Krzyzacy (Poland, 1960) - Battle of Grunwald/탄넨베르크 전투: 1410

The Battle of Grunwald, First Battle of Tannenberg or Battle of Žalgiris, was fought on 15 July 1410 during the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War. The alliance of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, led respectively by King Władysław II Jagiełło (Jogaila) and Grand Duke Vytautas, decisively defeated the German–Prussian Teutonic Knights, led by Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen. Most of the Teutonic Knights' leadership were killed or taken prisoner. Although defeated, the Teutonic Knights withstood the siege of their fortress in Marienburg (Malbork) and suffered minimal territorial losses at the Peace of Thorn (1411) (Toruń), with other territorial disputes continuing until the Peace of Melno in 1422. The knights, however, would never recover their former power, and the financial burden of war reparations caused internal conflicts and an economic downturn in the lands under their control. The battle shifted the balance of power in Central and Eastern Europe and marked the rise of the Polish–Lithuanian union as the dominant political and military force in the region.

The battle was one of the largest in Medieval Europe and is regarded as the most important victory in the histories of Poland and Lithuania, also it's widely celebrated in Belarus. It has been used as a source of romantic legends and national pride, becoming a larger symbol of struggle against foreign invaders. During the 20th century the battle was used in Nazi and Soviet propaganda campaigns. Only in recent decades have historians moved towards a dispassionate, scholarly assessment of the battle, reconciling the previous narratives, which differed widely by nation.

그룬발드 전투(폴란드어: Bitwa pod Grunwaldem) 혹은 잘기리스 전투(리투아니아어: Žalgirio mūšis) 또는 제1차 타넨베르크 전투(영어: Battle of Tannenberg)는 1410년 폴란드 왕국과 리투아니아 대공국 연합군이 튜턴 기사단과 치른 전투이다.

Knights of the Teutonic Order (Polish: Krzyżacy) is a 1960 Polish film directed by Aleksander Ford based on the novel of the same name by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

The plot is situated in the late-14th century and early-15th century Poland and centers on the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War and the final Battle of Grunwald. 15,000 extras were employed to create the battle scenes. The film attracted to cinema masses of viewers and remains one of the most attended films in Polish history: it sold 2 million tickets within several months, 14 million after four years and as of 1987, it had some 32,315,695 admissions. It was also exported to forty-six foreign countries, and sold 29.6 million tickets in the Soviet Union and 2,650,700 in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. It was a Polish submission to the 33rd Academy Awards.

It was released on 15 July 1960, the 550th anniversary of the battle of Grunwald.

with English Subtitles

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Patterson Patron
Patterson Patron:
Contact me! lads!
This seems a bit more realistic than Game of Thrones . . . . .
Sergey Ivanov
Sergey Ivanov:
С какой любовью к материальной культуре сделан фильм :), даже не смотря на свитера и люминий
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
This battle scene(s) is brilliant! Especially considering the film is almost 60 years old! Respect from England
Mateusz Pomagier
Mateusz Pomagier:
Chwała bohaterom pozdrowienia z Serbii.
Polish knights fight on our side at Kosovo battle 1389.
Слава браћо Пољаци
Кимара 乡
Кимара 乡:
Chwała bohaterom pozdrowienia z Serbii.
Polish knights fight on our side at Kosovo battle 1389.
Слава браћо Пољаци.
Love Poland and polish culture, as well as history. From Russia
Sean Walters
Sean Walters:
Love the Polish people, I am happy my people (Czechs) were able to help. Much love from the USA
Charles Randolph
Charles Randolph:
Long live Poland from your Slavic Brothers from Croatia
Ігор Маркітан
Ігор Маркітан:
neh bendze Polska pohwaliona !
Nearly 60 years old and still looks quite good. Meanwhile you can't watch 90s CGI-movies without vomiting
Mercurial Spectre
Mercurial Spectre:
Love Poland From Philippines. 🇵🇭 Deus Vult.
Doggo 24
Doggo 24:
The most dangerous Capture the Flag game ever
You're fired!
You're fired!:
"Oto jest ten, który jeszcze dziś rano mienił się być wyższym nad wszystkie mocarze."
Chris Olbrycht
Chris Olbrycht:
Respect from Canada, Poland first to fight.
Łukasz Lubiński
Łukasz Lubiński:
,, Mieczów ci u nas dostatek, ale i te przyjmiemy jako wróżbę zwycięstwa, którą mi Bóg, przez wasze ręce zsyła"

Król Władysław Jagiełło
Chris evans
Chris evans:
Ulrich was not lacking in courage but his arrogance was his downfall.
I'm from Ukraine, and living on the Grunvald street, where the battle was. It's kind a cool actually, to see this battle in movie
Why don't they make movies like this anymore
Peter Janosik
Peter Janosik:
I pomyslec ze za PRLu robili lepsze filmy...
Trabzonlu 61
Trabzonlu 61:
Love Poland from Turkey. Beautiful Country with beautiful proud people. :)
Dawid Wojacki
Dawid Wojacki:
No special effect were used in this film, there was over 400 horses on the stage at once.
a ja się pytam..... gdzie była policja?
Cristian Popescu
Cristian Popescu:
Great!There was a romanian Contingent too ,from Moldavia,,at polonian side,did a very good figure,defeated badly the teutons in theirs sector( forest)
Jacek 4
Jacek 4:
Himalaje aktorstwa, reżyseria, kamery i wszystko inne. Nieosiągalne dla obecnych polskich produkcji.To wspaniały film.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
Those poles were very strong i am flying to cracow next month anyway to see it
Den Tchas
Den Tchas:
Poland for us Russians is a good example to follow.
Inferno 912
Inferno 912:
Great battle! Good pictures and fantastic music! God bless Poland!
And it was shot just 15 years after WW2. Amazing.
Андрей Б
Андрей Б:
Я русский, а всё понимаю, что говорят!!!
Imagine if these soldiers would have just went to the holy land as they were called upon
Rainer Vilumaa
Rainer Vilumaa:
Glory to Poland. Vivat Polska!
Bartek J
Bartek J:
To jest film, a nie jakieś korony królów
Jakub Michalak
Jakub Michalak:
Do dziś dzień trwają spory czy najpierw nakręcono film czy najpierw była bitwa. 😁
Love from North Korea 💞
Though you may be half a world away, that doesn't mean I can't give Poland my full respect!
Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins:
Ah yes, back when movie makers even tried to make their movies at least somewhat historically accurate.
tomasz pietakiewicz
tomasz pietakiewicz:
bracia może czas ......Polska Białorus Czechy Węgry Ukraina Litwa Słowacia
Johannes Krauser IV
Johannes Krauser IV:
Warsaw pact movies are the best. Such care for historical accuracy and art of beauty. Make a good piece of art for the enjoyment and love, not for money.
Wow in 1410 they had better cameras than some in 2020
macia pacia
macia pacia:
Always came to sing 'Bogurodzica' greetings from Poland
Daniel Błędos
Daniel Błędos:
I pomyśleć co było gdyby Królowa Jadwiga poślubiła tą ciotę Wilhelma. Dzisiaj mówili byśmy po Niemiecku.
Amor Patriae
Amor Patriae:
Poland has "Capture The flag" battles before it was mainstream ;)
Katharina Seidl
Katharina Seidl:
Ein Klassiker . Und eine der besten Geschichten Polen.. . Ich liebe dieses Land und die Menschen dort ......
John the Knight
John the Knight:
The feeling when this old movie has bettern atmosphere than modern movies.
4:32 Rycerz Polsatu :D
Sagar Patel
Sagar Patel:
Long live Poland
War after war your people bled with honor and protected arrogant europe from turks and yet they betrayed you in world wars but still you emerged as a free country at the end.
Love Poland
Robert Curry
Robert Curry:
I want a game about this.
Ltu Gamer
Ltu Gamer:
Im from lithuania and i love this war
Jan Teterwak
Jan Teterwak:
"Dzicz" ci iście to była, ale zaiste była to dzicz tylko germańska.
Włodzimierz Beck
Włodzimierz Beck:
14:02 Maćko zabił profesora Dąb-Rozwadowskiego!
Croveaux de la Featherette
Croveaux de la Featherette:
A great medieval battle. An over 10 minute scene of horse and infantry combat. Didn't use CGI even once.

How come isn't this possible anymore?
Jan Beksa
Jan Beksa:
Jeśli chodzi o film to mistrzostwo świata . 👍😁🇵🇱
Indi Cop
Indi Cop:
Glory of the polish knights, Great Poland!!
Henry Badd
Henry Badd:
From AMERICAN Poles with love and loyalty for ever generation to the next. The oppressed lands of my ancestors be never more. I'd be on the first flight to fight and die if need be. My parents were very proud people that suffered greatly through ww2 and installed a great love in me for my place of origin. Naz trovya! Sorry I don't write in Polish.
Absolutely the best medieval battle scene in tv or film. Period.
— spenner
— spenner:
The lesson here is to invoke God before and after the battle.
Toprak Akbulut
Toprak Akbulut:
I don't care about our history this is epic God Bless Poland, love from Turkey!
Jean Luc Pernel
Jean Luc Pernel:
Revoir cette partie du film m'a renvoyé 50 ans en aux séances de cinéma du mercredi après midi . merci!🤗
J C:
Go Poland, good job
Jan Fiedler
Jan Fiedler:
Important fact in the time was a three Popes one in France Avignon, second in Pisa Italy and third at Rome...from this battle coming back Jan Zizka and approximately 60 mercenaries close to him or probably part of his team / group ...He learned of the modern fire power gun powder and introduce it in the large scale to mention that he managed transform the poor peasants into fighting force able to dominate battle field ....later on in the Czech lands ....first time ever in the history peasants will crush the knights shock to the Church chock to Western Europe ....Czech's started struggle ending in the circle of the 30 years war ...
Gdudz 389
Gdudz 389:
Out of all the wars Poland kicked everyone's asses just to survive and hear about WW2. (Still surviving haters)
Mohammed Bin othman
Mohammed Bin othman:
Great history
Patterson Patron
Patterson Patron:
Thanks You very much, Mateusz Jokiel. Lovely translation!
Now this... This is true war and honorable combat! I love it, it makes me want to go spar more with my friends

Awesome movie and amazing Battle! Glory be to the victor *raises my sparring sword high*
Robert Miles
Robert Miles:
the part with the drums looks incredibly memeworthy for some reason
Konrad Molga
Konrad Molga:
Zawsze kiedy śpiewają Bogurodzicę i idą naprzód... Ciarki i duma przechodzi przez moje ciało.
The Devils Own
The Devils Own:
I'm very thankful that we have footage left of this historical event.
J K:
Hollywood: No animals were harmed in the making of this film

Poland: Let's have 'em flip around + scream
These subtitles are hilarious! “Jagna is the girl” genius 😂👏🏻
A battlefield covered in corpses and not a drop or spatter of blood anywhere!
Leszek Szczepaniak
Leszek Szczepaniak:
Ktory rezyser podejmie sie nagrania takiego filmu teraz ,nie ma takiego i nie bedzie ten film czy Ben Hur,Mojzes,inne to majstersztyk w swoim wydaniu a teraz tylko latwizna komputerowo i czasami szmira
Cymro 65
Cymro 65:
Respect to Poland - love and strength from Wales ❤️✊
chintimyr borz
chintimyr borz:
Сhwala Polska ot Uyghura!
Іван Колесніков
Іван Колесніков:
Polish wars: Episode 5 – Germans strikes back
Chris Duke
Chris Duke:
I'm sure this would be better if my grandmother taught me to speak the language. Keep up the good fight my Polish friends!
Lots of cool tricks were used when filming this battle!
They made the horses fall on areas with sand in order to soften the impact when they got ''killed'' for example.
I bet a decent amount of people/horses got hurt during the filming either way.
Егор Рябенко
Егор Рябенко:
You, polishes. You have the beautiful language.
PitBull zmasakruje
PitBull zmasakruje:
1.2 thousand crosses gave unlike
King Percy
King Percy:
Is this from the film Krzyżacy?
John Cook
John Cook:
I have not seen this film before. They didn't stint on the budget.
Good video.
The Truth
The Truth:
The endless wars between Germans and Slavs have been a disaster for Europe.
Jak to jest ze w filmie z 1960 jest lepiej zaprezentowana szarza kawalerii niz w bitwie pod wiedniem ktora byla nakrecona niedawno.
tom bronski
tom bronski:
I like the drummers. This is like Foo Fighters of Medieval times. Polish Heavy Cavalry did the job. This battle ended Western European Knighthood. So many of them perished, they stopped going into battles.
I wish whey do an modern adaptation of this book with holywood finance.
gord chan
gord chan:
Canada late to the show, hockey stills for all.
12:52 co to za podlasanin
Adorable Jihyo
Adorable Jihyo:
beutiful and love from south korea polando !애정 ~~~~
Teutonic order- sexy clothing/ Poland-Lithuania- good tactics👌😀
Teuton 29
Teuton 29:
* Tatar pipes playing *
H A L L E L U Y A H !
H A L L E L U Y A H !:
Respect both sides. Good battle. I love the teutonic order chanting before and during battle "Christ ist erstanden". I'm going to start doing it myself before I do anything. Glory to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Magyar a Hun
Magyar a Hun:
Hallo Brothers! From Hungary! 👍
Magician 33
Magician 33:
Kiedyś to byli twarde chłopy pośpiewali i do boju,
Nie bali się umierać.
Teraz to cipy z smartfonami.😂
Matt Kayl 22
Matt Kayl 22:
Ummm anyone else thought this was the klan at first?😅
BeeT _
BeeT _:
12:49 Black knight the best Polish Knight
олег кравцов
олег кравцов:
Православная Польша !!!! Не захотела нести Божие обетование - И НЕТ больше Польши. И не будет никогда .
Mathias Smith
Mathias Smith:
Glory to great Bielarus , glory to polish-bielalrus friendsip.
Niemcy wygrywały z nami tylko w sojuszu z Rosją. Sami zawsze przegrywali.
Adrian Kostun
Adrian Kostun:
8:58 Polish anthem❤
Фугас Ярости
Фугас Ярости:
то чувство, когда смотришь без перевода и почти все понятно)