LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets Full GAME 5 Highlights | NBA Playoffs

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Lakers vs Rockets Game 5

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
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Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
It’s great to see that Lebron and Ad don’t need to do everything on their own to win games.
Freaky HT
Freaky HT:
LeBron’s washed up”
“LeBron can’t do it in the West”
“Blazers in 4”
“Rockets in 4”. Look how bad all this backfired....
Mike Brown
Mike Brown:
Then: Lebron eliminates harden and westbrook as a baby
Now: Lebron eliminates harden and westbrook as an adult

Edit: Thanks y'all, this is the largest amount of like i've ever got
Get me 1 million subs without a video challenge
Get me 1 million subs without a video challenge:
The random person who likes this will become a billionaire in the future
Panashe Master
Panashe Master:
Kobe was right, the way the Rockets are built, they'll never win a championship
Jonathan Frian
Jonathan Frian:
When danny start making shots, You know the winner already.
10 ppl in the “crowd” Westbrook still gets into it with someone....smh
Bangoura Foulematou
Bangoura Foulematou:
This Rockets team is the worst of this second round.
They played like they didn't give AF the whole series. What a dissapointment.
Real Is Real
Real Is Real:
You know it's over when Dudley is on the floor
westbrick might be the only player in history to average a block per game in the playoffs

from lebron ofc😁🤣🤣
Marcelo NBA
Marcelo NBA:
2010: Lakers enter the conference finals with Kobe
2020: lakers enter conference finals with Lebron
mahar lika
mahar lika:
The Rockets are not like the Blazers. Of course.. Rockets are worse.
Harden and Westbrook will never win a championship playing together KD was right
xpose bandwagons 777
xpose bandwagons 777:
Now y’all know to not overreact when Lakers lose a game
Lorist Norton
Lorist Norton:
Mike D antoni: We just have to do the same thing over again, shoot more 3s. ROCKETS in 8.
Freddy Chavez
Freddy Chavez:
Skip BayLoss: "They miss MVP DANIEL HOUSE" 😝
Marcelo NBA
Marcelo NBA:
Who else thinks the Lakers and Celtics could play an NBA finals again?
Lebron vs Tatum
Bro at this rate kostas will get a ring first than giannis LMAO
Rae Lindzey
Rae Lindzey:
Alex Caruso and the underdog Lakers are headed to the WCF
Westbrick getting blocked by LeBlock is a daily basis now
Rae Lindzey
Rae Lindzey:
I remember last year when laker fans said they ain’t need nor wanted bron 😂😂
Mr. Stark
Mr. Stark:
Shoutout to morris, rondo, caruso, kuzma and the rest of the lakers bench💯
Portland Trailblazer puts more of a better fight, than the Houston Rockets🤦‍♂️
Freaky HT
Freaky HT:
We got to close out.

- LeBron after game 4. And they did just that
Rockets are one of the most over hyped teams. Harden & Westbrook aren't playoff material. Great stat padders in the regular season though.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan:
Imagine getting eliminated by huge lead, centers chillin, and some bench
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
Lebron is still the best player of the Nba. 17th Season and still in his prime.
Chad Liberty
Chad Liberty:
Kobe himself said it best, with that kind of play, rockets would never win a ring
Nor Priest
Nor Priest:
Admit it guys.
CP3 and Harden were closer af to the Finals than Westbrick and Harden
Mirio Ali
Mirio Ali:
"rockets are not the blazers" did not age well
I love how Vogel ran twin towers at the end as a big FU to Houston 😂😂😂
Ken Wilnard David
Ken Wilnard David:
“HoUsToN AiNt PoRtLaNd"
M Tegar Setyo
M Tegar Setyo:
Game 1 : "rocket in 4"
Now : rocket fans flying to the moon😂
Nexx Level
Nexx Level:
You hater can build a village with all them damn excuses. 😂 Lakers were the better team and beat them because of it. Rockets lack of offense was caused by the lakers great defense. The lakers overwhelmed them. 💪😤🏆#Lakeshow
Gheric Polenio
Gheric Polenio:
Rockets fan saying "We're not like the Blazer'' in game 1 but look at y'all now its the same result 😂
LBJ:You want a piece of me?
No, no, no, a mistake.
Someone tell Westbrook that Trump isn't building the wall out of bricks. 😂
Lemuel Reyes
Lemuel Reyes:
Damn two former MVPs in one team getting a gentleman sweep, who would've thought ...
Jovil Ferras
Jovil Ferras:
8:00 Rivers soul just died when lebron approached him lmao
Parker's NBA History
Parker's NBA History:
8:05 Westbrook fighting with the fans, even in a lockdown bubble, lol.
Nexx Level
Nexx Level:
Post game 1: Rockets small ball is too much! 💪😤 🏆

Post game 5: of course lakers would win. They’re just too big for the rockets. 😖😭 🤬
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson:
To Rockets: Now you know why Warriors put 4 all stars together to stop LeBron 😅
Lebron led teams have won 16 out of the last 17 games where they had a chance to clinch the playoff series. That's a crazy stat to me, this man doesn't play around and just goes for the kill, no comebacks happening on his watch.
*LeBron MADE sure the Rockets got sent home.*
8:00 Austin rivers after LeBron almost lost it XD
Nicholas O
Nicholas O:
Fans everywhere rejoicing that Westbrook joined the Rockets.
Now we can get to see Westbrook and Harden both crying after getting their ass kicked, and we only need to watch one series!
Thanks Houston. (If only you get Chris Paul we'd have the trifecta).
8:01 damn, that almost turned into a fight
Pawlu C
Pawlu C:
lebron buggin at 8:00 is some of the funniest shit i've seen this week
Nexx Level
Nexx Level:
Just go ahead and give lebron and the lakers their credit. They played good basketball. Rockets bandwagon hyped houston up and they got beat down. 😂 #Lakeshow
Sunny Darko'
Sunny Darko':
Russ needs to be traded. He can't shoot 3's and that's what the rockets do. He didn't show up.
macarony don
macarony don:
Horton-tucker is such a steal. Confidence player
Nathan Molina
Nathan Molina:
7:59 what a shot by rivers .hahahah
qinjing xu
qinjing xu:
Blocked by Caruso sounding like blocked by James
Gabriel Meireles
Gabriel Meireles:
2016: “Kevin Durant couldn’t win a ring with Harden and Westbrook??!”

2020: “Kevin Durant couldn’t win a ring with Harden and Westbrook”.
Cedric Arciaga Vallero
Cedric Arciaga Vallero:
"Westbrook.. From Deep 3"
king arthur
king arthur:
My man Caruso block harden 😂
S. Keegs
S. Keegs:
"Better double me" Westbrick.
Down 29! 👀😂
1:38 = enjoying good times roll
8:08 = what broh?? 😂😂😂
yun flwr
yun flwr:
8:00 was lebron ready to fight? Don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that haha
John Amachaab
John Amachaab:
Harden ,Bucks left the chat
Joney Mujar
Joney Mujar:
I'm so early, the Black Lives Matter troll account isn't commenting yet LMAO
i see fools beggin for likes and subs
i see fools beggin for likes and subs:
Credits to lu dort for showing how to defend harden without fouling him every time. 🤙
Juwan 242
Juwan 242:
The lakers out here looking like the warriors 😂😂
kyrie the kid Irving
kyrie the kid Irving:
Start the regular season NOW, so westbrick and Soften can dominate again!
K2 World
K2 World:
Austin Rivers ALMOST DIED 8:00 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Jonathan Clarke
Jonathan Clarke:
Let's see how skip wriggles out of this one... "Ol goat james" at it again!
I am an MJ fan, watching him play every game i've seen him owned John Starks, and some mediocre players, but i never witnessed a superstar owned another superstar like Lebron owned Westbrook like that, he dunked on him, shot on him, and swatted his shots, doing it in his 17th years lol.
Johannes Matahelemual
Johannes Matahelemual:
When play with westbrooke in a team, that is the time you will be defeated.
Nassone Nunes
Nassone Nunes:
8:00 Austin Rivers got scared I bet he pooped his Shorts 😂😂😂
Ravel L. Ananta
Ravel L. Ananta:
Seeing Rocket's small ball experiment failed is the most satisfying thing in the world.
Ver Nicolo Melo
Ver Nicolo Melo:
1:39 men chillin , knowing that the rockets aint tall enough
Horton tucker needs more playing time. the rook can ball !!!!
3:39 Caruso activates LeBron mode
Joyal Augustine
Joyal Augustine:
8:03 Lebron getting pissed off and trying to calm himself down ............
3:40 the ultimate summary of the series in addition to LBJ blocking Westbrook!!
Vince J
Vince J:
Hard to keep vouching for the rockets when there is zero heart shown from the team. Wesbrick, not showing up. House, choosing some WAP over the series. 🥺
pedz happy
pedz happy:
Credits to the coach giving a good team rotation
Shaun McClendon
Shaun McClendon:
Wow!!!! We’re back we did it for you Mamba. Your boy LBJ kept his promise..
Tracy Daniel
Tracy Daniel:
Omfg y did they trade paul for westbrook
Mark Tahanlangit
Mark Tahanlangit:
Now I'm excited to see Shannon and Skip 😂😂
Gabriel Bonifacio
Gabriel Bonifacio:
6:28 kobes watching the game 😁
and they said lebron cant dominate in the WEST haha
Roui J.
Roui J.:
8:01 Austin Rivers was like, oh, shit, sorry bron. Sorry man. 😂
Harden has come to the bubble in his slowest ever version... Today he has played like nothing was on the line for him...strange
Martin Sauer
Martin Sauer:
That Harden travel tho

And the referee didn’t see it ?!
1:40 Dwight a clown! 🤣✊🏽
Mert Yavaş
Mert Yavaş:
Rockets era has ended before start
Aaron mccann
Aaron mccann:
Caruso of Alex played good but he’s a casual
That's 2 MVP's right there fellas..
I wish this series is enough for Coach D' Antoni to realized that small ball ain't gonna work in the playoffs, Big mans are assigned in basketball to play a huge role..
Great win Lakers..
Stay humble man Clippers are Good team better to prepare for the upcoming battle..
Appreciate the greatness.
Mark Jitro Armada
Mark Jitro Armada:
Now every haters' comments looks funny 😂
Rockets in the regular season: 💪
Rockets in the playoffs: 💩
fikri akbar
fikri akbar:
7:59 that's how kind lebron personality
Albert Torot
Albert Torot:
Westbrook mad mad cuz he'll be out of the playoffs lol
Rockets missed their only chance in 2018 with Paul. That was pretty good team, but unfortunatelly CP got injured. Harden is only good in seasom, Westbrook only running - it might be ok for the season but not in playoffs.
Westbrick is true definition of MVP.
T.H 87
T.H 87:
Russell Westbrook seria uma excelente contratação para a próxima temporada. Lakers não tem um camisa "0".
Rob Mike Huck
Rob Mike Huck:
lol rivers scared as hell when lebron approached him
M M:
Austin Rivers said "MY bAd LeBrOn I aInt MeaN tO hit You On thA HeAd"😂