Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's New Baby Name REVEALED | E! News

Kylie Jenner reveals what she and Travis Scott have decided to call their new little bundle of joy--and it's not what some fans expected! Find out the name here!

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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's New Baby Name REVEALED | E! News

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E! News
E! News:
Did you guys see this name coming?
I was expecting something cute and unique like stormi...but wolf! I would've never guessed in a million years. Anyways congrats to kylie and Travis on their lil baby wolf🐺
Millie George
Millie George:
Uhm wouldn’t be my first choice naming a child but hey as long as Kylie and Travis r happy with it lol! Congrats to both of them for their new baby x
G L:
She’s getting the whole X-Men in her family
Wolverine and stormi 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Outro Wings
Outro Wings:
I love that she is going through the whole journey of pregnancy rather than surogacy love that about her ❤
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
I don't understand celebrities naming their children these crazy names😂😂.
miss gurl
miss gurl:
I’m so happy for them! 🥰💞
Shriraksha SK
Shriraksha SK:
Baby cries:
Kylie: ohhh wolf is howling 🐺
heart ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩ
heart ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩ:
That's not exactly how would I name my child if I had one but I'm happy for them :')
Radmy P.
Radmy P.:
Some parents don"t think that child could be unhappy cause of the name when he's older, , orher kids could make fun of him etc..
Stormi is cute name, but Wolf.. 😣
anika noble
anika noble:
Wolverine and storm lol totally makes sense wolf and stormi they are definitely an x men fan!!! Me too girl!
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
They love too name their children these rare names to be different, but honey sometimes rare ain't always cute or sound cute. It's kinda sound a last minute name. By hey cheers to her.
It seems like Kylie and Travis sourced their babies names from Marvel comic books.
Raj Garg
Raj Garg:
Guyz even if it seems like a last minute name, or x men name, or too different, or not good for the child when its older I'm sure that their son will grow and learn to love himself and his name, i think all names are great in their own way :]
Kuk Luv
Kuk Luv:
Well done to both parents, I quite like the name Wolf.
Matt Berrill
Matt Berrill:
I feel so sorry for that child when or celebrities going to stop naming their children ridiculous, names 🤣🤣
Miss Seni
Miss Seni:
Sometimes hearing the reasoning behind the name kind of helps wrap your head around it. Right now it sounds...😞😦😳. Like when Kim said when they had North, they felt it was the highest point of their relationship hence the name North.
CC :
Love the name! Who doesn't love alliteration and Law & Order?
Vanessa Carr
Vanessa Carr:
Rest in peace To those who Lost their lives & the families mourning 🙏 Hope justice will be served .ASTROWORLD, one that will go down in history as the most unorganized concert. 🙏 prayers the the families, children lost their lives too quickly.
Aoife D
Aoife D:
I'll save you time, it's Wolf Webster
stark 3000
stark 3000:
Well Stormi and Wolf are going to be the new superhero sibling duo. Jokes aside congrats to Stormi for being an elder sister
Mhaw Reginio
Mhaw Reginio:
Just imagine calling your child in a playground full of kids, Wolf! Wolf! 😂😂😂
To everyone saying this is just another silly celebrity name: Wolf is actually a pretty common name in Europe. It comes from Wolfgang (like Mozart’s first name - y’all are just uncultured)
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺I knew she was gonna name her baby not a normal human name, but I never saw wolf of all names coming, anyway congrats to them
Ene FJ
Ene FJ:
i thought she was gonna name it rainbow or sunny. but wolf sounds cool too!
Ylan Naturi
Ylan Naturi:
I looooooove this name
Tonya Denton
Tonya Denton:
When Kylie calls her cute son, Hey Wolf, her dogs are going to come barking and making a lot of noise 🤣😂🤣's not the worst of a name, but they sure like to be modern in a stupid way of naming Human Beings.
Elouise-Ann Spyrou
Elouise-Ann Spyrou:
oh ja - DEFINITELY saw this name coming !
Heather Mapes
Heather Mapes:
I loved the name stormi but wolf is not as cute 🤷🏼‍♀️
Maytal Murray
Maytal Murray:
Storm would have been a great name
Jarrica H
Jarrica H:
Now watch she call him Wolfie 😂😂
Melaniee :
Not the wolf howling 😭😭
That one sent me🤣🤣🤣🤣
Janet Weyers
Janet Weyers:
Beautiful, powerful and humble !
I wish them all the best 🙏
Barb Severino
Barb Severino:
I love the name.
Mariah Wynn
Mariah Wynn:
Wolf 🐺? I thought they were naming it twister 🌪 or something.
Maria Stewart
Maria Stewart:
EVE who gave birth on the 1st also named her son Wolfe Conngrats to both ladies
Dianne Brooks
Dianne Brooks:
Seline Masa
Seline Masa:
Beautiful Family
Detroit Skidrow
Detroit Skidrow:
Eve's Baby's name is Wolf too,he was born on the 1st of February 2022...,so he had the name first,but it's koo, sometimes you should let people know what your naming your child so now we don't have 3 wolf's, Eve's Son, Valerie Bertinelli son's name is Wolf and now Kylie....well Hello Wolf #3.....
Valen Tina
Valen Tina:
They should have name him astroworld😗😗🤷🏻‍♀️ just sayin! We dont forget💀
Out if all the names in the world.. Wolf?!?? Lol why?
Jacqueline Molina
Jacqueline Molina:
Y’all messed up on the dates.. it’s 2-2-22 not 2-22-22 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Jewel Washington
Jewel Washington:
Eve had her baby Fed 1st and named him Wilde Wolf
Shanté Summers
Shanté Summers:
I think Kylie was inspired by Eve the rappers baby boys name who also has wolf in his name and was born on the 1/02/22. 🤷🏾‍♀️ why do I feel like she’s trying to steal Eve’s thunder but also distract us from her sisters messy divorce. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Christy Goodson
Christy Goodson:
I can imagine other kids barking at him. Wolf wolf! Good thing they can put him in private school cause kids can be cruel! Ya not a fan
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar:
I actually expected it to be THUNDER but ok wolf is also fine💜💜💜💜their choice😔
heather lynsey
heather lynsey:
I wouldn’t have guessed that name in a million years 😂
Ms Ray Ray *
Ms Ray Ray *:
I thought they were gonna name their son thunder ⛈️ 🤷🏾‍♀️ oh well, congrats.
Abby Garcia
Abby Garcia:
Welcome to the Wolf pack I'm also a mom of a Wolfy 🐺🐺
Cookie Arboleda
Cookie Arboleda:
Tammy Hembrow first born son is name Wolf and they use to be friends. Im curious when shes going to reveal why they decided to name him Wolf
Wolf is a strong name! So glad they had a healthy beautiful baby! Blessings to the whole fam❤️✌🏾🤗🙏🏾
Sylvia Garcia
Sylvia Garcia:
That shouldn’t even be a name choice
Wolf? I mean it's very different I kinda like it!
Mary Nathan
Mary Nathan:
I think another celebrity just named their new son Wolf to, so I guess they must be crazy to, people can name their kids what ever they want to, you do not take care of their kids.
K P:
Wolf…because Hyena is a girls name y’all…
Pink Zellmer
Pink Zellmer:
The bat 🦇 the storm ⛈ and now the wolf 🐺
Happy for them👏👏👏👏from Italy
Anne Conklin
Anne Conklin:
God this family turns my stomach!
Kim M
Kim M:
Eve just named her son wolf as well
lia main
lia main:
The name should have been Thunder, Thunder and Stormi
Janet Loyet
Janet Loyet:
All kids in that family have terrible names!!
Samora Smith
Samora Smith:
Omg lord have mercy these stars and they names for they kid's is not good
CO dreaming
CO dreaming:
Correction: It’s 2/2/22….not 2/22/22 as stated in the video.
2/22/22 hasn’t happened yet 😊.
ash ash
ash ash:
Who names a baby wolf ... Hmmmm
Patricia C Caruolo
Patricia C Caruolo:
There's only room for one Wolfie in LA, and that's Wolf VanHalen
Rokhaya SADJI
Rokhaya SADJI:
this is getting weird
kristina mendoza
kristina mendoza:
The names these celebrities come up with
Saran Komara
Saran Komara:
She had 9 months 💀
Lisa Mcclanahan
Lisa Mcclanahan:
Khloe suggested the name that's where it came from
J Lakatos
J Lakatos:

Seriously though! I feel sorry for that kid being born into such a warped family!
Noella Rash
Noella Rash:
How would you like to be called “Wolf?” Poor kid
Samantha Sau
Samantha Sau:
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell:
They should have let the kid choose it's own name....
Kendall March
Kendall March:
Wolf is going to be alpha. Reminds me of wolf of wall street and the werewolves from twilight.
Personally I think they should have gone with Criminal. Criminal Negligence. Seems fitting.
Shiloh Eclipse Grande  💙💚
Shiloh Eclipse Grande 💙💚:
I hate the name but I’m happy because I did a bet with my friend she thought it was angel and I knew it wasn’t
Justice For-All312
Justice For-All312:
I don’t care how many people say the name Wolf is common in other countries, we are not in those countries, we are here, where it is not common and will seem to most people as a very odd and unpleasant name.
The only thing that makes me feel better for little Wolf’s terrible name, is he is not going to be the average kid that WOULD get mercilessly bullied for the name. Due to his family’s status and money, he will very much so be cushioned from a life of ridicule and jokes. He will be just fine and his name will be excepted.
And knowing how our country is so obsessed with celebrities, the name Wolf will likely be much more popular as a baby name in the future.
Sherri Jones
Sherri Jones:
That family will do anything for attention. That poor child
I think the name of the baby is a Wolf Webster since she post it in via ig
Heather C.
Heather C.:
I love the name n happy for her n Travis Stormi is wonderful n will be a big sis. Lisa Barlow from rhosl sons have that brand called fresh wolf. Andy Cohen raves about it. Congrats!
White Diamond
White Diamond:
Why is he making her only a baby mama? All that baby drama and still no ring or wife. WOW!!!!!
Romy Ortega
Romy Ortega:
Nome de autor de novela “Wolf Maia” kkk
madsexy badgyal
madsexy badgyal:
They should've named him: "Sunny Webster"
S. Martinez
S. Martinez:
I can just hear Khloe say, "Hi Wolfie!!"
Standing for truth
Standing for truth:
Wolf in sheep's clothing, very suitable
Zara Tarot
Zara Tarot:
RIP to the Astroworld victims from Texas
Yvonne Demings
Yvonne Demings:
Don’t know where these people get their names but this one I really can’t stomach… the parents need therapy 😩
Tiffany Piney
Tiffany Piney:
Honestly I kinda like the name Wolf I feel like it's really unique for a baby.
Acts 2:38
Lord Humungus
Lord Humungus:
Wolf in German is Adolph.
Seriously... No joke.
Lori Lal
Lori Lal:
I honestly feel bad for a lot of these celebrity kids names. They come up with the dumbest crap to call their kids. I’d be embarrassed to have a name like this..Wolf. Seriously. Or Stormi or True. No wonder why kids get picked on. It starts with the parents. I’d be changing my name when I got of age to do so. How ridiculous.
Christina Mulundu
Christina Mulundu:
I love Kylie but that's not a nice name. It has a bad ring to it. Is first name is wolf? Is this a joke or something?
Baby Wolfie
shavon H
shavon H:
Y’all wrong for the 🐺 at the end 🤦🏾‍♀️
Grace Green
Grace Green:
Didn’t Eve just name her baby that?
M Bella Osses
M Bella Osses:
Omg tammy hembrow’s son is also Wolf 😂
Bye ok?🙌
Bye ok?🙌:
his middle name probably is angel never know
Allie Pilcher
Allie Pilcher:
The name reminds me of Disney Ant Farm.
Happy Ritah
Happy Ritah:
This name just broke my heart not cute for a human ,i am very disappointed if it's my family, wolf Webster oh my God