Klay Thompson 17 pts 3 threes vs Cavs 21/22 season

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52 komentarze:

Vgod. Sr
Vgod. Sr:
This was a pretty good comeback considering the length of his absence and minutes played. 👏🏽👏🏽
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only:
No matter what team you root for, seeing Klay back is good for the sport as a whole.
Nagi Neko
Nagi Neko:
We should all appreciate the fact that Klay could still retain his performance after missing the nba for over 900 days all because of them, Ball Hog Gloves.
For me he got the most beautiful shooting form doing threes.
Glad to see him back ✨
Isaiah, Kyrie, Lance, Klay. It's Good to see them back on court
Kweef Sweat
Kweef Sweat:
One of my favorite players ever glad he’s back 👏🏿
Kazzy Official
Kazzy Official:
So good seeing him back!!!
klay looks like hes gonna be more of an off the dribble threat now. Glad to see him try to improve his game even during an injury.
DA Nko
DA Nko:
One of the most healthiest returns from two gruelling injuries 🙏
Matthew Weymouth
Matthew Weymouth:
Tear to my eye, so happy for Klay
Not a Warriors fan but gotta give respect where it's due. Good to have him back in the league.
seein this man come back from what he went through gives me goosebumps!
Bernard Nugg
Bernard Nugg:
played like he never left, underrated AF
Khail Dancel
Khail Dancel:
After the dunk when Klay landed I was like OH S***. Damn its like Klay hasn't skipped a beat, thatd just in 20mins of playing time
HQ Glizzy
HQ Glizzy:
Much love out here from Canada man keep doing your thing klay , score like yuh never left 🙌
Killer 😈
Killer 😈:
Welcome back Klay Thompson 11 !!! 🔥💪🏀❤
Brandon K
Brandon K:
People need to realize that we live in 2022 not in 1950. Injuries don't affect players that much. Surgeons can repair everything, and they have great physiotherapists to help them make a full recovery. Kd is another example. Many injuries that used to destroy careers, torn acl for example, aren't as significant nowadays. The recovery time is long but you can come back the same. We'll be seeing more and more players return to their previous form after major injuries
Benny Gebhardt
Benny Gebhardt:
Love how the crowd goes crazy
Hasn’t played in 2 years, still better than Russ
Ibrahim Obeid
Ibrahim Obeid:
I love how steph just lost his shit after that dunk 😂😂
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl:
Klaaaaaayyyyyyyy. We missed you.
Coa 24
Coa 24:
900+ days, and his 2nd highlight was a dunk in traffic. That play was way too scary.
XD :L RocketPlease
XD :L RocketPlease:
The legend is back 😭😭😭😭😭😭
john doe
john doe:
He got double body all night long even after those 2 and half years missing game
Big Dogg7
Big Dogg7:
Man the league is in serious trouble with Klay and steph healthy together. You guys remember last time they were both healthy in one team. They ruled the NBA
Harsha Suresh
Harsha Suresh:
Good to see Klay on the thumbnail!!!
Steve King
Steve King:
Happy he's back!
Tim Tsai
Tim Tsai:
The 73 Warriors are back !!!! The best version there is (no OP KD bs)
Liam M
Liam M:
And people really said he wasn't going to come back as the same player he was before smh
17 pts in 19 minutes!
클레이 너무 보고싶었다👍👍👍👍
Shoutout to my Cleveland Cavaliers, put some respek on us!
Golden state need to get GP as Wings defense and let Klay free move off ball like Curry to get his Rythm back. Always a good day to see Klay shootin the ball.
love you bro so happy you back
Klay been workin with them Basketball gloves I see
Shot smooth as butter on a fresh bagel .
Ricar Isla
Ricar Isla:
Wellcome Klay!
Pedro Luis De Souza Resende
Pedro Luis De Souza Resende:
Klay even got a crossover
Klay Thompson numerology:
• Born Feb.8, 1990
2 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 29 ---->2+9= (11)
• Aquarius is the (11)th sign of the zodiac
• Drafted in 20(11) as the number (11)th pick
• First major injury occurred at age 29--->  2+9= (11)
• Finally Returned from 2 major injuries in his (11)th NBA season
• Wears jersey number (11).
Milos Krtolica
Milos Krtolica:
Best shut in the history
His dribbling more now. I think he worked on his handles while injured.
ゆうと「松葉杖ガニ 左足骨折中🌙」
ゆうと「松葉杖ガニ 左足骨折中🌙」:
從2019就沒上場樓 今灌籃 3分 籃版都有nice 台粉+1
Sir Hooper
Sir Hooper:
Twitter reacts on Klay Thompson’s return - “He is back!” #klayday
Samuel Alan Darmasaputra
Samuel Alan Darmasaputra:
gsw champion for sure tho
Klayyyyyyyyyyyyyy THOMPSONNN
Michael Terry
Michael Terry:
I guess 17 points in 20 minutes is good. for first game back after lay-off, idk
Sean T
Sean T:
17 points on 18 shots in 20 min is... Not good. Definitely not something the top 75 NBA players of all-time do
Rober 🏆🏀
Rober 🏆🏀:
HQ Glizzy
HQ Glizzy:
January 9th is Klay Day
Welp. He’s answered the question on wether he can still score or not. Can he still defend like he used to ? I’m eager to see how this comeback plays out into the playoffs.
jojo frijas
jojo frijas:
If they get a big during the trade deadline, Porzingiz/Turner/Wood. They would be a championship contending team. They are a deep playoff run team, but if they can somehow trade for a big at the deadline that can shoot a little bit smh watch out.
Finn Jake
Finn Jake: