Kim Kardashian is AFRAID to Leave Kanye West... Here's Why...

Kim Kardashian is AFRAID to Leave Kanye West... Here's Why...

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95 komentarze:

David R.
David R.:
They need to stay out of the limelight and raise those kids. Just go in for some years, and don't let anyone hear from you.
Latia West
Latia West:
U sound crazy u love Kim these ppl us sold to the devil . they all sacrifice someone . they Satan ponds . I dnt give these ppl no reaction I dnt support nothing they do that even goes for the rest of these celebrities. They all have to pay for What's to come by the Holly spirit. That's Jesus Christ.
Jamie Leonard
Jamie Leonard:
Kanye banned the color PINK why??? That's stupid little girls love the color pink
cathy jones
cathy jones:
He's an egotistical maniac.
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Being married to Kanye has to be very difficult at best. I can't with all his rules.
Mami Makokoe
Mami Makokoe:
I would truly be there for my Bipolar husband than the one that cheats (DIVORCE)
melissa barr
melissa barr:
I feel they all sold there souls for fame
April Shabazz
April Shabazz:
I'm here for love however, Kanye is to out of control. He's away from the kids a lot. Kim is not happy I can see it.
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly:
this is idiotic. we are supposed to believe someone asked an 8 year old, "If mommy and daddy divorce who would you choose to live with mommy in CA or Daddy in WY?" and the child said "Daddy in WY". yeah okay. that happened......
Angie Royce Cheatham Sanders
Angie Royce Cheatham Sanders:
Blondine Anthony
Blondine Anthony:
He will tell all the family secrets.
That Be Dutchess
That Be Dutchess:
She cant leave him because that would kill her reputation life.
Amanda Woods
Amanda Woods:
I love Kim and honestly i love her more for staying with kanye it just shows hiw strong she really is
Jeanine Garib
Jeanine Garib:
I think that Kim will finally divorce Kanye not now but in the future. Kanye will always be Kanye you can’t change that.
Gloria Brown
Gloria Brown:
She doesn't seem happy anymore.
nike more
nike more:
The show will be over end of next year so I expect the marriage to follow the show : to be over after that .
Liz Doherty
Liz Doherty:
In sickness and in health..... kim takes those vows seriously.
Bridget Ito
Bridget Ito:
This can't be a common ground for divorce. I'd rather stay with my bipolar husband than stay with cheating husband. Why are you all advocating for divorce on this couple's. Do you guys live with them to know what is wrong or right. In facts you all are evil minded people. Leave them alone. Including you who own this platform. Just stop and use your platform for better and positive things. And stop advocating for divorce. Period!.
Carmen Dilcherd
Carmen Dilcherd:
He needs to identify his issues and learn some coping mechanisms and how to get to a serene place mentally
Gloria Brown
Gloria Brown:
Meltdowns in public and then she has the kids
..but happiness comes first so if I had enough I would leave and sort out custody of the kids...Happiness and safety comes first.
Marley Sankor
Marley Sankor:
Every time he breaks through alll the programming..
Hes made out to be cray~cray..
my concern is their innocent children who can't choose for themselves..
Lib Marry
Lib Marry:
Kim be glad when you're alone with the kids it,s a blessing in disguise🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍🌻
sherry taylor
sherry taylor:
They need to go in hiding from the public and live their lives praying for there family strength 💪 🙏 ❤
The time he left her in the elevator after what was meant to be a passionate kiss. 😂She wanted the more, better image unfortunately comes with a price.
Crawfishlover 504
Crawfishlover 504:
Kim told you this ???
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd:
Kanye West - I Thought About Killing You [YE Album] - YouTube
I know, I know, I know, I know, know
I, I know it, I know it (I know, I know, I know, I know, know)
The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest
Today I seriously thought about killing you
I contemplated, premeditated murder
And I think about killing myself
And I love myself way more than I love you, so
Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder
You'd only care enough to kill somebody you love
The most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest
Just say it out loud to see how it feels
People say, "Don't say this, don't say that"
Just say out loud, just to see how it feels
Weigh all the options, nothing's off the table
Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder
I think about killing myself, and I, I love myself way more than I love you
The most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest
I think this is the part where I'm supposed to say something good
To compensate it so it doesn't come off bad
But sometimes I think really bad things
Really, really, really bad things
And I love myself way more than I love you
See, if I was trying to relate it to more people
I'd probably say I'm struggling with loving myself
Because that seems like a common theme
But that's not the case here
I love myself way more than I love you
And I think about killing myself
So, best believe, I thought about killing you today
Premeditated murder
I called up my loved ones, I called up my cousins
I called up the Muslims, said I'm 'bout to go dumb
Get so bright it's no sun, get so loud I hear none
Screamed so loud got no lungs, hurt so bad, I go numb
Time to bring in the drums, that prrt-pum-pum-pum
Set the Newtone on 'em, set the nuke off on 'em
I need coke with no rum, I taste coke on her tongue
I don't joke with no one, they'll say, "He died so young"
I done had a bad case of too many bad days
Got too many bad traits
Used the floor for ashtrays
I don't do shit halfway, I'ma clear the cache
I'ma make my name last, put that on my last name
It's a different type of rules that we obey
Ye, Ye, Ye season, nigga, we obey
We was all born to die, nigga DOA
Niggas say they hero, mm, I don't see no cape
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If I wasn't signed to so hard, wouldn't be no shade
Buckwheat ass nigga, it's 'gon be otay
Young nigga shit, nigga, we don't age
I thought I was past my Deebo ways
Even when I went broke, I ain't break
How you gon' hate? Nigga, we go way back
To when I had the braids and you had the wave cap
Drop a pin for the fade and I'm on my way ASAP
Don't get socked in the mouth, you know homie don't play that
Pay the fire marshal bill 'cause this shit done got way packed
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All you gotta do is speak on Ye
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Don't get your tooth chipped like Frito-Lay
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Benjamin Levin / Cydel Young / Dexter Mills / Francis Starlite / Kanye West / Kenneth Preshon / Malik Jones / Mike Dean / Terrence Boykin / Joseph Olaitan Adenuga / Richard Kylea Cowie
I Thought About Killing You lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

ben arthur
ben arthur:
If they get divorce.. The show will be back stronger than ever🤣🤣🤣
Kerri Pritchard
Kerri Pritchard:
Love them❤
Jen Ng
Jen Ng:
yup that marriage will be over after the show. its been over probably.
Yvonne York
Yvonne York:
A relative of mine decided to stay in an unbearable abusive relationship with someone unstable. My relative said she would leave when the kids finished their school year. The children are irreversibly damaged for life and their mother never made it to the end of the school year. She is dead. It is a miracle the children are alive. It is not advisable for a woman or children to stay exposed to someone that unstable.
Ann Brown
Ann Brown:
Could it be she loves. Maybe that's why she had so many kids
Shawna Rice
Shawna Rice:
He isn’t worth it
Rose Apple
Rose Apple:
So here we go, they (🐐) threatened Kim's life then Kanyes relationships with the Carters diminished because he outed them in public(rants). I can go on but well conspiracy theories, so imma just chill and not be ignorant
Laura White
Laura White:
I heard u have heart failure
Kay Morgan Edwards
Kay Morgan Edwards:
If she stays with him and he continues NOT to get treatment .... then she and the kids will eventually NEED Mental Health treatment . That is for real ,any Mental Health Therapist knows that is a fact.
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd:
"Any marriage can work?" NO, with serious mental illness "NO MARRIAGE CAN WORK." I hope Kim can manage to get through this and OUT of this. Wishing the best for her and the children.
Crystal May Kelly Nabess
Crystal May Kelly Nabess:
Omg this guy (commentary) has a big problem with keeping up with the.kardashisns. and is very sarcastic when speaking of them. And their of course their ample amounts of money for which they are entitled to because they worked for it. I don't think I ever not even once seen any of them sit around doing nothing or feeling entitled with or spoiled they are definitely Dedicated and goal oriented and determined to succeed at every endeavor or challenge the big day gone I'm I'm here being under the limelight give them my motivation to can keep their tasks and goals At hand but to be under a microscope must be very hard in their prisoner life oneWhere many surgeries of alterations of their looks which use a dream of mine and I'm sure millions other woman they just had the money to do it so they just do it and we wish we can do and then put them down for it why Because of jealousy green eye monster sure I wouldn't mind a tummy tuck Breast reduction I'm here a spot remained every week would be marvelous but as it said I'm not at that financial state in my life feel to for that film I have to settle if my homemade remedies in only their cuts Well with me have the glamorous lifestyle and it's not all Cracked up it's supposed to feel like I'm sure to live up to certain looked in lieu up use your profession the through very hard to aspire to be the best at everything and people follow you in criticize you so much so much where I couldn't take it how many millions of people criticize him and talk Ship Bottom and and all the stuff that goes along with it must have been so hurtful I always said if you don't like what you see turn the fucken TVRU who are you to did somebody else when young walk a mile in their shoes in anyway congratulations on your successful show girls wish you all the best in the world and this out a bit you would talk you so sarcastic and mean all alike by kedgick in graduate them all again lose all their money in your hand and 80 million dollars in debt yeah they're there they're destroying a Talk down on them I did subscribe to that been delay unsubscribe from this through those comments and how smarty pants through a talk in a sarcastic you're talking how hard that must have been all these years to put yourself under the scrutiny and have people with Nothing nice to say and And this go on like nothing the new life no comment gradually you all You all became famous as well your successful Here comes of somebody out of Nowhere just to pic Apart their lives got nothing nice to say anything better did you even watch the show. So shut up with you are I'm never watching this again he killed it through you know what go everything to be congratulating them not Don't be jealous
Debra Sombrio
Debra Sombrio:
I sure hope they don't divorce 🙏 We all have ups and downs and I pray they stay together 🥰
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen:
0:54 fantastic
Caroline Besinger
Caroline Besinger:
Children can't make that decision until age 12, so there stuck where they are, a 30 million manchen! Poor kids lol .this was so stupid sorry I watched it. Waste of time...
Sucess Boma
Sucess Boma:
She married for the better and the worst , majority of people married now our days for the better in married there will always ups and downs, I pray her not to give up on her marriage, and this world is controlling by the devil that why people are dîvorcing.
Toasty Butter Scones
Toasty Butter Scones:
For the love of God change your logo
Miss. Vee
Miss. Vee:
That thumbnail.. oh my god. She will stay with him the kids are still young
lesly Dutch
lesly Dutch:
These videos are part of a smear campaign orchestrated by the publicity machine of the kardashians, you will see many videos saying Kanye is controlling and Kim painted as the sweet victim. Do not believe! These videos are all over the net. The true controlling is the one trying to commit you when you cry for not aborting your child.
The day kanye beat or harass Kim...that’s the day he will fall off from his grace.
Cynthia Kendrick
Cynthia Kendrick:
Banning Pink ?? Gezzz..Deal Breaker....just kidding...Mental Health issues are very serious here...he needs to take his medicine because it can become dangerous for him and the people around him...prayers
Janeth Vasquez
Janeth Vasquez:
OMG!!! ppl stop taking sides better yet stop wanting couples to stay together for the children sake. That kind of relationship is toxic especially for children. This relationship has nothing to do with money, black or white women or whatever else was mentioned here. This has to do with a controlling person and an unhappy marriage. A relationship should be equal and have a common goal. The goal is to make everyone in that relationship happy. Yes, there's a mental problem but that problem does not give anyone the right to make everyone miserable. I'm not a Kim or Kaney fan I'm just tired of "stay together for the children" argument. think of the children and let's stop speculating. We all know that what we see on the news is not always 100%. These kids will not be the first or last divorced children in the world. Hundreds of thousands of children belong to the divorce club. We all survived it wasn't always easy or pleasant but it was better than living in a loveless house.
Sheilah Tipton
Sheilah Tipton:
No he needs to get help and back off his family before he destroys it
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lillan löfgren
lillan löfgren:
If I was Kim I should be afraid of him
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset:
She needs to leave him
Rebecca Gilstrap
Rebecca Gilstrap:
I am bipolar and it's a fact that pressure and personal pain causes manic episodes. All marriages are difficult. Bipolar disorder makes it worse. But Kim and Kanye can stay married and live in different houses. If anyone can make it they can.
Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson:
Kim is too good for that controlling freak!!!!
Esther Aidoo
Esther Aidoo:
Stop chatting nonsense
Sherry Clark Thomas
Sherry Clark Thomas:
Kayne is going to flip one day and do something very drastic to his whole family. He is more than bipolar he is really mental.
Patrica Dyson
Patrica Dyson:
Know other guy would have her. oOnly for one thing.
Sharon Wright Weeks
Sharon Wright Weeks:
So you dont think people can love someone with a mental illness? So shallow...
Charmaine Mcleo
Charmaine Mcleo:
Well kin that is your husband
miel ita con pan
miel ita con pan:
honestly if you’re not happy , divorce. the kids will eventually realize what’s happening and it hurts even more
Evelyn Noguera
Evelyn Noguera:
I am team Kanye and I really pray that they win for each other and stay married
Daniela Deutsch
Daniela Deutsch:
So Kim cannot wear pink, but he can coulour his hair pink? hahahaha ...just like a child!
Rodricks A
Rodricks A:
What a stupid video; the most foolish things to say.
Jacqueline Robinson
Jacqueline Robinson:
He have not been right since his mother died
Patrica Dyson
Patrica Dyson:
He needs a good Black Woman. That really understand him.
Sally Marcelinem
Sally Marcelinem:
Simple..they just love each other
magda sanon
magda sanon:
Kanye want a normal life for his children
Carly Charlesworth
Carly Charlesworth:
I feel very sorry for Kim and Kanye. Bi Polar is a horrible condition. No matter how rich a person is, if their mental health is suffering, then that's the most important thing, and certain conditions react very badly to stress, especially Bi Polar. My brother has had a long life filled with Bi Polar and it's been a struggle that he has not yet won.

People living with Bi Polar, struggle with simple boundaries. Their concept of normal differs from ours

My heart truly aches for Kim and Kanye.
Bill the Butcher
Bill the Butcher:
Kim: if Kanye leaves another floater for me to see I will divorce him.
Ashley Vazquez
Ashley Vazquez:
I feel bad for kim she deserves so much better.
Osas Osasco
Osas Osasco:
If she leaves him believe me 60%of her followers will leave her,for real
Jesus Lewis
Jesus Lewis:
They think the grass is greener on the other side because it's easier to maintain and they think that’s why the grass is greener. Number one the grass is greener because it was born like that. But it took a lot of hard work to maintain it and keep it fresher than the average grass. The grass is greener because when you were just putting oil on your grass without washing it. I was washing the grass everyday with the word of God. And that’s why the grass is greener and your grass is all dried up. Because you were oiling the outer appearances of the grass. But you were not washing the inner soil of the grass with the word of God so it could grow. And shine greener than all the other grasses. The grass wasn’t excluded from the cuttings, the weather changes, the hurricanes, the storms. But it appears greener because it was able to stand because. Not because it was born greener or had it easier than the other grasses to maintain it. But Because the greener the grass is, it is more harder to maintain and it takes more work and patience for it to form a more greener color. So you cannot compare the greener grass with other grasses and say that the other grasses have it harder to maintain. Only because the other grasses only looked for a shortcut to only fix up the outer appearances of their grass by oiling it everyday. Without watering it with the word of God every day. That’s why it looks dried up and used up now. Not because it worked so hard but because it had an easier route of giving the impression of its outer appearance that it is an imitation of green without the hard labor of watering it everyday with the word of God. Then as time passes by it withers away and dries up and everybody sees that it wasn’t really growing in the word. And it was just oil making it shine as the imitation of green for a short period of time. And that was what was making the grass green but not greener as the grass on the other side.
Lucy Pollard
Lucy Pollard:
Because she dont want nobody else to get that money or take him completely away from her..especially not a black woman...
Shawna Rice
Shawna Rice:
Leave him kim
Patrica Dyson
Patrica Dyson:
How come in some Pictures her boobs look big ,And other shots they look smaller? I honestly think that if he left her he would feel 100% better.
can u imagine not dressing your little girls with pink and she puts up with it ?????
Daniela Deutsch
Daniela Deutsch:
The controlling side of Kanye shows how immature, insecure and anxious he is. He should work first on his (mental) health and when he gets it together (take the medicatiion, dude!) they should start to work on their family issues.
Cherol Poole
Cherol Poole:
She needs to leave him for the sake of her children.
wait and see,is there a Kardashian who stay with a man when the money is getting lost??it's time to look for another richer
Beauty Istifanus
Beauty Istifanus:
Kanye is not mad stop it already
Carol Grier
Carol Grier:
Famous or not, staying together when you are not getting along saying "it's for the children" is ridiculous. How is being raised in chaos a good thing? It is not good it is a tragedy they have to put up with any of it!
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson:
Kim is not afraid to divorce Kanye
Susan Barone
Susan Barone:
I love them together n beleive me Kim is not scared to b alone she is a very independent woman. Kanye loves Kim. And we dont know what goes on behind close doors. Leave these two alone I can't imagine my life being in the public eye I would b punching people two. And Kim should b by her husband's side bipolar is a serious problem and she loves him. You guys r pathetic leave these two alone.
lm m
lm m:
they need to divorce
Anna Dietz
Anna Dietz:
She don’t have the best reputation but she knew he had problems when she married him.So for the sacrifice of the children she must be careful of a man with mental health problems.No matter how much money you have mental illness is on the same level,staying up all night,watching every move that person make, keeping you up all night,will not stop saying the same thing over n over and sometime to the point you get scared to sleep.You feel as if no one can help you and it’s your problem to a point where he wants his family right there with him no one can go anywhere without them.Nobody can do anything because he haven’t hurt anyone———yet.Sad place to be inn and I feel for her because no one can just grab him n take him to a hospital until he go over the edge so sad.Hope everything works out for the family God Bless in the time of troubles.
Jen Ng
Jen Ng:
the thing is Kim was never smart. She got fame not by talent, because she has no talent. shes not creative at all but its Kris whos the brilliant one. However, Kanye always had talent and was creative. He earned his money and fame through his genius hard work and talent. Kim already had it made. She didnt have to do much to become famous. Kris bagged Rob Sr and got money. Kim already came from money, a wealthy and media connected family. Kris already had all the right connections. Shes not smart in and off herself and is just told what to do by Kris. Kris is the genius behind everything. She married for money and didnt care about Rob Sr

However, Kanye had a very long road he had to take thats probably. and anyone who knows anything about coming from small/middle class means knows the road is alot harder and longer, especially when you dont come from money. Kim is crap, shes neither genius or talent, so Kanye is the smarter talented one. Im creative and beautiful but came/come from very limited means. I could/can go far but didnt have the right resources, people around me, or help. Kris did. I give Kanye my respect.
Beverly Kelly
Beverly Kelly:
She is making a huge mistake. He is not stable and he's dangerous. I fear Kim will realize that fact way too late. He's a keg of dynamite and its horrifying to watch this unfold.
Demi Stacey
Demi Stacey:
For crying out loud, what did the color PINK ever do to him? His wife needs to put her foot down on stupid rules like that. How do you have a baby girl and tell her you can't have Pink?? He's an idiot
Beauty Istifanus
Beauty Istifanus:
Kim was communicating with Kanye while still married to Chris her ex and got pregnant b4 her divorce to Chris and this is karma bcoz Kanye can't trust Kim, he knows that if she cheat with him she will surely cheat on him
Major Flacko
Major Flacko:
Kim is a witch who controls Kanye's life people don't see that ...she simply diluting his faith Kanye run at least she gonna take half
Leave her Kanye. She and her family is not good for you. In fact, not good for any men.
Adriana Dunlap
Adriana Dunlap:
Kim is not leaving him cause she to scared... She likes to get into other ppl business and tell them to leave their partners... But she her self doesn't have the strength to do it.... It is not the best for the kids to stay in a unhealthy relationship as this is how u teach your kids for the future... And Kanye is not sick.. He is just simply a moron....
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly:
She’s probably so embarrassed, he should go be a father to those 4 kids not out spewing self serving nonsense, either she’s afraid to step up and get him help but comon she can do waay better, this can’t be a happy marriage, there’s a breaking point for any person to look and say this is not going the way I planned, unfortunately, it’s exhausting to read let alone live with
Patrica Dyson
Patrica Dyson:
Who is going to want a Narcissist and self centered .a woman with 4=kids.
Beth Wanjiku
Beth Wanjiku:
Kim shld marry a white man nd Kanye shld marry a black woman..their cultures are clashin nd thngs will only get worse
Carlo Ciotola
Carlo Ciotola:
That man needs to have a good black woman who knows and understands his heritage and his historical life, she’s needs to leave black men alone and go back to momma.