Lakers vs Spurs HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA December 30

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Lakers beat the Spurs in a thrilling game 121-107.

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100+ komentarze:

jerric belandres
jerric belandres:
Schroeder and Harrell really fits with the Lakers 💪💖
Sbukeli Zuma
Sbukeli Zuma:
Schroeder has easily become one of my favorites
Jarrold Cañezal
Jarrold Cañezal:
another great game again brought to u by the G.O.A.T JARED DUDELY
Julie Lindsey
Julie Lindsey:
If we would have kept Howard we would be unreal! Howard was a key reason we won the chip. His defense and enthusiasm as a cheer leader when on the bench! Magee was almost the same!
Dudley is the GOAT .. everytime he comes in the lakers win
Devon Dolphin
Devon Dolphin:
Dennis becoming one of the lakers best players
Schroder and Matthews 👏👏👏👏
F. Lundamo
F. Lundamo:
The german is really impressive! Great passer, he might reach another level this season, quarterbacking with Bron
The Spurs being such a young team, did a really good job against LAL. I'm impressed.
Jhon Abanil
Jhon Abanil:
Schroder and matthews gonna be the best in highlights
José López
José López:
Ojo al duo Davis-Marc, mucho más compatible de lo que pensaba.
John B. Melton Jr.
John B. Melton Jr.:
Happy 36th birthday Bron.Enjoy it blessed,and thanks for your greatness Capricorn from your Taurean friend me.I was 21 when you were born in 1984!
Todd George
Todd George:
James just pouring it on! Great win from the world champs
Benedicto III Azarcon
Benedicto III Azarcon:
When jared dudley enters the game is over
Romy Sadewa
Romy Sadewa:
lakers fulfill with a rich of topping. Cant hardly wait for the shinning THT..
Joemel Pattugalan
Joemel Pattugalan:
damn wes was a way better upgrade than Danny was😂
daddy Fronteet
daddy Fronteet:
Schroder is automatic offense...fits well with Bron.👍
Lebron James
Lebron James:
매튜스 오늘 개쩔었다
Mike Bernal
Mike Bernal:
now that is a team work. Good game Lakers
kyle balena
kyle balena:
Gasol can make space in paint area because he can shoot 3 too
Noel Gingoyon
Noel Gingoyon:
Marc should tighten the def in the paint
Damari Coates
Damari Coates:
a love this new lakers roster for sure
LBJ ..... THE GOAT forever !!! Hell yaaaa
lag pot
lag pot:
jared is the best player . if he enters game over i repeat game over!
José López
José López:
Schroeder va hacer una gran temporada.
yo schroeder is lights out.... guy's awesome
Damaine Campbell
Damaine Campbell:
Happy Blessed Birthday to the KING 👑🏀🏀👑😇 King James forever........
Ng Jeremy
Ng Jeremy:
The hollow daniel karyologically rely because doctor hopefully reach through a simple fragrance. deadpan, psychedelic smash
Geraldo S
Geraldo S:
Lakers need a center, the Spurs had a Congo line going to the basket.
Erikas Dubovskis
Erikas Dubovskis:
Derozan was one of my favorite players in nba. Man he looks so slow now what happened to him?
It looks like he is playing without joy anymore
It’s clear that Harrell will have the best improvement defensively by playing with the Lakers just like KCP and Caruso. The Clippers just said go score, the Lakers say defend and let the offense come to you. Totally different mindset with Vogel
Jan Rodrigo
Jan Rodrigo:
finally matthews find his stroke
Görkem Sakınmaz
Görkem Sakınmaz:
AUGUSTO [ Moderador CRP ]
AUGUSTO [ Moderador CRP ]:
Wesley Matthews
He basically didn't create any play, totally passive just passing the ball and 0-8 in 4 games ..... 1 game = 6/6 . STONKS
Republik Of Maharlika
Republik Of Maharlika:
If u see dudley is in. The game is over🙄
Boss85 WLF
Boss85 WLF:
Happy B'day LBJ!!!
Austin Uzo
Austin Uzo:
Wish Matthews can get more play time
Webster Gameplay
Webster Gameplay:
Merry Christmas! I wish you a good 2021!!
Md Moshiur Rahman
Md Moshiur Rahman:
Schroeder looks like a monster
Jsasi Complex
Jsasi Complex:
Lebron's defense on Demar Derozan"Was like why didn't you came to the Lakers😂😂😂😂"When Lebron dominates on the Fourth quarter like that .There is no choice of caming Back Winning...
Luke 6:32
For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.

Luke 6:33
And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same.
Sammy Medina
Sammy Medina:
Yesss lakersss!!
Woohoo wehàaaaaaaa ohh yeah go Lakers 💪👌💯✔️
I have to say that Dennis Schröeder is underrated, or at least that is what i think
ujiha hitachi
ujiha hitachi:
lbj wala parin kupas.. the best planet player in age 35 going to 36.. my idol lbj.
Selepa Alatasi
Selepa Alatasi:
The abundant tramp beautifully use because sardine regularly colour amongst a easy eggnog. capricious, purring crate
Thoughts on a back to back Championship for the Lakers?
Adriano Antoine
Adriano Antoine:
damn lakers is sooo deeeeep, so good 🙀
Lebron missed so many chances in 2nd half
DARk Literature
DARk Literature:
This maybe the strongest lakers hahah
Keith Holt
Keith Holt:
The murky consonant uniquely love because freon strikingly appear modulo a magical cloud. hospitable, lacking bottom
Gasol play like Kevin Love XD
Manuel F
Manuel F:
Schroder can easily be mistaken as Rondo.
Fazrul Channel
Fazrul Channel:
Spurs very difficult on the game. . They must adding big wuality roaster
How I made
How I made:
dudley! you know its a win
Webster Gameplay
Webster Gameplay:
Happy New Year I wish you a good 2021!!
Do any one notice that Harrell is on the court ? Come on man you can play better
Hyperborean 2
Hyperborean 2:
Loads of moving screens in this NBA sht
Ira Bonta
Ira Bonta:
birthday boy changed shoes❤️🔥🐐
AUGUSTO [ Moderador CRP ]
AUGUSTO [ Moderador CRP ]:
6:43 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lol
louie fernandez
louie fernandez:
Congrats:: LAL!!!
Jay ar Fabillar
Jay ar Fabillar:
Lakers very strong team
Ryan Arcilla
Ryan Arcilla:
And yet, still we have a new 2021 champion🤣
Devon Dolphin
Devon Dolphin:
Skip might just be right about the lakers this season this team looks weak even with Dennis playing at a high level... trez and gasol are liabilities a down grade defensively from dwight and javelle the spurs were dominating the paint outside of bron the Lakers becoming a perimeter team
von Smallhausen
von Smallhausen:
Lakers team looks like they playin for planet earth , monster team
Sayyid Amier Vlog'zc
Sayyid Amier Vlog'zc:
Congrats Lakers
Vince Lombardi
Vince Lombardi:
Lakers done even miss rondo
somebody please wake up Gasol
Eduardo Ponce
Eduardo Ponce:
Justin Zhou
Justin Zhou:
Lakers the best
pedro franco chau
pedro franco chau:
CP3 said it best, Schroeder got the dog in him!
Wesley matthews is better than danny green
Derrick Demera
Derrick Demera:
Good game by the Lakers but im still worried that we don't have a legit rim protector and AD is not playing like him but it might be chemistry problems
Tht Kofany
Tht Kofany:
10:14 crazy
Julio Serna
Julio Serna:
is shredder a baby rondo ?
Spurs are ass! But don't let this distract you from the fact that Lefraud James after 18 yrs is still media hype, no low post go to moves, no mid range game, Can't hit fts, 3 pt shot not believable, literally (Passes) on pressure, team hopper, take credit, not clutch, no mental toughness, MJ comparison forget about it.
Steve Ross
Steve Ross:
I'm not sure about Marc Gasol..... miss Dwight Howard!!
Rizki TKR
Rizki TKR:
i wondering why lebron wear a different shoes at the first and second half...
j- s
j- s:
german power!!!!! schrooooeeeeeddder
chris carter
chris carter:
I think ad is the only one scaring me like he's not playing as hungry this year
Vince Lombardi
Vince Lombardi:
Popovich got get fired
Paul T
Paul T:
Lakers ridiculously op
Jaime Vita
Jaime Vita:
Defence is so weak
jun ho park
jun ho park:
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ariel casper
ariel casper:
Lbj is surrounded by all star players calibers... I smelled championship again
Arturo Zarza
Arturo Zarza:
The natural advantage curiosly gaze because polo surely cover around a temporary correspondent. dusty, willing siamese
Joseph Ujiadughele
Joseph Ujiadughele:
Someone tell me the name of Lakers number 14
mc gj
mc gj:
Migs Alcala
Migs Alcala:
Lakers still
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard:
I’m from TX and I hate the spurs,mavs and rockets. Hahahahahah!(like Shawty Lo)
It’s so funny how Americans pronounce Schroeder..... learn some german please
Engilbert raza
Engilbert raza:
5:51. Ahaaaaaah
This is quite typical when the Spurs get blown away by any team in the league. A noboby - in this case a bench warmer Matthews - has the hottest hand from downtown. Mark my words for any future Spurs's game.
Bogie Bogie
Bogie Bogie:
Talo home court pa kung ala pa c Ad baka tambak
Tito Santillan Obligana
Tito Santillan Obligana:
Sulid fans' of Lakers manalo' man uh matalo',,,,,?
Lynn Philips
Lynn Philips: