Kim Kardashian Wears Head-to-Toe Black Covering at Met Gala

The red carpet is back at the MET Gala, and Jennifer Lopez led the way on the first full-fledged red carpet since the pandemic began. The night’s theme was American fashion, and she rocked a cowboy hat in tribute. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stirred controversy by wearing a dress embroidered with “Tax the Rich,” surrounded by rich celebrities. Kim Kardashian arrived covered entirely in black cloth from head to toe, including her face.

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Mentally Touchable
Mentally Touchable:
The celebrity worship is disturbing.
The Beast
The Beast:
Taliban's after watching her dress:-" That's my girl😁😁"
It's sad to see celebrities celebrate looking rich while so many have lost so much during this pandemic 😥
Carmen Alexis
Carmen Alexis:
Kim went to her stylist and said “I want to look Black..” and they misunderstood the assignment 😂💀🤷‍♀️
God, the money wasted on this night! And people starve with no meds... CRAZINESS RIGHT HERE
Ali Marie
Ali Marie:
Hailee pushed Justin's hand away from her belly. Probably afraid of pregnancy rumors. Lol
Jonathan THomas
Jonathan THomas:
Maybe she just didn’t wanna catch corona so she made sure every part of her body was well covered.
Seeing people swoon over celebrity outfits is not something I have missed
"Tax the rich"
She's rich.
Everyone she knows is rich.
Everyone at that party is rich.
People seem to be way too obsessed with celebrity life. They’re people just like everyone else, but with a lot of money.
Peter Paul
Peter Paul:
Kim decided to overshadow herself before she let anyone does.
Kole Larson
Kole Larson:
All the money spent for clothes, music, entertainment and publicity they can't afford to make them decent meals? I wouldn't give that salad to a rabbit it'll be cruelty to animals
I wish I didn't click on this video.. The amount of fake is astronomical. For those who give a F about this, I feel bad for you.
i have never seen billie eilish dressed so beautifully i almost didn't recognize her
Bruh this is like a anime cosplay event but for millionaires.
Shay Cam
Shay Cam:
Not a fan of hers but Kendall was best dressed for me.
Common Sense
Common Sense:
Kim: I want controversy.
Dr strange: be careful what you wish for.
Darren Art
Darren Art:
And people say we can't be gods. This is literally what god worship was about in ancient times.
Minoru Mineta
Minoru Mineta:
The best version of Kim I’ve ever seen. She should look like that 24/7 in a remote island uninhabited by people.
Quiet storm
Quiet storm:
The annual “let them eat cake” gala once again
Life wit Androniya
Life wit Androniya:
I love how everyone was singing umbrella because it was raining 😂 (thanks for the likes Ian even expect to get dis many)
Slovenian lefty
Slovenian lefty:
''Far-left congresswoman AOC'' Oh, my sweet Americans, if you only knew what the real far-left looks like...
Beenu Chamathka
Beenu Chamathka:
Everyone is trying to show their best face on photos saying we made it to met gala and u can tell that Kim is feeling this event like a daily visit😂🔥
1963 sh
1963 sh:
Justin wife pushes his hand away ....could there be a baby on the way and she was afraid he would give away the secret lol
I can't believe how amazing Billie looked. She went from singing out her emotions,being depressed and hiding in baggy clothes to being a queen who is so confident.❤
Tazeem Sarfaraz
Tazeem Sarfaraz:
Kim's make-up artist had an emergency so he couldn't come.. So she covered her face like this. It's a great look right! ;)
Mark Benn
Mark Benn:
Imagin acc caring about these people of any sort of deep level
JR Navarro Plants
JR Navarro Plants:
For the first time in my life I can say something positive about her. She’s human too
Bareaah Malik
Bareaah Malik:
The world in a nutshell:
Praise the nude
Condemn the covered
Come on people billies entire piece was best of the night. She looked like how a women used to be and should be. Kendall looked like a basic Hollywood model. Thier is a lack of life in models they don't glow.
Rich Technology Group
Rich Technology Group:
I'm sitting here watching this thinking to myself, "like who cares" and then I remember it's 2021 and everyone worships celebrities and politicians which is 99.9% of the reason why most people can't get ahead in life. To busy idolizing others that "DO". 😅
Marion Maurer
Marion Maurer:
Billie’s changed a lot 😭😭😭 I miss the old her and her styling. I mean no bias, She’s a woman now I guess!!!
Kim had the most covid proof outfit of the night.
Tony Williams Jr.
Tony Williams Jr.:
Reporters-"that dress is FABULOUS,whos the designer?"
Kim k-"the taliban" 🥴🤪🤣😂
Molly Muncher
Molly Muncher:
“First night out in over a year and a half” lmfao no one believes that. Where is snopes to fact check him?
1:06 "Complete more missions to unlock this character"
Mo Chuisle
Mo Chuisle:
By far the best look of Kim, could you stay like this for the rest of your life??? 😂😂😂
On judgemental day, there won't be any red carpet at the Throne of God.
Whitty Maya
Whitty Maya:
I can’t even believe they’re doing a met gala this year, seems gaudy and disrespectful to the people who’ve lost their lives.
Lauri Rohr
Lauri Rohr:
The only thing going through my mind was "these people need to get over themselves"
Too much.
Xena Prince
Xena Prince:
She looks like the demon that lives in her husband's soul
Kim looks like Kim's locked version before we unlock her lol
Hajer Alsubaie
Hajer Alsubaie:
I never thought that kim loves abaya so much lol
Kram Eel
Kram Eel:
y’all this isn’t the red carpet this is supposed to be american independence
Sylveria L
Sylveria L:
Kim K is literally a dementor from Harry Potter 😭 😂
Yall had gf on the sidewalk on the mews giving fashion advice and she killed it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Ps. You deserve better boo
Lavender 秋
Lavender 秋:
Kim K’s outfit looks like something straight out of Shikamaru’s shadow possession jutsu 👀😂
Billie probably was the best dressed that night,she looked stunning✨💅
Kim’s outfit was giving me Fun with Dick and Jane vibes…
Eighter Tha Best
Eighter Tha Best:
Thank goodness millionaires can have a nice night out to receive more arguable praise again.
Dave's Throwaway acc 1
Dave's Throwaway acc 1:
Its like the leaders in the Hunger Games getting ready to pick their champions
I don't know why people hate Kim gown but for me, it's unique and beautiful
Enmanuel Suero chang
Enmanuel Suero chang:
Man I miss Rhianna Music I hope she makes news music and album soon ❤️
Vital Glory
Vital Glory:
Kim Kardashian: *wears dress that covers her entire body*

Jpop Fan
Jpop Fan:
The Met Gala honestly didn't feel as crazy as it does like the years before.
Mouna Rhrich
Mouna Rhrich:
Kim always find a way to stand out
Jamaal S
Jamaal S:
Mask kiss is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
Jose Orozco
Jose Orozco:
“The Red Carpet is back”

*Shows no red carpet*
Ms Chantaé
Ms Chantaé:
I dont know which drew more attention. Justing placing his hand on her tummy or Hailey swatting the hand away...
Albert Bradford
Albert Bradford:
Bro she really took Donda to the next level 🤠
Tenz Tse
Tenz Tse:
I feel bad for people who worship these celebrities. What a pathetic life sad!
And here we can see that Kim's gross taste in fashion was never Kanye's fault as she proclaims....
Imagine saying tax the rich when you’re the rich
She’s dressed up as bayonetta’s moms church gowns!
francinn hubag
francinn hubag:
AOC always brings the comedy in.
tsering chokyi
tsering chokyi:
“Tax the rich in the room full of wealthy celebrities”
Kim looks like an unlockable game character
erinn kemp
erinn kemp:
Terrible Met this year.!! A lot of people didn't get the memo on the theme.
Tiffany Nicoleeeee 🧿
Tiffany Nicoleeeee 🧿:
Billie ellish looked so beautiful
Kim K, I would wear that everyday
Lupita Nyong'o and Billie Eilish looked very stylish, tho.
Let's be honest

Rihanna looks beautiful in any style
Tally Wacker
Tally Wacker:
It's kinda sick that only the pleb staff have to wear masks.
Night Legend
Night Legend:
Oh Tax the Rich including the Celebrity’s who wore expensive dresses OK
sushmita pandey
sushmita pandey:
I feel so happy to see bellie in holiday barbie theme 😍 she is healed I guess looks so positive
Brooklynn Ortiz
Brooklynn Ortiz:
I love what kim is wearing! 🖤✨🙈
Mss Junn
Mss Junn:
I feel like most people don’t get Kim’s message by wear that to the met this year-
im just waiting for the day where we get a headline thats something like "Lizzo stunned the crowds at the met gala by walking the red carpet entirely nude"
Kim: Make me look like Enderman from Minecraft.
Stylist: Say less
When you don’t have enough coins to unlock that one character
Isaac inkout
Isaac inkout:
I feel like it’s a modern day Hunger games.
xo xo
xo xo:
Kendall & Megan Fox were best dressed imo.
Imagine if everyone just ignored all these self centered celebrities. There would be so many mental breakdowns 😂 LIKE MEEE!!!
Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh:
Damn....Billie Eillish was completely different this time.....🔥
Z B:
Some people don’t want to go back to work and try to make themselves successful, but yet I’m sure those unemployed losers were the ones standing on the sidelines worshiping these rich celebrities.
Peachy Bri
Peachy Bri:
I don't care for her but she was one of the best dressed 🕶🤏 I don't care what y'all say, she looked like a badass assassin
What's KPopping
What's KPopping:
The first thing that came to my mind when I saw her was “EXPECTO PATRONUM”
Jello BEANZ:
Remember when Draco said “d-dementor dementor”
I have to respect Kim K for supporting her ex husband by wearing the Donda album cover.
Debra Pillay
Debra Pillay:
I liked kims look. Its anime inspired, she would have made a beautiful boa hancock. That outfit would strike fear into the souls of mine enemies.
leann haup
leann haup:
Kim like an angel of death reminding everyone about the kartrashians curse..😅
Kanye definitely dressed Kim for this event. Lol
Anyone else notice how Justin put his hand over hailrys stomach and she took his hand off and they both had that look ->🤨🙄
Please please please don't tell me I'm the only one who found kim's suit so AMAZING please!!!
Nicole James
Nicole James:
$35,000 a ticket and we have homeless people with mental illness not getting help.
Main Event
Main Event:
I forgot Jenny from the Block and Batman were together again.
Marciano Gaming PH
Marciano Gaming PH:
"what would you never wear?"
Anna Wintour: head-to-toe black
Kim K:👁️👄👁️
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife:
This is getting ridiculous. I bet even cosplayers get intimidated looking at this right here.
jimmy took the cake that night hands down.
Stephanie Lim
Stephanie Lim:
Kim reminds me of the plague doctors, all she's missing is the crow mask and a cane.
She just showing her loyalty to the dark side. Smh