Kylie Jenner Confirms She Is Pregnant w/ Baby No. 2

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's family is growing! The 24-year-old makeup mogul confirmed she is expecting her second child with her 30-year-old partner Travis Scott. On Tuesday, the Kylie Cosmetics founder posted a sweet video on Instagram showing off a positive pregnancy test as well as going to the doctor. Travis and Kylie looked ecstatic in the one-and-a-half-minute video, smiling as they told their family and friends that the family was expanding. The clip also shows how excited Stormi is to be a big sister! The three-year-old was with her mom during several doctors' appointments and can be seen giving her mommy's baby bump a big kiss.

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Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
" the rumor are true"- Lizzo
the nerdy girl
the nerdy girl:
Travis looks genuinely happy.
Dannie Ortega
Dannie Ortega:
Praying for a healthy pregnancy 🙏 🤲 ❤
😂 she announced her pregnancy so she wouldn’t miss the met gala. Congrats to their cute family ❤️
Toyanne Rae
Toyanne Rae:
Travis is soooo humble
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
Congratulations Kylie you're an amazing mom, Stormi is such a doll,I'm so excited for you,beautiful family.
Elle. 👑
Elle. 👑:
I will say this though, I love how close they are. It doesn't matter what's going on, they stick together. They always show up for each other and that's nice.
Asherlee Downer
Asherlee Downer:
May God continue to bless you and your growing family stormi will be a great big sister
Karamoko Divaka
Karamoko Divaka:
Congratulations beautiful adorable family.
Wish you the best during your pregnancy pretty cute mom !
Melinda b
Melinda b:
So will Travis have a kid every time he releases an album now 💀💀
Nini Pala
Nini Pala:
C'mon y'all let's be honest we're not surprised at all.. we already knew before she even confirmed
Kylie is a sweetheart. May she be blessed with another healthy baby. I like that she made it work with him.
Yuktaa Sawant
Yuktaa Sawant:
~the rumors are true~
Mary Roan Camba
Mary Roan Camba:
So happy for the three of them 💕 they have a beautiful family 💙 stormi you're gonna be the best older sister!! Can't wait to see Kylie's second child gonna be the best news for this year
Alison Aus2
Alison Aus2:
When Stormi handed Kris the sonograph, she looks so miserable ! Hope they still fuss over her.
Damn she went from being a pre teen to being a mom. At least she's rich
Mary Roan Camba
Mary Roan Camba:
Have a safe and healthy delivery soon 🥰 Kylie
Stormi will be the cutest big sister *ever* ! 😭❤️ Aww 🥺❤️
Gabriel white hawk
Gabriel white hawk:
Can't wait to see sunni or windi🤗
A great mum, thanks to God for her
Kat Ren
Kat Ren:
I really hope this isn’t what young girls aspire to be.
Congratulations 💐👏
We are also expecting in November our second child.
So special 💓.
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
They’re so freaking cute….
I love how she always makes a cute video for memories❤️❤️❤️
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Stormi will be great big sister 💜✨
Courtney at least pulled her first child out from her. 😆 Now that's a warrior and she didn't even scream. 😆
Marsha Blye
Marsha Blye:
Kylie knows how to hide a pregnancy.
Margaret Lee-Reed
Margaret Lee-Reed:
Stormi is going to be a BIG sister ... 🥰💕
Omg I'm so happy for them!!!😭
Scott gaming video
Scott gaming video:
Wow stormi is ah big sister now
Liz A
Liz A:
Congratulations I'm happy for them .
dawn thompson
dawn thompson:
I thought they broke up?!?!
Mirella Rakotoarimanga
Mirella Rakotoarimanga:
and i bet now khloe wants another one too 😂
Congrats Mrs Kylie ❤️
Rafael Bruce
Rafael Bruce:
I knew it from the beginning. Best wishes to them.
Oh Britney's dad just filed to end it all!
Kris Jenner: someone better announce a pregnancy tonight before we are not still most relevant. Quick someone get naked.
Karla Grubišić
Karla Grubišić:
did i miss a few chapters??? since when did they start dating again
cancer light
cancer light:
Awww so happy for them. They are the perfect little family x
Azrah Azorah
Azrah Azorah:
So are they still on-again off-again partners or normal partners at least since nobody is even mentioning marriage and that would be the most normal thing now. The guy is even smiling on the video cause he's gonna have a baby😏 I guess he likes to have babies but doesn't like Kylie that much to give her some dignity by proposing her.
Albert Nile
Albert Nile:
when daddy and mommy love each other so much...they
Elpida Mavrommatidi
Elpida Mavrommatidi:
I think it's a boy 💙❤️😍
Congrats Kylie and Travis. I'm so excited and happy for them
Stormi it's gonna be a big sister 🥰🥰🥺🥺💋💋✨✨🌟🥳
Leja Frank
Leja Frank:
I think that is so precious that they have all family members present for the birth of the babies 💕
When you live life according to your own rules...
Binisha Sitoula
Binisha Sitoula:
Catherine Ann
Catherine Ann:
What song did she use in the video 😭❤️
Manitha Nair
Manitha Nair:
Congrats Kylie!! ❤️
Nootje Noot
Nootje Noot:
They’re only back together to have another baby.
She has been seeded
Patti Brunton
Patti Brunton:
Wonder y they decided to announce as with stormi they kept quiet
So thats what we will taught our younger generation no marriages just poppin children..
KrysMarie Hudson
KrysMarie Hudson:
Kongrats Kyles!!!!!........OMG SHE HAD HER BABY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
Berta Diaz
Berta Diaz:
Oh wow, i guess i woukd qble to sleep tonight 🤔
Wow a what 🍼 I didn’t know they were a Couple 🤣😂
When did they get married 💐
Chantell Danzler
Chantell Danzler:
I HOPE ITS A BOY!!!💙💙💙💙💙
Meggie 42
Meggie 42:
Whywould anyone care
Moments with S'khanyi
Moments with S'khanyi:
Our favorite baby mama congrats
Rahana Powell
Rahana Powell:
Trust me first i ever c travis soooo happy...thats nice
janet wellik
janet wellik:
cynthia br
cynthia br:
Weren't they broken up?
Did y'all noticed how Kylie and Heather Sanders are always pregnant together? 😂
jennette beasley
jennette beasley:
So excited for baby #2! Congrats Kylie and Travis 🥰😍
Alicia Velasco
Alicia Velasco:
So happy for them! Travis is such a great daddy to Stormie…Kylie a great mommy…Stormie is so adorable! I love that Travis is hands on & respects Stormie’s mom!!
Dream Girl
Dream Girl:
Doesn’t he have a side chick?
aaliya clarke
aaliya clarke:
Jackie Drn
Jackie Drn:
If it’s a boy she gonna name him HURRICANE or TSUNAMI
A R:
Always a blessing ❤️
Thrive99 Fabulous
Thrive99 Fabulous:
I’m pregnant 🤰🏻 lol 😂 any clout for me 😂
Stormy's like great. 😆
taiyona tiare
taiyona tiare:
I just realised the sisters have 0kids (kendall), 1 kid(khloe), 2 kids(Kylie), 3 kids (kourtney) and 4 kids(Kim)
Courtney Boyle
Courtney Boyle:
donna wylie
donna wylie:
Aww it's so nice to hear wonderful news👶💕 stormi will be the best big sister 💖 congratulations 💟
Cardi and Kylie always pregnant at the same time lol
Roberta Basheer
Roberta Basheer:
She needs Jordyn in this video too 😜
Alana Sheldrake
Alana Sheldrake:
I don't know about the relationship but it says something's they weren't together for the first child it definitely is telling about having a second
Idek sjsj
Idek sjsj:
There are people that are dying.
Chantell Danzler
Chantell Danzler:
IS SHE MARRIED TOO? I SEE THAT RING (BAND) not even ring on her finger❣️ 🤔
Lydia Graham
Lydia Graham:
Let's endorse pregnancy before marriage without endorsing pregnancy before marriage
Lucie Mayer
Lucie Mayer:
Stormy part two
Arrania Winter
Arrania Winter:
Wait when did her and travis get back together?
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva:
Candy Cruise
Candy Cruise:
I thought shes divorce to his husband but now she have a 2nd child again
Ok they have to be dating again..
Cynthia Kendrick
Cynthia Kendrick:
So Excited...Congrats 🌻🌻🌻
Anna-Maria Lopez
Anna-Maria Lopez:
Why are these celebrities keep on having babies without getting married?
Sanskritiii Tyagii
Sanskritiii Tyagii:
I am so happy for them !!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Kirk Ingrid
Kirk Ingrid:
Congratulation Kyle and Travis make it last forever
Leonida Golomejic
Leonida Golomejic:
She’ll be forever cheated on.
I’m pregnant too but nobody is talking about it lol

By the way she is an amazing mom , I may not follow her but It’s true
Tiffany C
Tiffany C:
Travis have not learned from mr. West I see
Lol kylie jenner constantly trying to glamorize young pregnancies out of wedlock, idc how rich they are these people act ghetto and travis is just weird.
itsme allday
itsme allday:
She realized people had already known so she had to announce it...good for her
Gail Cantrell
Gail Cantrell:
I always thought they had a good relationship. You don't hear about him with other women. Congratulations
aimee Yuh
aimee Yuh:
You can tell travis is so excited
Dhruv G V
Dhruv G V:
kris jenner's reaction was priceless !!!
Olie M
Olie M:
Congratulations Travis and Kylie enjoy every minute of it
Let's all congrats them!! 💞
rediet tadesse
rediet tadesse:
Why her and cardi getting prey sane time lol
How lucky the new soul is! Godd 😩❤
Vrudhi Doshi
Vrudhi Doshi:
2nd baby will cute as stromi 😍💯❤