Kim Clijsters Best Points - Back On Tour 2020

3 times Us Open Champion Kim Clijsters announced she'll be back on the pro tour next year. Here's a few of her best points vs Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Justine Henin, Viktoria Azarenka and more!

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Link to Court Level Tennis Best Points Part 1:
Link to Court Level Best Points Tennis On Another Level Part 2:
Link to Court Level Tennis Best Points Part 3:

Check Tennis Religion for more videos of her... I got most points from his channel.

*The points against Henin are crazy!

Kim's Tennis Racket:

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Roger That Tennis
Roger That Tennis:
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Kim in her prime would eat 99% of WTA for breakfast, it will be interesting to see what kind of shape will she be in 2020.
mahesh kannan
mahesh kannan:
Missing Justine Henin's crafty one handed backhand.
Aeb Bantayan
Aeb Bantayan:
I also hope for Li Na to comeback. They kind of have the same playing style. Solid ground strokes both forehand and backhand.
Heck bring back Henin and Li Na. I miss the old days.
Daniel Ashworth
Daniel Ashworth:
Kim’s the definition of an aggressive counter puncher, not like some of these girls that just dummy the ball back in play, she can generate quite a lot of power. Looking forward to seeing her back! Look at Halep’s head to head against Serena or Maria
jawhar Hayes
jawhar Hayes:
Female Djokovic lol
Ben Hur Kasprzak Filho
Ben Hur Kasprzak Filho:
Love Kim!
Daniel Ashworth
Daniel Ashworth:
Kim was one of very few women in history that could challenge both the Williams sisters playing at their best 🙌🏻🔥
steffi: the racket is in the top drawer. get ready.
Great memories! Sad for womens tennis that she retired that time so early. She would have been defenitely a real challenge to Serena Williams. The years after were quiet boring because there werent real opponents. Generally those 20 years before were much more impressive: with a lot a great players same time and some real spectacular rivaleries.
xpapa can
xpapa can:
welcome back kim
Gi Han
Gi Han:
I'm sorry but i really miss Jankovic and that i hope she would do the same :'(
Yes i missed her so much.. Comeback please
Mihai Boata
Mihai Boata:
Miss u a lot !!!! beautiful Kim
Einars Dubrovskis
Einars Dubrovskis:
Those, who are hyped for Kim Clijsters return to Pro level tennis, hit like.
A natural player and lovely woman
dolly seguin
dolly seguin:
Kim great 👍 player 😍
Alex Frosa
Alex Frosa:
A match between Kim and Simona would be Nice to watch.
Most beautiful woman ..
desmondjr johnston
desmondjr johnston:
Thriller kim-played against stephany graf and may noW play against coco and mcnally new gen  wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tree Kelly
Tree Kelly:
Love Kim Glad She is Back. i always say your my fav in tennis and now that your on tour Can't Wait To See you back in action live in Australia...GO KIM
Martin Mitchell
Martin Mitchell:
Lovely girl.
ian kinnell
ian kinnell:
Glad to see kim back. She put up a fantastically spirited & gutsy display against muguruza. If she plays half that good she'll definitely win some matches this year. With ♥️from🇳🇿
CJ Ever
CJ Ever:
How about Justin Henin? Her backhand is the Stan Wawrinka of the WTA!
Martin Mitchell
Martin Mitchell:
Gotta love them muscles.
Top player
Sanjivkumar Sharma
Sanjivkumar Sharma:
Super women!!!!!! Nice personal
Although i believe Serena is the GOAT, definitely Kim could have fight and won that tittle, but tennis wasn´t her priority. I´m glad to see you back.
Sukree Srithanin
Sukree Srithanin:
Welcome back Clijsters
John Kurtz
John Kurtz:
Of course I missed her. Great player, better human
David Chobola
David Chobola:
She was the best
English with Ahmed Elnagar
English with Ahmed Elnagar:
Goddess of tennis of all time .
Sunarti Sunarti
Sunarti Sunarti:
Welcome back kim ❤❤🇧🇪🇧🇪👍👍
3 times us open champion but still no playboy photoshoot/cover!? Sport is addicting but no playboy after a 3rd comeback is sacrilegious
B I:
the match against Serena is memorable
luis alfonso calvillo
luis alfonso calvillo:
Se retiró joven igual que la señora Justin Henan, eran casi invencibles, ví escenas de su último juego con la señorita Muguruza y se vió muy competitiva, Muguruza sufrió para vencerla, me dará mucho gusto verla en torneos próximos.
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell:
So happy she is coming back
misleading caption
natal paian
natal paian:
I just miss My Justine Henin. Sori Kim. 🙏🙏
dũng nguyenba
dũng nguyenba:
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
WHY Kim?? Leave your beautiful legacy as is.
Is she better compared with Djokovic or Murray?
wait till she appears on tour. For some reasons i'm not so sure. Bartoli said the same thing and we all know what happened..i hope i'm wrong, cause Kim is my best...
Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez:
She postponed her comeback for after January. I want her to be healthy and fit to be able to show the current kids how real, intelligent tennis used to be played back in the day. I'm so excited!
RTT...S.U.A.R. Pal...
Another word. Take me back. Remarry all over again. If there is a takers.
Kritsadakorn Jarimophat
Kritsadakorn Jarimophat:
Do she joint the Australian open 2020?
Romere Dubost
Romere Dubost:
Kim, stay home and keep those Belgian waffles coming for the kids and hubby.
Daniel R.
Daniel R.:
I’ve never seen an ugly tennis playster...

Belgium ‘’hold my beer’’
Brooklyn Mona
Brooklyn Mona:
Let’s not act like she’s a great 🙄
Johanness Willery
Johanness Willery:
Women's tennis is far better than mens.
ed milinski
ed milinski:
I doubt she can keep up with the young big hitters, just keeping the ball in play is not enough these days. All the best, fingers crossed. Maybe become a doubles specialist, that would be a good plan.
Jk J
Jk J:
Today's WTA girls have to thanks to 2000's WTA players. They(Williams sisters, Belgium Duo, Lindsay and Maria, etc) have showed us like this High Quality Tennis and because of that, Prize money for WTA have been equal to ATP's level throughout that period. Unfortunately, today's girls really really dont deserve to get that much Prize money.
Einars Dubrovskis
Einars Dubrovskis:
Kim Clijsters is the best tennis player in the world. Hit like if you agree.
Benojojo Jojo
Benojojo Jojo:
Isn' t she too old to come back ? Why does she come back at that age ?
Hamza A.
Hamza A.:
WTA is a joke
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
Clijsters is desesperatinly needing money. She hasn't anything to do in WTA. Just try to earn some money
I knew tennis sucked now but I didn't realize how bad until I watch these highlights.
Serena's not great because she's the best she is the best because her opponents for the last five or so years have been lackluster!
Cloisters,Henin, Davenport,Capriati all people that gave her trouble have been long gone.
Women's tennis is embarrassing to watch there are no champions !
Serena can't even win a slam anymore yet she is always the favorite?