Lakers vs. Jazz reaction: The Lakers looked like a JV team! - JWill | KJZ

Lakers vs. Jazz reaction: The Lakers looked like a JV team! - JWill | KJZ
Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti react to the Utah Jazz blowing out the Los Angeles Lakers.

0:00 JWill sounds off on the Lakers' lack of effort on defense, noting Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroder's absence.
1:55 Keyshawn describes the Lakers' loss as a "little alarming."
4:02 JWill says "the Jazz are for real."


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0:00​ JWill sounds off on the Lakers' lack of effort on defense, noting Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroder's absence.
1:55​ Keyshawn describes the Lakers' loss as a "little alarming."
4:02​ JWill says "the Jazz are for real."
Kj Scribner
Kj Scribner:
Wow. Keyshawn you were a professional athlete. Stop caping for this dude. Why didn’t the MVP make his team mates better?
Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer:
Yet LeBron keeps getting pushed as MVP. It's clear the Lakers can't win without both him and AD.
Daryl Henry
Daryl Henry:
Keyshawn: Utah has to beat those teams first
*Utah blows out LA*
Keyshawn: That doesn't count
Black Governor
Black Governor:
No excuses the “MVP” was there 🤷🏾‍♂️
Why this dude tryna make excuses for them losing?
Give Mitchell the credit he deserves
Excuses excuses way LeBron deserves MVP when AD is worth more to the team.
Maurício Hiure
Maurício Hiure:
they're nothing without their best player Anthony Davis
Cameron Heelis
Cameron Heelis:
Yes the lakers aren’t very good without davis and Schroeder but that shouldn’t change the narrative about the jazz. They are really really good
So I guess the MVP candidate was AD all along. It is good LBJs MVP hype is getting exposed.
Nix 41
Nix 41:
AD is the real MVP for the Lakers
Michael J
Michael J:
I WISH this game would have been tonight with Ernie and the boys! Chuck would have ROASTED LeQueen
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo:
LeBron about to turn back into Lehelp
LeGM James is on the move
Its David Fr
Its David Fr:
this makes no sense how is lebron ahead in the mvp race?
AM Vlog
AM Vlog:
Can we have the All Star 3 point contest featuring the Jazz Team, Mitchell, Clarkson, Ingles, Bogdanovic, Conley, Royce, and Niang😅🤣🤣
Notice how they stop the MVP discussion moving forward, because NBA's golden boy should be out of the top 5 by now.
Hood Tendencies
Hood Tendencies:
“LuhhhGM b-b-b-back at it” I expect to hear this next week
chongy meister
chongy meister:
Keyshawn obviously doesnt watch games LOL he has no clue what his talking about, The Jazz are looking on point!
AsAp LoDoG
AsAp LoDoG:
It was an embarrassment we got destroyed period 🤦‍♂️
Nick Young
Nick Young:
Lebron will be making some trades before the deadline 😂
Dim Dotty
Dim Dotty:
The excuses are getting disgusting. Keyshawn you fighting it. Just be real man. You media dudes man i tell ya.
Kevin Mark
Kevin Mark:
“It’s just one game against the Lakers, I wanna see more of that before I can get on board”
They have beaten:
Lakers, clippers, 76ers, heat, bucks... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jay Gomez
Jay Gomez:
AD is that cat that draws so much attention from the opposition. When he's on the floor the whole defense shifts to his side, allowing LeBron one-on-one looks. When AD is on the bench or out, then the focus of defenders is on LeBron. And we've all seen he can't handle that. He's never been quick to sever a double team or go around one ala Black Jesus. And this is the reason LeBron only excels with the help of an AD, Kyrie and Wade.
I don't think KJ gets it. He talks a lot yet says nothing. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. I commend JWill and Zubin for their patience in dealing with this guy.
Hood Tendencies
Hood Tendencies:
Bron is finna pull a 2018 and wait for AD to come back
Micah PG
Micah PG:
Jazz are 21-2-1 ATS in the last 24. That is tied for the best mark in any 24 game stretch in league history. The Jazz have only lost one game when the other team hits less than 10 3's as well.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans:
I wanna see a 5 game losing streak after tomo
Exar Kun
Exar Kun:
Keshawn: “let me just move these goalposts AGAIN”
Josef Solon
Josef Solon:
The guy with the hoody is just saying " i will say UTAH is Championship team if they reach championship" yeah that's a brilliant analyst right there :D
Caleb Bunch
Caleb Bunch:
Key gets mad at jwill for not listening when it comes to football, but when jwill provides his opinion on basketball key never listens
Dim Dotty
Dim Dotty:
Keyshawn and basketball talk is A NO GO!!
Shane Lafeuillee
Shane Lafeuillee:
Clippers are the only team in LA that can get out on the perimeter and defend the Utah Jazz
JB Tiamson
JB Tiamson:
Jay Williams' temporary happiness will just evaporate when the real season begins.
Angel R.
Angel R.:
What happened Jay Will ? I thought LeBron could beat a team by himself 😂
Jon Jon
Jon Jon:
What did Keyshawn tried to say at the beginning look at JWill face 🤣
Boogie Cousins and Tyson Chandler are on their way to Hollywood.
Lakers are 🗑️ w/out AD
Yo-yo DD
Yo-yo DD:
Nobody seems hungry on that team to win except Lebron. Jazz look hungry and carrying that anger from the way they were eliminated from the playoffs last season.
Depressed Celtics fan
Depressed Celtics fan:
Literally this what I said in a live stream😂
Jazz played 4 games against the LA teams... they're 3-1

"Its a one game sample size" - Keyshawn

They really need AD back. they can't do $hit with a bunch of role players.
They need at least one superstar on court overall.
The jazz have also had multiple players out earlier In the season and they still won. Missing players isn’t an excuse this is a team game. If you’re team is bad when you’re missing 1 or 2 players. You aren’t a great team you’re a great duo. But this is a team game that’s 5v5 not 2v2.
Thank God somebody was being realistic on this take 😂🤣 the team is hurt THE TEAMMATES THAT MATTER
I see a lot people getting keyshawn but don't forget jwill was riding for lakers not too long ago, nowww their AD is important
Rational Thought
Rational Thought:
Luka and Dame have had their second and third guys missing, and they haven't been this bad. The Mavs did have a five or six game losing streak earlier in the year, but I think he missed one or two of those games too.
Ya man I'm already hearing this lack of effort excuse lmao
Michael lundy
Michael lundy:
Now every one is just a role player it's always been that a few stars and roles players and role plays that play like stars when they have the opportunity to start or do more ,magee rondo and Howard not being there is critical right now
Jay Moody
Jay Moody:
Lakers nation is real quiet right now 😂
Eddie Parks
Eddie Parks:
Brooklyn had a 3 game losing streak, nobody says anything.
Nicholas Hammond
Nicholas Hammond:
This is fatigue, mental and physical, it's almost expected especially with Bron not getting any younger.
3:02 Look at LeGoat get taken & cry lmao. Smoked these LeFrauds
Yo-yo DD
Yo-yo DD:
Lakers missing McGee, Howard, and Rondo. Last years team had such a size advantage and shot blockers on the floor. They got lots of second shot opportunities. AD and schruder will make them way better but they’re still missing something. It’s hard to win a title. It’s almost impossible to repeat.
Dallin Day
Dallin Day:
"I won't get on board with them being a championship-caliber team until they get through the Lakers and the Clippers". In other words, once they're in the finals, I'll accept that they could make it to the Finals.
3rd Level Intellect
3rd Level Intellect:
The game is over when you see Jared Dudley about to check in.
Clippers without Kawhi and Paul George have a winning record this year. They beat Orlando and Miami twice. While Lakers are 1-4 since AD went down.
VOH Basketball
VOH Basketball:
Lebrun waited for skip to be on vacation to start losing 🤭🤭
Sean Atkins
Sean Atkins:
As a OGLaker Fan, I will take last night whopping from mommy like a Champ. Lol See you in the playoffs, Jazz.
Nathan Juan
Nathan Juan:
People forget that the Jazz are missing bogie last playoffs vs the nuggets also conley did not play until game 3 but still made it to a game 7 series. We don't know what outcome could've been if those circumstances did not happened vs Nuggets if they played a healthy jazz.
Futs Knucking
Futs Knucking:
Most underrated difference form the Jazz this year vs last year is Derick Favors. Last year, when Rudy Gobert sat on the bench, opposing teams would erase any lead. (Can anyone even remember the name of the back up center for the Jazz last year?) Derick Favors, a starting center on many teams, allows the Jazz to extend leads.
Ananias Andrada
Ananias Andrada:
Before AD arrived, LeBron didn’t even make the Playoffs with the Lakers. Now that AD is injured, the Lakers loses to everyone. When will people realize that LeBron takes credit for the great players that have played with him like Wade, Bosch, Kyrie, Kevin Love and AD in order to create the false narrative of him being the goat?
GM Lebron in the office right now making phone calls.
Vinny Bishop
Vinny Bishop:
Imagine if ben Simmons & tobias was out for the sixers 😑 or PG & serge out for the clippers come on we’re missing our two starters dont blame lebron the same thing would happen to those teams too
When they get AD, stop saying that, we are talking about this man achilles tendon, even when he comes back you don't think this man will be mentally scared. He's thinking about Kevin Durant
Chris Checketts
Chris Checketts:
maybe I missed some plays, but I thought Caruso's defense was pretty good.
UC Smooth
UC Smooth:
Time for the Lakers to talk to Cleveland and get some assests to help the squad
LeGOAT James
LeGOAT James:
Keep that same energy come playoff time haters 😁✌️ you gonna be real mad when we go back to back 🏆🏆
Boji Jeik
Boji Jeik:
It was nice seeing the lakers bench playing the 4rth
Depressed Celtics fan
Depressed Celtics fan:
Key be *gawk gawk* lebron
Tae Kim
Tae Kim:
Why is Jwill so emotional all the time?
chris jones
chris jones:
Imagine what they'd be saying if utah lost to the Lakers last night
We've seen this movie before with Lebron. Wake me for the playoffs
32poppa savage
32poppa savage:
At 35 Michael jordan was still expected to win game when his co star missed games. Pippen missed 35 games that year.
Andrew Bristow
Andrew Bristow:
This is hilarious! I can’t wait for the narrative to change again. Can’t wait to hear more exaggeration from the media. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
vito smith
vito smith:
when the playoffs come lets see what the jazz do
Cody Loco
Cody Loco:
They really should try to get JJ Redick and get Boogie bacc and sign Roberson(for defense)
Vonn !!
Vonn !!:
Lakers fans please riddle me this , when did Dennis Schroeder turn into 2016 kyrie 🤔 cause the way y’all talm bout this man is ridiculous
Markus DeAndre
Markus DeAndre:
If the Lakers don’t win the title this season, Lebron will be in Milwaukee next season. He has the opportunity to put up 50 since AD is not there, but his lack of skill is starting to show. Athleticism and age don’t mix, he can’t shoot like Curry, he’s not a good one on one player like Kyrie, he don’t have a mid range game like KD and he’s not clutch like Lillard.
Black Governor
Black Governor:
Keyshawn said just yesterday they should not lose by 20+ 🤷🏾‍♂️ well they did and u still make excuses
adam stump
adam stump:
Where is that guy that said lakers would beat the jazz LMAO!!! GO JAZZZ!!!!!
Daryl Henry
Daryl Henry:
Even with AD, Utah wins this game easily
QuE O'BrEazY
QuE O'BrEazY:
LOL! IN a matter of 12 minutes ol' Bron Bron is out the MVP race with the Quickness!
Xan Solo
Xan Solo:
Healthy jazz vs Jared Dudley 🤔 lol
Caesar T
Caesar T:
It was clear trades need to happen and AD and bron need rest
Escobar Season
Escobar Season:
Keyshawn finds any excuse for the lakers lol
DarrellTron's World
DarrellTron's World:
They got JWill on kung fu movie mode
Bill Bixby
Bill Bixby:
Now I gotta go watch Anchorman.
Georges St. Pierre
Georges St. Pierre:
Jay Will would know what a JV team looks like.
Pat S
Pat S:
Next game, IF they win vs Portland. These ESPN guys will go back to the “he’s amazing at 36 years old, year 18” narrative.
Alex Sillman
Alex Sillman:
Imagine being a fanboy 😂
King Brutus
King Brutus:
LBJ does not deserve to be in the MVP conversation anymore lets keep it real Laker fans
Pat S
Pat S:
The addition of Schroder, Matthews, Gasol, and Harrell was supposed to be a guarantee of their depth. Fans and media are claiming back to back.

Now they are struggling because of the LeBron system they are in. They are not being used properly. They are bitching about trading Gasol and Matthew, etc..
Lebron: "Its Time For Me To Adjust"
- goes on a 4 game losing streak 🤣
Caesar T
Caesar T:
I don’t even want to watch undisputed today
That Guy Joe
That Guy Joe:
This shows how Lebron can't play without both AD and Schroder, his second and third best players. Schroder being the only other legit playmaker on the team. The team was fine without AD but when Schroder went out too, that's when the losing streak happened.
Ant T
Ant T:
Where's your dignity and sense of self worth this is what happens when you start the game with 5 role players
Bistro 25
Bistro 25:
What's the narrative this week?, Sports shows are derived from opinions and analytics, EVERY show has same casting dynamic, sports in today's age is geared towards entertainment, gambling and personality, I'll prove it, they can celebrate TDs now, before when it was hard & a penalty was paid to try✌🏿💯
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson:
Keyshawn defending this Garbo Lakers squad like his life depends on it my goodness.
Lakers have Blazers and Warriors next. Say they lose to Portland tomorrow. Suns have TWolves and Bulls and say they win. Suns and Lakers meet and if Suns wins that, they catch Lakers at 3.