Kristen Stewart Playing Princess Diana In New Royal Biopic ‘Spencer'

Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in "Spencer," a new film directed by Pablo Larraín. The film will focus on a weekend in the early '90s, when Lady Di decided to walk away from the royal family. Larraín is ecstatic about working with Stewart, telling Deadline she's "one of the great actors around today."
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Kristen Stewart Playing Princess Diana In New Royal Biopic ‘Spencer'


100+ komentarze:

anisa nurraudah
anisa nurraudah:
*I love how Robert and Kristen are out here making people outraged by being casted as Batman and Lady Diana.*
xX Egyptian Flower Xx
xX Egyptian Flower Xx:
I think she's going to surprise everyone 😌
NIA Cole
NIA Cole:
Looking forward to this... there you go Kristen! Kickin’ ass and takin’ names! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
Jacob Decker
Jacob Decker:
She’s gonna need to have a major makeup transformation. She’s a great actress and was the first and only American actress to win a Caesar Award, the French equivalent to an Oscar. She’s garnered critical acclaim in movies such as Still Alice, Personal Shopper, Camp X-Ray, Panic Room, Clouds of Sils Maria, American Ultra, Into the Wild, Certain Women, Cafe Society, Adventureland, etc. She has even directed and wrote a short film titled Come Swim, which was acclaimed by critics for her directing and writing.
Myrah Naif
Myrah Naif:
Why this peoples not stop creating the Princess Diana Life ...let her rest....
If you keep criticizing Kristen in 2020, I really don’t think you have seen her recent films which she’s great in. I really think she will do great 👍
Maria Chase
Maria Chase:
Kristen steward doesn’t even look like the beautiful princess Diana. Why Margot Robbie or Emily blunt. Wth
L Xxx
L Xxx:
kristen stewart is HARD shes such a good actress & manages to camouflage smoothly all while remaining herself. just bc she doesnt express it obviously to your eye doesnt mean that chick is not deep. there is so much below the surface thats why some people arent able to see it. u can come across another actress that expresses more to U or is even 'melancholy' & tell that there is nothing behind it, no depth totally 2 dimensional. watch all of her movies & tell me shes not it.
Céline BONINI:
critics before seeing her play Diana. Like Robert Pattinsson's choice in Batman. Surprising choice but it will certainly be better than Naomi Watts. Let's wait to see this transformation before judging. Diana is an icon and everyone is finally waiting for a real bioptic on her.
Zahra Bright
Zahra Bright:
Don't you think she's so talented after whatching clouds of Sils Maria?
Rosida Andriyana
Rosida Andriyana:
Naomi Watts is perfect for Diana. She is English like her. American actress always trying to be british lol
Abby LW
Abby LW:
Many actresses played the role as Lady Diana, but the actual Diana was beautiful than all of them. I'd rather watching the real Diana on the video clips when she was alive.
So she'll be Charlie's Angel again, get it?
Aeron Peets
Aeron Peets:
It’s gonna to be very challenging role because she will have to work on a English accent let’s go
Java Yesee
Java Yesee:
She's deserves
This could possibly be her Heath Ledger/Joker moment. People were saying Ledger was garbage for the role (before it
came out) and the rest is history. Could this be the start of Stewart being taken seriously? I doubt it, but who knows.
Marjan P
Marjan P:
I don't understand why she? Diana was 5'10" and she is 5'3", there's no visible similarity between them, not to mention her American accent, her eyes are completely different which is a very important part of princess Diana's beauty, Kristen is beautiful but she doesn't have the sweetness that Diana had ...what made them think so that she could play Diana??? Weird decision 🙄🙄🙄
Mandy Dunn
Mandy Dunn:
Should be a British actress playing her
Aida Chikabayeva
Aida Chikabayeva:
Yes yes yes Kri show them who is the boss here
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho:
Big Ben London, England. could we hang out?
Ashadia Khan
Ashadia Khan:
Excited, perfect 👌
Charlie Mack
Charlie Mack:
I'm so excited 👸👸👸
And who will be the queen, Charles and Camilla?
einrum nom
einrum nom:
so exciting, can't wait to see Kristen
H H:
Let’s wait and see
Sonia Chepkemoi
Sonia Chepkemoi:
He clearly hasn't seen the abomination that is twilight😣😫
Well I didn't see it at forest but I'm sure shell have that same stuck bland flat look she has in all her movies...why they do that to Diana ?
Diana Lastovska
Diana Lastovska:
Please be good. Otherwise people will hate it. So much pressure on her
I like Kristen Stewart in darker and scary movies, she is better at those roles but not right for a Princess Diana role.
oh great

2013 : Diana

2020 : Spencer

2027 : ?
Marielen Datu
Marielen Datu:
Payal ll
Payal ll:
Princess diana😭😭😭
Sonali Bharti
Sonali Bharti:
This would be interesting to watch .
Chiara Albergo
Chiara Albergo:
Ciao Kristin inutile dirti che sn una tua fan mi segui nella mia location in PUGLIA
Linda Popadince
Linda Popadince:
I will watch!
Cren Cottrell
Cren Cottrell:
This CANNOT ACT woman portraying regal Diana...😳😕😂
This is atrocious!
einrum nom
einrum nom:
so exciting, can't wait to see Kristen
Rosida Andriyana
Rosida Andriyana:
Diana loved William
Collin Daugherty
Collin Daugherty:
Sure fire FLOP!
Chiara Albergo
Chiara Albergo:
Ti Adoro senza conoscerti ma ti adoro nn so perché 😒
Imee Lim Malinis
Imee Lim Malinis:
I'm excited to watch 'coz I'm a fan of Princess Diana. I'd also like to see how Kristine will handle her role.
Sandra Santiago Lorenzo
Sandra Santiago Lorenzo:
Que bueno 👏👏 Kristen Stewart es buena y hermosa actriz 😭👏👏 yo fan de k Stewart 😘❤️
Eilish Mas
Eilish Mas:
Its kinda exciting 😍😍😍
Khenisha H
Khenisha H:
I think she can do biopics.... Like Seberg... It was AMAZING!.... But I'm still concerned that if this movie doesn't do well I am very scared that she'll receive a lot more hate than before bcuz if this flops... this will be the third movie in a row after Charlie's angels and underwater.... I'm sure she is an amazing actress and will give her best...
NCTzen Aa
NCTzen Aa:
Someone as big as Princess Diana to be played by an American actress and of all of them it's Kristen Stewart? Of all the talented actresses they pick her? How many extremely talented British actresses exist?
world zone
world zone:
Kristen's perfect as Diana Spencer
Khushboo Rani
Khushboo Rani:
Hey , all judges here sitting and just pouring hate.... What I can see here is somebody wants x to be lady diana somebody y..... Someone wants a taller actress to potray her and then someone wants the actress should be a British because Lady Diana was British......but the point is she's been casted okay "been" what you can do is wait for "THE MOVIE"
Haters you know what kristen is not gonna even consider your thoughts.......and stupid comments and this is what makes her " different ".
To all those who don't wanna see her getting into " THE MOVIE".
Wish you all guys to live in peace and harmony with the mental sickness of hating people for their choices..
Chiara Albergo
Chiara Albergo:
Potevi ESSERE povera ti avrei guardata uguale
K Robbin
K Robbin:
Be aware that prejudiced Kristen Stewart haters invade every article about this great actress, and this thread is no exception. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.
Poulet Bleu
Poulet Bleu:
Emily Blunt would have also been perfect for this role, in my opinion
ruben garcia
ruben garcia:
I have respect for Kristen Stewart she could be a good actress like she impressed me in the movie Camp X-Ray and Personal Shopper she also did good as Jean Seberg so I'm excited to see what Kristen Stewart will bring for Princess Diana movie.
Christine GEFFROY
Christine GEFFROY:
Tovah Brinton
Tovah Brinton:
Wow! I did not realize there was such a lack of good English actresses !
Avimac007 *
Avimac007 *:
Bad choice.. should have been Margot Robbie
Emma S.
Emma S.:
Kri is beautiful and a great actress!
Violetta Talanina
Violetta Talanina:
Ahah no thanks))))))))
Elizabeth debicki would've been a way better choice
Dr Nowzaradan
Dr Nowzaradan:
Please tell me she got better at acting and emotion display ..please
Ick. No. Nope. Next.
It's either going to be really good or really bad.
Brilion Magnifit Art
Brilion Magnifit Art:
This life always have fans and haters, this is just a movie so what is the problem. Oh please dont be like thats but i choose Jenifer lawrance or naomi Scott❤
Алёна Дмитриевна
Алёна Дмитриевна:
Kristen great actress!She deserves that role.😘
Cosmic Bunny
Cosmic Bunny:
Of all the heartache of 2020 this is top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Carnelison
Amanda Carnelison:
Princess Diana is my Royal cousin
m F
m F:
Disapointing . Will not watch sorry.
Panida Poepamod
Panida Poepamod:
P N:
Omg you have to be kidding me, she acts like she is dumb in all her movies, same style of beh beh acting. Is she gonna act the same dumb, awkward way as herself or actually act like princess Diana without the awkwardness and stupid face she does. Please recast. She is gonna spoil your film just like Charlie’s Angels flopped.
Susan Simons
Susan Simons:
There are just some people that no actor can do Justice too, Princess Diana is one of them. I don’t care how great an actor is, no one can even come close to her personality, her class, her sense of humour. It’s ridiculous.
Greetings from Canada
Mariam Khalid
Mariam Khalid:
Looking forward 💖
Nutaarsiassat 67
Nutaarsiassat 67:
Diana is the world!
Dr Nowzaradan
Dr Nowzaradan:
Also if I see the awful head shake and eyes twirling she does 🤦‍♀️
Olivia Gabrielle
Olivia Gabrielle:
Haha ya’ll hating on her but look at her landing roles lol! Maybe you need to sit back on your couch and watch her movies! Your new acting lessons lol 😂
Edna Richardson
Edna Richardson:
angelo pandan
angelo pandan:
I hope her portrayal will gave justice to the late peoples princess and the movie should show the betrayal of her husband and how the mistress camilla ruined the royal marriage of the late peoples princess Diana.
This has got to be one of the worst casting decisions ever made
Haus of Justice
Haus of Justice:
Why? why? Why?
Brooke Gamble
Brooke Gamble:
It is about damn time that people understand that Kristen Stewart is one of the best actress of her time and that’s a freaking fact. She is an outstanding actress and so many people give her hate for twilight but the truth of the matter is Bella Swan was like that it wasn’t Kristens acting. Trust me if Kristen was “the worst actress ever” she would not have been asked to play Joan Jett in The Runaways, Jean Seberg in the film Seberg, Amy Cole in camp xray, Bridget in Lizzie, and she wouldn’t have won the French equivalent to an Oscar at all. She is absolutely admired as an actress and a person and I know with all my heart that she will blow the world away with her God given acting skills.
Misaki Phantomhive
Misaki Phantomhive:
No No No, I can't accept that!!! Lady Diana was and is An Icon for all the people around the world, she is The Queen Of Hearts ... And Kristen well, she is not qualified for this proyect, she is a good acctres, I can't deny it, but this role is impossible for her, because of her behavior. She'll never going to fill Lady Diana shoes. So, no I can't accept this terrible choice.
Pravin Parmar
Pravin Parmar:
Very nice
Rinda Kangen
Rinda Kangen:
spring flowers909
spring flowers909:
I can’t wait! Kristen will do an amazing job portraying Princess Diana 💜
Passik Gali
Passik Gali:
good choice
Emerald Cyril
Emerald Cyril:
Is this a joke? Kirsten Stewart is a mediocre actress and princess Diana deserves someone who can really act to play her period!
Browne Sugarr
Browne Sugarr:
First of all..Lady Diana❤️whom I adore, was a classy "lady," sexy in an innocent way, and stunningly beautiful.🦋 Kristen Steward to me,🤔hm'...have always appeared confused, not aware and unlady like. Jst syin. No offense darlin. So where is the similarity bw the two?! NONE!😳 JST Wrong!😠
I'm gonna be sick.
Matt Poslusny
Matt Poslusny:
This has got "beautiful disaster" written all over it.
Jag Maharesi
Jag Maharesi:
Sophie Turner could have taken this part, if only she doesn't have a bun in the oven right now.
Princess Di was tall and elegant. Not short and moody.
olshop p
olshop p:
What in the horrible casting is this? there are a ton of better English actresses.
Chiara Albergo
Chiara Albergo:
Marlynne K
Marlynne K:
The definition of bad casting.
Claude Tavares
Claude Tavares:
Kristen, the mono faced actress
This will be cool ❤❤❤
Noooo!!, no la veré, no me tinca con esa actriz
Melissa Talcott
Melissa Talcott:
That is a horrible choice and a slap to Diana's memory
I wont watch it, its going to suck
gall chas
gall chas:
Thought it was an April fools joke.
Blondel Crawford
Blondel Crawford:
Awful casting
Katya Passik
Katya Passik:
Interesting role for Kristen Stewart
Omayra Bisdom
Omayra Bisdom:
I sorry but Kristen is not a good pick. Diana deserve better. Period
Sounsoun Monsun
Sounsoun Monsun:
Emma Stone should be playing the role instead !