Klopp's Reaction: Harvey Elliott, Luis Diaz & squad strength | Liverpool vs Cardiff City

Liverpool FC boss Jügrgen Klopp speaks after seeing his side beat Championship outfit Cardiff City at Anfield, to book a place in the next round of the Emirates FA Cup.

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Enlightened Turtle
Enlightened Turtle:
Absolute respect to Harvey, to come back from a devastating injury and to score is incredible, hopefully he can keep this up.
Man S
Man S:
The way Diaz came in and blended splendidly seems like he's played for us a long time. Klopp clearly knows what he's doing.
Nithin Bruce
Nithin Bruce:
Elliot's stunning goal💜
Diaz's debut❤️
Jota's header💚
Taki ' s incredible performance 💥
50cents Warlord
50cents Warlord:
Luis Diaz announced his arrival through an assist while Harvey Elliot pounded a goal and declared I’m back ! Love these lads … YNWA
Area Akhil
Area Akhil:
You Know He Is A Baller When Klopp's Put's This Much Faith In Him
One of my favorite games of the year. Just seeing Harvey score and Diaz debut with a press and assist by itself
Ste Tomlinson
Ste Tomlinson:
I’m slowly coming round to Taki. It’s been touch and go sometimes, as to whether I think he should go. Now I’m thinking he’s starting to contribute and fit in. Let’s hope he continues.
Thành :
Luis Diaz: " Welcome to Anfield"
1 assist
Harvey Elliot: " Come back"
1 goal
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Just praying Diaz's knock isn't anything serious. Wanna watch him against Leicester 🤞🙏
Daniel Sabbah
Daniel Sabbah:
That assist from Diaz was 👌
Maria luisa soares Soares
Maria luisa soares Soares:
Boa sorte Luís Dias estás no maior clube do mundo ❤️🌹🇵🇹
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Klopp's praise and evident affection for Harvey is why I'm sure he's got massive plans for the lad. What a first game back from injury!
S. O
S. O:
When Harvey got injured he could've never imagined his next appearance will be a one coming off the bench along with Luis Diaz
Love the story at the end about Harvey cheering up Jürgen ❤️ What a team, what a family!
Julian Tsenkov
Julian Tsenkov:
I'm so happy for Harvey. He is a really talented player and went through a lot these months. It's so nice to see him playing fantastic after the injury.
Brilliant day, great debut for Diaz getting the assist and Harvey coming straight back in with a goal and great performance! 👏👍🔴
im so happy to see harvey back with a goal, so happy for him. diogo's goal and the assist was class too. great game, now to move on to the next one. also really happy to have seen diaz playing.
kyle coleman
kyle coleman:
Credit to all our players, but dam Kloop is such an amazing coach, the love he shows for his players plays a big role. His scouting is incredible he chooses guys with intense workrate. Diaz was good for his first game, good to see young Elliot back. Jota is such a magnificent player, still overshadowed by the front 3 but most definitely outperforming Firmino and Mane, both which are great players unfortunately falling short of goals. I predict the starting front 3 next season Diaz, Jota, Salah. Mane will still be num1 on left this season along with Firmino and Jota sharing the spot upfront the rest of this season. Hope they can tie a down a contract for Salah his still l got a lot to offer.
Mahad Ismail
Mahad Ismail:
What a come back 🔥🔥 for our genius harvey and a wonderful start for luis diaz
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno:
Luis Diaz has like 10 years playing with Liverpool... He doesn't look like a new team member... Kudos to Jurgen, he knows what he needs in his team!!! YNWA!!!
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi:
Harvey's goal is incredible the way he controls turn and calmly slides the ball in the goal was a piece of art.
Harvey scoring and us getting that dub was all I could've asked for

Glad to see the boy back ✊✊
Amir Merican
Amir Merican:
Great win! Mostly second half. Well done Reds❤️ Jota, Taki and Elliot with the goals. What a strike by Elliot💎 That goal meant everything to him. Solid debut by Diaz and also providing an assist. Nice to see Thiago back. Bring on Leicester City💪🏻 @LFC YNWA🔴
julian naranjo
julian naranjo:
Luis Diaz panita que gran trabajo en tu debut, muchas felicidades y bendiciones

Luis Diaz panita amazing debut today, congratulations and many blessings. 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Mak Vaidya
Mak Vaidya:
Most people don't realize how smooth that first touch was by Harvey for that goal!! Like the lad was never away... Absolutely Incredible 😍👏
Luis días he is a player quality and has only trained once in his new team, he is machine 👏🤯💪
Muhammed Anwar
Muhammed Anwar:
Luiz is really hardworking 😍
I love how Klopp gives the biggest smile while he couldn’t understand the question lol.
D H:
Diaz..one assist .... excellent🔥
Aadam Mannan
Aadam Mannan:
Absolutely great to see harvey back and with a great goal too
Emilio Dörr
Emilio Dörr:
Good game, Dream goal of Eliot! Exelent! Feels good After a long break!! And Díaz Debüt! All that in 1 Game!
Can’t lie I was super worried when Diaz got stood on, completely accidental but Christ that was worrying! He looked amazing today, Harvey looked amazing too, over the moon with today!
Zone Time
Zone Time:
the people at Liverpool football club together with Jürgen Klopp are doing a really fantastic job as regards recruiting players , unlike some people squandering 100million pounds on players like hazard, harry Maguire and jack grealish with really no impact whatsoever
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
Definitely “welcome to England” Luis Diaz 😅
Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson:
As always, well said Jurgen. Yes, Harvey is a gem !!!
The squad is so strong. It’s crazy
Luis Sturridge
Luis Sturridge:
The love I have for this club can’t be put into words ❤️ YNWA TILL I DIE !!
Chandinee Bhujan
Chandinee Bhujan:
That Physio is a magician. When Luis when down Anfield stopped to breathe. This shows we have got a new diamond in our crown to wear. And what can we add for Diogo, he is the best bargain in LFC history. What a player he is proving to be. Great Goal Harvey lad. We have a future England star in the making. Way better than Grealish and others.
Vijay Sarathi
Vijay Sarathi:
Now that we have signed Diaz and have Elliott back, we can confidently give a proper week of rest to Salah and Mane
Daniel Loaiza
Daniel Loaiza:
¿Quien mas se asustó cuando Luis Díaz quedo tendido en el césped tras un pisotón? Creo que no sólo fuimos Kloop y yo 😅
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
We have 2 new signings : Diaz and Harvey 😁Amazing players!
Good Game…LFC. Congrats on the effort Diaz,Minamino & Elliott.
Faye southall
Faye southall:
Harvey Elliott looking so sharp and a terrific goal very happy for him!
Blair McAlister
Blair McAlister:
Love the high press, love the high line...Harvey...what a goal....brilliant team effort...YNWA, from New Zealand.
Díaz footwork assist 😍😍
bani yamin abas
bani yamin abas:
Really worried when Diaz was downed....like to see him as 1st 11.
Ren Ren
Ren Ren:
As Japanese, I feel shameful for the journalist asked everytime about Minamino. There were many moments should be asked.
Sam Hustle
Sam Hustle:
Taki was working so hard today. Happy to see that!
Valerie Purves
Valerie Purves:
Top game top manager. Harvey back and scoring what's not to like ?
Scouse greek laa
Scouse greek laa:
Elliot looking better than ever great to see him back and score a banger
Dillon Siv
Dillon Siv:
You know diaz is good when Klopp puts him in almost immediately after he arrives
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven:
Harvey and Luis yes boys!! ⛳
Millie Quinn
Millie Quinn:
This is amazing Harvey
Luis mane Salah origi Jota bobby all up front this is a statement of intent by Liverpool
pearce Curran
pearce Curran:
Happy he’s back great player and manager
Elliott what a player 🔴👊🏻
Jack nug
Jack nug:
What a game by the lads
Diego Dazani
Diego Dazani:
Grande Lucho Díaz 🙌🏻
At our best and a full strength squad i don't think there's more than 1 team who could challenge us. Man City is the only team I see as competition for us and we're getting stronger and stronger. I think we will win ucl fa and efl Cup this year. Insane footballing side 👊❤
Luis was soo good
Welcome back Elliott ❤️
John John
John John:
Finally we quality in depth.We do need to add to the energy in midfield as Milner is done and Henderson and Thiago have peaked energy wise so only have a few seasons left.Elliot is an absolute baller and will be the star player in the next couple of years.
Nhusen 20
Nhusen 20:
Luiz memberikan asist pada laga debutnya luar biasa 👍
Sourav Badajena
Sourav Badajena:
The squad looks so good, now.... Harvey 🤩🤩
Black Magic
Black Magic:
Looking like a very happy man! (Welcome back Harvey & welcome to Anfield Luis you’ve come to a Great Club with Amazing Fan’s & a Modern day hero in the manager Jurgen KLOPP) they both done better than expected & the goal by Harvey shows he’s been waiting patiently to come back & show what we’ve been missing!
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz:
Lets put some respect on taki as well. It seems like he always scores!
Sam MOT:
It doesn't feel fair to just say that Elliot excelled in this match and scored a goal and set aside the contribution of Minamino who also scored a goal despite getting less touch of the ball. Both have their respective advantages. Whatever congratulations to LFC advancing to the 5th round. YNWA 🔥
The Rai
The Rai:
Salah will be looking forward to join up with his on-field protege. The two had a great understanding before the injury.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones:
Well done boys. Jota, Tsimikas and Mini did well. Diaz looked dangerous and Elliot is a dream signing.

Three players couldn't produce the goods in the first half. Jones, Keita and Henderson were not of the required standard. I don't think they ever will be.
denen terver
denen terver:
I am not impressed with konate yet, his reading of the game and ability to smell danger plus positioning is below par. Milner made a mistake but already had the 1st attacker covered, how konate still left the guy running through to come to the player milner was already covering is beyond me. Virgil is still our best defender 1v1, but the person who impressed me the most is without a doubt, Joel Matip. The guy is so intelligent, only thing he lacks is just pace. At this rate, I honestly have to question why we had to let phillips go in order to bring konate in, Nat doesn't make mistakes and would be for me the ideal cover for Matip or virgil, even ahead of Gomez.
It's impossible to hate this guy
Sieg Hart
Sieg Hart:
Can we talk about Taki please that guy has been scoring with what little game time is afforded to him. He may not be a flashy player but he has shown that he can get the job done, even if it is cup games. Side note, Elliott is showing why he was first choice at the start of this season. Mad baller that kid.
I hope we dont hear any more comments about too many games, they have a full squad, most of them have had long rests and should all be prepared for coming fixtures, they dont play now till thursday so lets hope they keep up the momentum and push for every trophy they can!
King James
King James:
It's not the The FA cup It's the PL. They all are back, the big guns Mo and Ma returns next week, Eliot Thiago are definitely back. Diaz is set loose. The assault on PL has begun.
Stern Pro
Stern Pro:
Harvey is boss 🙌 🔥 🔥 🔥 💪
Diaz: goes down
Klopp and the team: "Welcome to England"
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma:
1 st half was dreadful but 2nd half was amazing can't wait for afcon final for sadio and MO.
Mithun Jacob
Mithun Jacob:
High press….counter press…I like it….Klopp❤️
Freddie Roberts
Freddie Roberts:
Yes getting great goal’s
Jonny M
Jonny M:
Didn’t expect him back that soon.
Por favor agreguen subtítulos al español, GRACIAS.
Sejor Leo Messi King
Sejor Leo Messi King:
Luis diazzz 🇨🇴🇨🇴❤️
capix jamil
capix jamil:
First assist and first scar 😂😂🤣🤣
Anas Nabil
Anas Nabil:
joe need a raise for that harvey goal..love lfc
Justin Kruse
Justin Kruse:
Boom! A baby let’s go Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YNWA!!!
Jennnifer L
Jennnifer L:
saludos desde Colombia, arriba liverpol, excelente jugador Luis Díaz.
Malachi Thisani
Malachi Thisani:
Great job as Always
Moses 6624
Moses 6624:
Defending is the real concern here. Seems like virgil amd co seems a little to relax and slow.
Kyaw Zaw Lin
Kyaw Zaw Lin:
Listen lads, you can blame the lack of Salah or Mane but this isn't Klopp is immediately put an injury player like Harvey back (a Klopp would wait a week or two more) and most importantly, putting in a completely new signing Diaz.

The last time Klopp did this was with Van Dijk and now look how he rose. Both Harvey and Diaz are in for an interesting development.
Shuman Gharti Chetrii
Shuman Gharti Chetrii:
100% best club for me
Abdifatah Bashir Muhumed
Abdifatah Bashir Muhumed:
Welcome Luis dias
Great game good diaz
Andrew Jovanovski
Andrew Jovanovski:
We have such a deep squad 4 the run home
3374 football
3374 football:
Let appreciate Mane for winning the afcon and salah for his performance.
Best friends and teammates but yesterday they were opponent.
Elliot 123
Elliot 123:
God game dias👑
looped and lucky
looped and lucky:
Job done, moving on.
Mohammad Sharif
Mohammad Sharif:
Love u Klopp’s 🤗💞
Linda Sam
Linda Sam:
Mo Alé UA07 Culé
Mo Alé UA07 Culé:
Egypt win cup of Africa 🇪🇬😍✌️
Harvey MY Boy it was so written in the stars for you do that well played LFC YNWA 96💋
Great to see harvey back class player Diaz assist great start for him ,Time we got shut of keita absolute waste of space,