Kim Kardashian and Kanye West SPLIT: Their Relationship Timeline

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are splitting after six years of marriage. The couple share four children together: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. ET is looking back at their relationship timeline, from meeting in 2003 to their 2019 vow renewal.

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Lady Kat
Lady Kat:
They lasted longer than I expected
Never Lose Forex FX
Never Lose Forex FX:
You will be SUPER RICH in MARCH 2021 like this if you agree 👍👍👍👍
Mimi Hdez
Mimi Hdez:
I don’t like the Kardashians but can’t blame Kim for protecting herself and even more so her children by leaving him.
Unless you know the struggle of mental illness firsthand, no one can imagine how hard it is on a family. When someone refuses to take meds. or starts and stops them which leads to manic episodes, it’s impossible to sustain that year after year. It’s unhealthy for children to have the back and forth in their lives, it breeds instability. This isn’t about liking or not liking the Kardashians, it’s about a women making a hard choice for herself and her kiddos. I hope he also finds the right Dr. and the right regimen, so he can be able to be a constant and stable force in his kids lives.
Lizzy Borden
Lizzy Borden:
I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.
Roberta Basheer
Roberta Basheer:
Honestly, it's sad. No one should go through a divorce. No matter how you feel about them.
Vanik Ghosh
Vanik Ghosh:
"till death do us part" - Myth today.
L. B.
L. B.:
I am not a fan of either however it is always sad to see a break up especially when there's children involved. I hope they will do this gently and with dignity. I wish them all the best.
Totalchaos1983 0
Totalchaos1983 0:
I doubt blame her, after that little stunt he pulled telling the world her very personal business about family planning decisions... that's not the world's business!!
For everyone going off on Kanye in the comments, Kim is not innocent either. Just saying
Ed Kerby
Ed Kerby:
Good timing for Keeping Up With The Kardashians last season
Ziggy Montrell
Ziggy Montrell:
This why Beyonce didn't go to the wedding she knew how it would end lol
Industry has ruined him
Audrée & Jamie
Audrée & Jamie:
It’s so sad when a family breaks up. Hopefully Kanye finds what he needs in this life and hopefully those around him stay close as I’m sure he may put himself in some sort of danger. 🙏🏽💙🌸
Kameel Sabri
Kameel Sabri:
Don't care about either individual. But I knew from the moment they got married that it was just a question of, "when?" and not, "if?".
Mr ME:
God bless anyone seeing this
I had hoped they would stick it out and work through their issues. I know mental illness is hard to live with, but I thought they could do it. Kanye needs people who care about his mental state. I do believe Kim cared, but she isn’t strong enough to handle it anymore. She has to make sure the kids are healthy too. I can only imagine what was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her. God Bless them hopefully they will find peace. 🙏🏾
Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise
Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise:
shes a Libra and he's a Gemini that's like trying to balance the empire state building with a house ... she tried but she needs mental peace
Sofia Jerez
Sofia Jerez:
me: * pretends to be shocked*
After watching bound 2, seeing how Kanye was in love (yes the music video was ass) but Kanye really loved kim but he’s not in a good place mentally. It’s so fucking sad seeing this relationship come to an end. But it’s what’s best for the relationship and the children at the end of the day.
Promise You
Promise You:
I really didn’t think Kim would end up leaving him but she’s probably tired of dealing with his bipolar
Aira Camille
Aira Camille:
Is it called a premonition when you know if two celebrities got married, at the back of your head you know they won't last
Kristina Von Klinski
Kristina Von Klinski:
They lasted longer than anticipated
Angie Jackson
Angie Jackson:
Kanye west, Was in a manic state of mind.. it takes a stronger person to deal with a person of any type of mental illness, he going to need honest strong people around him being that he getting a divorce.. Lord give them all strength at this most difficult time in there life.🙏
The Wanderer
The Wanderer:
When Saint see this and learn his dad didn't actually want him in this world. Kanye will always have a ghetto kind of character.
Tracey Kilgore
Tracey Kilgore:
I'm heartbroken I love Kim n kanye but after is crap he pulled I would leave too
shavon H
shavon H:
I really did love them as a couple 💕 but I felt so sad for Kim having to go through this. I’m praying 🙏 for them both.
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
This isn't news.
The M Network
The M Network:
He has a problem and he needs to stay on his medication. When they get off this is when things start to happen. ANd it can get very crazy.
Those Chicks!🤕... are the . ..."BUILD A BEAR"!!!!🤕🤕🤕 FAMILY!!!🤣
hanna green
hanna green:
omg I NEVER seen this
G A:
I think Kanye is misunderstood, as well for Kim I’m sure she’s done everything she could and was as supported as she could but Kanye just seemed to be spiraling more and more, also he seemed like he didn’t want help and you can’t help someone who’s not wanting it. All I’m saying Is just because we see them on social media and tv we don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors. I hope Kanye gets the help he needs and Kim stays strong for her kids while they go through this unfortunate event durning these crazy times
karen walker
karen walker:
Sad, but understandable. Coparenting can work if he gets the help he needs.
Harper Grace
Harper Grace:
He wasn’t good for her image and most people don’t understand how hard it is for a person with mental health issues
vivian jones
vivian jones:
May God be with you both!
molly lenyo
molly lenyo:
I was hoping they would ALL move to the Wyoming compound never to b e heard from again. Darn
Jas Kayy
Jas Kayy:
Goes to show what they portray is far from the reality behind closed doors. Fake relationship
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno:
Man I remember the first time i saw them for the first time before they got married they appeared my favorite Nickelodeon show Henry danger funniest episode ever ! 😂😂😂😂
Sweelen Watson
Sweelen Watson:
I am so sad to see this happen I was praying for them
recursive transfigured human pupa
recursive transfigured human pupa:
I thought they would have made it... Balanced out each other a lot
Well, that was as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning, wasn't it? I'm only surprised it lasted as long as 6 years! Hollywood... further words fail me.
Casino Lover
Casino Lover:
The entire world knew this was going to happen sooner or later!!!!!!
aussie 130
aussie 130:
Sorry but I just can't not laugh when I see Kim's ugly cry.
Those woman have been.... CRYING!!!!!!😡😡😡 ...EVER!!! SINCE THEY STARTED THEIR !!! DATING!!! ADVENTURE'S!!!🤕🤕🤕😅😂🤣✌️
T Y P I C A L • T I N K
T Y P I C A L • T I N K:
K A:
As long as she gets to get all the jewellery
An Armchair
An Armchair:
Is Clyde going back to Philo Beddoe's garage?
lio demirror
lio demirror:
Kim calling herself calm and sweet?!!! Whahahahahah!
We will not be watching the series final 🤷🏽‍♀️
Jennifer Klayson
Jennifer Klayson:
Nooooooooo! This made me teary.
Truth Justice
Truth Justice:
Who cares???
Rick Flint
Rick Flint:
It's about time they bored me to death . I rather watch justin Bieber on a skateboard 🛹
Sara Walton
Sara Walton:
Kimye 🥺🥺
Karine From Above
Karine From Above:
So sad. Loved them together so much. ❤
sun ny
sun ny:
Just came from the tmz video where it started off so over the top with boom boom boom I came to this video thanks
The Griswalds
The Griswalds:
Ffs 😂 feel bad for their kids
Maga Vote
Maga Vote:
Hope kayne can get the medical help he needs 🙏
merci aye
merci aye:
Oh noooo!
Not you two!
Take the divorce papers back and learn to love each other's complete differences.
Bless you all, seriously!!
I really don’t care. Do you?
Carly Sand
Carly Sand:
Oh...Lord, what a surprised 😅
beverly onyango
beverly onyango:
It was bound to happen, no surprise
I always knew they wouldn't last 🥴
_goes to show that you really don’t know what goes on behind the scenes._
what did happend? did some get caught in the act😁
6 years 4 children and it's over... That's some textbook devotion... But they lasted way longer than I expected
Sylvia Blackwood
Sylvia Blackwood:
It was going to happen eventually.
lead 4s
lead 4s:
kanye found out kim was really a hobbit, and kim found out kanye was not really a musical genius
user name
user name:
thank god for kanye. i know him and kim had something real but having to be with the rest of that family.... its not worth it. Be free, ye
Bounndddd to getting diiiivorrcedddd ! Modern Women are filing @ a Almost 80% rate. Beware fellas
Kerry Hofheimer
Kerry Hofheimer:
My idealistic self thinks they could make it work but just need a break from one another during this pandemic and time of crisis.
lisse Boo
lisse Boo:
Im shock that they lasted that long but have you guys noticed certain movements in the clips with them posing infront media the awkard moments and as much as i not a fan of both is best her kids are safe
Ethans husband
Ethans husband:
Dear Kim, RUN, girl. Run, fast.
Michael Seidenberg
Michael Seidenberg:
Slightly used Kardashian back on Market.
V C:
Just long enough to f up 4 kids.
Michael Jason
Michael Jason:
Wait...that robbery thing was actually real?
Good for them nobody cares there are more important things going on in the world right now
Chris Allen
Chris Allen:
🤣🤣🤣 really
beagle mama
beagle mama:
Not to be negative but I am surprised they stayed married THIS long.
Praying for the well-being of those beautiful children.
chosen kind
chosen kind:
Love is not for celebrities,
Celebrity Kids
Celebrity Kids:
They... SPLIT!!!!
Richard Compton
Richard Compton:
This is exactly? We all saw this coming a mile away for months. Although I feel like I can say that that's probably the best decision she's ever made, mental health issues don't excuse him from being a egotistical, narcissist, attention-seeking douchebag all the time, what woman would want to be married to that?
hey hiya
hey hiya:
Kim and Kanye were such a good role model for the black community, i'm so sad to hear of their split. kim as a woman and a mom needs to stay strong and continue raising a happy family, i wish you all the best of luck.
anisa nurraudah
anisa nurraudah:
*The karma is real - Taylor Swift*
Simma Yu
Simma Yu:
So sad. What happened to death do us part?
Vedat Örs
Vedat Örs:
The end
lawrence berny
lawrence berny:
RayJ gave this chick her start
Cleo Hall
Cleo Hall:
Did anyone notice how kim complexion changed through the years darker
Yes I said it
Andrew Mathis
Andrew Mathis:
saw it coming
La Will
La Will:
Tom Drummy
Tom Drummy:
Shocking ! 🙄
Big lee
Big lee:
I expected this would happen since they got married.
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter:
I don't like any of them but I don't like Kanye more so like....yay kim.
Pedro Rodri
Pedro Rodri:
I can't believe it
Elena Bera
Elena Bera:
It always takes two in a marriage.
I don't have a name
I don't have a name:
So which black celebrity/sports player will she be with next?
Dulish official
Dulish official:
Like Really 🤗
Jean Joseph
Jean Joseph:
It was a matter of time....what you expect.
Nooo,I loved kimye😩