Labrinth - Mount Everest (Lyrics)

🔥 Labrinth - Mount Everest (Lyrics)

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🎵 Labrinth

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🎤 Mount Everest Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Mount Everest ain't got shit on me
Mount Everest ain't got shit on me
'Cause I’m on top of the world
I'm on top of the world, yeah
Burj Dubai ain't got shit on me
You could touch the sky but you ain't got shit on me
'Cause I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world, yeah

Woop, woop, woop
Sweet, sweet
Woop, ah
Woop, woop, woop
Sweet, sweet

(Tell 'em)
I burn down my house and build it up again
(Tell 'em)
I burn it down twice just for the fun of it
(Tell 'em)
So much money I don't know what to do with it
(Tell 'em)
I don't pick up my phone, ain't no one worth the time
(Tell 'em)
I got me one gun and an alibi
(Tell 'em)
So much love that the whole thing feel like a lie

I don't need nobody
I don't need nobody
I don't need nobody
I don't need nobody
I don't need nobody
I don't need nobody
(To save me)
(Sweet, sweet)

Mount Everest ain't got shit on me

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Aduh tira
Aduh tira:
I just made a whole edit in my head with this😭🤣
Does anyone else think this song makes them feel like a badass🤔

Edit: how tf did I get these many likes😂
this song makes me think i'm hot
alicia Longoria
alicia Longoria:
i feel like i’m in euphoria 🤩
i feel like this song would be played at the ending of a movie. "the main character just drives onto the sunset, they finally got what they wanted.."1:52 and then the credits roll!
I didn't even realise it was "sweet" this whole time 😳
Witch Of the north west
Witch Of the north west:
Who else is just listening to this looking at their roof
wolfy bunn
wolfy bunn:
Idk wat it is about this song😭 but it hits differently
arykahnichole 2
arykahnichole 2:
the song makes my stomach drop
middle schoolers & freshmans: *pick your class 😍✌🏽🥰😊*
I feel like a baddie wile listening to this :)))))
Nyla Battles
Nyla Battles:
I thought he was saying “SQUADDDD SQUADDDD” 🥺
Nicole Lemus
Nicole Lemus:
Idk if this song was used in euphoria was it?
Blakk Yanna
Blakk Yanna:
Who's here after watching P- Valley?
Potatoe Person :3
Potatoe Person :3:
POV: you’re making a music video in your head
luvvkay goo
luvvkay goo:
this song is just a whole vibe
Kadence Snow
Kadence Snow:
0:33 when my mom got my grades
Doni Music
Doni Music:
Who’s here from Max Holloway’s entrance in his Max vs Kattar fight ?
Chaymae Ftitech
Chaymae Ftitech:
this song has it's own vibe
WingMeng Official
WingMeng Official:
This song makes me wanna go out and jump on roofs, film myself and make a slowmo video with it with a cool ass view behind me.
Just S M I L E
Just S M I L E:
Hits hard💀
Royal Vibes
Royal Vibes:
Mount Everest ain't got shit on me 🗻
Dominic Dueñas
Dominic Dueñas:
Soy el comentario en español q buscabas🤧✨
Seidy Owo
Seidy Owo:
This is art.
Logan Metcalf
Logan Metcalf:
I get chills whenever I hear this playing UFC 4.
It’s me briana
It’s me briana:
1:52 my favorite part
Jordyn Anduze
Jordyn Anduze:
"I dont need nobody"💯🙌
Stephanie Bosmans
Stephanie Bosmans:
this is from euphoria
Me picturing a edit of the main character slowly turning into the Villain
Cloud 9
Cloud 9:
I came from Euphoria <3
Chris Trevino
Chris Trevino:
I can't stop listening to the song 😭😂
Jeremiah F
Jeremiah F:
Who’s listening to this song in 2020 during the pandemic 😎
BigHomie_RayWeezy 8Mile_OG
BigHomie_RayWeezy 8Mile_OG:
P -valley sent me hear 💪🏾🙌🏾
sophia m
sophia m:
Gabriela Rivera
Gabriela Rivera:
a alguien mas se le eriza la piel con esta canción?
Do you know BTS?
Do you know BTS?:
I heard this on tik tok and I looked up I'm on top of the world then I clicked the first video and it was imagine dragons....👁️👄👁️
TaShawna Allen
TaShawna Allen:
P Vally Brought Me Here Love It.
Veto Montana
Veto Montana:
P valley brought me here 💪🏾💪🏾💯cause I'm on top of tha world
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza:
O comentário BR que vcs estavam procurando 👁️👄👁️✋
Marquem suas presenças brasileiros 🤡
When the devil finally got the angel she wanted at the end of the movie
DaVonte Hoskins - DaChampDH
DaVonte Hoskins - DaChampDH:
Song stuck in my head on UFC 4 lol
Here after that Max Holloway v.s Kattar 🔥🔥🔥 The best is blessed 💪
idk :/
idk :/:
Santi ago
Santi ago:
I was listening to music when I accidentally jumped and this came out. I don't regret
uwu owo
uwu owo:
*puts this song while I hack my friends roblox account cuz she betrayed me and ignores me*
Summer Butler
Summer Butler:
This just hits different though who agres ❤
January Jones
January Jones:
P. Valley brought me here! There's more to the song then they played!
amanda grace
amanda grace:
This Halloween I’m doing my makeup from the girls in euphoria and then putting fake blood to add the scary touch 😂🔥😝🤣
Listening to this song when you're mad is a whole other mood
Heydi Amaya. :v
Heydi Amaya. :v:
Yo:como se llama la canción que dice hua hua huahhuaa

Yotube:no se encontro resultado
Despues cuando la encontre:mounts everest
Euphoria 😈💜
Selma Thomsen
Selma Thomsen:
I feel so powerful listening to this
Ghala AlMaazmi
Ghala AlMaazmi:
I love how he says “burj dubai” when it’s actually “burj khalifa” in dubai😂😂😂 but im in love w the song
am I the only one who heard this song on an edit and didn't know the title so I searched ow ow owww ow ow ???
Emma Livingston
Emma Livingston:
Murphy from the 100 needs to be in an edit that has this music
Albertha Langley
Albertha Langley:
Abbey ß
Abbey ß:
This song makes me feel like a sexy badass
Amelia. Hobbs
Amelia. Hobbs:
Who else literally makes a whole edit with there crush in it 😀😍
Michaela Denson
Michaela Denson:
I love this song so much and I don’t even know why.
Rebecca Mihail
Rebecca Mihail:
I feel like this would definitely be in a fifty shades movie when they are travelling or when u know
nik nak
nik nak:
Lovinnnnnnng the vibe of this track!
Welcome 2020!
P-Valley brought me here. Now I'm gonna be telling everybody and their mama Mt. Everest ain't got shit on me 😁💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
ciera leal
ciera leal:
we need more songs like this.makes everyone feel confident as fuck
Try listening to this while your high it’s a hole new fuc*king experience ✨uwu✨
Working out to this song is so hot 🥵
j f
j f:
Blessed era,always n forever
Maab Elmselati
Maab Elmselati:
I feel like I’m in a edit when I listen to this song🥰
Abby R.
Abby R.:
Heyyy EUPHORIA fans where you are 🥵🥴
Playgirl-Marz- PSN
Playgirl-Marz- PSN:
I sent these lyrics to my 2 good friends and now they think I’m a Phycio
Vytautė Barišauskaitė
Vytautė Barišauskaitė:
This is the kinda song that tells me my worth, like 'don't push yourself down bitch you got this!' And I'm HERE FOR THIS no cap.
I've choreographed this whole song in my head.
ToRii Dhanelle
ToRii Dhanelle:
P valley bought me here💙
Margo Parker
Margo Parker:
P Valley brought me here and now this will be my everyday song
It’sMiaa !
It’sMiaa !:
This bihh so fyee I dome made a whole dance choreography ⛈🚀
I’m here from pvalley
Shomaila Khan
Shomaila Khan:
Carley Minks
Carley Minks:
The point that my head is flinching every beat because my headphones are blasting its volume 😂😂😂
Natalie Rosales
Natalie Rosales:
i kept this song on repeat while workin out n I ended up doin extra
Ghosty G
Ghosty G:
I didn't know how much of a interesting brain I had until I closed my eyes listening to this.
This slaps when your depressed with anger issues and fight for fun and know it’s a problem
Dana Miller
Dana Miller:
P valley's scene to this song is pure gold.
hakan mavruk
hakan mavruk:
This song makes me think deep about life😩
Yasmin Senez
Yasmin Senez:
*stands on roof while listening to this*
this song makes me think like im a serial killer but eventually goes to a mental institution
P Valley brought me here 😁
Ellen Trish
Ellen Trish:
Блин, а начало было такое офигенное )
Broo I love this song so much I love the woop part so much like when I first listened to this so I was crying. Well my bf said to listen it
Bryson Clayton
Bryson Clayton:
This is gonna be my new walk up song for baseball 🗣
hi lol
hi lol:
I know I'm hot but this song still makes me feel hot
I feel like I'm INVINCIBLE 🍃🖤🖤
TBJ Squad
TBJ Squad:
This song hits different somehow😭
Molly Dieruf
Molly Dieruf:
this song is HEAT
Anaylis Esperanza
Anaylis Esperanza:
This song is like crack to me It- it makes me feel like I’m floating but like a bad ass floating but like I can’t explain it ok🤕😌💙
Lorena Song
Lorena Song:
This song makes me want to crawl to my man like a bad girl 😆
JustYour AverageGamer
JustYour AverageGamer:
I've came here after max holloway had a godlike performance against calvin kattar
ayanna mah’rae
ayanna mah’rae:
juss made a 47 second edit in my head .. lets go see how it turns out
Quinsalyn Tisdom
Quinsalyn Tisdom:
This is maddy and nate's theme song right here.
Callan Edwards
Callan Edwards:
Idk why but the start makes me think of like a military movie trailer, for example when a fleet of black hawks are flying into iraq in slow motion but there isn't any sound, just the song, and it feels like such a badass song
Kenysha !!
Kenysha !!:
A moment of silence for people who still haven't found the song yet😤amen

I spent 15 mins looking for this..
Georgina Swinford
Georgina Swinford:
This song makes me want to go running in the rain... Until I get to the end and remember I hate running and it’s cold outside. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️