Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce Details | E! News

After 6 years of marriage, why now? From whether they've reached an agreement to the future of Kim's "West" businesses, here's all you need to know about Kimye's split.

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce Details | E! News

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FashionBy Jhake
FashionBy Jhake:
And that’s why a prenup is always a good idea. Makes a divorce clear and clean
Boitumelo Beverley Motaung
Boitumelo Beverley Motaung:
This is kinda sad because I actually thought this one would last
Matheus Deotti
Matheus Deotti:
She really did try though...
This woman stood beside him through everything, even when he went online humiliating her.
She has 4 kids to take care of, and he has issues prior to their relationship that he needs to take care of.
Say what you want about them, but feel sympathy for the children
Rose Heart
Rose Heart:
I will miss their over the top birthday and anniversary gifts that they kept trying to top each other with.😄😄
Olivia M
Olivia M:
Why are we still saying “our source” instead of Kris Jenner?
ryan Amari
ryan Amari:
One thing I can say is her divorceS have never been due to infidelity or bad blood ..they just didn’t work out and weren’t compatible
Talita M.
Talita M.:
A family breaking apart is always sad, I hope they truly help their kids cope with this
Vincent Perez
Vincent Perez:
Kim and Kanye having to sit down North and tell her that sometimes things go South, but that doesn't mean they love her any West. That can East the pain.
A P:
2 rich, famous people divorce??!!
just another routine day in the celebrity world
Chisopa Banda
Chisopa Banda:
It's like these people don't understand how sacred marriage is...
Giselle Quintero
Giselle Quintero:
Regardless of what you think of Kim and Kanye is sad to see a family break up :( I hope they both are able to find true happiness.. life is too short
Well, that was as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning, wasn't it? I'm only surprised it lasted as long as 6 years! Hollywood... further words fail me.
French Vanilla
French Vanilla:
I just made some pesto pasta and it didn't come out good at all. I followed a recipe and I put chicken cube in it and it seemed to ruin the taste. I am trying so hard to eat it because it's snowing and I can't run out and buy something else. I don't even know how to fix it. Right now I have the the Grilled chicken I made on the side. Thank God I didn't mix it in with the pasta like recipe called for. 😔🤦🏼‍♀️
A Daily Daughter
A Daily Daughter:
Sad when any marriage breaks down... But with these sisters, the exs often seem to lose something mentally or emotional... Harsh coincidence?... Aside from that, how disrespectful to be talking about possibility of romance when they've only just announced their split🤔
Mother-earth Relaxing Nature
Mother-earth Relaxing Nature:
Kim loved Kanye,his bipolar was just getting too much for Kim,he kept on embarrassing her in front of the world over and over,she stood by him through his hardest time which many could have chosen to leave
Haha, money took them 5 1/2 years longer than it should've lasted.
Linda F.
Linda F.:
Sad! I’ve fell apart in my marriage more than once, because I let it happen. Then I’ve also rekindled my marriage twice as hard. You get what you give. People throw love away too easily!
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis:
She had to of known he was bipolar at the beginning of their relationship. But chose to married him and bring 4 kids into the world. Not very smart.
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
Kanye needs to get the professional help that he needs. Praying for Kanye.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Rose R
Rose R:
Atleast people can see his episodes and know he's bipolar rather than those sneaky bipolar ones who pretend to be healthy to the world and abuse their partner in private and turn their healthy partner into what they are to the world to save face.
Robert Richey
Robert Richey:
Sounds like Kim might be the “source” or Kris. Either way seems like a good plan and hope the best for them.
Gloria Owensby
Gloria Owensby:
She had a bad rep when he married her. Wonder will she go back to her old ways. At least Kanye defended and protected her. She may not get the same respect after the divorce.
Mel Banana
Mel Banana:
Nothing last forever. Indeed.
Sane Njomi
Sane Njomi:
Kim and Kanye really loved one another, it hurts to see it. I speak on my own feelings about this on my channel 😊
Victoria Shaw
Victoria Shaw:
Millions without food and electricity - but this is more important.
Ajoh Only
Ajoh Only:
Good for Kim honestly.
so what do you expect from two multimillion dollar narcissists? love.......well yeah if you put a price tag on it. there are things in this world that money can never fix
Romelo Ray
Romelo Ray:
Kanye West will Still be Kayne A Rich Man That Can Scoop up another Woman in Sec He will be Good 💪💪
alex alex
alex alex:
Kanye get off on being the center of attention in the same way you know who does. He can imagine he was hell to be around, with the wild mood swings and manic outbursts. Hope he get the help he needs.
Taaj O'Neil
Taaj O'Neil:
Oh My God! That is a Love Hurts 💔
Ye next album finna be 🔥
T Lady
T Lady:
I honestly wished that they would very much reconsider and keep everything quiet for a minute and stay out of the public's eye so that they can focus on each other and sometimes when we get to caught up in our careers it can weigh heavy we tend not to see the individual for who they are. You have children and they really do matter they love their father and mother.
Justin Luster
Justin Luster:
People love to see other people fail!
Chantal Martel
Chantal Martel:
It's sad they were a beautiful couple
Yola Mzi
Yola Mzi:
I saw it coming but I am still sad. Kim gave this her all...feel bad for both of them. 🤗
So KKW cosmetics will only be KK?
Loretta Roublick
Loretta Roublick:
Amusing that KK wants her privacy.
a lema
a lema:
I wish them all the best ☺️
Kate Souter
Kate Souter:
It's really sad for their family
Tyler Noe
Tyler Noe:
one split i didn't see coming
Pop Adopales
Pop Adopales:
I think theirs nothing wrong with kanye .I think kim the one that's needs the help
Kim is probably very relief ... that she finally divorcing him
Suzie G
Suzie G:
Saw that whether we dislike or like her it's her decision let's not act shock kanye is refusing to seek help or take his meds this is not the first time he's unwilling to seek help an she's got her kids to think about clearly he doesn't so I wish her an the kids all the best ...
Cigdem Ognenovski
Cigdem Ognenovski:
I feel sorry for there children 💔
A Gisel Cbr
A Gisel Cbr:
6 years is a lifetime in Hollywood
Peter M
Peter M:
What is the legal procedure for divorcing a Hobbit?
Jeremy Rivas
Jeremy Rivas:
Why would anyone mention dating rn ?!? Like dam ppl have to normalize it’s healthy to be alone after a divorce or long relationship
BlondeGirlSez This
BlondeGirlSez This:
can't fix a narcissist psychotic! shrinks won't treat them its sociopathic not a meds issue
I didn’t even think about her branding. That’s of course up to her. I think she should keep it as KKW. It’s nice for her children.
Tammy Herrin
Tammy Herrin:
West Coast
West Coast:
You can't keep a Crow as a Chicken.
October 17 Lefty Jason
October 17 Lefty Jason:
Finding someone like me is impossible. I’ve been through hell and back too many times. It’s at a point that I’m okay with knowing I’ll die alone. Not a lot of females can relate.

Now if you find someone who likes the same stuff that matter to you., that will make a special bond. So, its easier for some to relate while it’s harder for others to relate.
Tina Tijerina
Tina Tijerina:
She will have a new man in a month lol
Basil Majeed
Basil Majeed:
Just because they split doesn't mean they won't get back together
T H:
Is absolute zero cold enough?
Sad to hear it finalised. But not my business. So, just expressing my love...
but love Kanye and kim.
As they say on KUWTK people come into your life for a reason.

We all believe and know that, right?

Excited for the future.
Rebirth a great day
Love 2 all the kardashians. U truly are as good as friends ( the sitcom). xoxo oh snd Brady bunch. The waltons, lol.
God bless us all from
Deidre Brown
Deidre Brown:
I thought this was supposed to take place 3 months ago, ALREADY.
Education splits people...
Glad she isn’t being petty with custody of the kids. She could fight him in court if she wanted to, so glad she is being amicable about it.
Live Love
Live Love:
Kim deserves better she tried honestly
remi Inspires
remi Inspires:
Hmmmm.......six years.....when they got married I said to myself I give them 10 now it's barely 10 and they're getting divorced. Hmmmm. Wish them well
Victoria Winter
Victoria Winter:
I wouldn't want to be married to Kanye either!
When you get married you stay with your husband not with your family
Rashele Lashley
Rashele Lashley:
I am no fan of Kim or the Kardashians, but I think she did try and has been very supportive of him over the years and with his antics. Breaking up is never easy, I hope them both the best and make the right decisions with regards to the children.
Vernell Harris
Vernell Harris:
Only they know the truth. Outsiders should stop speculating like they know them personally you're hearing and seeing only what they want you to.
Gostavo Adolfos
Gostavo Adolfos:
Fun fact! During the Armenian/Azerbaijan war this year, Kardashians were used sadistically in comments section to roast poor Armenians while they were crying from demographic displacement and high casualties 🤣🤣🤣
Glynis Marthinussen
Glynis Marthinussen:
God the woman hasn’t even signed on the dotted line and y’all in her business about dating 🙈 gosh
Sabrina Green
Sabrina Green:
I wish they could be tother and not get a divorce
Tirajai Yoline
Tirajai Yoline:
My power couple is no more 😭😭😭
Gaby J.
Gaby J.:
She’s worried about her privacy? 😒
Deana Rodel
Deana Rodel:
Will not miss them both
My thoughts and hurtful goes to their poor kids💔😭😭😭 divorce is not always good
Jonathan Sainvil
Jonathan Sainvil:
How many divorces will this girl go through?
Susan Czajka
Susan Czajka:
Run Kim run!! lol
Tetsuya Takeo
Tetsuya Takeo:
Of course they won't last.... Both of them are lying manipulative snakes. I'm more surprised they lasted this long. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Stephanie Borg
Stephanie Borg:
what a fake life. 1st divorce, 2nd divorce, 3rd divorce. Girl you must be doing something wrong
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin:
Ladies & Gentleman. The end of KARDASHIAN has officially BEGUN
Linda beauty, health and entertainment
Linda beauty, health and entertainment:
She get tired of this crazy man
ebenezer amangieka
ebenezer amangieka:
Bunch of selfish people who never consider the needs of their children which is beyond money.
Bernelolla B
Bernelolla B:
She’s worried about her privacy ooh weeee🤣😅😂🤭🤭👀
Mee Kee
Mee Kee:
I’m glad Kanye is leaving!
Jean Marie Mugisha
Jean Marie Mugisha:
the kardashians distract us so that we dont focus on what will make us rich like them but they getting richer . guys havent u realised . this is Gods plan so they can go and we focus on our lives and we get richer.
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz:
She is big girl and she gonna be fine!and husband number 4 is underway!Within 5 years she will put on that white dress again and stroll behind the pram
Straton Mamseri
Straton Mamseri:
Jesus is good 🙏
Eric the Red
Eric the Red:
Typical of the woman to file first🙄🙄
enri nev
enri nev:
ANyone with Kim is just for the money. Kim burned Kanye's reputation. Hope it was worth it. She's a loser.
Not worth being with a woman who has been with evryone. :)
Russell Kempe
Russell Kempe:
The Kardashians should never marry anyone. They are too selfish.
Lisa Love Ministries
Lisa Love Ministries:
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27💕
So sad...
Rob Stark
Rob Stark:
I dont really get it like dont they want to get old together. I hope once i get married I will stay that way..... Kids grow up and come home for the holidays big family together type deal
I remember Kim saying in an interview, talking about how much she idolized Elizabeth Taylor, that she didn't think it was wrong that she was married so many times. Kim said she could see that happening to her.
Natasha cutie pie
Natasha cutie pie:
Who didn't see this coming.
Cat B. Of Los Angeles California
Cat B. Of Los Angeles California:
Jay Z had a song...On to the Next One...! Ok, who will it be now? She’s gone thru the NFL. & NBA. A Soccer Player, A Race Car Driver, An R&B Singer, and the Rapper! Maybe one of the ex-cons she got released. MLB. Boxing. Golfing....or maybe even An Armenian. Not! It will be a brotha tho! 😂
Kanye, get ya mind right. Your coins are straight. Kids are straight. But, you better watch out for K. The Mama.
Jacky Pierce
Jacky Pierce:
I dont know about anyone one else...but this totally shocked me...I never saw this im like.totally freaked out right now ...bwahahahha .
Chassidy Lewis
Chassidy Lewis:
patricia Bermudez
patricia Bermudez:
Remove the West
shimoli patel
shimoli patel:
Not happy with the divorce at all