player ever for me and how to get all character in this game? (Keep fighting)
Your aim is awesome. But the gameplay is waaaay too long and dull to watch for there's no comentary. But it's ok, it's your way to do things. You could play medium instead. It's not too short neither is too exausting to watch.
wow, u r headhunter
how can you shot head completely?
Dark Mind
Dark Mind:
13:40 lol
Eyyy early for a headshot
Extreme Encounter
Extreme Encounter:
His aim makes me feel like trash lol
That aim is insane!
Every time I look at this game there's some new ugly effect or reskin covering it up. I hate it. Give me a button to toggle the seasonal shit and headshot effects.
With what are you recording?
My 1080 footage looks garbage on youtube, gets processed down to garbage
Any advice?
I get a bunch of anxiety from this game idk why.
Ofb merkz 2 trappy
Ofb merkz 2 trappy:
It’s so hard lol
What do you think of the ridiculous prices for the new weapon DLCs?
Luis Henrique
Luis Henrique:
where can i download this version ?
I hope I have that kind of aim in any fps game 😔
Randy Jones
Randy Jones:
Hey just wondering should i get an of the dlc?
David Porter
David Porter:
Anybody else never able to get a match on high difficulty or is it just me
John Freeman
John Freeman:
*Thisss one'ss tenacioussss*
Fredd Synyster
Fredd Synyster:
psycho i really love your videos bro ... i would like ask you to play with comando
Unconventional Derp
Unconventional Derp:
Seeing you do custom maps/community maps would be really nice
Meat Man
Meat Man:
Dude play call of duty i want to see that
Dude is literally Legolas
Poppin heads! Nice vid.
I like pie
I like pie:
Did you finally get fibre internet?