Kim Kardashian Is ‘EXTREMELY Stressed Out’ Amid Kanye West Divorce Rumors (Source)

A source tells ET that Kim Kardashian is ‘extremely stressed out’ amid rumors that she and her husband, Kanye West, are heading for a divorce. Meanwhile, Kim’s younger sister, Khloe Kardashian, and her beau, Tristan Thompson, are very much back together and their journey to reconciliation will be featured in the upcoming 20th and final season of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ on E!.

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Mr ME:
I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life
This feels like déjà vu, they keep reporting the same thing over & over, even with the same clips.
Tara Kandece Plantagenet
Tara Kandece Plantagenet:
So she's stressed out dealing with real life? That sucks.
Bernelolla B
Bernelolla B:
She’s so stressed but always posting selfies they go on vacation every other week and doing photoshoots sounds to me like rich people problems🙄🙄
Reggie May Dizon
Reggie May Dizon:
Ironic to say the least for someone who always puts it out there. Kim Kardashian and the word "private" don't really go together. Like her sex tape and reality show.
Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann:
Who cares anymore 😴.
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste:
Divorcing Kanye must be even harder than being in a relationship with him.
Cut Throat
Cut Throat:
Just got a divorce last month, a divorce is very very stressful..thought I was going to loose my mind but I made it through 👏🏾! Life is good,I'm so much happier....
Lee Teplitz
Lee Teplitz:
Who really cares! The whole family is fake and pretentious
Alyssa Hernandez
Alyssa Hernandez:
Poor rich people with real problems there are single mothers that do all that by themselves and don’t complain . You have tons of hired help and you can’t do anything on your own wow 😳
Miguel D
Miguel D:
Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.
Believing is enough.❤️
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste:
I would not want my kids alone with their dad cuz he ain’t right in the head all the time.
Heather Lynsey
Heather Lynsey:
Please don’t report this story until there’s actually more TO THE STORY.
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence:
Who cares they are attention seeker pathetic
sm peace
sm peace:
Why do people watch this delusion. There is more to life than their drama !
chibi U
chibi U:
Stop giving this family any airtime.
Lisa Dallas
Lisa Dallas:
UGH 😩😩😩😩😩😩 Greedy Millionaires complaining to people who have absolutely NOTHING! Disgusting!!!
Sean Your Hero 17
Sean Your Hero 17:
Poor she wipes her tears with 100$ bills how sad she must be
Lisa Dallas
Lisa Dallas:
Yeah poor Kim and Kanye. Two billionaires who have enough money for the rest of their lives. They don't have to worry about paying their bills! When millions of Americans are out of work, dying from freezing in the cold because they have no heat, and millions are still waiting for the third Stimulus Checks! Which we probably won't even get until March!
Zook Inthe6ix
Zook Inthe6ix:
Drake going to be hitting that by the end of the month.
BEBA Alicia Pagán
BEBA Alicia Pagán:
Same thing again... Time to move on to something really important..
Jo Freeman
Jo Freeman:
You can see with Kenye. He never ever seemed happy married. Happy with being the children father yes he lights up!
Lindsey Carribean
Lindsey Carribean:
WHO are those sources ???
c h a r l o t t e
c h a r l o t t e:
i knew they wouldn’t last...smh
Well, that was as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. I'm only surprised it lasted as long as 6 years! Hollywood... further words fail me.
Nyata D
Nyata D:
Got to give props to their PR people.They are the best in controlling the narrative and setting up the storyline for the next season.
John Hart
John Hart:
Who cares anymore??
Tristen: ‘’yeah, yeah, yeah”
Why was that such a turn off for me?...ugh! He’s becoming one of them
Carlen Preval
Carlen Preval:
how can you keep something private when the source (Kris Jenner) blabs to blog and other media outlets about how their doing for damn near 2 months since the first report of them being separated living different lives back in December lol
How can you be stressed out raising children with so many nannies? Prayers lifted for this family. Kanye needs Kim to become born again, also.
408 Batz
408 Batz:
🤣🤣🤣🤣. Your telling me no one saw this shit coming.
Casey Smith
Casey Smith:
Just divorce already and move on! Probably when the keeping up with the kardashians out, they'll finalise everything.
Sonja Scott
Sonja Scott:
Oh... she is so stressed ?! What about all the people that are suffering right now with no water, heat and food?! That is being stressed 🤬 WHO CARES about her and what she has going on !! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Million dollar family, 2 cents for Brains.😂
Sham Persaud
Sham Persaud:
I feel very sorry for Kim and Kayne going through a overwhelming patch in their marriage. I think Kim still loves KAYNE. She is tough cookie. Whatever energies from their marriage, Kim will spring up. She is strong and is doing a great job of studying to become a lawyer. I only hope that Kim and KAYNE will iron out their interference and continue to enjoy a blissful family life. They have everything good going for them. !!
lawrence berny
lawrence berny:
How many divorces has this lady had at a certain point it's you not the dudes
vivian jones
vivian jones:
God bless go in prayer!
Lisa-Michelle Morgan
Lisa-Michelle Morgan:
Perfectly tailored to my triggers.
The popular girls at school MY LIFE IS OVER IM CRY
Jake Wagner
Jake Wagner:
Go take a 10 million dollar vacation no one cares your stressed out
Alicia Gouzie
Alicia Gouzie:
I am putting a prayer up for them. ❤
Hans Moleman Productions
Hans Moleman Productions:
This is so sad for their kids honestly they will never be the same.
Caroline sally
Caroline sally:
Kris Humphrey must be smiling 🙈it's karma
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall:
Being famous looks rough. Content creators clickbaiting everything you do.
paperchain 123
paperchain 123:
Stressed out. Try being on life support machine with Covid. Or stuck in concentration camp.
It's the money worries isn't it love....
Donald Coleman
Donald Coleman:
How you stressed out and you rich af 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
MarkY MarK
MarkY MarK:
To bad so sad. Where our stimulus check?
Wanda Santiago
Wanda Santiago:
So what
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell:
The human race is in trouble every person should work together if we want this world to heal a lot faster I ask everyone not to dismiss this alert it is extremely important for all.
Think Free Podcast
Think Free Podcast:
Tristan is trash! Khloe should be embarrassed for going back 🤷🏾‍♀️
A Teaching Moment
A Teaching Moment:
Get rid of him, anybody denounce his race will turn on you. He may kill you under stress
Shakira Arif
Shakira Arif:
I am too early. I am going to come back for the comments.
Chantal Dixon
Chantal Dixon:
He will sing "Gold Diggers" now
How ironic
Cat Mmm
Cat Mmm:
She needs a break. Poor lady
This aged well
Nice McGuitar
Nice McGuitar:
. . . . just go shopping for a little puppy as an accessory.
He’s coming for her monies he’s coming for her monies reap what you sow
Ken Dall
Ken Dall:
There is Other Price You Pay When You Put your life in Public , Trust me it Costs a lot !!
Liane Lindsey
Liane Lindsey:
We all have ups and downs
Leave them alone!
Violet Alice Evans
Violet Alice Evans:
Oh i hope they don't honestly 💔
Peter M
Peter M:
What is the legal procedure for divorcing a Hobbit?
Julieanne Simms
Julieanne Simms:
Hope she stops getting married
Bounndddd to getting diiiivorrcedddd ! Modern Women are filing @ a Almost 80% rate. Beware fellas
Amril Friday
Amril Friday:
Wish they work it out 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Mr Protagonist
Mr Protagonist:
Honestly blows my mind how small minded people can be sometimes. We literally launched a rover, a advanced human piece of technology, and put it on a different planet yet there are people who are more interested and not only more fascinated but also concerned about a celebrities life problems.
Sayali Mulye
Sayali Mulye:
I watched a ET video report that they are filing for divorce!!!!!!
Tammy Calhoun
Tammy Calhoun:
This is sad they have 4 children praying every will be ok with them
white Dragon420
white Dragon420:
420 All Day
Rick Flint
Rick Flint:
Kim Kardashian can find another rapper .
She'll have a new love in 2 months why the hell are ppl feeling sorry for her? 🤦
Hans Moleman Productions
Hans Moleman Productions:
Studying to be a lawyer?! Oh hell no, Kim think she is going into politics.
Devil Dog
Devil Dog:
RUN Kanye...RUN!
Alison Way
Alison Way:
I think there over
A Z Real
A Z Real:
Mariah Schreier
Mariah Schreier:
I can't believe I'm this early
Kodi Brito
Kodi Brito:
Hire a nanny.
Legand and zamfam edits
Legand and zamfam edits:
Diana Crilly
Diana Crilly:
Its sad. But they Love there kids. Its got to be about them. Kids really suffer.
Lee Lee
Lee Lee:
Don't believe it. They're always filing for a divorce every year. PR stunt.
Boo Hoo
nicole Hampton
nicole Hampton:
They get on my nerves how they gone make a big ass family to get a divorce, got these big ass houses hella money and still cant get it together.
Tee Carrat
Tee Carrat:
Bianca Lande
Bianca Lande:
Renee Benot
Renee Benot:
It’s a lot....
Amril Friday
Amril Friday:
4 lovely kids💕💕💕💕💕💕
Anthony Cella
Anthony Cella:
who cares.... please
Teri t
Teri t:
They like drama .
farah ahmed
farah ahmed:
Who cares
Soulful Kisses80
Soulful Kisses80:
Real life sis
what up
what up:
Call out me
How are you doing
Christine Magee
Christine Magee:
Prayinv f or Kim and her family. She is such a good mommy she knows what's best for her kiddos. She has this.
Taylor L Winter
Taylor L Winter:
It looks like this marriage is worse than when she was with Kris
Rosie Rosie
Rosie Rosie:
ET please find a new reporter with more life in here Geeezzzzz 🐢
Everybody warned Kanye Kim would ruin his life and he didnt listen, nor looked at what happened to Kim's exes.
This was the real reason why Kim got into law school. To prepare the way to take Kanye's billions.
Wildly Wonderful Soaps
Wildly Wonderful Soaps:
A divorce is messy and sad especially with kids and I am quite sure she is stressed out, but for the young people defending her who haven't had kids and a family to take care of don't understand most woman face these issues on a day to day basis. If it wasn't for COVID Kim would have her staff catering to her every whim. She is dealing with actually taking care of a family and a home and going to school. Suck it up Kim this is the real world. Woman do this every day work,family, school, and god forbid take time for yourself. She is in a reality that is unrealistic. I pray young people don't look up to her as a role model because no one's life is that perfect.
Paula Gabriele
Paula Gabriele:
Khlowné 🤡
hoihniang samte
hoihniang samte:
Damnnnn im early today😌😗
Kanye ,, kim 🙂😑😑😑
Wth🤐 👉👈
Roy Monaghan
Roy Monaghan:
to quote Kanye, aint nothin but a gold digger
Who do you think is NEXT on KK's List?? Jeff Bezos? Floyd Mayweather? The Sultan Of Brunei? Justine Bieber?? 👈😆😆😆