Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce From Kanye West | E! News

The "KUWTK" star and Yeezy rapper are splitting after six years of marriage. From a lavish Paris wedding to having four kids, relive Kimye's love story.

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Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce From Kanye West | E! News

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Tomislav Georgiev
Tomislav Georgiev:
Let's be honest. She was by his side longer than any of us expected.
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset:
After he called her & her mom "white supremists" & "Kris Jung Un" I kinda knew it was over

No coming back from that
I guess now she can buy colored furniture for her house.
guess he can’t keep up with the kardashians
Michael Longford
Michael Longford:
I predict an explosive album from Kanye about all of this.
Jorge Espinosa
Jorge Espinosa:
Up next: The Divorce, the reality series.
Why people are getting married in the modern era is beyond stupid. wanting a wedding but not the responsibility that comes after. Pathetic
Lola Rose
Lola Rose:
I can’t even imagen how the kids must feel divorce is not easy for anyone especially the kids
MarkY MarK
MarkY MarK:
Who cares. Where's my stimulus check
David Si
David Si:
Kim Kardashian is gona go ruin another black brotha's life next. All men need to boycott this nasty attention seeking family.
Rebecca Massey
Rebecca Massey:
I imagine they are both very hard to get along with.
Kris Jenner leaked the news first. Not an insider or someone close to the family or whatever they call it.
Nainaa Sahil
Nainaa Sahil:
They are telling us something that we knew when they got married.
I feel sorry for those 4 little children for having such stupid parents.
Which man on earth can keep up with a reality star who always tries to get the world's attention and being perfect for public eyes and most of the times can't live normally like a normal husband and wife.
an end of an era 😔
Channel 11: INFJ Kingdom
Channel 11: INFJ Kingdom:
They need to remove "til death do us part" in wedding vows. Too many people quitting on love.
Ins Dynsmite
Ins Dynsmite:
Imagine spending all that money on a wedding just to get divorced.
Vanik Ghosh
Vanik Ghosh:
"till death do us part" - Myth today.
Aloha Blessed
Aloha Blessed:
Don't think it was ever a "love" story. More of a business decision with hanging out and married to the idea of being married and have kids. Playing house with alot of money and kids. Not meant to be when money, careers, power and vanity are more sad.
Kshitij Chhokar
Kshitij Chhokar:
We're gonna have a banger from Kanye now atleast
music lover1984
music lover1984:
I'm not really surprised they did stick it out longer than what was expected I hope it happens peacefully for the sake of the kids.
The Gen Z Compass
The Gen Z Compass:
Men and women, ask yourselves: "Am I happy with this person being the mother/ father of my children?"
Saint Saint
Saint Saint:
What was the point of having ALL those kids ??
Tobias Birmingham
Tobias Birmingham:
From the beginning - we all knew this was coming!
Kameel Sabri
Kameel Sabri:
Don't care about either individual. But I knew from the moment they got married that it was just a question of, "when?" and not, "if?".
Marcia Eovino
Marcia Eovino:
Very sad. Psalm is only 1 year old. Was hoping they could keep it together. Blessings to both 🙏
D Nahil
D Nahil:
End of the drama; I’m so sick of all of them; poster children of dysfunctional, always airing their laundry in public while West is clearly batshit...
Bosse 109
Bosse 109:
I personally think that people don’t give this family enuff credit for trying their best to keep family first even while being in the spot light .... it’s not easy in Hollywierd ! I hope they find some inner peace in their new journey as co parents for the next 18 years
Moon Struck
Moon Struck:
Ppl dont remember when Kim and Kanye were really in love with each other. It's sad to see them part especially when they have four children together. I hope they remain peaceful for their sake. I Wish them the best regardless what ppl think
*Chicago is three.
*Kim was practicing her vows with Saint.

Get your facts straight E!.
Visnu deesh
Visnu deesh:
"The world moves on another day another drama drama
But not for me,... not for me..
All I think about is KARMA
And then the world moves on,
but one thing's for sure
Winter S.
Winter S.:
She’ll be engaged again to “the one” in two years.
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
This is sad. Prayers to both of them
viral viruz
viral viruz:
Breaking news!: This isn't a breaking news
Covid 19- “Haha not a surprise. Thats HOLLYWOOD life.🤣🤣🤣”
tfit tread
tfit tread:
Those 4 kids...we all new it wouldn't last, and yet there are 4 babies. Adults can be so irresponsible. 😥
Thoba Siziba
Thoba Siziba:
Now its official.
Red Bottoms
Red Bottoms:
Used him until she couldnt even more i feel bad for kanye
Bro they were iconic. They have a great family of 4 wonderful kids too. Why :(
Cyn L Cole
Cyn L Cole:
" Kim, people are dying"
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance:
Hello, Humans.
"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?"-Abraham Lincoln

They love themselves too much to love anyone else.
The last straw was when he talked about north
Hooligan Army Purples You
Hooligan Army Purples You:
*The radio when Kim drives away from Kanye* - "WE-EE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!"
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat:
"What a surprise"!!!!
Kim: Is gonna be single
Simps: My time has come
Lily Ash
Lily Ash:
Finally he will be free. I'm sad for the kids though.
Bobby MKD
Bobby MKD:
This is how “bible” they are! 😂😂🤮
Mr Poopylicous X
Mr Poopylicous X:
This will definitely be the finale to KUWTK

Huy T
Huy T:
This makes me sad for them and their kids too :(
Kanye Next album finna be LIT.
Siobhan C.
Siobhan C.:
She thinks she's better and she's also a witch and he speaks of jesus christ and the 2 don't mix!
Rose Styles
Rose Styles:
It's the third official divorce, I've been hearing this from last year 😂..
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
Imagine thinking this was a legit relationship 😂
G Mack
G Mack:
She knew he was crazy when she first met him
Denim Tutorials
Denim Tutorials:
Imagine thinking this was a legit relationship 😂
Kim, look me up when you want to spend that alimony $$$.
Anne Kahn
Anne Kahn:
So sad :( wish them All the Best moving forward ❤️
Nut Dropper66
Nut Dropper66:
Oh what a surprise....
This similar to “ O.J killing his wife”
America why are you still caring for these ppl you have a country to fix.
Leikili Maile
Leikili Maile:
I’m so sorry to hear that they have certainly been through a lot, main thing the children know they are loved 🙏
IKE Mitchell
IKE Mitchell:
"My Ugly Harsh Demented Reality" OTW.
Adam Teeple
Adam Teeple:
When they said North, Seven I thought they had a kid named 7
Niezel J.P
Niezel J.P:
That feeling Kanye will feel when he sees Kim Smiling all over the magazines, photo shoots and TV interviews
Ada V
Ada V:
It's about time they divorce and stop with the charade. They have been living in different homes, different states for long time now.
20 21
20 21:
So, they divorce or it’s in the works, move onto separate lives, stories, relationships, brands. One year or two years later they reunite with their new followers, new brands, new looks for an even bigger and all new family “brand”
If only just going away for good was an option for ALL of them...
This proves that the brand of “E!” can produce nothing of any true value or importance. Congrats. You’ve won the no one cares award.
Even Steve Wonder saw this one coming.
Bless both of their hearts for trying.
Sassy Brown
Sassy Brown:
Lasted 7 years longer than I thought it would .... moving on to the next victim!
Kanye West: Divorced
Jeffrey Star: My time has come
Stacy Gregoire
Stacy Gregoire:
Hopefully Kim is able to identify any mental health concerns with the kids.
For The Love Of Noise
For The Love Of Noise:
I was surprised it took this long
Adrienne Bodry
Adrienne Bodry:
I knew all along it wouldn't last. I've been waiting. It was just a matter of time, but to be honest it lasted alot longer than I expected.
This was inevitable.
Alyx Ezakiya
Alyx Ezakiya:
They were both toxic for each other, it was bound to happen 🙄 Money doesn't buy happiness and looks that are fake don't make you actually happy either.
Mr Protagonist
Mr Protagonist:
Honestly blows my mind how small minded people can be sometimes. We literally launched a rover, a advanced human piece of technology, and put it on a different planet yet there are people who are more interested and not only more fascinated but also concerned about a celebrities life problems.
robert desmarais
robert desmarais:
That’s sad, he seems so nice and good values
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill:
Bet she voted BIDEN.

That's reality television.

Can't stay married to someone afflicted with BPD.
Mark Burgess
Mark Burgess:
i feel like larsa had something to do with it beside his rant that he did.
Alison Ramsey
Alison Ramsey:
I hope without Kanye she starts wearing fun clothes again and throw out her cycling shorts.
Divine Commerce
Divine Commerce:
I can't believe she lasted 6 years with him, I can't stand his rants after 6 seconds...
latonya sykes
latonya sykes:
Kanye never cared about her anyway so I'm pretty sure he's happy to get away from her so he can live his private lifestyle again
Tevin Robertson
Tevin Robertson:
There’s about to be some 🔥🔥🔥🔥 music coming out soon from Ye. 808’s part 2!!!!!
Sandy G
Sandy G:
I guess since they are no longer doing their keeping up "reality" show, Kim no longer needs him as a story line.
Tai Camp
Tai Camp:
I'm sorry for him, hope he realized his true color before he ended up some place else that's Hollywood .
Anna P
Anna P:
My heart goes out to Kim. People underestimate how difficult it is to be married to someone who has mental health issues and refuses to get help for them. I have some of my own and I can see the toll they take on my husband when I don’t manage them.
rogerio maria
rogerio maria:
😒 if “ long time coming” was a person
tim keith
tim keith:
“ Who cares “ !!!
why do I feel like this clip was edited and ready to go way before!
Malcolm Goodall
Malcolm Goodall:
Entire NBA roster: Hey big Head
Cypher Fox
Cypher Fox:
How did this BS get on my recommendations...pointless news
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams:
I heard a song on the radio by Lil Durk and it's called "Going crazy like Kanye" and I couldn't stop laughing about it... You'd have to be crazy to marry into that family.
Aurea Luciano
Aurea Luciano:
She’ll be married in a month to another
Brittany's Bets
Brittany's Bets:
This makes me sad for them and their kids. Wishing the best for their futures.
Kathy Cline
Kathy Cline:
I'm tired of hearing about their divorce get it over with and make it seem to be done
It ended when Kanye stopped taking his medication.
All those children and he couldn't stay medicated enough to be a safe parent.
Tetsuya Takeo
Tetsuya Takeo:
Was anyone even surprised that they're going to get a divorce? I'm more surprised that they lasted this long tbh. 🙄🙄🙄
Dial J for Josh
Dial J for Josh:
...Oh Gee, who didn't see that coming.
Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

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