Kyle Walker's "RUBY" Vans Part

Kyle kills a trove of fresh and iconic spots with his classic repertoire before grinding rails too big to measure. SOTYs are made of somethin’ else...

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LB Skate
LB Skate:
SOTY 2021! 💥💥🔥🔥🤯
This dude's style is literally "I wonder if I can balance on this. Ah heck yeah I did it!" And it's the raddest style ever.
Shots fired. That pop he gets is fucking stupid. Never knew an Ollie could look so good. Probably the sickest video I've seen in the past few years.
Don Joewon Song
Don Joewon Song:
W T F!!!!
Mike Turner
Mike Turner:
Always been a big fan of his spot selection. He finds spots that feel should be in a snowboarding movie and does them on a skateboard lol
Gabriel Paquet
Gabriel Paquet:
This one's rough cut is going to be sublime
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger:
This is the sickest part I seen in ages. Timeless style steezy bolts landings
Jonathan Donoso
Jonathan Donoso:
Wonderful waves of emotions throughout this part. A true masterpiece.
W -
W -:
5:37 is the most pro Ollie of all time, you could show that to anyone and they’d be like yup that guys a professional skateboarder. So buck, so much style, the pop, tweak.. everything. So fucking perfect
John Welter
John Welter:
That was an amazing part. Big tricks, tech tricks, fast tricks, styling tricks. Jeez, couldn't even be contained by a single song! Keep killin it KW
Sean Bolis Vlogs
Sean Bolis Vlogs:
Yo this part goes 👏👏👏✌️😃🛹
Regular Jason
Regular Jason:
I have a feeling I'll be rewatching this a lot in the upcoming days. Loved the manuals in this part too
Leon Paxton
Leon Paxton:
Goddamn this part is amazing!!! 🔥🔥🔥
I needed a second angle on that rollercoaster back 50 though 😅
Best part I’ve seen in years 😍😍😍 so much style in his skating 💕💕 gets me so motivated to skate !!!!!!
Kyles parts always gets me pumped up!!! I see his trick for sure I'll end up skating by the end of the day!!!
Look CoolSon
Look CoolSon:
i thought all of the last 3 tricks were gonna be the ender, and they just kept coming 🔥🤩
Daniel Straw
Daniel Straw:
That was so sick. That Ollie at the end was an absolute floater!
Kokua Media
Kokua Media:
DAYUM 6 minutes plus of banger, no filler footage. Kyle putting in work!
chance adams
chance adams:
This part was so gnarly and brought me so much joy. Some mind blowing stuff.
One of the classic parts for sure. Excellent work!!! After seeing the second part I am really blown away.
Ian Loubser
Ian Loubser:
Incredible. He makes gnarly look so effortless. He is going so fast but has so much control. Well done. Filmed amazing too.
Mirko Malafarina
Mirko Malafarina:
legends say he's still holding a 50-50 he locked in 3 days ago......... AMAZING PART
This will go down in history as one of the gnarliest parts. Thank you Kyle!!
Jah Eerie
Jah Eerie:
So rad.
Kyle's stoked expression reminds me of a young Jay Adams.
pidgeon with headphones
pidgeon with headphones:
Definitely one of the best parts man almost every trick was a banger
Metal Beer Solid
Metal Beer Solid:
5:47 That grind lasted longer than most relationships
Those last 3 tricks have to be some of my favorites of his ever. I jumped out of my chair when he landed that wallride. My favorite skater of all time.
Kristoffer Maclean
Kristoffer Maclean:
Best part of 2021 so far. Absolutely killed it 🔥🔥
Brandon Castor
Brandon Castor:
Realmente un patinador increíble, cuanta habilidad y magia sobre la tabla!!
best video part in a long time. Kyle has such style and he just seems to embody the skate rat lifestyle. Hope he gets another SOTY because this video part definitely deserves it.
I was just laughing the whole time in disbelief.
Gabriel Azeredo
Gabriel Azeredo:
This part is insane dude🔥🔥🔥🔥
Really Ghey
Really Ghey:
Absolutely top drawer. My new favourite part
Kyle Ortiz
Kyle Ortiz:
Awesome video Kyle Walker, thanks for the chuckle in the opening scene. That is some very talented skateboarding, those creative manuals & rail slides are legendary imo. Thanks for the entertainment homie! ❤️Kyle
Absolutely breathtaking!! Triple Yeahhhhh Kyle!!!!
🤯 Kyle is a beast... The filming and editing is flawless too.
Brian Daly
Brian Daly:
Best part I’ve seen this year!!!! This A Straight Banger!!!
k k
k k:
The editing and music choices were very very good on this part. Well above average.
Nolan Anthony
Nolan Anthony:
Such great spots. Loved this one.
Adam Frost
Adam Frost:
Always have high expectations for a Kyle Walker video and they still blow my mind every time.
Paul Kamin
Paul Kamin:
Really just when you think the rails today couldn’t get any bigger, Kyle Walker comes out with another part
This my first street part ive watched in like 3 years and damn it made me miss skating
Atort Aerials
Atort Aerials:
SO good man and love the love music. I dream of being able to skate that good. 💞🤟🏾
J K:
The most satisfying of skateboard videos. TY Kyle!!!
Best part I’ve seen in ages. SOTY year contender for sure.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith:
I really believe that this kid is one of the best skaters in history.
5:46 I’m just blown away. Kyle dude you seriously are making spots people would never think of skating actually possible. I watched this over and over. I love doing 50-50’s on big rails and this is one of the best clips I’ve ever seen. Bravo man!
Daniel Nester
Daniel Nester:
Such a beast part, well done 🙏🏽
Second Notion
Second Notion:
Best K-Walks part, this bangs!
Jakob Dee
Jakob Dee:
Those last 3 clips were outstanding! Best bangers to end a vid ive seen in a while
private account
private account:
That catch on the tailslide kickflip was so nice I watched it like 8 times. Congrats Kyle on one of the best parts of the year!
James Touhey
James Touhey:
Such good style. I see you Moore. Oklahoma represent!
Orlann Rodriguez
Orlann Rodriguez:
5:36 Kyle is a beast, edit and filming so amazing
Seth Props
Seth Props:
Always good to see a spot that’s in your city. 🙏💪
Nathanael Seidel
Nathanael Seidel:
This part is just insane 🤯
Great part! Definitely one of his best.
Sam Edinger
Sam Edinger:
So good! I cannot wait for the rough cut
this was one of the gnarliest parts i've seen in a while holy shit, soty! and in this part only, there is like 4 toty's
Moose Skate Shop
Moose Skate Shop:
look forward to the rough cuts of this, especially that ender! only one angle on the 5050 tho?
Derek Hindman
Derek Hindman:
His steeze is on another level. Even when he almost eats shit after a make, he makes it look hella good
Donald Hammond
Donald Hammond:
Gnarliest, most mind blowing part since Milton's Demolicion
unREAL Skateboards, this is skateboarding!!!! Thanks Kyle!!!!!!!
A P:
His "No other way" part is my favorite skate vid of all time. This one is probably in 2nd place
Adrian P
Adrian P:
That was some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen. How is the ender even humanly possible.
Brent Bush
Brent Bush:
Holy crap! The length of that 5050 on the kinked rail. Stuff of dreams. Incredible!
Aaron S
Aaron S:
K Walks reminding us all why he's one of the GOATs
Sponsorless Productions
Sponsorless Productions:
Pound for pound, Kyle is one of the best contemporary skaters out.
Lawrence Rose
Lawrence Rose:
One of the best if not the best skate part I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching since the days of vhs! Amazing job Kyle.
Hight Fly
Hight Fly:
Few days ago, I saw a guy asking where Kyle Walker went. He went to drop some bomb upon us skate weaklings. Fantastic editing as well.
skylar petty
skylar petty:
So sick. Made my day. Great part with great music.
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez:
Thus video is so heavy!!! Kyle’s a beast! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥🔥
Please don’t rimshot me
Please don’t rimshot me:
This is seriously one of the best video parts i’ve ever seen
B Wilson
B Wilson:
So hard, so smooth! He goes video game a couple times!
Kyle Walker has established himself as a goat. Hands down one of the best alive right now.
Kyle walker always have a spot in my heart..even not my top 3 skaters..bro this man is on another level..maybe this year 2nd soty? Damn 🔥🔥
Call me Chree
Call me Chree:
Holy shitballs, that was one of the best videos I've seen in a very long time. I think just about every trick I said. wooow!! lol
What an amazing talented skater. I don't know what do say, that part fucked my brain all kinds of ways. hahah Good job
and great filming/editing as well.. Hope everyone's well, staying healthy and keep fkn shreddin!!
Alaia vibes
Alaia vibes:
6:00 is honestly one of the sickest things I've seen in skating. How he was able to keep control I have no idea. Unbelievable.
Michael Danahey
Michael Danahey:
You look up the definition of “Cool Breeze” and you see K.Walks @3:01
He just might have the best style ever. The way he full-on surfs that up-and-over rail in his ender is so ILL
Rucker Ferguson
Rucker Ferguson:
Holy shit his parts just get better and better 🔥
Garret Barber
Garret Barber:
Best skate part I’ve seen in years
Miguel Vielma
Miguel Vielma:
Kyle steady killing it and doing the biggest shit!! Amazing part.
Jonny Hicks
Jonny Hicks:
One of the best parts I've seen in a long long time
Enjoyed it from start to finish really great skateboarding made to look so effortlessly done great flow
That rail slide going upward looked awesome
Jim S
Jim S:
Another classic. His first shoe is the only shoe in ten years I’ve bought more than once. Love that shit!
Hoooooly God !This is next level of street skating 🔥
Oskar Claesson
Oskar Claesson:
Yo he really showed he can do everything with this part.
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown:
Evan Smiths part and this one are instant classics. The ollie at 5:40 is fucking beautiful.
Shout-out to the transition at 03:07, 'cause that shit was beautiful. The rest of you all have the skating covered, so I'm gonna drop some applause to everyone involved in the production of this masterpiece of a part
thanks Kyle!! This part was so good!!!
Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny
Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny:
1:28 the pop up to that rail was massive and then the length of the grind was just ridiculous! 🤯
Tomtom Shankly
Tomtom Shankly:
Seriously how much emotion does the shondells song at the beginning bring out in this part
TheDonofthsht76 -
TheDonofthsht76 -:
There's so many parts coming out everyday I dont watch them all but there are certain names that I always watch. Kyle Walker is one of them 🔥🔥
The K-Walks made my day. Such awesome skater
Beaulande Xavier
Beaulande Xavier:
Dude, this is the best part I've seen in a really really long time.
Bangers after bangers, tech, gnar, he does it all.
Shame about the first song tho, hearing "sweet cherry wine" in loop for four minutes is tough.
Chris Kellerman
Chris Kellerman:
I can see that Midwest pride in you Kyle Walker keep going man your skateboarding is unreal bro. I don’t think anybody can do what you’re doing out there bro.
Wes Rundle
Wes Rundle:
WOW, prob the best part all year! I cannot wait to see the Rough Cuts of this!!
Todd Wareham
Todd Wareham:
Kyle's a living legend. He throws it down hard. That ender was insane.
Wanele Wethu
Wanele Wethu:
This is one of those legendary edits!
Neo. A.T.P.
Neo. A.T.P.:
I wanna see the rough cut so bad… this part is insane