Lakers vs Spurs HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA January 1

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Lakers beat the Spurs in a thrilling game 109-103.

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84 komentarze:

Mr. Steve
Mr. Steve:
Schrodder is the real deal Without a doubt. Could be the long term PG if he agrees on an extention. So far he's filling Rondo's shoes preety good
Maxi Globus
Maxi Globus:
Missing the energy from Mcgee and Howard on the Bench
Gregory Emeagwara
Gregory Emeagwara:
AD and Kuzma hit big shots down the stretch 🏀👏👏👏👏
Jeroen Weltens
Jeroen Weltens:
Dont care what anyone says, derozan’s game is still one of the most beautiful in the nba
Kuzma was solid but even while having a solid game Kuzma still has a lot of flaws going on.. But I would keep him over Matthews any day.
G H:
5:07 oh this a beautiful play.. everyone's timing and movement is on point.
Bron swings the ball to the top of the key, Gasol turns to the weak side, Schroder fakes a drive which functions also as a flare screen for KCP to catch the ball for a 3. KCP's defender recognises this and tries to cut off the passing lane. KCP fakes and cuts to the dunker's spot for an easy backdoor.
Thony Cortez
Thony Cortez:
Lakers should work on their defense if they want to regain the title. They need a shot blocker like what Howard and Javale did last year. Their offense was improved but their defense deteriorate. Just remember, defense wins the game.
Emman Miclat
Emman Miclat:
Those plays by schro and AD... wow
praveen rajagopal
praveen rajagopal:
DeMar Derozan looked like he had 40 points....i was really surprised to see he ended up with only always happens with this guy
Swee Sing Ng
Swee Sing Ng:
When DDR shots threes Spurs is great.
Anton BusOnceV
Anton BusOnceV:
Spurs looked very nice
Think Greg makes a good team of them
Sa MurF
Sa MurF:
I see where they are missing Dwight Howard in the paint! Gasol can't move or jump!
Dogra the Mt Corvo Bandit
Dogra the Mt Corvo Bandit:
kuzmas defence improved dramatically!
Tight game, got the W nice.
Hans Sono
Hans Sono:
It's so nice no to worry anymore about whether Lakers will make the playoffs
Patrick De Guzman
Patrick De Guzman:
Damn the spurs looked gooood
Is time to admit that DeMar can shoot 3s
Oh my god... someone has to take Montrezl to the side and tell him to play some effing defense or he gets traded again at the next chance. This is absolutely disgusting to see how little effort he brings on that end of the floor. He just never seems to be ready to block a shot and always just watches and lets ppl cruise past him. The whole team defense suffers from this.
4:13 what i gasol doing.. he used to be great player but... ummm
Казах Разбойник
Казах Разбойник:
this game was just like the cat and mouse
gael Massart
gael Massart:
The uncalled charge of lebron end of game is epic..
Andrian Jasaron
Andrian Jasaron:
Lbj still can end games 🐐
It's watching Davis of old at the Pelicans. He does everything and the others chip in LMFAO...

4:36 there's that move" LMFAO that's his only fkn move!!!
Angel Mary
Angel Mary:
Selassie Davids
Selassie Davids:
Get well soon KC3
Bekim Robertson
Bekim Robertson:
These Lakers need roughing up .
Vogel testing new lads. Chem needs to grow. And to see who is constant and can be trusted in game. But KCP and AC gonna be needed hard time.
Spurs cant hold on to a lead and maximise it they need to improve on that otherise a good performance in the loss.
Matthew is gonna be the weakest link in defense.
Jacky You
Jacky You:
9:22 lol look at lebron
Lashan Mcfarlane
Lashan Mcfarlane:
Love my lakers but damn we dnt wanna play DEFENSE
Kenny Ray
Kenny Ray:
What happened to the last foul
Spurs got cheated again...
Chervonne Marescia
Chervonne Marescia:
They gave us a fight.
Anthony Paul
Anthony Paul:
Seeing countless recommendations everywhere about DC_CYBER is convincing enough for me to employ his service. I got to him via Instagram and he did not let me down
Fazrul Channel
Fazrul Channel:
Refferee not clear when james makes fault
Melvin Yeo
Melvin Yeo:
Tired of watching nba compare to 80-90s era...enough of 3s!
D K:
Hoops Historian
Hoops Historian:
The Lakers defense is simply not the same. That don't have a rim protector and their rotations at this point seem slow. While their new players may bring more offense to the table if they are simply relying on that to repeat they won't be.
louie fernandez
louie fernandez:
Congrats::: LAL!!!✔✔✔
It looks like LBJ is getting old... No more posters, no more steamrolling through the paint.. He's losing his powers
stephen j
stephen j:
why tf does shroder pause when defending
Fae Nelms
Fae Nelms:
Nice video!😀
Spyros Kaziannis
Spyros Kaziannis:
So this today's basketball highlights...
Christopher Kabenguelle
Christopher Kabenguelle:
Spurs/Referees against Lakers
mélOmaNiE music
mélOmaNiE music:
Spurs looked the consistently stronger team. Lakers look to be like a weaker version of themselves last year, I don't think they'll be holding on to that title of theirs.
KaLevy VLogs
KaLevy VLogs:
Howard, Mcgee, Green,, still the Best💪👊
niño flow en rd Almonte Almonte
niño flow en rd Almonte Almonte:
Happy new year
M G:
Gasol is overweight and cant protect the rim, Trez needs to find his game within this team, Wesley Matthews and Kuz are too inconsistent. THT needs more minutes and Lakerss have no defense, how can you allow inside drives with that length. You saw that against Portland. I was like WTF. Lebron's decision making is questionable at times and he dishes when he is in trouble looking for others to bail him out far too often. A lot of times when the others don't get to play their game is because of his decision making.
amaw amawa
amaw amawa:
U wonder how many they had points inthe paint?
Poor KCP.. He was heating up and now hurt.. Damn Caruso and KCP :( Matthews, Harrel and Gasol can‘t replace them
I swear to god it felt like Lakers vs Refs and Spurs.. AD and LBJ back at it again.. LBJ should stop his rookie training and play more again.. Matthews, Harrel and Gasol together out there is the laziest combination and the most unsuccesful one in my eyes.
VGarren TV
VGarren TV:
Goat LBJ
dynamic Gamer
dynamic Gamer:
Go go lakers
James Chen
James Chen:
Picture quality is getting worse on NBA video, its my screen's problem?
Sangaa Sangaa
Sangaa Sangaa:
thank you
Arturo Zarza
Arturo Zarza:
The serious wealth molecularly smell because snail syntactically mix before a capable produce. ten, tacit beer
Richard Layus
Richard Layus:
Great game Lakers... AT&T announcer is sucks, I mean suckssss.. The announce like doing a little league basketball.. Love Lakers announcer way better😂😂😂
Ed Mor
Ed Mor:
Spurs can't win using same predictable ball rotation... Use the 3-pointskill. Sreen them and give them the ball. Fast
Jim B
Jim B:
Sigh! Nothing like the 90s NBA!
Merdan Azimov
Merdan Azimov:
Thank you
Conrado Ferrer
Conrado Ferrer:
Where is Caruso by the way?
Sloppy game
Kordapyo Lagalag
Kordapyo Lagalag:
LA lost energetic DHoward,MGasol is garbage.
Chen Rio
Chen Rio:
lousy James, can win championship with superstars... Iverson is 300% better than lbj
KingPin - NBA 2K17
KingPin - NBA 2K17:
Wtf are the commentators talking about
James Duyapat
James Duyapat:
Gasol is slow
Vinicius Galvão
Vinicius Galvão:
Father is on
Noel Eda
Noel Eda:
Trade gasol and find another center .gasol is not deserve in lakers .. Gogogo lakers
ijungz izul
ijungz izul:
M Mullz
M Mullz:
Refs really wanted to hand this win to the Lakers.
M Mullz
M Mullz:
LeBron survived two obvious fouls (at least) in the last couple mins.
He threw the ball in frustration and that's always a tech.
He elbows White infront of refs eyes and nothing. Zelch.
Fucking disgusting.
Frenk L
Frenk L:
Where is caruso?!
Jrz Nat
Jrz Nat:
The fact the AD is a better shooter then lebron literally shows you how unique he is
Alan Castillo
Alan Castillo:
9:07 thats supposed to be an ofensive foul isn't?
Mr. Steve
Mr. Steve:
Is it just me or is Kuzma's jumper Kobe-like?? Esp the release
Cris Baltazar
Cris Baltazar:
Gasol def suck
And one!
Pinoy Dog Father TV
Pinoy Dog Father TV:
again and again...i keep saying this...gasol aint the answer on the defensive end...nowadays gasol is just like a stretch athetic lengthy center is what the lakers need to man the painted area while getting those rebounds...gasol got the size but cant move..harrell can move but lacks in length...davis should focus on the offensive a center similar to mcgee or dwight is what lakers should get...lakers can drop morris or dudley to make room if needed
Ira Bonta
Ira Bonta:
defense defense trade Gasol bring back javeel
This is extra.
Training game
Boring as hell.
Made Mudana
Made Mudana:
Made Mudana
Made Mudana:
Miko Salgado
Miko Salgado:
Fakers cannot win without the referees help and the NBA Mafia organization. A lot of controversial calls favoring the LeFlop Diva Self Proclaim Queen James. No technical foul called when he throws the ball to the referees, no offensive foul when push White on the last seconds and no foul being called to the idiot Fakers team on the last 2 minutes