Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson SPLIT

ET confirms, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have called it quits after nine months of dating.

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salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
Honestly I think that she should just take time being single and have fun no need to jump into a relationship focus on her and her kids and her happiness
Candice M
Candice M:
I think Pete is only a rebound for the ladies of Hollywood at this point. 🤷🏾🤷🏾 Do yo thang Pete 😂
Tracy Tuten
Tracy Tuten:
Who didn't see this breakup coming? Pete is young looking to have a family someday and Kim's been there, done that.
Kailyn Brennan
Kailyn Brennan:
I give Pete soooo much credit. He’s been through a lot and has been open about working through his struggles with depression. Kim seems to be attracted to guys who could be considered “wounded birds” Kanye, Pete, almost like she thinks she’s going to change the core of who they are, and when she doesn’t succeed, she bails.
Naida Ari
Naida Ari:
So did we really think they were gonna last? I for one thought it was just a fling. I think they were having fun. They just liked each other.
I don't think this was serious on either end, she wanted to have fun after being with the same guy for so long. Part of me feels like this was some what for publicity to because it just came off more casual than serious.
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox:
Their relationship literally lasted five minutes it feels like lol 🤣
"Wow! I can't believe Kim K and Pete actually split😦"

- Said no one ever
Stephanie mama tree
Stephanie mama tree:
Poor Pete..I jus saw a interview of him in 2020 he loves being in love..wants fam n kids, is laid back, doesn’t like social media n paparazzi following him around, he lives in the basement. Mom n sister liv he’s close with his family I lov that. He doesn’t hav any mirrors thinks he is ugly. This broke my heart I remb seeing all the press callin him ugly n why is Kim with him etc. he was bullied soo bad in high school even after his dad died they gav him no mercy. He was goin to therapy 2x a week back then. I hope he keeps it up he has BPD so I can relate. Praying Pete finds someone like him who loves love n is genuine laid back.
Kenneth Chow
Kenneth Chow:
Lasted longer than I thought they would…
Isabella Bellion
Isabella Bellion:
That’s what happens when you rush into relationship while you just had a divorce
Ashlee Nail
Ashlee Nail:
I think it was his talk about being a dad. She doesn't want anymore kids. Everything was all good until he did that interview with Kevin Hart and was talking about wanting kids. Just my take on things...
8/6/22: Don’t get me wrong, I love KK for so many reasons, but it won’t be long before we’ll read about the next, “He’s the most loving, thoughtful, easygoing and kindest person you'll ever want to meet, etc. She’s turning into another Liz Taylor right before our eyes in terms of multi-relationships, which, of course, is her business, but I thought Pete might be it for her after Kanye (night and day). However, she’s been wished all the best with each new relationship time and again (me included), but there’s just so many happy wishes one can extend to another before waking up the next morning and finding out via social media that that relationship is over too. I hope she connects with that special someone eventually, just not tomorrow!
Ranita D
Ranita D:
It's okay to be alone Kim. Focus on your kids and do you..
Chronically Kelly
Chronically Kelly:
Ok then it was never real... The people who said, "this is a PR stunt for the new show," were flipping right. 😓
can't say I'm surprised, now kanye can finally have a good night's sleep
KD Candy
KD Candy:
We're talking about Kim Kardashian someone that goes from one extreme to the other. She went from Kanye West to Pete Davidson she wanted them to get off talking about her marriage and her divorce by dating someone that no one ever would expect, and she did a great job her mother is Kris Kardashian. They're planning moves before they put the chess game out.
Rafael Quinones
Rafael Quinones:
Answer: She's in her 40s, has handful of kids, multiple ex-husbands, and other external factors. No need for season 3! 😎
Shah Decorday
Shah Decorday:
She's too narcisistic, imagine dating someone who is constantly in the mirror admiring themselves and then making her children do it too
Mclovin11995 Hawaii
Mclovin11995 Hawaii:
Really going to miss them together 💔
Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine:
I feel like this is a mismatch. If he’s so kind I think kim is too narcissistic for someone like him. He needs somebody more down to earth and probably not in the spotlight, More age-appropriate. She has way too much going on
Why did anyone think they were going to last? Kim was obviously just having some fun after her divorce; like many people do after a divorce. Kim wanted fun and the "little" things, which Pete was more than happy to oblige. They weren't going to get married and start popping out kids, Kim is done with that.
Sara Khan
Sara Khan:
this relationship felt it was forced on us from the beginning. Like all we heard was how in love Kim was with him. Honestly the fact that she was intentionally putting her relationship so out in the open right after her divorce from Kanye felt like a publicity stunt to give some interest to the tv show. A reason for people to tune in.
This is why you should wait at least a year before making your boyfriend meet the kids.
She made him meet the kids literally 4 months after they started dating. It’s almost like she wanted to get a rise out of Kanye by making him see his kids around another man.
Miguel Martin
Miguel Martin:
I never believed they were together to begin with.
Karen Mar
Karen Mar:
If this is true than honestly I think it's for the best. Pete needs to be able to focus on his career and be able to go where ever that might take him without any worry of the distance. They are just leading very different lives.
See this is why you don't get tattoo of ppl your dating.
Lynne Jones
Lynne Jones:
It was a short lived romance, that's all there is to it. He wants children in the future, not so sure about her. It will be fine. They did have a nice time together and I bet they remain friendly.
Better for him that he doesn't get driven absolutely insane.
If Pete is there you know the relationship won't last long. How many women has he dated and how long those relationships tend to last? He literaly dated 3 different women in just 2 years. No matter the reason why they broke up, this is no surprise to me.
People just contantly blame the women but what about him? Doesn't he seem problematic enough in this situations? Doesn't he act like a player? He's no victim of nothing, he just acts like the innocent nice guy.
(And I say all this after reading multiple comments)
Connie Ponce de leon
Connie Ponce de leon:
I thought this was a strange couple to begin with 😂I’m surprised it even lasted this long.but hopefully they both can find their own happiness
Anthony Martini
Anthony Martini:
Is there anyone who’s actually shocked??? Serious question
Maria Nieves
Maria Nieves:
Looks like they both went full on into that relationship but Kim has gone through so much that she realized they were going too fast, and hit the emergency break.
I don’t think Pete has the same cash flow as Kim and that can be a problem. Remember she stated they hang out and do nothing.
You can tell Pete was going a 1k MPH when it was known he had branded Kim’s name on himself.
He needs to find someone that isn’t in the glam & paparazzi
Kelly Ojigwe
Kelly Ojigwe:
I knew they were never going to last, but it was kinda great while they lasted
Jennifer Valdez
Jennifer Valdez:
I feel bad for Pete but…he does put himself in these relationships that don’t last hopefully he finds someone that will love him for him.
Amanda Little
Amanda Little:
This was a no brainer they are both great people though ❤️❤️
I actually kind of hate that they broke up, I felt like they seemed to have a nice relationship and Kim seemed honestly more relxed and with Pete, like she wasn't trying so hard. If its it meant to be though then it will be
He needs to get with someone closer to his age that wants kids
I knew it, from day 1, I knew that they wouldn’t last any longer than a year at the very most, it was only a matter of time
Avril !
Avril !:
Now Pete can change his tattoo from:
"My girlfriend is a lawyer" to "My ex-girlfriend is a lawyer!"🤦🏻‍♀️
C M:
Looks like I’m the only one who’s shocked. I was shocked he was into someone like her who I don’t believe is a good person. But I did genuinely get the impression they were truly in love and would last.
Familia Chavez ama Cristo Jesus
Familia Chavez ama Cristo Jesus:
There’s more to life than someone breaking up,😂
Pete knew he had no real chance, she’s already been married 367 times, he figured he’d just get a taste while he could…
Evan Nolen
Evan Nolen:
Honestly im just surprised it lasted THIS long for them, but yeah it wasn't going to last forever
Kanye is a BEAST at manifesting 😂😂😂😂 I swear
Queen Sy
Queen Sy:
Interviewer : How many men do u want to sleep with?
Kim Kardashian: Yes all of them
I think Pete was refreshing, easy, and fun. Hope she keeps having fun
Kim loves herself too much to love anyone else
Pina Colada
Pina Colada:
I think Pete deserve more. People use him for a rebound
Halley Newman
Halley Newman:
Thank God. I used to have the biggest crush on him before this
Crista Katsumi
Crista Katsumi:
I feel like Pete and Miley Cyrus would have been a perfect match same chemistry 🧪 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tara Brown
Tara Brown:
I think that their relationship was pretty awesome. I was actually rooting for them even though I also thought it would come to a end. Oh whatever now they can be happy being single
Shawie Zych
Shawie Zych:
I hope Kim and Kanye find a way back to each other and try to make it work. I really like them as a couple.
I like Pete. I like Kim. I'm sure they both had some fun. It felt overly Kardashian promoted. It was too much to take seriously, but I have trust issues when it comes to reality shows.
Ms Vargas
Ms Vargas:
Not shocking at all..I really hope Pete will be okay mentally🥺
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez:
I’m so happy for kris Jenner I am loving her new hair look it was about that time honey 💁🏻‍♂️🙌🏼🙌🏼about time 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Debbie Paddack
Debbie Paddack:
Hopefully Kim didn't break his heart I was concerned about that since the beginning
Onlin Me
Onlin Me:
it lasted more than we thought.
they have 13 year age difference, it will never last.
It was all clever promotion by Kris. Pete gets attention, Kim seems down-to-earth, and nobody talks about Kanye anymore. 🤔😎
Precious Moments
Precious Moments:
I thought she was so brave dating someone with full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. He acquired so many tattoos to mark the milestones in his short life. He'll see his dad real soon.
Teenan Relshensari
Teenan Relshensari:
“Came to the realization that…even when combined…their talent pool still equalled zero”
Who gets out of a marriage and then picks up another relationship. All the marriage counselors and therapists say you should be single for at least a year. You have to find yourself and you have to heal. I hope they both find happiness 💕
🌊Preppy•paradise🌊 #wwjd
🌊Preppy•paradise🌊 #wwjd:
He literally just came in to get followers and “money” and then after he got 1+ million followers he left😅
G B:
With Pete’s mental health challenges, he’s going to need some serious support getting through this… Nevertheless, it must be what it is, over.
Roller Coaster Psycho
Roller Coaster Psycho:
Moments like these I wish Wendy show was still on so we can hear her opinion
Conditionally Unconditional
Conditionally Unconditional:
I had an amazing BLT today. The sour dough bread was toasted perfect!
There will be Zero shortage of women. Love you Pete 😍🥰🤘🏼💓
Carolina Moreno
Carolina Moreno:
I feel like they didn’t break up. This is just a “source” like that’s really not that reliable. She still has their pictures up and everything
Lauren C
Lauren C:

It was obvious she was using him from the start. Pete was never "the one" for her and she simply used him as her rebound boy for a fun time and nothing too serious. Pete keeps getting used and discarded by these women and he needs to respect himself more.
Rob Lund
Rob Lund:
This is just what Pete does.I mean he's had some pretty amazing women.
Mari Loves Peace
Mari Loves Peace:
I mean. She said it, she "just wanted his bde" and she got it. They call it the catch and release.
Debra Josephs
Debra Josephs:
To be honest, I really liked them together.
Carmen Rosa
Carmen Rosa:
The most genuine and the best person they say but barely know him 😚🙄
nicole cioffi
nicole cioffi:
If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, he was too good for her.
Amal Kharoufi
Amal Kharoufi:
Can’t wait to see which big celebrity Pete will date next #BDEConfirmed
Kolor MeYellow
Kolor MeYellow:
I mean it went on longer than we all expected
J M:
This is what happens when you want to do something to impress or gain public attention or just for social media!!
Kim needs to legit stay single for more than 5 minutes and actually take time to find a guy that works for her.
Kristen Stevenson
Kristen Stevenson:
She did it bc she saw how obsessed ppl were w kourt & Travis…so she literally got a guy JUST LIKE HIM! She couldn’t stand not being the most talked about/popular sister in the media so she went & 1 upped kourt.
Noooooooo! I refuse to believe that a relationship Kim Kardashian only started just to piss off Kanye West is now over?! If this fake-ass relationship could make it, what hope do the rest of us normals really have?
Katarzyna Czubaszek
Katarzyna Czubaszek:
Damn i loved them together 😞
Alliekatt Lopez
Alliekatt Lopez:
Kanye is writing a song about as we speak.
Sky Mile
Sky Mile:
When you newly divorced and got 4 kids you need a break atleast few months
norlens noel
norlens noel:
That lasted 4 months longer than I thought it would. His relationships never work. They probably think he’s cool and charming in the get go then it grows old quickly.
Oh no who ever would’ve saw this coming!! I’m so extremely shocked I can’t believe this!
Klaimster 31
Klaimster 31:
I'm pretty sure she ended it cuz the ratings of the new show ain't looking too good. Now they have a segment and 3 episodes to talk about the split 🙄.
Pete has my respect. Has clap so many stunning woman in hollywood
Ty Elizabeth
Ty Elizabeth:
Are we surprised? Kim went for who was “Hot” at the moment, typical Narcissist behavior, I guess on to whoever’s next on the Hot 100 list for Kim!
It's all good they had their fun 😊
Fenny Nickie
Fenny Nickie:
I can just imagine the happiness Ye has now 😂
Mariah Cusack
Mariah Cusack:
I knew this wouldn’t last 😂 she should focus on herself and her kids and less on relationships.
Katie Jeanes
Katie Jeanes:
Pete’s forever going to be known as the rebound.. First Ariana then Kim.
Larry Whinnery
Larry Whinnery:
Let’s all bow our heads in response to this tragic event 🙄
Jen C
Jen C:
Casting and storyline for season 1 and 2. That was all.
Ibrahim Diallo
Ibrahim Diallo:
I see Kanye laughing 😂😂
BlAir Akana
BlAir Akana:
Sometimes when a person is young and very outgoing or is always trying to be funny can eventually be draining or annoying to the other partner. Especially if you are laid back.
Art By Hazel Fernandez
Art By Hazel Fernandez:
Wishing them true happiness.

Kim it’s okay to enjoy your status being single and focus on your children.

It’s her choice obviously. It’s just to expose the kids to different men during their developmental years can definitely affect their perception about their future choices of men and other things.

Oh well, it’s her life so we can only wish them the best. 🙏🏼💖✨🧿✨
I’m so shocked. It lasted this long.
Arshdeep 3809
Arshdeep 3809:
Now she'll be like , things were just not working out 😂😂😂
Haris Wani
Haris Wani:
No way I don't believe that I can't believe they split they were a perfect match I don't believe it