Kraków Flood (Powódź) 2010

As Krakow basks in the glorious May sunshine, it is hard to imagine that 6 years ago, in mid May 2010, Kraków experienced the worst flooding (Powódź) for 160 years and some say in its history.

This video, captures ‘then and now’ with footage shot on 18th May 2010 compared with recent film of the same views, taken this month.

After rapid snow melt and 2 months of rainfall in 24 hours Poland suffered extensive flooding along the 1,047 km course of the Wisła (Vistula) River, affecting Małopolska and Kraków.

Kraków’s president declared a state of emergency, with the Dębnicki and Nowohucki bridges being closed as the flood water of the Wisła rose on 18th May.

The level of the Wisła passed the high water mark, rising to 300cm above the average flood level. As the ‘Bulwary Wiślane’ riverside walkways were covered, reaching to the top of the sign posts, workers battled to place sand bags in support of the rivers more traditional stone bulwark flood defences.

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