Kim Kardashian's 40th Birthday Shout-Outs From the Whole Family | KUWTK | E!

Kourtney, Khloé, Kris, Scott, Kendall & Kylie Jenner celebrate KKW's milestone birthday with adorable messages...and some "KUWTK" zings!

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Kim Kardashian's 40th Birthday Shout-Outs From the Whole Family | KUWTK | E!

100+ komentarze:

Tannish Khurana
Tannish Khurana:
Scott’s shout out was the best
Larisa Liao
Larisa Liao:
Kris: “I can’t believe your 40, pause, I can’t believe your 40, pause, I can’t believe your 40, pause, I cant believe your 40, pause, I can’t believe your 40, pause, I can’t believe your 40”
Loes Stravers
Loes Stravers:
scott: gives a 40 seconds speechs

Kendall: kEeP It Up rOcKstAR
Kang Hana
Kang Hana:
Kris Jenner be crying on her daughter because she’s proud. While my mom be crying cause’ she’ll be turning 60 then. ;-;
Double OREO
Double OREO:
All of them: I can’t believe you are forty
Kourtney: welcome to the forty club ahahahah😂😂
maryam zamani
maryam zamani:
This family makes me want to have children, so they can be each others best friends throughout life... something I never had myself.
fall lee
fall lee:
kylies face is getting older with fillers. She looked the best when she had her new face at 17/18
MDD Lagi Uy
MDD Lagi Uy:
Kylie looks old here, but without makeup she actually has the babiest face
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown:
How come Kourtney didn’t get one of these videos. Everyone gets treated differently based on their net worth LOL 😂
Kat K
Kat K:
So they all cannot believe she turned 40
Kerith Chirhal
Kerith Chirhal:
Kourtney “ most exciting to look at “ part is facts haha
Courage Chizim
Courage Chizim:
Absolutely nobody:
Scott: "most loyalest"
yuta is hot
yuta is hot:
everyone: i cant believe you’re forty😧
kourtney: welcome to the 40s🤪
Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis:
Khloes thought this was an award speech for a second there
Diya _directioner
Diya _directioner:
" but the good thing is that you don't look 40 and that's all that matters right?" 😂
Victoria Jean-Pierre
Victoria Jean-Pierre:
The most exciting to look at..... I LOVE KOURTNEY
why is everybody saying "i can't believe you're 40" as if they're expecting kim to not make it past that age 🤣
Summer Foxe
Summer Foxe:
I bet the camera guy just pressed record and left Kris in there by herself..she had me rolling.It was sweet though
Dania Pumarica
Dania Pumarica:
Kourtney : you’re the “boss” and now you boss all around sooo happy birthdaay
The shade is all over her birthday wishes 😂
Andrew Sun
Andrew Sun:
"I never thought this day would come" What did Scott think was gonna happen? She was gonna stay 39 forever?😂
r i l e y
r i l e y:
nobody: ...
not even me
*kris cry’s when she never cried on koutneys birthday* 👁👄👁
Jodie TheAllNaturalGirl
Jodie TheAllNaturalGirl:
Khloe’s was my favorite, she’s always most genuine imo
Nibs Sean
Nibs Sean:
I was wondering why scott was first. Then i heard all these “umm” “ummm”
Angel A
Angel A:
Dang, Khloe has a difference face every time I see her
Shrusti Dengwel
Shrusti Dengwel:
Happy birthday Kim from the most exciting to look at - Kourtney Kardashian (I died 😂😂)
Jahanvi K
Jahanvi K:
This is off Topic but kris Jenner looks like sofia-the robot 😂
Phurqee Uhmad
Phurqee Uhmad:
Kris: I can't believe you're 40yrs old because I'm not even 38 rn.
Chikelue Onianwah
Chikelue Onianwah:
And when you’re 80, you’ll probably look 40! Classic 😭💀
sweetel dias
sweetel dias:
When khloe said "I respect you deeply" I went back watching kuwtk old seasons 😂😭sisters
Cherry Flash
Cherry Flash:
Kris: you’re my whole heart, my soulmate

Her other 5 kids: 👁 👄 👁
Munch Maila
Munch Maila:
Lmfao I couldn't help but crack up when Kris came up. Epic😂💀
ami we73
ami we73:
Scott: "I never thought this day would come"
Whut lol did he think she was just gonna die with 39?
Simply 88
Simply 88:
Why does everyone have to say “I can’t believe you’re 40” I’m sure she don’t want to hear it😆
Евгений Степанов
Евгений Степанов:
Kourtney killed me with the exciting to look at lol
Paul Reji
Paul Reji:
Kylie looks more older than Kim k😅😂( no offense)
Katherine Neilan
Katherine Neilan:
All their speeches match their zodiac signs holy crap😭😭
Queen Fletcher
Queen Fletcher:
The fact the didn’t edit her mom even a single moment LMFAAAO... inlove with Her😭🤣
Lol.... Kris thought she was starting all over again while they never stopped recording 🤣🤣🤣. Mom's are the best 🥰
Malcolm G
Malcolm G:
“FROM THE MOST EXCITING TO LOOK AT!” First borns do it the BEST 😎
Rosemary Ngugi
Rosemary Ngugi:
Them: Shout outs from the whole family.
Me: Um.. Kanye? Her kids? Rob? Lol.
Shruti Gogoi
Shruti Gogoi:
Kris: "Happy birthday Kim I can't believe you're 40 years old" ×3
Mo no feo
Mo no feo:
It's scary how they all look like Kim.
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan:
Scott and Kendall really recorded with a full production while the others just used their phone lol
Poppy’s Makeup luks
Poppy’s Makeup luks:
Who else was disappointed there wasn’t a video from Bruce/Caitlyn even though he isn’t with Kris anymore he was still a big part of Kim’s life and has known her for so long
Arya Subba
Arya Subba:
Khloe just controlled her self from calling kim her "best sister".
Problems when you have multiple siblings.
Wisdom Tvowolf
Wisdom Tvowolf:
I teared up during Kris speech
"You're my whole heart and whole world" aww...
Annie Bananie
Annie Bananie:
They all acting like they didn’t throw her a birthday party
Ahila J
Ahila J:
Kim : let's see if yours work.
Kim : throws kris's phone downstairs
Kris : what 😮😮😮
Kim : that is what she deserves
(Season 2 ....that evil smile is iconic)
Royanna Smith
Royanna Smith:
I love how they put Kendall and Kylie right after each the way...HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY KIMMY!!😍💞💗❤️👍💓
World Wide
World Wide:
Kourtney’s shades just keep flying everywhere all the time, this girl.😂
Lwazi Mgandela
Lwazi Mgandela:
Producer: you have 30 seconds to wish her HBD
Khloe: *takes nearly 2 minutes*
Jessica Assassin
Jessica Assassin:
Kris's favourite child.. "I love you Kim you are my World my Life my Soul mate" 😂 🤣 😅 🤔 😎
Sister Oliver
Sister Oliver:
Kourt saying "The most exiting to look at" had me dead"
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos:
Kylie needs to lay off on the fillers and surgery, she’s looking old.
Atfa Khatib
Atfa Khatib:
The Kardashians do be rocking 40 though
Gaby Cruz
Gaby Cruz:
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
Kim looks more beautiful than ever 🔥
Bro I feel bad for laughing when Kris cries! 😭😂 I love her so much she is so unique
Nandii Mhlongo
Nandii Mhlongo:
Kylie honestly looks like the oldest, even older than Kourt
Akmal Hisham
Akmal Hisham:
Scott : "I never thought this day would come."

What do you expect her to pass away before 40?
Kourtney should’ve said “thank you for my career” 😂😂😂
Kris looks like she has to give the weather report right after he message to kim lol.
Brittany's Bets
Brittany's Bets:
Kris just made me want to drive 60 miles to go see my mom and tell her how much i love her 🥺💕😭
Saskia Wibowo
Saskia Wibowo:
why is everyone keep mentioning the "I can't believe that you're 40 😂" can it be just happy birthday lol
Mikyle Claudio
Mikyle Claudio:
"From the most exciting to look at, just kidding but that just had to be a part of this video obviously"
Dang Scott had me like “umm whatcha mean homeboy?!” When he said “I didn’t think this day would come” 💀
Mathivaruni Rajakumar
Mathivaruni Rajakumar:
Kourtney’s shout-out has this low key dissing in it😂 if you witty enough to notice it
Fatoumatta Sima
Fatoumatta Sima:
Khloe, kourtney and kris really makes me cry 🥰🥰
Y n Ackerman
Y n Ackerman:
i love how kourtney is just "I just have to be in this video" HAHAHAAH
"from the most exciting to look at." 😭
Okay kuwtk has lost the relatable factor.
Idalix Ramirez
Idalix Ramirez:
We all love queen kourtney 😭😭😂😂💕❤️
Bellamy_b Rose
Bellamy_b Rose:
"when you'll be 80, you will look 40". I literally love Scott 😂
Kourtney really is the most authentic one.
Gwyneth Rojas
Gwyneth Rojas:
when kris cries, i cry 🥺 such a soft-hearted mother ❤️❤️❤️
taiyona tiare
taiyona tiare:
They really should’ve thanked her for their careers 😂 Kim looks great at 40 tho. Why does she look better than me and I’m half her age? Lol
Dayanara vlogs And more
Dayanara vlogs And more:
Ian Lee
Ian Lee:
Kris Jenner: has 3000 million takes.
Cries on all the 3000 million takes.
Lwazi Mgandela
Lwazi Mgandela:
Kris was like “I need the entire production team for this”
Jaime Reynolds
Jaime Reynolds:
This video is basically: "Thank you for f****** on camera and making us famous"
Wisdom Tvowolf
Wisdom Tvowolf:
Happy birthday to this legendary Queen
Tia Paterson
Tia Paterson:
Kourtney over there like ‘ Happy birthday from the most exciting to look at!😂’
It’s so good to see that they can joke about this now
Marco Padilla Hernández
Marco Padilla Hernández:
Why is Kris always crying?? 😂
Creative Asian
Creative Asian:
I thought I heard Kris said “husbands” 😭😂
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs:
Aww we are so happy! 40 and still looking boom! She’s a queen!
Fatii Zhiroo
Fatii Zhiroo:
And when you’re 80, you’re probably look 40.
Juanita Naranjo
Juanita Naranjo:
when Kris cries, she makes me cry too
I just love kris! When she cries always over her babies she’s just the best mama!!! So loving and caring and she is literally SUPER MOM!!!
kourtney’s greeting is such a mood LMAO
lisa luv
lisa luv:
Parents tears for their child , best love I have ever felt in my life 💕 happy birthday Kim and u make ur momma proud for sure .... she can’t stop crying ❤️
J a d e
J a d e:
I think kris forgot to say “thank you for the fame” when showing gratitude

Just kidding 😂
Nick Gardner
Nick Gardner:
Ok but like kris’s was like me trying to present something during class but she’s still iconic and no one could ever be like her (momager goals)
Lucy Skandal
Lucy Skandal:
Everyone saying happy B day to KIM exactly like their zodiac sign.
Scott: Can't wait to spend another 40 with you
Kourtney: To have 40 more years by your side
Kloe was really genuine to Kim can really see that Kendall and Kylie were just casual
Leidy Garcia
Leidy Garcia:
Kriss made me almost cried I love how they express their love for each other it means so much
Ellie Mcnamee
Ellie Mcnamee:
Scotts and khloes back must hurt from carrying this show
Anis Jennifer
Anis Jennifer:
4:13 when you get the corona and you’re holding it in so no one would notice 😂😂😂
i love how Kourtney makes turning 40 sounds so exciting