Kristen Stewart On Playing 'The Most Famous Woman In The World' In 'Spencer'

Speaking with the press at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, Kristen Stewart reflects on playing "the most famous woman in the world, Princess Diana, in Pablo Larrain's "Spencer".

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sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
Playing Princess Diana is probably the most important role in Kristen's career as an actress, and also I'm proud of Pablo as a Chilean because for him it's a privilege to work with Kristen who's a talented actress. So Spencer is going to be one of the most expected movies at the cinemas.
Margie Paras
Margie Paras:
Kirsten looks very beautiful with that hair. She's looking fresh.
Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska:
I love how deeply Kristen put herself into Diana's psyche for this movie. When she talks about her perspective of filming the movie, you can really hear just how good of a grasp she has on what the world knows about who she was. Plus, she already had all of the necessary quirks that made Diana so likeable. Kristen is introverted by nature and has the same kind of awkward charm that Diana possessed, always being a little to the left of poise and properness. She really does capture Diana's unique charisma and I think that bodes well for her for when awards season rolls around.
seulgi~beomgyu 🐻 moarmyluvie
seulgi~beomgyu 🐻 moarmyluvie:
I think she's much more confident now. Yep she's still a bit awkward but she's looks more comfortable. Can't wait to see her in Spencer 😌💙
A B:
Kristen is such a talented actress. I’m glad she’s playing Diana
i’m very much looking forward to this movie…
K. Petrova
K. Petrova:
And the oscar for the best actress goes to KRISTEN STEWART❣️
Ah she’s my fav actress of all time even before Twilight days. I’m 25 now but I can’t believe I’ve loved her for more than 15 years and Kristen as Princess Diana is everything. I was super excited when I found out she was going to be her. All of her Chanel outfits and hair/makeup during the Venice fes were all so gorgeous! Rare that she went more feminine compared to her recent red carpet looks. I think it’s because she’s promoting Spencer they made her look more feminine. Absolutely stunning in this hair! I’m soo happy she’s growing it! Personally black hair Kristen was my fav but this kinda blonde really looks good too. I say this all the time but she’s so humble, down to earth, and super intelligent. Her choice of words and how she speaks. So smart with wide range of vocab lol literally a walking dictionary
Akumbu Sylvia Ohuche
Akumbu Sylvia Ohuche:
Love the growing confidence and maturity of her work. #LongLegsGang💞
Anna Liza Roque
Anna Liza Roque:
Can't wait to watch her amazing performance as Princess Diana.
Kris MR
Kris MR:
Omg she looks even prettier on that hair, and she's so professional, definitely I'm looking forward to this movie!
Trish Riccardi
Trish Riccardi:
Beautifully and eloquently said Kristen. ❤️
Anna Jacob
Anna Jacob:
'Wow' is all I can say. She seems to get it. Best wishes Kristen. RIP Princess Diana ❤
Akumbu Sylvia Ohuche
Akumbu Sylvia Ohuche:
Love the growing confidence and maturity of her work. #LongLegsGang💞
Oh how I loved Princess Diana. It was a privilege to live in a time when she was alive. She was incredibly kind and graceful and so relatable for a Royal. I will never forget her and the legacy she has left behind.
Wizarding World With Zack David
Wizarding World With Zack David:
Love that she’s finally getting the respect and admiration she deserves. ☺️☺️☺️
Naheen Taba
Naheen Taba:
Just wanted to say, her hair is more beautiful than it ever looked. Like it couldn't fit any one better. Also as an awkward person myself, I feel proud of Kristen :')
Hijabi Mama
Hijabi Mama:
Well that’s a surprising choice. Diana wasn’t just beautiful. She had a very elegant charm and you could see her kindness in her eyes, her demeanor, she exuded it. She also seemed like a very fun and affectionate mother IMO. I always liked Stewart and I hope she does the role justice. I don’t know how tall she is but she seems kinda mini compared to Diana who while very feminine and thin, was not a small woman. She’ll have to really control her facial expressions because if I’m honest, Stewart does a lot of the same in many of her roles. That’s why so many people do impressions of her. But I can’t wait to see it.
Angel Simone
Angel Simone:
I can't wait to see this Kirsten Stewart nailed Diana in Spencer and she might be nominated for an oscar. Lady Gaga, Jessica Chastian and Kristen Stewart.
Lidia C
Lidia C:
For those of us growing up with Diana it could be easy to say we know her. But for this remarkable girl, an actress who was born 7 years before her death it was a hard role to fill in. I’m certain she was fenomenal as Di
Kristen is so intelligent and so talented and so astute, and so very very in tune with her understanding of the characters she plays, that the whole ordeal and the entire mess of Summit massacring the Twilight franchise was a real injustice to both her and Rob, honestly.
Sanskriti Trivedy
Sanskriti Trivedy:
Kristen is such an amazing artist. She deserves great roles, like this.
V Mrqs
V Mrqs:
Kristen is bringing so much emotion to this role. Double excitement to watch this movie. I love Princess Diana and Kristen so much!
Annie Raine
Annie Raine:
She’s so talented ❤️❤️❤️
Sword of Evil's Bane
Sword of Evil's Bane:
I always believed in her talent. This movie will finally give the Oscar she totally deserved for so long.
Chloe Sheler
Chloe Sheler:
The blonde hair looks amazing on her, especially with that outfit!
Martin Tacheene
Martin Tacheene:
Can’t wait to see it!
Danica May
Danica May:
wow!! 😍 she looks sooo good in this hair color!! 😍 I’m just happy that she has longer her now 😍
Ang Bassett
Ang Bassett:
Must be a great movie, can’t wait.
David Cattin
David Cattin:
Kristen looks great, and the Chanel is amazing!
Sarah Jayne
Sarah Jayne:
Can't wait to see this 🙂 saw the trailer when it was released and was so excited to see Kristen Stewart playing the role of Diana she seems to be doing the role justice! Can't wait to hear more of her British accent 🤣
Zeeek C
Zeeek C:
I think my favorite thing about Kristen is how much she appreciates and loves the art of acting. She recognises it as an art form, something to wholly immerse herself into, and that is so beautiful. I love when people are in love with what they do. No pretense, just pure appreciation and skill. I'm looking forward to Spencer 💜
BeInUrCenter Tarot and Oracle Reading 444
BeInUrCenter Tarot and Oracle Reading 444:
Just like Diana, Kristen has her own unique beauty. Her quirkiness makes her so attractive.
T M:
She looks beautiful in that outfit. Blonde suits her.
Aura Garcia-Gabriel
Aura Garcia-Gabriel:
Love #KStew! Blonde really suits her! ❤️ I think this is her natural hair color!
Nuno Vasco
Nuno Vasco:
Kristen looks stunning 🙂
shreya Trapasiya
shreya Trapasiya:
Kristen looking always fresh and glowing 🌻
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz:
Oscars waiting for you next year Kristen...!!!
So looking forward to see it! hugs from Sweden
it's me, Georgina
it's me, Georgina:
They got the hair EXACTLY right, very good job
And Kristen has lost that depressed look 😍😑😍
Money 113
Money 113:
I wonder if we’ll see Kristin in some of the outfits they just showed Diana in. That’s the Diana I remember although definitely risqué for a princess.
Shan Sweetsummerstar
Shan Sweetsummerstar:
When is Hollywood and the entertainment industry going to let this woman rest in peace.
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo:
Honestly she doesn't look like Kristen anymore either, like a whole different character, good on her, this is a new opportunity to show her talents and hopefully the videographer's too, you gotta have a good director for this so I'm excited!! Yeyyy
Megatron Dafne
Megatron Dafne:
Kristen Stewart, an emotional actress ever👍
Lily B
Lily B:
can't wait to watch it ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly:
I'm actually excited for this.
she's cleaned up. she looks so amazing. i cant wait for the movie
Emma Summers
Emma Summers:
She looks so beautiful!! I am lovin the hair. I watched the trailer and I think she is going to be amazing as Princess Diana <3
Well done Kristen 💜👏
Genesis Duran
Genesis Duran:
Love her forever 🙏 RIP
Anna TevesBanzon
Anna TevesBanzon:
Finally a fit! Kristen has an established track record of those eyes and that bored look that princess Di was famous for. Plus since Diana was anorexic, you do need an actress that is equally sticklike. Hairdresser got haircolor down too I feel.
i cant wait to see ‘Spencer.’ Kristen really seems to be in giving Diana her all.
Amanda Guarini
Amanda Guarini:
Takes a lot of condlfidence to step out in Venicd in that outfit.
Adam S
Adam S:
I am so Glad they picked her to play the role what an Awesome actress love you Kristen your Awesome 🌟
ugh I fucking love her and all she has to say about how she relates to princess diana this movie will be so phenomenal
chile anyways
chile anyways:
Love it !!!❤️‍🔥
Mehanthi Rees
Mehanthi Rees:
Kristen talking about songs is what I want right from now
Danielle A
Danielle A:
Oscar Nomination on its way
Anita Erasmus
Anita Erasmus:
Cant imagine how Megain must hate you, being a fellow "actress" playing her MIL. 🤣
raquel m
raquel m:
Diana, represents and always will be what Prince 🤴 Charles is not- The definition of #ROYALTY 🇬🇧 🌹 🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹
marcelo sosa
marcelo sosa:
Lady di, beautiful for inside and outside… we will miss her forever💔
Jesse James Latimer
Jesse James Latimer:
She looks so much better now than in her twilight days imo. Can't even recognize her.
pat doe
pat doe:
Kristen is an amazing actress and can't wait to see the film as Princess Diana and nailed her accent
A A:
I'm looking forward for this movie. Kristen isn't a terrible actor I think she's just been given terrible roles. This role will be her best.
Leigh Gardiner
Leigh Gardiner:
Thank you Kristen 💖
Kathleen Colwell
Kathleen Colwell:
In all the times I have seen Kristen, this is the most I have ever heard her say! I think she loved this role and is proud of her work. I am looking forward to the movie.👍🏻
I was so nervous thinking about her been this person. But I am so excited and I feel like this will be one of those movies that’ll be maybe one of her best roles. I have a lot of hope for this to be really good.
She’s defiantly becoming something more and more each time.
Such a fan.
Yago Degio
Yago Degio:
Beautiful 😍
Ingrid Marin
Ingrid Marin:
Eu estou doida para ver esse filme 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ginger Jackson
ginger Jackson:
she looks good in long blonde hair
Tijo Creates
Tijo Creates:
I feel this was the perfect role for her. 💗
Fe2uyoga with Jason
Fe2uyoga with Jason:
She's grown so much
tuongvi tran
tuongvi tran:
can't wait to watch this film
Besainy Golf
Besainy Golf:
She never decided to leave the “royal family.” The queen told her and charles to divorce.
Wow Kristan looking great. Those legs 👀
Sarrah Remy
Sarrah Remy:
Kristen Stewart is absolutely beautiful.
gasaro Lita
gasaro Lita:
I can't wait for this movie 🥰🥰🥰
Her voooooice thou it's much lower
Kristen 🔥😍❤️
chris Ez
chris Ez:
It also must’ve been really intimidating to basically be the only American cast member
N Peace
N Peace:
I think this is a role of a lifetime and she will suprise the naysayers with her talent.
Abigail Harris
Abigail Harris:
Ura KuNt
Ura KuNt:
I smell an Oscar
𝙡𝙖𝙪𝙧𝙞 𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡♚
𝙡𝙖𝙪𝙧𝙞 𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡♚:
I love her ❤
ɛrɪs προδοσία
ɛrɪs προδοσία:
Kristen is gorgeous and always beautiful 😍😍😍
Interesting how 31-year-old Kristen Stewart played 20-year-old Princess Diana (when she was getting married, for example).
I want to see the acting of kristen in Engagement scene between Charles and her
I don’t know who looked at this dour faced child and said, “Yeah, that’s her.”
The only thing I remember about princess Diana was sadly her funeral and Elton John singing. I was very young back then.
Diana would be proud of william and kate too because they really are in love and the future of the modern monarchy like diana wanted william is waiting for the right time till he actually can rule and bring his mothers vision to fruition and unlike harry who ran away saying he and megan wanting privacy but all they do is stir the media telling what they want to hear in cheesy interviews being hypocrites at every turn !
Well, apparently, critics went crazy about her performance.
Lucie Fahy
Lucie Fahy:
Diana was a brilliant person I had the pleasure to meet her.
Maya Asia
Maya Asia:
Beautiful woman!!!! So intelligent
bring it on
bring it on:
She looks SO good having left that butch lesbian vibe behind. So stunning dressing as a female, her hair is lovely, she looks so happy
Deb Blackmore
Deb Blackmore:
Beautiful lady stay strong stay safe keep going doing amazing things keep positive sending luck love from headway Nottingham UK takecare xxx
Priyankar Majumder
Priyankar Majumder:
Finally she's coming out of the Twilight and Robsten shadow. I hope she gets an Oscar nomination for the film.
Eden Ramirez
Eden Ramirez:
Wow im so excited for you my love miss christine ,
Hey J
Hey J:
She really nails what Diana was. She felt like a friend, a mother. Who else can do that to that degree? Nobody else yet.
Ash Pasch
Ash Pasch:
Seriously doubt the world would be in Jeopardy as it is at this point covid other things etc had princess Diana still been here. The world will never be the same without her. Like. Ever. 😆