Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano - LIVE - Serbia 🇷🇸 - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2022

Konstrakta performed In Corpore Sano, representing Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Find out more: https://eurovision.tv/participant/konstrakta-22


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100+ komentarze:

I always fall in love with the contest’s “aliens”. This is so creative, artistic and original, and the message behind it is incredibly well delivered, with a perfectly fitting performance. Love from France 🇫🇷
Football Is Life
Football Is Life:
Im from Albania but im not against Serbia this song is so good
Totally hypnotized by this song!! ❤ from Italy!!
Zex Tex
Zex Tex:
Polukružno pokretanje podignutih šaka zapravo je aplauz na jeziku gluvonemih. Ništa u ovoj pesmi nije slučajno ... Аve Konstrakta ... The semicircular movement of the raised hands is actually applause in the language of the deaf and dumb. Nothing in this song is accidental ... Ave Konstrakta ...
Ira A
Ira A:
Have you guys noticed how she tried not to smile when the whole audience started to clap along the song during the first chorus?) She was surprised I think))
Croatian Eurovision Club
Croatian Eurovision Club:
12 points from Croatia go to Serbia! 🇭🇷❤️🇷🇸
shani yan
shani yan:
I was there that night, i think that i never clapped my hands so hard in my entire life lol Love from Italy! 🇮🇹🇷🇸
Sandra Antunes
Sandra Antunes:
This song was my favourite by far! Greetings from Portugal 🙂
Amazing! It wasn't an easy song for eurovision, but the public got it. Why didn't the juries get it?
Natali Burs
Natali Burs:
Необычная песня, этим и привлекает
negativni elektron
negativni elektron:
Drage komšije, predstavnica vam je otpuhala scenu. Žena je čista ikona. Budite ponosni, zaista jedan od najboljih srpskih nastupa na Eurosongu. Sa srećom i do finala 🇧🇦❤🇷🇸
Eva María Alonso Reyes
Eva María Alonso Reyes:
This is such a Catchy song, and a good way to protest! The lyrics also remind me of my deplorable health system in my country. (IMSS and ISSSTE) Greetings from Mexico!
gökhan ayvazoğlu
gökhan ayvazoğlu:
I don’t understand what singer says but
this song is really magical. My brain still saying Biti zdrava
Anxhela Zaza
Anxhela Zaza:
Simple and intelligent!
Greetings from Albania!
Isabelle <3
Isabelle <3:
this song is just.. on another level.. its like a magic hypnosis spell! well done from the uk to Serbia <3
Josip Kunac
Josip Kunac:
Bravo Srbija. Bravo susjedi. Stradaše mi živci, hoćete, nećete.
Jako neobična pjesma.
U kući se sluša ova šašava pjesma. 🙂
Umetnica mora biti zdrava, srce kuca, hahahah.
Idemo do pobjede, Bože zdravlja! ❤️🙂
Pozdrav iz Hrvatske.
Artistically speaking , they are the real winners of the Eurovision. WONDERFUL and magic
maciej bukowski
maciej bukowski:
Original song and performence 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲
12 points to Poland and Serbia 💪👍
Αναστασία Λυκούρα
Αναστασία Λυκούρα:
Από την πρώτη στιγμή που το άκουσα το ξεχώρισα. Η ερμηνεία της είναι μοναδική! ΜΠΡΑΒΟ ΤΟΥΣ!
Konstrakta was robbed by the jury, she hands down deserved that win
lina Fraija
lina Fraija:
I love how she smiled a little bit when she heard the audiance clapping. That was awesome ! This is definitely the best performance for me, there is not need to huge props, sparkling clothes, or high notes. She is sufficient by herself.
Elson Gjoka
Elson Gjoka:
So nice coerography red light created a magical vibe ,the singer was even a good actress ...looked like on hypnose
Pure Art
Βασίλης Σπάχος
Βασίλης Σπάχος:
Nice of her accepting Eurovision at her show .. Great job Queen of Serbia ! Greetings from Greece :*
Σταυρακας Καραϊσκάκης
Σταυρακας Καραϊσκάκης:
Sick minds and sick souls in "healthy" bodies. This is what Europe is today. Hvala Srpski. 🇷🇸🇬🇷
THis is possibly the most clever performance of this ESC and probably for a while!
Marina MonArch
Marina MonArch:
The moment when everyone in the arena clapped with her… in perfect rhythm… I mean. I don’t recall when was the last time the audience was so in awe with someone. It’s like the’ve been enchanted! She is amazing! ❤️
Marge S
Marge S:
Bravaaaa dall'Italia!!!! 🇮🇹❤️🇷🇸 Bellissimo messaggio 🤍
Marko Radić
Marko Radić:
Konstrakta's music is so thought-provoking, inspiring and unique that I would like to give it a name – KONSTRAKTISM – just like an art movement.
Now that I read what the choreographer did, i can say he is a true genius of this theatrical performance. What he did combined a message of society in healthy body but rotten soul and mentally disturbed mind. Over washing hands due to covid will not wash our inner self. While the choreographer used a moment from Sharon Stone Movie Basic instinct and crossing legs ( brutality of Kardashian TV realty) 1.30 min and then using a hand over face from Marline Dietrich movie ''Blue Angel'' 2.16 min utterly genius.
Adrien Batton
Adrien Batton:
This is the best show with modern social message! Bravo!
Marco Cuccurin
Marco Cuccurin:
Agnieszka Kozłowska
Agnieszka Kozłowska:
I voted for Konstrakta. Congratulations 🇷🇸 Love from 🇵🇱
This woman actually hypnotised the audience and no-one noticed they are under her spell. The way that she delivers this artistic performance is just mesmerising. She is just on another level of human consciousness.ESC will never be the same after her performance. This woman made a history.
M B:
First Listening: Ok thats weird
Second Listening: its not that bad.
This song was the most original of all. Very inteligent choice of topic on mental health as so talked about these days. Konstrakta was captivating and perfect with the combining experimental sound. Serbia made an outstading performance. Congratulations!
City zg _
City zg _:
Svaka čast, nema starleta, golotinje, primitivizma, umišljenosti. Jedna normalna, jednostavna a drugačija posebna djevojka, žena sa specifičnom pjesmom i nastupom. Daj Bože da pobjediš u finalu. Pozdravi iz Zagreba. 🇭🇷
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
This performance is so captivating, in the beginning I was like wrf but then I couldn't stop looking at her, she definitely has something
Octo Kidツ
Octo Kidツ:
the winner for me. love from Portugal🇵🇹
Elke Schneider
Elke Schneider:
Was für eine großartige Show! Ich habe viele Male aus Deutschland angerufen für euch! Viel Erfolg weiterhin 🍀
Andi Sai
Andi Sai:
So deep, poignant and thought-provoking, and absolutely artistically fantastic! A true artist. Love from 🇫🇷
Jelena Todosijević
Jelena Todosijević:
Koliko je samo publika voli... posle toliko godina rada i truda van estrade, na nekoj sopstvenoj planeti, ovo je njena nagrada. Toliko poruka , cak je i nas patrijarh objasnio jednu od sustina pesme, toliko intelekta, toliko bunta, toliko ljubavi u jednoj pesmi....i toliko seksepila u Konstrakti. Jednostavno, to se zove umetnicko delo.
KuLu Pulu
KuLu Pulu:
This song has fantastic message, which many people simply didn't understand, but I'm happy they got a high rating
The most intelligent lyrics of the song in the entire Eurovision .The smartest lyrics in the whole Eurovision song, great performance and a sense of black humor.Greetings and 12 points from Poland!!!
Blood Sugar
Blood Sugar:
One of the only countries performing in their own language. Good job Serbia. Thats what the Eurovision is about, representing your country. Everyone sings in English nowadays.
Francesco Andrea Rossi
Francesco Andrea Rossi:
At first i hated it and it's not my cup of song, but after the live performance i am becoming obsessed with that! This is a Masterpiece
Lukasz Materla
Lukasz Materla:
12 points from Poland 🇵🇱
Konstrakta is the best
Good luck Serbia 🇷🇸
Great rhythm, performance and .. suspense! This year it was this song that stood up, everything else was boring. Congrats from Bulgaria!
_Leo_ Jamal_Vanessa_
_Leo_ Jamal_Vanessa_:
This song is too relaxing for my ears and cheers me up 🇮🇹❤️🇷🇸
I think the real strenght of this song relies in the fact that everyone really FELT the message rather than really fully understanding the lyrics. The performance is extremely on point, a theatre act. Really really glad for Serbia, which is not just hyper-power nationalism: to me, this came out as the best surprise ever.
alperen ünal
alperen ünal:
This performance was the most creative show in eurovision (from Turkey)
Hristijan h
Hristijan h:
preznoijo sam se cekajuci da izgovore SERBIA, bravo braco bre idemoo 🇲🇰
Мир сошёл с ума. Мир безумен.
А эта песня как крик души!
Она должна захватить всю планету!)
Очень понравилась!
Tara Tara
Tara Tara:
And this is what abstract art should be all about, provoking and challenging lazy minds into unknown.
Belle R
Belle R:
Fantastic messege, artisticly brilliant we have clean bodys full of toxic minds💖
Priscila Trindade
Priscila Trindade:
Perfeita! Pra mim a melhor performance ❤️
Bro Bugi
Bro Bugi:
Nobody remembers the winners, but everyone remembers legends.
Aspa Stehr
Aspa Stehr:
Nothing like this ever again in Eurovision.
Serbia wow!
Deep, unique, artistic, unforgettable, kind of creepy. Gives you chills.
This year's songs were ALL boring, at this one we all stopped and watched.
In Corpore Sano
In Corpore Sano:
This is a comment I came across a while ago I'm just reposting it cause I really like it
"On the surface level this song is about the indifference towards culture and the unavailability of healthcare. On a bit deeper level it is about the capitalist belief that everything, including health, is exclusively in our hands and strictly depends on our own self-care and personal responsibility. There is also some ridicule and calling out of superficiality, vanity and banality of modern art. Under the deepest layer it talks about the modern cult and vulgar obsession with youth, beauty and physical health; fear of death and overall narcissism."
"A sad soul in a healthy body" THATS SO GOOD serbia should have won
Serbia, this is one of your best entries ever. This song has powerful meanings and the singer gives a great performance! Love from Greece ❤
Konstrakta is gonna have all of my votes on Saturday. Everything about her performance is perfect, from the song to the staging, and I love how charismatic she is. She's definitely the queen of this Eurovision 👑 Love from Italy 🇮🇹❤️🇷🇸
Olena Olena
Olena Olena:
Konstrakta reminds me of Kateryna from Go_A (Ukraine 2021). Both are stunning brunettes with mysterious and hypnotic vibes around them. Both are singing in their native language but have the whole world singing along. Both have “weird” songs and performances not everyone can understand the first time they hear or see it. Both are pretty static during the whole performance. And both finished 5th, failed by the juries but adored by the public.
Artistically speaking , they are the real winners of the Eurovision. WONDERFUL and magic
DifferentKindofGay Podcast
DifferentKindofGay Podcast:
If Serbia has something that is highly unappreciated, but valuable is its underground art scene. Konstrakta's work is not suitable for this parade of kitsch. It belongs to some of the top cabaret venues in Berlin or New York. I wonder who sits on the jury panels though. Music critics definitely not. Greetings from Australia. We have given this song high marks both in the jury and televote!
Wera Harnas
Wera Harnas:
I don' t know what she' s singing about but that was awesome!
Chorus is great for 007 Bond movie 😍.
Greets from Poland 🇵🇱.
Dakle, moj sin od 4 godine je nakon završetka Konstraktinog nastupa rekao: "tata, ponovno stavi ovu pjesmu!" Neki dan je pjevušio "biti zdrava" dok je prao ruke.. Konstrakta je kod nas doma već pobijedila! 😀 Iskreno se nadam da će pobijediti u subotu!
Eros&Psyche 💫
Eros&Psyche 💫:
Ana ako nekada svratis na ove komentare , ženo znaj da nam je srce stalo u polufinalu😂Čitav region je bio u grču.A tek kad je žiri u finalu očajno glasao, trenutak kad je trebalo da saopste glasove, pa onda skok na prvo mesto😂😂😂
Mislim da je ceo Balkan skakao!
Lolle Heart
Lolle Heart:
Umetnica je apsolutna pobjednica svega ikad. Do Beovizije za nju znalo 6 ljudi, ukljucujuci babu iz Glibovca, a sad smo svi kolektivno zaljubljeni u nju. 😍
Noa Lavigne
Noa Lavigne:
I hadn't seen this song, I love the performance and the message, congratulations konstrakta for your art, greetings from Barcelona!
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia:
I loved this song, her attitude and the boldness of it all! Stands different and original from all others and should have won!
Loved and voted for it, Congratz from Portugal !
Moje ime je Konstrakta i pobedu ocekivala nisam! Dogodine u Glibovcu❤️
Viola Pavlenko
Viola Pavlenko:
Зачарована Вашим виступом !🇺🇦💕
Lena Chero
Lena Chero:
My favourite! so unique and catchy, can't stop watching
Gonda K.
Gonda K.:
This song is amazing, I have it stuck in my head.
Can't wait to visit Serbia again💕
Absolutely perfect I got chills watching that, greetings from Poland🥰🥰
Luka Svagusa
Luka Svagusa:
Znaci upravo gledam nastup I reakcija publike mislim da govori sve. Iznenadio sam se pozitivno I osjecqm se tako ponosan iako sam hrvat. Pozz za srbiju, treba bit pobjednik 😍
Klaudia Pierzchała
Klaudia Pierzchała:
A piece of art executed perfectly. Great job Serbia!
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg:
Never seen anyone with so much confidence on stage
Ghost of Hu Tao
Ghost of Hu Tao:
Kontrakta has such a good way to control her emotions when people clap with her she doesnt start smiling and keeps her face straight
M Z:
Hvala Konstrakta sto si ujedinila region i sto si predstavila Srbiju u najlepsem svetlu. Nikad nismo imali ovakvog predstavnika, pametna, kulturna, zabavna, zanimljiva.. Sve najbolje u daljem radu.
Matei Cina
Matei Cina:
Nerealan nastup. Iako sam gledao do sad jedno mali milion puta, uspela je sve da nas ocara ponovo! Sinhronizovani aplauz sa publikom je bio neverovatan.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
hands is actually applause in the language of the deaf and dumb. Nothing in this song is accidental ... Ave Konstrakta ...
Heidi DP
Heidi DP:
Ella es tan magnética que ni siquiera ese horror de escenario ni la dirección del show televisivo hizo que pasada desapercibida
Katarina Adašević
Katarina Adašević:
Definitivno najbolja pjesma koja je zaslužila pobjedu. Pozdrav iz Hrvatske!
Ozbay Hasan
Ozbay Hasan:
Diğer şarkılar unutulacak ama bu hep var olacak. ❤️❤️ @konstrakta you're the winner of hearts 💕 💕
Na kraju se obratila publici sa: Hvala dragi ljudi. Nema thank you Europe, nema granica, nego Ljudi.
Veliko hvala iz Srbije svim dragim Ljudima koji su razumeli Konstraktine poruke...❤️❤️❤️
This is my best. It's so lovely to listen, congrats from🇹🇷
Maja Stanojević🐶
Maja Stanojević🐶:
Hvala Italijanima što su tapšali sa nama! Najveći aplauz smo dbili. Svaka pohvala za Konstraktu!
i screamed out loud when i saw that Serbia got to 5th place! obsessed with this queen and her music! well done Serbia!
Melody Rose Palmer
Melody Rose Palmer:
I LOVE HER SO MUCH she should have won! All my heart from Italy 🇮🇹 pure contemporary art ♥️
Samuele Frezza
Samuele Frezza:
I will only listen to this song for the next two days, Come on Konstrakta !!!! 🇮🇹♥️♥️♥️♥️🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Alex Santos
Alex Santos:
I love how different this song is compared to the rest. It's eccentric, quite like Lithuania last year, and I think it's great for that reason. Great job Konstrakta from the UK ❤️
Very original song, Serbia, Sweden or UK should've won.
Wolfter ..
Wolfter ..:
Pozdrav vam z Polska , krasna piesnija . Bądźcie zdrowi !
N M:
Ovo je dokaz da za uspijeh i umjetnost ne treba gola guzica i silikoni !!! Nego da je umjetnica ( MENTALNO) zdrava ;)
the moment when audience clapped with her gave me goosebumps. this is art. she brought something different to eurovision scene and deserves to win. UMETNICA MORA BITI ZDRAVA! 🇷🇸🙌
Kim Acronym
Kim Acronym:
This performance blew me away - did not expect this. My favourite song this year, amazing.
çöldeki simyacı
çöldeki simyacı:
my fav eurovision song so far...you deserved to be winner! lyrics are so brave and meaningful. love you serbia!
COULON Matthieu
COULON Matthieu:
For me, one of the best song. This one deserves a better place that 5.
First or second. Everything is great. Voice, music and lyrics.
Ece Kopal
Ece Kopal:
She is beautiful, she has style, the song is a masterpiece, it touches my soul. I dont care it didnt win. I am listening this song for 24 hours <3