La Vuelta 2021 Stage 1 Highlights | First Red Jersey Up For Grabs!

The Vuelta a España kicked off with a TT stage in Burgos, a perfect stage for the likes of Primoz Roglic and Jan Tratnik to battle it out for the red jersey. A short TT of 7.1km, the route started inside the famous Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos before approaching two climbs, one at 5% and the other at 7.1% for just over a kilometer. Packing quite the punch on the first day of the Grand Tour - the race remains flat for the descent back towards the Cathedral where the winner of stage 1 of the The Vuelta a España will be decided.

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51 komentarze:

Luyang Gao
Luyang Gao:
The most calm race commentator in the history of commentating sports. It’s like someone reading a story.
Christy Cairns
Christy Cairns:
Calmest recap ever. This should be the alt version going forward, for people watching in bed
Jumbo Visma seems to have set out to send a clear message.
Kuss went out hard, he wanted those 3 mountain points.
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
Bardet doing this well in a prologue is the surprise of the day in my opinion!!!!
Excellent highlights and commentary, thanks to everyone!
Sebastian Peheim
Sebastian Peheim:
whoever put that bump right after the finish should be fired
Kiran Shedge
Kiran Shedge:
What a Start for Olympic Champion....I wish Roglic wins Vuelta ❤👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I run a 220mm disc on my TT bike. You just never know when you might be riding thru mud. Better safe than sorry.

I see some teams still cant afford the latest in brake tech aka disc brakes. Maybe we can do a gofund me to make the racing more equal?
Roglic looks glorious in that gold helmet.
Buzz Man
Buzz Man:
Carlton is a beautiful linguist. He sure can turn a phrase
carlos deno
carlos deno:
Beautiful recap. A commentary as smooth as a frog in grass.
Allan Virimai
Allan Virimai:
Big mistake by Ineos,should have rested Carapaz,and take him to the Giro next year,then Bernal to th TDF
Abhinandan R K
Abhinandan R K:
Excellent commentary!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Excellent commentary!
I am rooting for Bernal, my guy is the next king together with Tadej
Lisa Dimmick
Lisa Dimmick:
Does Roglic get any sort of penalty for head butting the time keeper’s hand? 😉
Povilas C
Povilas C:
Roglic on good PED this year :)
Paul Solon
Paul Solon:
Roglic, yeah!
Joe Umbrell
Joe Umbrell:
Very relaxing voice to listen to. Makes for great recap to watch while the wife is trying on clothes in the dressing room!
Syde Sarmiento
Syde Sarmiento:
Ineos surely changed over the years 😅 where's their GC TT specialist, good old days.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
Big mistake by Ineos,should have rested Carapaz,and take him to the Giro next year,then Bernal to th TDF
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
Roglic, yeah!
Velomania Romania
Velomania Romania:
Gonna bet on Bernal for win in Vuelta ✌
Bryan Dempsen
Bryan Dempsen:
Does anyone know why today’s race was not in the GCN app. And none of the stages are listed as upcoming? This is on the iPad app.
Simon Knowles
Simon Knowles:
Great ride for Michael Mathews
P Lweis
P Lweis:
Excellent summary thank you
lior yunfh
lior yunfh:
Excellent commentary!
sokin jon
sokin jon:
Excellent commentary!
Great 👍
Rafael M Diniz
Rafael M Diniz:
hugo max
hugo max:
At least not ineos 😅
Jordge Pitts
Jordge Pitts:
"on course to win it" after just one stage . GAH, if it's that boring God help us
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
Does Roglic get any sort of penalty for head butting the time keeper’s hand? 😉
Phillip Pitts
Phillip Pitts:
Roglic tends to have a bad day in the mountains during the grand tours. So it’s always touch and go for him . Just my opinion.
Jonatan Leandoer
Jonatan Leandoer:
Ismael Rocha
Ismael Rocha:
Sounds like a cycling documentary lol
Sun Cuevas
Sun Cuevas:
Repeat of the Olympics
Steven Jaw
Steven Jaw:
What a nice voice and commentary. Thumbs up!
Paul Solon
Paul Solon:
V nice voice by commentator
C B:
Thank you Peace
Jonathan Z
Jonathan Z:
1080 very nice
Jon Poon
Jon Poon:
What’s with that cable bump just after the finish..
javier bezares
javier bezares:
So depressing comments! 🤣🤣🤣
Everyone is gangsta because a Chrome Blue Pinarello Bolide is not around...
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim:
Nice fairytale!!!
"On course to make it 3". For goodness sake..........after 7km? You really should develop a sense of perspective.
Where is Rob Hatch? Came for the guy who can roll his r's.
Rocky Manilow
Rocky Manilow:
Who's streaming UCI track racing?
Jun Ramirez
Jun Ramirez:
Pojacar bernal roglic the best duel
The commentary simply kills off any excitement i had on this race... kudos to that guy who hired this bed time story teller!!👎👎
Diego Mora
Diego Mora:
Some the most boring narrating ever.