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Warm city in Russia? Why not! Krasnodar is what you're looking for!
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Dan Chandler
Dan Chandler:
I can't believe just how much Russia has changed in the last 20 years !!! I spent a lot of time travelling around the entire former USSR in the 1990's and SO Much has changed for the better in so many places there now !!! I still love Russia and would really like to see it all again !!!
Krasnodar looks like a nice, clean, modern city. Far better than many places in America and I have been to 47 American states.
In Serbo/Croatian the name "Krasnodar" means "Beautiful gift" -- Krasno/Krasan "beautiful", Dar "Gift"...What a beautiful city.
Greets from Kotor, Montenegro.
adelso bernal chacon
adelso bernal chacon:
Saludos desde Venezuela, las ciudades de Rusia son las mas bonitas que he visto, son muy organizadas tienen muchas areas verdes, parques y la arquitectura es muy buena
Amundam Marline
Amundam Marline:
God blessed this city and the people of Russia. The people of Russia, deserved love from the spiritual world.
Всё Пройдет
Всё Пройдет:
Замечательный город, по-моему. Привет всем жителям Краснодара из Харькова. Счастья вам!
Егор Ермаков
Егор Ермаков:
Cool! I'm Belarusian, but I love Russia from all my heart! Krasnodar too! Thanks for video!
J D:
Respect and my salute for the Billionaire and the business men who contributed a huge sum for the good of people..

Love for Russia
Very beautiful city.
What i love most about cities in Russia and here in Finland is how green & full of nature they are in summer
Nic Coetzee
Nic Coetzee:
As a South African I am truly amazed at the beauty and splendour of this City and many others! An eye OPENER!!
Financial News and Stock Trade
Financial News and Stock Trade:
Russia is very beautiful....I ll definitely visit to Russia once in my life
Jeffrey Bue
Jeffrey Bue:
I stumbled across your channel the other day cause it showed up in my "recommended" section. I love it! Great content about a country I've been fascinated with my entire life. I've traveled all over the world but I've never been to Russia. It's still on "my list". Such a big country and I'd love to visit one day. Your vids give me a lot of options to ponder a visit one day. Thank you!
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu:
Really Very Beautiful Country Russia..I Want to Travel to Russia Once in My Life.. Love To Russia From India 🇮🇳
я в краснодаре служил.в 1990-92.возил комбата на уазике.изъездил весь город вдоль и поперек.в ролике едва узнаю некоторые улицы.как давно это было..приятные воспоминания.замечательный город.замечательные люди!
Город очень красивый и чистый, и жители живут неторопливой жизнью, которая чище и комфортнее, чем в нашем китайском городе.
Eduardo Gavino
Eduardo Gavino:
By looking the street alone, we are convince that certain place is good or bad. In Russia, what you see are
beautiful scenery, people, clean surrounding. This perfect. nothing to ask for. Most of the people are well
behave. I love Russia
Thearmedforcesof Organizedcrime
Thearmedforcesof Organizedcrime:
Beautiful race,beautiful culture,beautiful social environment.
Татьяна Рудакова
Татьяна Рудакова:
Всем привет из Биробиджане.Прекрасный город,а сколько маленьких детей!Это признак благополучия,уверенности в будущем.
Lubov Pithugina
Lubov Pithugina:
Спасибо за позитивное представление российских городов! У нас много красивого можно посмотреть и получить позитивный заряд. Добро пожаловать в Россию!
Christina K
Christina K:
Looks like a very nice city! Thanks for this video. I’m in the US and would love to visit.
Happy kid Счастливый малыш
Happy kid Счастливый малыш:
Привет с Псковщины, приходилось бывать в Краснодаре, это красивый, чистый, ухоженный город, с изумительным климатом!
Beautiful and very interesting city. Would love to go there one day. Greetings from Poland.
Мэгги Смит
Мэгги Смит:
Я родилась в Краснодарском крае,в станице Бриньковская! Очень красивый город,была там последний раз лет в17,он и тогда был хорош,тогда поразило обилие красивых людей! Привет из Запорожья!🌹
M. Ismail
M. Ismail:
Great work man 👏🏽👏🏽
One the best videos about Russian city’s ,
beautiful way of exploring everything you would like to know about people culture history talking to people
Hopefully I will visit this beautiful city on my next travels to Russian federation .
Thanks for sharing Man 🥂
RussianPlus, whoever you are, I am excited now to know more about Russia. Most of my life I always look at window of everything good from the US & Europe and never look at the other window of good things from Russia. I'm glad a person like you, born in Russia but grew up in the US because of your accented English, have shown me and to the world all the good things Russia has. Again, thank you so much!
Robert Lee
Robert Lee:
Wow! the last time I was in Russia was 1997, Khabarovsk. The change just blows ones mind. It is so clean, beautiful and seems so progressive. I want to see and experience that society again. I would like to visit Russia again. I am trying to brush up on my language skills an it is easier with the Internet to get help but total emersion would be the only way.
AP Ndrssn
AP Ndrssn:
Great video! I'm Peruvian and let me tell you that we now know more about Krasnodar, since their football club hired the services of Peru's play-maker Christian Cueva.
What a wonderful stadium, a pity it wasn't included for the world cup. I would've loved to stop here for at least 2 days when I was moving from Sochi to Moscow.
Александр Агеев
Александр Агеев:
Лайк прекрасному городу Краснодару и его жителям!Привет из Самары!
Fikret Celebi
Fikret Celebi:
Russland 🇷🇺 sehr viel modern
Alle Städte sind Wunder schön geworden. Nicht wie vor 20, Jahr her
Konstantin Zaitsev
Konstantin Zaitsev:
I live 200 km from Krasnodar, where the valley ends and the mountains begin! This is the best place to live in Russia.
Привет из Штатов! Браво Краснодар!
Thank you for the great video! Like!
Haj ro
Haj ro:
Amazing city! Спасибо за видео!
I am playing in my mind to leave germany in some yeara and settle to russia, exactly at the south of russia, krasnodar, sochi, maybe gelenshik or novorossisks,'s a very beautiful region of the 🌎.

One hour ago a have seen an clip from tiblisi...Caucasian region is just amazing.

Thank you for your work and yes, krasnodar is very nice!
John G
John G:
Well that a surprise, its in better shape than a lot of western countries, its so clean and fresh. In time I think Russia will be the new age west.
Art Tac
Art Tac:
Beautiful russia.
Thank you great video.... lovely place with lovely people. I would love to live here :)
Interesting to see some new cities on the planet. Greetings from Down Under, New Zealand. Nice video, thanks
René Neves de Sá
René Neves de Sá:
Belíssima cidade!
Олег Афанасьев
Олег Афанасьев:
Thanks for the great video report about my home-town:) Интересно было послушать о родном городе на хорошем английском языке! В целом, всё по делу рассказал и много материала отснял в центре прямо рядом с моим домом))
RUSSIA is beautiful.
ISR Berliner
ISR Berliner:
I am very impressed it is a great city it is hard to believe this is Russia , i would not mind living there . I learned Russian in school of course a long time ago in East Germany , but i only remember a few words . I have a friend that lives in the city of Krasnodar and he speaks very well English .
Earth Souljah
Earth Souljah:
Beautiful country and people.. Keep your country Green keep your country clean grow more native tree.. Happy country happy people 🌺🐗.
Ales Jirout
Ales Jirout:
Beautiful Russia.
dolo gore
dolo gore:
Looks pretty safe and organised but very ordinary, but the whole Eastern Bloc is becoming the best kept secret, I moved to Bulgaria and Western Europe still has a very strange perception and as their cities turn into third world ghettos the East is steadily improving.......good vid thanks
Lived here 7 years. Beautiful city, beautiful memories.
Anutka Malutka
Anutka Malutka:
Thank you so much for this video. My parent moved my family to USA when I was a kid but I was born in Krasnodar, Russia, this brought up so many memories!
Granger OOI
Granger OOI:
my father was a warplane mechanic and in the 80's he was there for a half year in training for su 27.
best wishes from Hungary
G M:
I had lived there during 3 years .it is amazing city . Will return soon . Моя Кубан
Russia has started to grow unfortunately it’s not fully developed give it time and Russia will be a new desirable place to go I know this because Russian people are very talented give them money and they will make a masterpiece.
I live in Romania and I'm well surprised by the infrastructure in Russia!
Patrick Piers
Patrick Piers:
Thank you for this vido, very interesting to know this city. I live in France and I learn to speak Russian. Russia is a proud country to consider, in this badly globalist world and decaying western civilization.
Hibi Abderrahmane
Hibi Abderrahmane:
I live in Krasnodar since 4 years . it's amazing city . big love from Algeria
Marcus SV
Marcus SV:
Большое спасибо - очень реалистично показан - город ! Tyank you !!!
Geo Naute
Geo Naute:
I have been living in Russia 4 years working as an expat...All I can say is that even though it is not "paradise", I felt welcome each and every day I was there and would be happy to go and live there in a heart-bit...
Melodius Thump
Melodius Thump:
Wow, had no idea that Russian cities were like this, much more modern, clean and organized than we are led to believe here in the US. They seem to be safer than US cities. Your videos are very professionally done and your English is easy to understand. I liked your Vladivostok video as well. Greatings from Florida USA.
I live in Krasnodar! I invite you to visit, show all the beauty of the Krasnodar Territory! Perhaps you will have a better opinion about Russia and hospitality!
Charly Perez
Charly Perez:
Beautiful place and great country, time to bring the wold together in peace and prosperity, respect to the free self determination of the Nations!!!
I've always wanted to go to Krasnodar. I met good people from there years ago. Perhaps I'll go this summer.
Nova Verse
Nova Verse:
6:55 I have to say hand on heart, this looks absolutely spectacular..

If private investments like these were more common in Russia, the locals would be more then satisfied and proud to show it to the world..
I live in The Netherlands we have our own amazing beautiful recreational spaces, but i have to say this one looks really amazing!.
Russian cities are getting as organized and cleaner as compared to most first-world cities, if not, better.
Rios Zario
Rios Zario:
I love Krasnodar and We are moving there next year.
Amundam Marline
Amundam Marline:
A beautiful city . I love this city with all my heart. I will be so happy to hear my beautiful city speaks English. I love you my beloved city Krasnodar.
Jose Lito Agonoy
Jose Lito Agonoy:
Krasnodar a very beautiful city love it I wanna live there
Dumitrescu Dan
Dumitrescu Dan:
I'd like to visit this wonderful city which I consider to be a unique experience. Impressive!
Beer Bich1
Beer Bich1:
WOW!!! Look how nice their roads/streets are....the streets/roads in the USA are neglected, decaying and CRUMBLING.
Tarar Support
Tarar Support:
Love to travel in Russia
kto-to tam
kto-to tam:
Какие, все таки, красивые города и люди в России!
Mohammad Karimzai
Mohammad Karimzai:
I was in krasnodar from 1973 to 1976. I love that city and the people was very nice, kind and they will help you in mony aspect. I have a good memory from that city and people.
Amazing Russia.. :)
Maria Ff
Maria Ff:
Cidade muito bonita quero visitar em 2022.
O clima é igual ao clima português. Em Portugal o clima é muito agradável desde Março a Setembro/Outubro.
Looks like Paradise!
Helder da Silva Famorosa
Helder da Silva Famorosa:
Cidade linda e desenvolvida
Dina Karan
Dina Karan:
I had lived in Krasnodar for 3 yrs before Krasnodar I lived in Tver and Moscow but Krasnodar is the best city I ever had visited I love the people and weather is very pleasant in Krasnodar. Love to visit Krasnodar again.
Stone Fire&ice
Stone Fire&ice:
Very beautiful city, that grew from Russian backward town! Our best wishes to new generations of it’s citizens from American people. Peace and prosperity to you.
Destroyer Riga
Destroyer Riga:
Long live Russia.
Alt - Monarchist
Alt - Monarchist:
Russians, Ukrianians, and Belarusians = RUSSIANS....No need to seperate people who are the same nationality.
ALLENIC _LoveMercyCompassion
ALLENIC _LoveMercyCompassion:
nice, lovely,very neat place and as i watch i feel the positive vibes within the city.
ilove exploring different countries and lifestyle thru watching youtube😘and i feel great seeing the lively and lovely place of Russia👍💗💓
watching from Aurora Philippines😘

and i love the place's name:krasnodar ,someone in the comment section said it was "beautiful gift"
Любомир Стоянов
Любомир Стоянов:
Краснодар красивьiй город! Море и знаменитьiе курортьi находятся близо! Спасибо за отличное видео!
Pardhasaradhi Potluri
Pardhasaradhi Potluri:
Video quality pretty good and your presentation is excellent. This is the one of best travel video i feel. Want to visit after seeing your video. Good work Bro.
Jah Jal
Jah Jal:
Beautiful...beautiful city! I want to live there!
Salute to the billionaire who paid for that beautiful park instead of putting all the money in foreign banks.
Name Familyname
Name Familyname:
beautiful is Russia !
Mohammad Shahzad
Mohammad Shahzad:
Enjoying a joyride to Russian Cities :) thanks for your work on these informative videos. Keep the good work going.
La Deda
La Deda:
Dude you cover soooo much! Great job! Wish i spoke Russian i would deffinately love to visit many cities and like to tour. Well maybe i will meet some Russians in America who can teach me that difficult Slavic language?
bill carson
bill carson:
first time i hear Krasnodar and i fall in love with that city,i hope there is no hate groups like neo nazi since iam not white god bless russia our old friend please come back again we missed you peace from Cape Guardafui (somalia)
Круто у вас! Молодцы! Привет из Одессы)
Woodrow C. Catulong
Woodrow C. Catulong:
Oh.. !!! It's a beautiful place... if given a chance i would love to visit that place and it seems people are friendly too. 😊😊😊
Antônio N. Freitas
Antônio N. Freitas:
Feijoa is a tipical fruit of Brasil. Here there is a fruit sister: goiaba. Greetings from Belo Horizonte - Brasil
Andrey S.
Andrey S.:
Краснодару лайк. Часто бываю там. Город ооочень нравится. Если бы только не невыносимые пробки ((
Привет с Камчатки!
Srbin Hercegovac
Srbin Hercegovac:
Krasnodar is Krasan Dar or Wonderful Gift. I am Serbian same meaning for Serbian Language.
Honestly i was surprised woww its amazing city .I visited Moscow but I'm never been in year I'm gonna spend my vacation there ...big love and respect
potatozz 1
potatozz 1:
I'm very surprised how Krasnodar is clean, modern and beautiful.
I have never been there but I wish I can go.
What it's suprising me that Krasnodar is more modern, more civilized than Rostov on don, the city of my grandma. I'm surprised also by the success that Russia can have and that the world is hiding it.
Okay there are collapsed, ugly cities and towns but you don't have to ignore the greatness of Russia
Pete Fdl
Pete Fdl:
Very beautiful. I like to go there someday. Russia is a very beautiful place to live in too I am thinking.
Walks and Such
Walks and Such:
Never submit to Western/American ways Russia! Your independence is your strength! Salute from Mexico & USA.
David Veras
David Veras:
Wow I love your videos man. I wish i can go there once.
Marty Mullen
Marty Mullen:
Thank you, Russian Plus, for another wonderful video. I love you, Russia!
Милая Панда
Милая Панда:
Живу в Краснодаре 4 года, переехала и офигела, тут и правда достаточно красиво и чисто(не везде), но каждый город не идеален, могу сказать Краснодар вполне аккуратный
Prasenjit Dey
Prasenjit Dey:
Excellent City, weather seems excellent too, Parks, shopping malls et all, 👌👍 Also a big👍 to the Billionaire who has contributed so much to beautify the City👍👍🤝
Jahirul Ahmed
Jahirul Ahmed:
Fantastic city...
Your channel has become my favorite. Thank you for showing more than monuments and museums. Cheers