Kristen Stewart "Knocked It Out of the Park" with Her New Fiancé | The Tonight Show

Kristen Stewart talks about her engagement, her acting debut in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and portraying Princess Diana in Spencer.

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Kristen Stewart "Knocked It Out of the Park" with Her New Fiancé | The Tonight Show


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Mithlen Finlass
Mithlen Finlass:
I love how confident she got over the years. As an introvert you struggle a lot with people or attention.
Lisa Su
Lisa Su:
Kristen is one of those people you're just rooting for even if you don't like all of her movies. She's just so genuine and likeable.
Bxbxb 1_
Bxbxb 1_:
She's so cool. Like she's her own self. She's not trying to be anyone to fit in in Hollywood like most celebrities do. She has that personality where you can find the same characteristics as she does in someone you know you your life and that's so captivating.
Angie S
Angie S:
She's been underrated for years. Finally she's proven her acting talent. Oscars is waving at her.
K bell
K bell:
She hasn’t changed a bit in terms of being real, genuine and cool. Also, a very talented actress. She will get that Oscar.
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
She's so effortlessly cool. I'm literally 13 seconds in and I have to keep replaying her "knocked it out of the park" thing haha
I just love her. She's so authentic and confident . More than anything, she's comfortable.
Joscelyne K
Joscelyne K:
Kristen Stewart seems like one of those who is actively trying not to have a big fat ego about her art. People think flashy overconfidence makes a person sexy or cool, but honestly a quiet and humble confidence is 🔥
The way this woman has transformed into such a wonderful human being + her voice is so pleasing to the ears. She's so honest and genuine. Much love Kristen Stewart ❤
John Cooper
John Cooper:
I am wow - she is so confident. Playing Dianna, YIKES - few could have gotten close - she nailed it. On engagement - Mazel tov, you deserve it.
Jaime Alexandra
Jaime Alexandra:
I’m so happy to see not only her so confident, but also POSITIVE comments about her. Being a fan of hers for years, I remember cringing at all the horrible things people said about her. I’m so glad her reputation did a 180. She deserves the best.
Jimmy has a talent to make people feel good about themselves and make them at ease
Redgrin grumble
Redgrin grumble:
“These are serious books”- Jimmy Fallon about the twilight saga.

You heard him say it. He can never change that.
I've always adored her. She's so raw and real ... 100% just herself. I love it.
Adrita Majumder
Adrita Majumder:
Kristen is such a cool, laid back and genuine person. She's like someone you'd support and cheer for despite not watching all of their work. Also can we talk about how good she looks with this shade of blonde hair in particular 🔥
Congratulations to Dylan and Kristen on their engagement 💗
She is stunning and she's gotten so confident over the years. Really proud of her and her achievements!
Bianca Carrijo
Bianca Carrijo:
It is so refreshing to read all these kind and genuine comments after years of unffair hate towards her. She is amazing, I'm so happy to see her glowing!
She is gonna get that Oscar ,I watched the movie . It's one of her best performances ever .
She has played Diana so well the acting the accent It's amazing.
Edit (9/02/2022) : and today she got nominated for actress in lead role I'm so happy for her . I wish she wins.
I'm so happy that she's been out of her shell the last few years. She was indeed bullied for her personality for a while. People even judged her facial expressions ,tf. She's cool af.
She seems like she's doing great and personality-wise has matured in such a beautiful way. She looks great and wish the best for her! She's someone I'd be friends with if she wasn't a celebrity. Wish you the best with the engagement/marriage!
Mathilde Escusetoi
Mathilde Escusetoi:
Kristen is so genuine how can you not love her
Amanda Fenton
Amanda Fenton:
She can do no wrong in my eyes, she has done some really great movies, if you put the twilight ( which I actually don’t mind) she has done so really good movies, x
Paola Acevedo
Paola Acevedo:
I absolutely adore her and I'm so happy she is getting the recognition she always deserved. Sending her so much love.
Jon Alvy
Jon Alvy:
Beautiful woman. Love her❤️
A B:
I think Jimmy isn‘t just being nice and a good host, it seems like he really truly is a fan of hers 🥺
Malin Helldén
Malin Helldén:
She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen AND a fantastic, super talented actress. I love her, omg
Valentina Simmons
Valentina Simmons:
Her confidence is so great. I'm glad she's happy. It seems like she can finally be herself. It's refreshing and she's definitely bloomed as an actor too.
O.M. Khin
O.M. Khin:
Just love her and her honesty. She's the most real one out there. Very genuine and thoughtful in her responses. She deserves all the praises she's getting for Spencer!
I love her. I was already blow away by her in Into The Wild. Her acting is so good, and listening to her explaining a bit more about Diana just confirms how deep and sensitive she is, that's what i feel when i see her on screen , whatever role it is.
Hope she gets an Oscar! Love her ❤
I really admire her very much. In this majority society, even if homosexuality and bisexuality have been normalized, they will still be viewed differently by others, but she bravely admits that I think she is a very great person .
I love all the movies shes in she is such a good actress and shes not like other child actors she wanted these roles and she was exited to do hard and challenging roles and i love her for having that kind of work ethic she is such a brilliant individual and shes absolutely gorgeous
jimmy: *brings up twilight as if she hasn't had any other amazing performances since 2010*
kristen: "well, i've been doing this for a minute"
she really is the coolest. i will never be ashamed to admit how big of a fan i am of hers. since forever. she’s awesome
I've always loved her. And I've always thought that she got a lot of undeserved hate. I'm glad that she's finally getting the recognition that she deserves, and to see this comment section so full of positivity!
Fabio Assis
Fabio Assis:
It’s amazing how Kristen looks so much happier, fully blossomed and living her best life! She’s AMAZING in “Spencer” and I hope she gets an Oscar nod. Love to see someone happy and radiant like that….. 🤗
Angie Singh
Angie Singh:
She deserves all the accolades, she is phenomenal actor and person, big fan of her because of twilight, she is so versatile from doing big box office movies to independent movies she can do it all. Put respect on Kristen Stweart
Kristen, I know you don't indulge in social media, but I was trying to find a place for you to see this--you did such an amazing job in portraying Diana! You are lovely and such a down to earth person. Love it. ❤
¡Miss Alisha¡
¡Miss Alisha¡:
Seriously LOVE Kristen😍🤩🥵 loved her in Twilight - The Runways - Adventureland Plus many many more of the movies she's done. (OHH, Can't forget The Cake Eaters movie.) As much as I hear people hate on Twilight I STILL every now & again will sit down & watch every single one, ALL IN ORDER!! I CANT WAIT to see Spencer!!!
She's cool AF & definitely underrated in my opinion. She's super talented & doesn't follow the 'Hollywood beauty standards' which is WHY I like her so much. She's 1000% herself, not fake, doesn't get plastic surgery, she's original & REAL 😍💖👍🏻
I’m so happy for her, she is so beautiful and deserves happiness ❤️🏳️‍🌈
Kelc 83
Kelc 83:
I've always loved Kristen from Twilight to Adventureland and everything inbetween. I'm looking forward to seeing her in Spencer and hope she gets an Oscar nod for it!! She looks super happy too and seemed a lot more comfortable in this interview than ones I've seen in the past. Very happy for her!!
Christopher Tollefson
Christopher Tollefson:
Effortlessly cool. I’ve heard she’s completely real with her fans, like she’s waited around at events to make sure all of her fans get autographs. Love her.
Ann Walt Locke
Ann Walt Locke:
I was a fan, even during the twilight shitstorm I've always liked her. Introvert, cool, effortlessy beautiful, magnetic, charming and talented. I kinda lost her during these last years... I know she had some major roles and can't wait to watch her again, I'm always happy when people say positive things about her. I'm really happy she's still around and improving her talent!
Can't even express how drop dead gorgeous she is in this clip!!!
A A:
She's so sweet and likeable. I'm so glad she's getting praise for her acting!!
Mike G
Mike G:
I wasn’t a fan of _Personal Shopper_ or _Clouds of Sils Maria_ but Kristen Stewart turned in stellar performances in them, and held her own against Juliet Binoche, which is impressive. I had no doubt she was going to make a great Diana.
Loved seeing this interview, Kristen is a force to be reckoned with and she has so much talent. Great Job Kristen, can’t wait to see Spencer!!
I'm loving her confidence! Wishing her and her fiance the best!
Ding dong
Ding dong:
I love her so freaking much!
I LOVED her makeup!! Her look and everything is so amazing. Also GREAT scene & acting! Can’t wait to watch Spencer now!!
Lua Bahia
Lua Bahia:
I'm in love with her spirit, her grace, kindness, she's such a divine example of pure human loveliness
LifeSavor ASMR
LifeSavor ASMR:
I love interviews with her. She's always so raw and quirky and intelligent and interesting. Shallow comment....but what a fabulous outfit.
Susan Lawless
Susan Lawless:
That girly laugh is so beautiful!! I love this authentic and talented❤❤❤
She’s the coolest. Coolest hair, coolest clothes, coolest makeup. Happy for her.
I'm so glad she's finally getting the recognition she deserves.
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie:
She is an amazing person probably one of Hollywood's most genuine and down to earth actresses she never let fame go to her head she is very humble I love that about her
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
I cannot adore her enough ugh I'm so happy for her always
Ana Luíza Falcão
Ana Luíza Falcão:
Ahh! She's awesome. I love Kristen! ❤️
she’s perfect
Merope Durwood
Merope Durwood:
I'm literally so happy for her. First the "Spencer" movie, which is looking GREAT, and then the engagement (congratulations to her)... I think it's safe to say she's out of that "Twilight" character bubble people used to see her in.
Hanna Joaquin
Hanna Joaquin:
I'm so happy for the two of them ❤️
It shows that she has worked on her self-esteem, and that she feels good about herself. Congratulations on the engagement 🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️😘
Mel O
Mel O:
her fiancée is the luckiest woman ever
When Jimmy talks about her performance as Diana, that was probably the most genuine I've ever seen him come across
The Empress
The Empress:
Oh my god please give her an Oscar or I'm never believing in Oscars again. This is groundbreaking. This movie. The "deepest" take yet on Princess Diana's life. I love how they focused on the undercurrents and the little complexities that make the pattern of Princess Diana's likeness stand out. Like painting a picture by using the shadows in the background so the likeness will shine forth in the light.
hunter michele
hunter michele :
im so in love with her!! happy for her engagement and success on Spencer!! <33
Felix Hansen
Felix Hansen:
She‘s just outstanding. And honestly I‘ve loved her so much in twilight, I just started buying DVD‘s to all her movies without informing myself about the movie, just because she’s in it and I have NOT been disappointed in any of these movies. She is surreally underrated
al pacino macchiato
al pacino macchiato:
i love how she's finally comfortable in interviews warms my heart :)
congratulations on your nomination for the oscar kristen you deserve it the role of diana is not easy and you did it, maybe many did not like the movie and much less your performance, but who are they to judge.
Mihir Ranjan
Mihir Ranjan:
Omg, her British accent is spot on!! No wonder she is great actress. Sometimes her acting talent is overshadowed by her pretty face.
Veronica Sanchez
Veronica Sanchez:
She is definitely cool and I can relate to her how she was shy and bullied and very introvert and I feel like she has definitely become more confident and grown as a person..this motivates me
Toni Toni
Toni Toni:
Goosebumps, all the time. So happy for her engagement!
Muhaimin Mutalib
Muhaimin Mutalib:
I'm so happy for her!!😭 I love her so much
Lulu Redden
Lulu Redden:
I love you so much Kristen! I’m so so proud of you
Jimmy Fallon is the biggest cheerleader for his guests and their projects I've ever with Kristen Stewart just now. He is the biggest promoter and heaps praise and joy on them..I love this guy ✨✨
Jaemin's coffee☕
Jaemin's coffee☕:
She's literally been my fav Hollywood actress since my childhood. I just love her💚💚💚
Iadira Saenz
Iadira Saenz:
I don’t care what this hater Internet, social media haters say. I love ❤️ her. Good for her!!’
Hazza's Bakery
Hazza's Bakery:
As an introvert myself, I must say that she is an inspiration to most of us!
HanHan Swift
HanHan Swift:
She’s WOW. Queen of my heart!!!
Seriously, 1st time I have everrrrrrrr seen her smile from her intro w|Twilight. She was always sour vibes. Good for her.
Tracy Fortin
Tracy Fortin:
Glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves
Sela Raye
Sela Raye:
the way she describes things is poetic!
Heena Jackson
Heena Jackson:
Kristen Stewart always been brave strong confident good sing actress inspiration to others Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart amazing together.
Frances Martinez
Frances Martinez:
Congratulations Kristen!! 🙏❤
Kat Luv
Kat Luv:
Shes an Amazing actress!!!
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos:
"Well, it's freezing in here."

I'm dead, I love her Lmao
Jeanae Rowley
Jeanae Rowley:
She is seriously one of the most genuine and sweetest souls on the planet 😍
A big fan of hers since Twilight.
Love her to death.
She is the coolest❤️❤️❤️.
OMG, Kristen totally owned that role in Spencer. I love seeing her confidence and happiness in life. She's worked really hard at her craft, and it shows. Good luck, Ms. Stewart at all of your future endeavors and in your upcoming marriage! ❤️🙏👍
Isabelle Araújo
Isabelle Araújo:
Jimmy is so fatherly here, it’s kinda sweet ♥️
Also, Kristen is just amazing in everything she does! Can anybody not love her?
she deserves the world!! so happy for her and dylan!!❤💫🌍
Victoria Panossian
Victoria Panossian:
She is so cute and beautiful ❤️ I am so happy for her and her fiancee's engagement 💕 I'm loving her outfit so much too
She looks STUNNING 🥵 there is just something about her that makes me stare and not get bored.. happens almost never with other people
Definitely love her awkward humor.
Мора М
Мора М:
For some reason, it seems to me that the act in kindergarten was her only impulsive act in life, and even now she remembers it so well :) Kristen in all the interviews (which I have seen) is quite reserved and thoughtful, but responsive to a relaxed and kind conversation, even joking)
Terri New
Terri New:
Wow!! She nailed it.
Michael Singer
Michael Singer:
She seems so much more confident and at ease with herself these days.
Where's Wesker
Where's Wesker:
I love how ever since I watched Twilight for the first time in 2008 I fell in love with her more than any guy in the movie. But I like her more now as she's much more confident and mature
Robin Addis-Vaughn
Robin Addis-Vaughn:
I wasn't expecting her to have the accent down THAT well! Wow!
that diana clip gave me chills. love kristen sm, even as a gay teen during her twilight years, I was obsessed with those awful books & always thought she didn't deserve even an ounce of the hate she got for those films. it should've been the source material that was fixed during the screenwriting phases of production & not her. she portrayed bella EXACTLY how the novels portrayed her, a young depressed teen moving to a town of complete isolation. i feel like she's gonna nail this role though. so happy to see her doing well for herself & congrats on the new fiancé!!
Nafisa Nasir
Nafisa Nasir:
She is really cool...and yeah.!!! She is my favorite...❣️❣️❣️❣️ Forever and forever and forever ❤️