Kylian Mbappé is the Best Player in the World

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What a player he is. Simply unstoppable 🔥
Daniel San
Daniel San:
An extraordinary combination of great technique, skill and intelligence with insane speed. The perfect definition of an absolute beast!
Baston vas
Baston vas:
kylian mbappe has established himself as one of the best player in the world, there is no doubt about that, he keeps delivering for psg, literally involved in all psg goals this season, he plays more of a play maker lately and he has been creating a lot of chances, dribble perfectly and scoring more and more goals, not forgetting the rate of assist he have been delivering, respect to the wander boy, future balloon d'or surely 💙 ❤️
Joe Lion
Joe Lion:
He is not only the best player he is such a smart and well educated gentleman. He speaks foreign languages better than half of the players their mother tongue. All journalists are impressed by the maturity of this guy.
I can agree. Mbappe is number 1 this season. Next Salah, Benzema and Lewa.
FG gaming
FG gaming:
I have seen no one better than Mbappe this season 💯🔥
O melhor jogador do mundo 🌎
Mbappe has been one of the best in the world ever since the 2018 world cup
He s not only a fast runner , he is a fast thinker. He anticipates the opponent reaction and outsmart him . And he controls his speed and moves, he s not chasing after the ball. Really high level of football right there
Caesar S.
Caesar S.:
No doubt about it he will be one of the greatest ever I’m rooting for Mbappe!
His speed and finishing has enabled him to be perfect since 2018
Mbappe sin duda alguna se convirtio de futura promesa a PRESENTE, tremendo jugador 🔥🔥🔥
*Mbappé is un-real !* 🏆🔥
Josh Johnes
Josh Johnes:
Not only do you make great videos, you also have a brain. Of course he is the best. Only envious people won't accept it. And I'll tell for some reason there is a serious agenda against Mbappé being the best player in the world.
Jugal Patell
Jugal Patell:
I always feel like cristano’s soul is in his body whenever he play. His playing style is totally like cr7 passing the ball, shooting and dribbling. Only player I have seen who actually plays like his idol.
resheditz ツ
resheditz ツ:
Future Ballond'Or Winner 💙❤
kumchu Elsen
kumchu Elsen:
We need a serious online fan base for Mbappe if not this people will just rob him and disrespect his talent every chance they get.

We need a # for Mbappe.
#MbappeDor #MbappeBest, #M7 #KM7
We just need something
Vegeta Super
Vegeta Super:
2:55 Nice one two
What a technique from mbappe and what a penalty he gave to his team 🔥
Egg Monkey
Egg Monkey:
He reminds me a little of Henry - graceful, elegant movements and with immense self belief and natural talent
I’m just a guy Sama
I’m just a guy Sama:
It’s Mbappe era now 😤
Leo D
Leo D:
Every young football enthusiast should look to model their game after Mbappe. A true generational player.
imed gh
imed gh:
The best player in the world indeed im so happy to see his duo with messi
The combination of insane speed powerful shots amazing skill shows a football beast
Elliot Bazes
Elliot Bazes:
He is the best player In the world 🌎 and he is still young
Haqiqa Muhammadiya
Haqiqa Muhammadiya:
@2:01 - I have often wondered why the spin move, that's used so much in Basketball, is not used as often in Soccer. Its a killer move. @9:49 Its great for throwing off defenders and helps to create the space needed to score.
D S:
I feel like they just start to recognize the he is the best I think he been the best since world cup
Grégory Golitin
Grégory Golitin:
How people can compare him and Haaland 😂😂.
Haaland is good but Mbappé is the goat.
I remember 2017 : many guys were explaining "Mbappé will disappear very soon like many other boys before him".
Stefano 10
Stefano 10:
Mbappe is the best player in the world
1 electric pace
2 amazing dribbling
3 great finishing
4 he can play make
Nicholas Foster
Nicholas Foster:
He has awesome ball placement when it comes to finishing he always knows where to place the ball
ikonic cinokic
ikonic cinokic:
the new fenomeno 🔥
Jugal Patell
Jugal Patell:
Currently he is absolutely theeee best player in the world.
Mateus Bispo
Mateus Bispo:
Sim, o melhor do mundo
dustin johnson
dustin johnson:
So sad we won't see this greatness continuing on in the Champions League 😢 (2022)
Michael Koroma
Michael Koroma:
He is not a talent any more but world class player
Mathis Kitio Tchambou
Mathis Kitio Tchambou:
C'est le meilleur joueur du monde actuellement il est trop fort
O melhor jogador da história
AoKiji81 Kuzan
AoKiji81 Kuzan:
Current season:
52% involved in the PSG goals ...
Ne pas oublier Mo Salah, encore exceptionnel cette saison
Josh Scott
Josh Scott:
Liverpool fan here...I want him on my team SOOOOO BAD!
tabo go
tabo go:
His pace is outrageous
Yass Dussi
Yass Dussi:
Magnifique comment il joue il est complet buteur dribbleur passeur la marque des vrais grands.
He got a turbo in his feet 🏃🏿🔥
Great player, has a future 🔥
Vincent B
Vincent B:
A very clever guy and humble
LEGEND'S Official
LEGEND'S Official:
If I be 100% honest, this season Haller is a beast also hambappe !
Dalila Boukhadra
Dalila Boukhadra:
Kylian et magique mais qu'elle joueur magnifique
Super Freddy
Super Freddy:
Really really hoping he stays with PSG! Mbappé is the best!
Carolina Griot
Carolina Griot:
It's an amazing player!
N O T     V A R R O✞
N O T V A R R O✞:
Juan Castro
Juan Castro:
#MBAPPE balloon De Oro
Dalila Boukhadra
Dalila Boukhadra:
Magnifique magique Kylian mbappe
Khadijatou Youssoufi
Khadijatou Youssoufi:
Mbappé 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏽🥰🥰💪🏽❤❤💙💙👄🥰🔥❤🔥💪🏽❤🥰❤💪🏽❤
Carlos Aucapiña
Carlos Aucapiña:
Fue un golazo
Mathis Kitio Tchambou
Mathis Kitio Tchambou:
1:14 Quel but exceptionnel 😍
Mauritania Development
Mauritania Development:
He is my favorite player
Dalila Boukhadra
Dalila Boukhadra:
Magnifique vidéo est Kylian mbappe lui et juste magique qu'elle joueur
The best player in the world. Pls dont ever compare this guy to haaland. He’s 10 tier above the youngsters.
Patryk Drozd
Patryk Drozd:
Mbappe is phenomenal, but you forgot about Lewy.
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez:
Kylian, is the best player in the world there's no question about that
Kylian is too exceptional. He just wants to be the best.
Kylian is too exceptional. He just wants to be the best.
Man your edits are so clean 🧽
Karl Davis
Karl Davis:
The best 🔥🔥
Leo Heltz
Leo Heltz:
Football is now on mbappe domain 🔥🙌
Martial Ekamane
Martial Ekamane:
First , mbappe =monstre

Bonne continuation
reyansh Tripathi
reyansh Tripathi:
Very similar player to pre 30 year old ronaldo. Both excellent dribblers who play from the wing. Both are creative.
Mbappe will retire as one of the greatest players of all time
kumchu Elsen
kumchu Elsen:
This guy makes me remember young CR7.
Gabriel Dias
Gabriel Dias:
Quero ver esse cara com 30 anos
Mbappe is really up there but @9:35 is where you can see how R9 exceeds.
Le meilleur 🔥🔥🔥🦌♥️
kumchu Elsen
kumchu Elsen:
100% he is the best player in the world.....
Nathan Felix
Nathan Felix:
If He Maintains, This Man Can Carry On Ronaldo & Messi’s Legacy.
Drip Drop
Drip Drop:
Anyone calling Mbappe overrated knows nothing about football. How can all the best players and coaches claim he is amazing but someone on YouTube comments who probably failed there football journey commenting on if he’s all that 😂😂
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez:
Look at the things mbappe does and what lewa and salah do, stats aside. Mbappe is clear from both of them. Undoubtedly best player
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
He is like a fusion of young cr7 and Henry
Desconocido X
Desconocido X:
Mbappe el año que viene al Real Madrid donde podrá dejar de aguantar a los pesados de Neymar y Messi. El PSG sin él no tiene futuro. Todo por culpa del prepotente de Leonardo que no tiene ni idea de formar un equipo con futuro. Solo de fichar como si fuera el FIFA.
Es mejor que Messi
Mason Ruzicka
Mason Ruzicka:
This is an insane video very well made
Gabe Plays
Gabe Plays:
Mbappe is an amazing player, but i disagree with the title. being the best player takes speed, amazing shooting, passing, good dribbling not always just whatever is fanciest. still an amazing player though
And Messi is the best in history ;)
gaillar tony
gaillar tony:
quelle puissance .
Great video bro 🔥
He's clearly the best player in the world actually. I'm so proud that he's french, he's representating our country well, i'm a huge fan of him since his PSG debut and I hope that he'll be one of the best. Merci Mbappé.
beautiful compilation
Lion Gordel
Lion Gordel:
It's like looking at the Phenomenon again.
Nargisa Juraeva
Nargisa Juraeva:
Bro, what effects do you use and on what program?
Nargisa Juraeva
Nargisa Juraeva:
Bro, what effects do you use and on what program?
Nargisa Juraeva
Nargisa Juraeva:
Bro, what effects do you use and on what program?
HP maraurders
HP maraurders:
right now it's between salah and mbappe are the best players right now mbappe only player who can compete with salah mbappe scoring a last gasp goal against the 13 time winners real Madrid nothing he can't do
definitely between him and salah, honourable mention to benz but hes dropped off a bit last few games
so impressive
Herve Essama
Herve Essama:
Le meilleur joueur du monde
La meilleure chose qui lui soit arrivé pour sa progression, c'est la quasi disparition de Neymar. Moins d’influence néfaste autour de lui et ça se voit sur le terrain. Un joueur hors du commun, digne des plus grands avec une belle marge de progression, vu son jeune âge. Nul ne sait jusqu'où il peut aller. Impressionnant et heureux qu'il soit français.
DM Lord
DM Lord:
Fierté 🇲🇫
Nicolas Dumon
Nicolas Dumon:
Le meilleur mbaporsche 🔥
Johana Chavez moreno
Johana Chavez moreno:
Gracias por el video
Lion Gordel
Lion Gordel:
This guy will be greater than Messi or CR7.
Edward Crispus
Edward Crispus:
Best player in the world
One of the best atm with no doubt, best player of the world hell nah, at most for this season but thats it tho
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah:
how the hell does he gonna play in madrid with already similar player like vini?