Kim Clijsters vs. Garbiñe Muguruza | 2020 Dubai First Round | WTA Highlights

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Glenn De Block
Glenn De Block:
She still has it.
Honestly a TOP 20 performance from Kim in the second set
Cody S.
Cody S.:
I'm honestly stunned at how amazing Kim is playing. How she hits the ball. Even her movement! Unlucky draw to play Mugaruza first. But she's still got it!
Bram Dams
Bram Dams:
After watching this match my belief that she can return to the top is restored. First 3 games she played rusty and uncoordinated but it only took her half an hour to lift her level almost to a top 20 level. You can only imagine how much she can grow given weeks/months instead of half an hour.
How To Sims
How To Sims:
For someone who hasn't played professional tennis in 7 years, Kim was playing great. With more matches, she will do well once again. Congrats Garbine for a great match.
Saurabh Chakrabarty
Saurabh Chakrabarty:
So so impressed. First serve, Forehand, Backhand, and the Champions' mentality is very much there. The second serve and the return of serve needs more polish.
And if she manages to lose a little weight, she will be competing and winning against the top 10/top 20 very soon.

Must have been such an awesome feeling for her to get those adrenaline rush late in the second set, after 8 years.
if Kim stays for 1-2 years and keeps improving and doesn't get injured then she'll win some tournaments for sure
Tennis Addict
Tennis Addict:
I found myself smiling at screen every time min won a great point! Makes me feel like it’s still 2012!
Bryan P
Bryan P:
Tennis needs more Kim Clijsters', she is such a lovely ambassador for the sport! ❤👍
Shaun S
Shaun S:
As a big Clijsters fan I'm super happy to see her back. Sure there was rust and sure she can tone abit and become fitter (and it will come with match play) BUT her talent is undeniable. She still has it.

i mean she just gave the Aussie Open finalist as real run for her money. Against most others today Kim could have won. Mugu played a great match.

It just makes you wonder how many more GS Kim could have won had she not retired.

Great sportmanship from Mugu at the end btw.
I want Justine Henin back, retired too early
A champion will always be a champion, welcome back Kim!
beddy tear
beddy tear:
3:01 Classic Kim Clijsters point 😍
Mister Whitty
Mister Whitty:
It’s hard to explain but I learned how to play tennis in the late 90s early 2000s and the way pleats from that generation brush up behind the ball and “shape” their shots is just holy superior to the way that, especially women, started hitting post Sharapova. These tall long players have such huge take backs and long swings that any player with a good tennis iQ can really destroy them by playing closer on the baseline, hitting deep and steady and taking away their time for shot production.

When you look at Serena and Kim they sometimes lengthen their shots but they seem to have such a controlled box from which they hit From, using their legs much better than these younger girls, that they can really hit the ball with more margin and power because less can go wrong with more compact swings. A few more months of this and she can def win another. When she starts doing the splits again its gonna be a wrap for these girls. Lol Welcome back Kim and good job Muga!
That's Rich
That's Rich:
I can't be the only one who for the past few years look back at highlights of Kim Clijsters simply to see her beautiful swing production and ball striking. I've always loved the way she hits her groundstrokes. Add her natural athleticism and it is just a beauty to watch. She made it all look so easy. I'm more than joyed to see her back and see her actually still playing really well.
Vic Mwansa
Vic Mwansa:
Impressive Kim Clijsters! She's going to cause some upsets on tour. That 2nd set was like she never left so excited! Welcome back Kim👊💪💚🎾
Kal Eosin
Kal Eosin:
Am I the only one hoping for Clijsters/Goffin collab in the slams and Olympics?
Never rooted for Kim so much! Great effort ! Don’t think we expected her to win but impressive start!
Edvin Hallgren
Edvin Hallgren:
I didn’t expect much when I found out she was playing muguruza, but god damn she played well in the second set.
Myerk Lamb
Myerk Lamb:
That whip of a forehand is so unique and powerful, her right shoulder must be so strong. No one's ever hit it quite like Kim.
They All better watchout Kims only jst getting started...and once she's warmed up after a few tournaments..then BOOM!!! Watchout.
Nice to see mugu give credit to Kim!!
Actually a good start for Kim
hope she shines in majors
Rinchhana 7
Rinchhana 7:
Moment I’m waiting for
This is just the beginning
I’m waiting the Real Clijsters back and I think people may say it’s too soon but I’m expecting to see HER in the Us Open 2020
Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner:
I was so happy watching kim again champions make it more exciting to watch.
Clijsters is heavier now than she was in her prime. She still hits the ball well but her movement is not as good. Muguruza was not joking around. She took the match very seriously.
Dayo Lawal
Dayo Lawal:
Wow. Totally amazed at Kim's level. Judging by this alone, she's got a Grand Slam in her.
Time For Change
Time For Change:
I'm impressed, actually. Time and matches and I suspect we will see the championship level Clijsters.
Charles Caple III
Charles Caple III:
Kim still got it and that cracking forehand 😂😂 Best of Luck and a continuous success and momentum on your return
Complextro Cassette-Carotta
Complextro Cassette-Carotta:
kim rocks. mad respect goes out to this wonderful, beautiful lady. so looking forward to seeing more matches. COMMON !!
Daaannnnggggg Kim!!! Okay well welcome back girl!!! 😱🙌🏾🎾👏🏾🤗❤️
Ricky III
Ricky III:
Mr Sportschampion
Mr Sportschampion:
Tennis now gave
me goosebumps, impossible is nothing.
Ruel Santos Reyes
Ruel Santos Reyes:
Bravo Kim! Step by step 👍💪 fantastic forehand as always ! Congrats Garbiñe
Stefan Ourthe
Stefan Ourthe:
Kim already playing like this means that if she stays healthy, she'll start to win titles very VERY soon! Congrats Garbine. Welcome back Kim ❤️
Groundies are still there! Kim just needs more match play
0:54 2:20 ATP (not wta) TOP 10 FOREHAND
Muguruza dedicated the win to Kim, that's so lovely
Alana Handforth
Alana Handforth:
So good to have Kim back!!! I was devastated when she retired (the second time), I thought, why? She is still young, but family comes first. I never questioned whether she could play great again, if you have ever seen her "legends" matches at grand slams, you will know what I mean. Please stop saying she needs to lose weight (she is much smaller than some others out there and) and just pray that she stays injury free, so we can enjoy her once again.
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Come back after 8 years and still give a fight to ao finalist. 2000s gen players will always be golden era of women tennis
Tim Church
Tim Church:
Seems like the commentator only knows 2 words. “Stunning” and “beauty.”
Kamilia Kyana
Kamilia Kyana:
So happy Kim came back! With a bit more matches she'll soon get back to the highest level and be back on top!
Go Kim! <3
T R:
Oh lord I can see the nightmares comin Venus vs Kim at all the grand slams !!! 🤦🏿‍♂️ Venus will lose in 3
Cătă Lin
Cătă Lin:
So many people loving Kim is just wow! Yeah, I'm one of them.
The Flash
The Flash:
She just needs to lose some weight and she will be back in top 10 real quick.
Good lord, that ball striking! Welcome back, Kimmy!
Kim still has it y’all
ssazm330 :3
ssazm330 :3:
She hits the ball powerfully like serena OMG
Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones:
Anybody down for a Serena vs Kim match ❤️
Diana Olguin
Diana Olguin:
Kim 💙
C’mon Kim! You’ll get there I’m with you!
Faisal Calderon
Faisal Calderon:
Kim is amazing!
Give her six months. Thanks for coming back Kim!
Alex Fed
Alex Fed:
Beautiful tennis from Kim! Can't wait to see more matches with her.
Black Spring with Autumn
Black Spring with Autumn:
Beautiful moves and inspiring tennis .....Welcome home, Clijsters!!
Jorge Guisa
Jorge Guisa:
So, her rally ball still travels and weights heavier than most on tour, her movement is fluid and her all court game (specially the volley). intact, a couple of more finetuning will defently propel her into the top 20. I think with the competition her body will be in better shape so that´s gonna be a great upgrade from today where she played a tough match against a very in form Muguruza. In the other hand, it will be interesting to see how well does Muguruza fares in the tournament because she is usually cold and rusty during the first rounds, but she met right away with a legend in a must anticipated match, wich are the ones that get her blood pumping, so she is more than awake for the rest of the tourney.
Great to see Clijsters back!!! Again!
She can definitely hit the Top 5 and win some titles if her body holds up.
Bedroom Productions
Bedroom Productions:
welcome back Kim baby, we missed you! :). You still got it girl!
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
That phenomenal 2-handed backhand is still there. Welcome back Kim!
Banana Boy
Banana Boy:
Kim Clijsters battled hard in that match. We’ll see what’ll happen to WTA tennis in 2020 🤔
Isabella Lee
Isabella Lee:
Had it gone into the 3rd set my money would have been on Kim. Mugu is still riding that Australian open high so it would take a really steady player to beat her or someone with more strategy and weapons, she may run into Kenin again.
billy smith
billy smith:
I think everyone is rooting for Kim. In all my tennis-loving years, I've always heard/read about how in addition to being a champion, she's truly a wonderful, generous and sweet person. Get it girl!
Rico G
Rico G:
Kim’s hitting was great but her movement was even more impressive. I can’t believe she still moves so well.
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Great to see Kim back! She's such an asset to the sport and a great match for her first comeback. Once she gets more fit and plays more matches, who knows what she'll do!
Norbert Falcon
Norbert Falcon:
Good comeback
Miss Ann's Adventures
Miss Ann's Adventures:
Yay Kim!!! If Serena retires soon we need somebody to keep us excited about the women's game(sorry, no shade it's just certain players are really exciting. Not that others aren't great players)
Hussein Nur
Hussein Nur:
Welcome back, Kim. Awesome tennis, almost got it to the third st.
Rushi Golande
Rushi Golande:
Welcome back Queen
Annette Pelz
Annette Pelz:
Welcome back Kim you still have it! Look forward to seeing more of you in the coming year!
Markus E
Markus E:
We Love you, Garbine!!! Good game, Kim.
Dennis Smalley
Dennis Smalley:
Wow, love to see her back playing again!!!
Impressive showing for a mother of three. Six months from now when she loses some lbs and gets in tennis shape unlike some people in her age group and currently on the WTA tour.
Kim will be serving up a lot of lessons on the court, if she stays injury-free.
Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is however the courage to continue that counts. 🌅
Michaeloo 0007
Michaeloo 0007:
Kim ❤️❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓💓❤️💓❤️ Greetings from Poland
Promising performance from Kim. I’m rooting for her!
Andro Santos
Andro Santos:
3:43 what happened in this point? Who won it? Did muguruzas shot go through the net??
Kim is obviously very rusty, she needs some match rhythm, she started playing better and better as the match went on also some more 2nd serve practice.
I can for sure see her doing some serious damage to the top players at the UOS Series if she keeps on improving!
Alison Aspacio
Alison Aspacio:
Shes still got it!
Justin Lue
Justin Lue:
Well played Champion, welcome back Clijsters <3
Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen:
Wow loving kim performance can't wait for her next tournament 💪
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin:
Welcome back once again, Kim Clijsters!
Dom Dom
Dom Dom:
Can’t wait to see her and Serena play again, like old times! Who knows Kim May win a slam this year before Serena does lol
Iljas Lopato
Iljas Lopato:
Wow! Kim, i like your tennis!! We all missing you for sure! Just tennis from another planet (visuall). Carbinje, congrats! Still cant undestand, how you loosing final against Sofia
Silvia Buzatu
Silvia Buzatu:
Well...impressive play from Kim! Definitely she still got it!! So beautiful to watch! 👏👏
I like the fact that Kim is willing to finish the points at the net in this match. In her previous singles career, she was super reluctant to come to the net, although she won multiple grand slam doubles titles and had good volley skills. I'd like to see her do more volley in this comeback, as she cannot outrun her younger opponents from the baseline any more.
Taurean Whitfield
Taurean Whitfield:
Wow I didn't know Kim was back she still got it 😃 I always rooted for her over Justine Henin 😒
Rupinder Singh
Rupinder Singh:
it was such a great performance despite being out of wta for so long ...i have no doubts about her being among top players if she remains fit
Brandon Graves
Brandon Graves:
Welcome back Kim! 💪🏾
Oh My God Kim took My breath away, waooo is such a super tennis player 🥰🥰🥰
Karanu Gathogo
Karanu Gathogo:
Oh my God... Kiiiim is back
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas:
That was one hell of a return match.. ✌️👏
Joseph Michael
Joseph Michael:
Incredible, Kim! Great to watch you play.
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr:
Kim looked great! Some nice rallys
David Fallaw
David Fallaw:
Well done Kim! Great to see you again!!
Bravo Kim je landgenoten zijn fier op je! Breng België weer op de kaart! 👏👏💪💪
Lao Videos
Lao Videos:
En unos meses Clijsters vuelve hacer la de antes! 👏🏻👏🏻💪
Brick Squared
Brick Squared:
That signature split! Welcome back Kim!
I’m SO GLAD KIM C. IS BACK!!!!! Love her hitting form. Give her a moment people...she will be on top! 🙏🙏🙏
GEMINI 1978:
So good to see you back on tour Kim. Tough first round but you played awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing you will be great. A true legend has returned. Look out ladies.
Oscar B. Monteiro Jr.
Oscar B. Monteiro Jr.:
Welcome back Kim, long live in court, please !
Welcome back!!!!