Kyrgios and Kokkinakis Roar Into Australian Open Final | Eurosport Tennis

‘Special K’ have reached the final of the Australian Open men’s doubles by overcoming Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos in straight sets in front of a slightly more subdued crowd than in previous rounds. Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis produced their best tennis yet, sealing the victory in one hours and 48 minutes. Kyrgios' serving proved particularly problematic for their opponents.

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85 komentarze:

Enno Fircks
Enno Fircks:
I am amazed by this performance. Tennis should not hide itself behind football, soccer or any other sports. These guys show what you could do with this sport !
These guys are going to make me start watching doubles!
Everyone said Kyrgios will never win a slam with his morale. Well, he is pretty close now.
we Snooker
we Snooker:
Kyrgios don’t care about letting himself down but in team events he hates letting others down so we see the best, I actually think he’ll get more joy winning this doubles slam then if he ever wins a singles
Jamie Leroy
Jamie Leroy:
You need players like Nick in tennis.
You know there’s gonna be drama when Nicks around
Ян Петров
Ян Петров:
Как же рад за Кирьоса! Шоу должно продолжаться)))
Monsieur Breakdown
Monsieur Breakdown:
Imagine KYRGIOS winning a grand slam.
Would be so fucking delicious.
This is the first time I searched for doubles highlights.
Paraskevi Lamprini M.
Paraskevi Lamprini M.:
μπράβο παιδιά! Well done Guys!
This is so surreal... Kyrgios might actually win a GS 😅
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
This would be so huge for Nick and thanasi a GRAND SLAM title
nodari mamrashi
nodari mamrashi:
this is the first time that i am interesting more doubles tournament than singles. they are to good
Would love to see them win the title! The emotions would be unreal!
Zak Haddad
Zak Haddad:
Man, I hope these guys win, it'll be amazing to see 🙏❤
Sergey Medvedev
Sergey Medvedev:
Видно кайфуют от игры, молодцы
Inez Graer
Inez Graer:
Wow.....incredible tennis from both teams!! Entertainment beyond!
Aston M.
Aston M.:
Maybe if Kyrgios wins the doubles title he might start thinking "this winning the whole thing is actually not a bad feeling", and might consider trying the same in singles. One day.
Patrick Beard
Patrick Beard:
What tennis needs
Show must go on 💪🎾
Magic 538
Magic 538:
Редкий случай, когда парные матчи вызывают не меньший интерес, чем однички
Juan Antonio Quintas
Juan Antonio Quintas:
1st Grande Slam F 4 Kyrgios, pity it's a doubles one ...but everything counts
Bram Valkenburg
Bram Valkenburg:
I know a lot of credit goes to Kyrgios, most of the focus is on him. However, please take Kokkinakis into consideration and him being able to play doubles with this clown. He's carrying, morale as tennis wise.
Darek S.
Darek S.:
Awsome performance! :D I love that energy!
God Frieza
God Frieza:
Singles players teaming up for doubles is are always fun watching than actual doubles players
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
Singles players are so good at doubles its unreal
Granollers is still around? It’s so cool seeing him play
Vasilis Poulios
Vasilis Poulios:
two Greeks in the final already...the 3rd is on his way
Just playing tennis for fun, he doesn't care always for the win, he just love competition
C C:
Great, even if I do not like the two mallakas, might be an all Greek tournament turnout!
Joseph Garibaldi
Joseph Garibaldi:
🥊💪🦘Kyrgios and Kokkinakis 🦘💪🥊 Roo! Roo!
Islam Huseynov
Islam Huseynov:
Show must go on!
Los Griegos! Πάμε παιδιά!
James Atkins
James Atkins:
Kyrgios apparently said that the best singles players are better at doubles than the doubles players. People may not like that but generally speaking it seems clear to me. I'd take prime Federer and Nadal over prime Bryan brothers every time, even if they hadn't practiced much together. Most womens doubles champs are current or former singles players. It would be nice to see more top men players play doubles even if only at smaller events. Would love to know where John McEnroe stands in the debate
Wow in my opinion is the best doubles in history noone can beat them when play like this with serve and power shots and teamplay
love to see this as fellow Brits i wish them well.
Such a shame our other British players (Djockovic and Federer) aren't there this year - Rafa is the last British player in the draw....i'm getting worried.
Javier Sànchez
Javier Sànchez:
Everything ok except Kyrgios' behavior. What a kid omg
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
I would love nick to get a grand slam plz plz win it would be insane
JGi g
JGi g:
Well done Nick!!! Doubles should be your goal and dream as in singles you are not going anywhere!!!!
Suat Kaya tennis
Suat Kaya tennis:
Double K's. People have said that Kyrgios will never win a grandslam, i never had any doubt in him 🤣
Ignacio Gallo
Ignacio Gallo:
Nick, as Spaniard, you are a crack man, well done!! happy for you guys made it into the finals, keep it up and well done supporting Nole during his bad times!
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed:
Congratulations to them 😂 and there parents home country
go and win it all Nick
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Increbidle! Nick might win a slam after all 😂🙏🏻❤️
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
very very excited for this
and people said he was finished 6 months ago
too much sauce - 'intimidation' of K/K and Aus crowd is potent mix!
James Aird
James Aird:
When did men's doubles go down to best of 3 sets?
I'll repeat what I said about their last match. KK so much more entertaining than any match djoko has played in.
Tom TheDon
Tom TheDon:
Nick krygios racket has left the chat
Aymeric Oliveau
Aymeric Oliveau:
Is it just me or these two Australian dudes have the greekiest names ever?
Kari Pintakivi
Kari Pintakivi:
Now I have seen everything: pro doubles can be won from the baseline. These two clowns can not play proper doubles, so they win by hitting passing shots. Something to think about.
Don SS
Don SS:
Like this crazy dude💪
arrozinflado inflated
arrozinflado inflated:
Kyrgios, like he had 5yo.
Imagine you don't work hard like other tennis players but are into final 😅
Shervin Labani
Shervin Labani:
They have changed tennis
Luca Martin
Luca Martin:
Beautiful! KK!
Какой Эбден с ноунейммом в финале , рам солисбери просто слили за крупную сумму
Клоунский турнир просто купили проход всем
Deki Tesla
Deki Tesla:
2 Greeks 🇬🇷🇬🇷
its juste crazy .
Julien Labis
Julien Labis:
A mid time tennis player and a guy who bangs Wawrinka's girlfriends just destroy top and third seed and reach a GS final and everyone pretends it's normal
They are so representative of the current generation, the look, the behaviour. But who am I to judge. People seem to root for these kind of guys so I must be outdated. Be what you want to be next-gen, I ll step aside like a grandpa. Not my forte
A H:
Kokkinakis still doing Wawrinka's bird?
Karoun Falafel
Karoun Falafel:
rigged like always when you play on your country
Namispond Jamispond
Namispond Jamispond:
Nothing but disdain for Kyrgios. Total narcissist.
Sil B
Sil B:
2 total knobs😂 No jk I like em both
Peter Fawcett
Peter Fawcett:
Winning celebraton like footballers....
Ibragim Yosoza
Ibragim Yosoza:
Почему зал гудел уууу
Kyrgios gets my nerves with his behaviour...
Theodor Dinu
Theodor Dinu:
Not to be a party pooper or anything, but on the final point, when Nick threw the racquet and went straight to Kokk to congratulate him...the point was still live. The umpire could have thrown the book at them and announce a point replay, but chose not to, since it was pretty obvious no one was getting to that lob. But again, technically, the point was still live when Nick decided to go full banzai celebration mode.
Slobodan Kovacevic
Slobodan Kovacevic:
AO is already circus so one clown more or less...
Danilo Novaković
Danilo Novaković:
Whoa so many people in crowd... aren't they scared of COVID-19?
Crowd talking trash to the oponents. Thats not what tennis is or should be like
Ned Kiryakov
Ned Kiryakov:
This is a joke! These 2 clowns ??? Lol
dream_of_all_of_you Серж Аналитик
dream_of_all_of_you Серж Аналитик:
Alessandro Aglialoro
Alessandro Aglialoro:
The Ronaldo thing the crowd's doing is so annoying
Aussies worst spectators in the world.
cars & tuning
cars & tuning:
why is everybody there booing them? they are aussies, arent they?
Irvin Nicollier
Irvin Nicollier:
The middle finger was not necessary.
sutki miftari
sutki miftari:
2 lossers have theire 5 doubles!🤣
Nane Hater
Nane Hater:
Ibragim Yosoza
Ibragim Yosoza: