Kodak Black Shot in the Leg at Justin Bieber After-Party Amid Super Bowl | TMZ

A new angle has surfaced of the shooting last night, and it shows a mad scramble after multiple shots rang out. There also appears to be new evidence of at least one person with a gun.

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100+ komentarze:

Stevey J
Stevey J:
Out all the places I would consider at risk ... A Justin Bieber party would have never crossed my mind 😳 welcome to 2022 😵‍💫
Who ever that guy in the pink is….. he saved Kodak’s life. Period
Kodak’s Boy that you see in the pink hoodie actually saved Kodak’s life. At first looked like he was jumping into fight. But after you watch the slowmo you see he jumps in between Kodak and the gunman pushing kodaks arm. And then goes down. He saved Kodak from being shot in his upper body cause the shooter was aiming right for him.
Amber Becca
Amber Becca:
The guy in the pink saved Kodak, but nobody was saving him…dang!
guy in the pink better start rapping, HE SAVED KODAK'S LIFE
I'm glad to see the guy in the whit helmet get up and walk. God bless him.
Cosmic Phoenix
Cosmic Phoenix:
Huge respect for thr people that risk their life to save other's
James s r Bond
James s r Bond:
For once TMZ this is actually some good footage
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis:
Prayers up for all those wounded 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Jeremy Hilton
Jeremy Hilton:
I like how people are just casually walking by, oblivious to it all.
straight kushin
straight kushin:
Guy in the pink is a real homie, he risked his live to save kodak, keep him close, he's a rare friend.
Nelly Swish
Nelly Swish:
Guy in the pink saved Kodak life💯
Isaiah Kirby
Isaiah Kirby:
Not saying this is what happened here since I wasn't there & dont know enough to know what & how it went down but it's sad to see how understandable it's gotten for people to be quicker to shoot instead of fighting it out when it comes to celebrities or people with numbers around during fights in general, considering situations like king von getting shot by quandos boy while only using fists instead of guns how it should be. Situations like that have made people resort to shooting more & faster when most people doing so would normally fight it out instead of throwin bullets. Not at all saying this is the case for every shooting from fights cause I know too many shoot unreasonably regardless but can't deny that so many being shot by the other party or the people around them from just trying to duke it out like a man has resulted in increased cases & chances of shots fired that wouldn't have happened before. Depressing how no matter how many steps forward the world takes there's always steps taken back too. As time goes by the world isn't growing as much as it should be with all the change & improvements being made to do better than before. I know there's still so much more to be done but I hate to see how much has declined or stayed the same whether there's growth or not. It's up to all of us to be the change in the world that we want to see but with as much hate & negativity around it's hard for some to do as much as they want or should to move forward.
Donald Lee
Donald Lee:
That life ain't even fun...once one finds peace within self...ur whole energy vibe is different..ur circle changes, the sun shines different...I hope these young quote on quote rap dudes figure it out before it's to late.
GW Res
GW Res:
When keeping it real goes wrong 🤦‍♂️
Schawnetta Robinson
Schawnetta Robinson:
The guy in the pink saved Kodak’s life. That was real. People are walking around with all this angry, frustration, and envy. Envy kills.
Chris R
Chris R:
Dude in pink... I cant possibly wrap my head around how he managed to not only see his "opportunity" but act instinctively in a way that seemed both fight & flight except he was trying to get Kodak out that path of what surprisingly only caught his man in the leg... even for trained soldiers that fast response and willingness if not drive to do something that bold qnd effective is so unusually impressive to me. Although I have a feeling it ain't his first time he's not some seasoned martial arts or combat pro he's a young dude that seems to have adapted very well to being in extremely dangerous/consistently deadly environments but that still doesn't explain how he went from sprint to knee to flat spin like a damn b boy all within a couple seconds clearly being the pick in Kodak roll out that nearly deadly situation for him. That really how things go down in the streets these days enough for it to happen at a Bieber party with a ton a cops security and a gang a folks around in all directions...? If so my kid ain't going to no rich kid parties no more ill be damned! Somebody need to talk to JB bout the company he seems to keep these days because obviously not everyone's "playing gangster" that's for sure.
Bongo Nyosso 🇹🇿
Bongo Nyosso 🇹🇿:
Pace Auto
Pace Auto:
His deal was to put him on a tshirt but his aim was off after the crowd disbursed an he moved with them to blend in..
Harry singh
Harry singh:
Guy in pink is a real friend.bravely ran in and pushed down the shooters arm ,he saved Kodak from being shot in the upper body
Crazy part is the police was there the whole time.
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson:
Son came in with the flying knee and disrupted everything
Sean Brown
Sean Brown:
Damn when you can't even feel safe at a Beiber party that means you moving too reckless.
Dark light
Dark light:
Y'all seen these 2 guys walking through the scene 20 seconds right after the shots like everything was good?? That's weird!!
Get Right
Get Right:
The plan went exactly as it was put together, they knew Kodak would react to any type of skirmish involving his crew, the shooter just froze up at the end, how come nobody with him was fully dark clothed and masked up like he was, they probably didn’t even know, he probably was told to just get a few knuckleheads who would fight but not know about any shootin, you heard him scream “ON THE SET” before he let off to confuse the crowd with just another act of GANG VIOLENCE,, he might have to pay that upfront money back now 🤣🤣
Dev'n Da'Dude
Dev'n Da'Dude:
Well we can't act like this wasn't going to happen to him eventually. He's just lucky he survived.... This time. 😵‍💫
Iam Citi
Iam Citi:
I done lost all of the rappers i listen too, kodak is literally the last one left. I pray for his safety🙏🏾🤲🏾📿🛐 Stay alive Kodak. Your son needs you. Stay the fuck out the streets.
That’s scary shit. Hope everyone is okay.
Sucielle Whitehead
Sucielle Whitehead:
I don’t understand why people stick around when they see people fighting knowing that it’s going to be gunshots? Nine out of 10 times shooting occur.🤦‍♀️I hope everyone who got shot is OK.
Texas Trill
Texas Trill:
Cops always showing up late arresting the wrong ppl smh 🤦‍♂️
Fruitylicious K
Fruitylicious K:
0:48 do you see the guy with the helmet on the ground keeping on filming like a true hero
That was exactly how King Von got done up. Rappers will never learn
Cherie McDonald
Cherie McDonald:
The guy who started shooting wasn't even fighting pay attention it was a distraction for a split second 🥈 done seen the different angles and it's matching up it was definitely a hit 🎯
This is just another reminder that, in the street nobody is safe.
Andrescia Hooten
Andrescia Hooten:
I blame the person that started the fight! I think that Justin needs to make sure that he doesn’t invite the wrong people at his parties
Derek Powers
Derek Powers:
and this is exactly why i only go to work and hang out with my wife and kids..💯
Jonathan Porter
Jonathan Porter:
His homie boy saved Kodak life when he ran up
Amber Cole
Amber Cole:
Why people still hang out in 2022 is beyond me
Oil equals Gold
Oil equals Gold:
Probation and parole don’t play he needs to watch himself
Latina Mitchell
Latina Mitchell:
I hope my sweetheart 💕 okay lord let Kodak be okay🙏🏽 my deepest condolences to the Young man 🙏🏽🌹
TJ Blyde
TJ Blyde:
I love how the tmz guy in the white helmet is just laying there not moving 🤣🤣🤣 wasn't even hit 🤣🤣🤣
Greg Otero
Greg Otero:
If you ask me Kodak needs to be careful you need to be considering the fact that maybe your label is sending out people to fight you in hopes to distract you and then they send somebody else to come shoot you why are you fighting the other guy don’t be getting in the scuffles out here getting distracted you need to be in and be out and not be telling anybody about it
D Jenkins
D Jenkins:
Bro y'all gotta relax shooting for what. I'm sure nobody out there owed anybody any money or nothing why y'all shooting. Hell even Owing someone money not enough to get shot. Y'all gotta chill
Damn props to pink guy he saved Kodak's life
Joey Santos
Joey Santos:
Crazy how 2 of them walk back to the scenes 🤦🤷🤦
Ron Pretties Life
Ron Pretties Life:
Guy in pink saved his life
Scb Barnes
Scb Barnes:
Every time they have those crazy parties somebody gets shot that's messed up
This really could’ve been another king von situation
Being a rapper is a very dangerous occupation 💯💯💯💯
This very easily could’ve been Kodak’s death video. These dudes need to be more careful with their life. He’s out in the streets on foot jumping somebody. Gonna end up another RIP.
k woo
k woo:
Isaac 84
Isaac 84:
Pure ignorance! With all the money, the fame, resources and felony background and probation to leave a criminal lifestyle in the past, Kodak Black is still out here acting a fool. One of these days he’ll end up in prison serving a lengthy sentence or shot dead. Typical rapper stereotype lifestyle. 🤦‍♂️
Ayyub Faiyaz
Ayyub Faiyaz:
Boy in the pink hoodie is a loyal dude ✊🏾
kodak let your security handle that bruh
u make millions tf wrong with u
Lmao I love how everybody always run away when u hear guns going off like u fighting u can’t expect someone to not pull out a gun🤣
0:55 Anyone notice 2 people just walking by casually like no big deal. That just seem odd to me.
I like how everybody commenting doesn't notice the cops being there the whole time lmao there’s 2 cop cars in the frame of the video alone. A bunch of high-profile celebs. And this goofy shit just so happens to break out? It wasn’t suppose to be a part of the narrative that Kodak actually walked away from this shooting.
Y'all ain't playing it safe imagine if you were minding your own business trying to enjoy yourself and the next thing that happens is a call to your mama saying that you got hit by a stray bullet those guns that you own are suppose to be protecting your families imagine if you didn't make it home because you got shoot at a fight you know nothing about it's really sad how y'all be say that cops are killing y'all while you also take part in these kind of acts
Samkelo Mthiyane
Samkelo Mthiyane:
Damn... at least we still got Kodak
Matthew Francis
Matthew Francis:
That’s one way to clear a crowd
Craig Smith
Craig Smith:
Man, I hope they find the shooter and figure what tf was going on.. Dude with the helmet cracked me up though lol,, scared for your life but still recording yourself,, if that ain't 2022 idk what is.. I'm sick of this ish though for real
How in the hell do you get shot at the Beebs party of all places. I'm baffled 🤣🤯
DMV Cooler
DMV Cooler:
that was a hit from them hollywood executives kodak always exposing them so they sent this hit to him glad he is still here
Omar I. Sanchez
Omar I. Sanchez:
Guy shooting is in the black sweater that’s seems to be a white “x” on the back, he even fires as he’s running with the crowd like is the wild Wild West. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mario De Melo
Mario De Melo:
Kodak knew he wasn’t going to die today look at that run... perfect 👌🏿

First time I see a pink tracksuit Ngga do some real shit 😂
Kai Zytess
Kai Zytess:
The dude in the pink hoodie literally got shot in the back and walked away wtf?
Briheem Robinson
Briheem Robinson:
Bullets don't got no name he lucky it found a place in his leg and not nowhere else, Even then hit him in his league it could have been fatal so y'all need to stop playing with these foreign objects they literally can land anywhere and you can be overwith 🙏🏻💯
If that dont humble Kodak i dont kno wat will. He need to lay low and enjoy his success. This tough guy bs aint worth it.
Bro in the pink a legend saving lives n shi
Young Dab
Young Dab:
This is why I look up to Kodak cause he's really a super gremlin
Random SirFirst
Random SirFirst:
We cant lose the project baby man his team need to do better hold that foo back if you have to. Nobody on his team can carry the torch like kodak can smh
GReal385 The Foundation
GReal385 The Foundation:
Soon as the police car drove up the shots went off n from both dudes in the hoody n black shirt damn they failed on that hit then all the black trucks pulled off
the guy that was fighting wasn't the shooter
this a whole ass setup... the shooter came out the cut
Hold No Punches podcast
Hold No Punches podcast:
I went from cages to stages to cages ‘ They gonna want me dead when I’m off probation “
Ninja NerdyStephen
Ninja NerdyStephen:
Slowing down the video it looks like his Kodak crew was stopping someone from taking something like a backpack. This is a robbery gone bad based on my review of the video, I think they did get away and good thing this time around no one passed away. Look at what the guy is holding on the floor and look at the shooter, guy wit black shirt and chain they pulled something away from they 3-4 guys who were fighting. I think Kodak got robbed and shot good thing its only in the legg. Shooter will get caught, there is hundreds of businesses with cameras on that road.
people are so wack now you really can't just fight now in days
DG Studios
DG Studios:
Dude in pink really stands out.
So what did those bullets accomplish? Some people shouldn’t be walking amongst the general public.
Somebody tell me how TMZ seem to have cameras pointing directly at the scene just like Nipsey.
Alexander Her
Alexander Her:
damn, if whoever opened fire didnt do so, i think kodak wouldve been shot by dude holding that gun, he aimed for him
The Abstract
The Abstract:
Imagine getting shot in the leg by a guy wearing off white 😂😂😂😂😂
Jay Green
Jay Green:
Even if you party & enjoy your time & don’t play the let out the letouts be bad news
Akhunati Starr
Akhunati Starr:
The gunner was at Kodak the whole time keep looking at the video ,it was a hit the shooter eyes was on him the whole time
The guy in the pink was the lifesaver by jumping in the crowd as the setup for the clean shot on Kodak was about to happen. He made the guy who was covering the shooter bump into him.
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde:
The guy in black hoodie with X on it with his back to the camera had a firearm in hand. A still image from the front shows it play as day. Not sure if he every shot.
A Plane Reality
A Plane Reality:
Hard to run away when everyone's got their booty's out lol. Self awareness aint ish nowadays
Red Hunnid
Red Hunnid:
Do with the off white hoodie with the X on his back the shooter. He not even aiming he just shooting and started running with the crowd and was still shooting the gun. The gun in his right hand Kodak just happened to catch a stray bullet in the leg. The shooter was trying to clear the area out because it was too many people surrounding his homie who was trying to rob Kodak homie chain that they was trying to rob
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant:
Dang bro glad he good praying fa the people who go shot cuz💯
Sandra Ofori
Sandra Ofori:
Did anyone notice how the two guys in black calmly walked by after the shooting and watching the video they were amongst the guys in the altercation with the same outfit, i mean who walks pass a scene like that calmly whiles everyone was shaking?
Street Gossip News
Street Gossip News:
Give him a Million. He risked his Life for Kodak
Teodoro Guzman
Teodoro Guzman:
Kodak was about to be done just like king von damn
Get well big homie
Kodack no please be safe
Hope Kodak Black goes Well
Two people casually walking through at 0:51 like nothing just popped off
Ros Ivan
Ros Ivan:
Lesson of the day (Do not listen to Bieber)
A Rebel Without A Clue
A Rebel Without A Clue:
They tried to self defense Kodak like the Von (rip) situation? Yikes that man needs to wise up. This wasnt even his city smh
Dante Torres
Dante Torres:
No one peep the shooters walked right back by them after it happened!!
Fantastic Toad
Fantastic Toad:
Guy in pink was trying to save Kodak For Sure!