Lakers vs Suns Game 1 | Lakers Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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LakeShow Highlights
LakeShow Highlights:
Suns played a really good game, I wasn't a big fan at doubling Booker almost every possession since it lead us to having to rotate all over the floor and giving up long rebounds. But it's a series, and there will be a lot of adjustments and I expect a much more aggressive LeBron and AD. On to the next one Tuesday. Who would you like to see get more minutes? For me its Ben McLemore and Gasol.

Kelvin Bah
Kelvin Bah:
Ad and Bron were not aggressive enough, particularly AD and we missed way too many FT’s. McLemore and Gasol need to play for better spacing and we can take this series over.
Brucee Mathers III
Brucee Mathers III:
Chill out boys, almost every play-off LeBron loses 1st game, than goes to finals. It happened so many times. Lakeshow at 6 for me
Amadeus Locke
Amadeus Locke:
Our problems were clean as water.

AD played his worst playoff game as a Laker.
Drummond and AD together will NEVER work in playoffs. We need spacing and everyone knows we only won last year cause AD played at the 5. Gasol needs minutes, he has experience and I believe he would be a better fit to our guys, comparing to Drummond of course.

And Lebron man everyone knows the first game of 7 is the one he is learning the opposite team.

Overall we should be happy we lost only by 9. This means our problems are fixable.
Never loose faith in LA. See you guys on tuesday!
Christian Melena
Christian Melena:
Its called Lakeshow for a reason they gotta make it entertaining we all know this match-up is an easy sweep for Lakers gotta let them get one 😉
The Undertaker
The Undertaker:
The intro is fire 😍
Caruso needs more game time tbh
pablo ant
pablo ant:
Keep calm fam💛💜
Mukhamad K. Pamungkas
Mukhamad K. Pamungkas:
marc gasol needs to play man
Mico Player 1
Mico Player 1:
Ayton should not get 15 rebounds over Drummond and AD in the next games.
Stefan H
Stefan H:
Put in Ben more, he needs to get in when KCP is bricking. That might have very well made this game a close call
Gerson Lima
Gerson Lima:
I’m excited. These are the types of games we learn from and the type of series that will get us ready for the long run
CP3 damn sure is a dirty-ass guard
Travis Young
Travis Young:
As long as Lakers are healthy, I have faith we've got this 💪💜💛
5:16 never saw this arm pull by cp3. You can see lebron muscles wiggling which means there is contact
ShaH M
ShaH M:
we did hold pheonix to 9 points from the 7 minute mark, we just need to keep our offense going. we can do this
Watching Game 1 was like watching someone play 2K and doing the same high screen pick and roll every time because there is some cheese animation where you can't block it LOL

The Lakers will respond. More specifically LeBron cause AD looks Charmin soft out there.
Budi Hartoyo
Budi Hartoyo:
It happens again,...Lakers gave the first game just like playoffs last year 👍
Jason Ju
Jason Ju:
According to last season, basically Lakers take over the series after the game 1 loss
To put Drummond on the court, you have to pick a good time, otherwise it's a loophole!!!
would be 1 - 4 again
James Caldwell
James Caldwell:
Yo @LakeShowHighlights thanks for another great video as always. I literally going to go out to said that was the suns best punch. At least for the young guys. They will not play better than they played today. Also with all our struggles and them feeling themselves they only won by nine. I expect a dominant showing in game two.
Isaac Katimugan
Isaac Katimugan:
Arun Prakash
Arun Prakash:
7/26 in 3 of the main reason for the loss
Rhod Gabriel
Rhod Gabriel:
Mr. Sexy Fwang moon jil hwan Tcuk ju ga rya
Mr. Sexy Fwang moon jil hwan Tcuk ju ga rya:
It’s ok still. lot of worry about the shooters though....
Trigga Woods
Trigga Woods:
AD should be playing more in the 4 than the 5. Since Ayton is not a good match up for him
Missed the early game this time but these highlights show that lakers has better energy this time now even though they lost :)
Khoo Hau Zhe
Khoo Hau Zhe:
Watched the whole game and just one thought, lakers played so below their standard but just lost by 9. We still got it! Both AD gotta stand up and make some shots and we're okay
john bishop
john bishop:
The Lakers will not be denied on winning the championship this year mark my words
Leon NGG
Leon NGG:
Still Lakers(4-2 or 4-3).
Mantas Stankevic
Mantas Stankevic:
Now 4 wins in a row for lakers.
jessie ampa
jessie ampa:
It’s ok sa mga fans ng lakers game 1 plang yan
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts:
safe to say AD isnt the same AD before
Nikko Cena
Nikko Cena:
idk the reasoning of why they keep double team devin booker in the 3pt area he's not even a threat there he's decent but not a steph curry or damian lillard type that will just shot 30-40ft 3pt shot he's more like a mid range player
Man AD isn't himself.. probably got too much rest during the regular season
Me alegro que pierdan los Leakers , no se sabe a qué juegan, es todo chupadas, sin esquema y además sin Gasol que és de lo pocos que tiene fundamentos de basket.
-LeBron and AD aint playing like superstars
-KCP and Matthews keep bricking threes and McLemore didnt play any minutes at all
-The Lakers didnt look like they were the #1 Defensive Team in the NBA
-No one stopped Devin Booker from scoring
-For some reason Deandre Ayton outrebound AD and Drummond which should not have been

Still Game 1 but i hope they fix this problems soon
ke ke
ke ke:
People then say oh don’t panic they lose their first game last year are comparing 2020 Portland with the Suns like really?
Manuel Agcaoili
Manuel Agcaoili:
I never really understood why we are doubling
Booker almost every time? He’s nice with it but he’s not nice like that. The o my reason I’d double him if he pops of for 20 in the first quarter. AD plays soft and it annoys me to no end especially when we all know he’s a beast in the paint and a top 5 player in this league. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk! Lakers in 5
Jerry Li
Jerry Li:
Lakers must win game2
Patrick Gammon
Patrick Gammon:
Team is ok go lakers nothing has ever been easy go Lakers!
James Hirrard Balonda
James Hirrard Balonda:
Lebron will be ready in game 2
Steve Ross
Steve Ross:
11 missed free throws by Lakers was the difference in game......
Dmitry Gerasimenko
Dmitry Gerasimenko:
Let's go LAL
keep saying drummond was a good addition. I think he's the worst player in the entire NBA
Ixee the 13th
Ixee the 13th:
I ain't worried since the Lakers were like this last year.No intensity and aggresiveness every game one in every series theyve played.I'll be worried if they do the same thing in game 2.I could already tell that Lebron wasnt gonna really play hard like they were all so passive they were event trying that hard.
AD admitted that this loss is on him. that sounds good to me. that means he'll be more motivated to play like the AD we saw last year's playoffs. also i believe dennis shouldn't start. he's better coming off from the bench. vogel needs to put the team first before one person's preference. at this point, i don't mind if schroeder doesn't re sign come free agency. he doesn't have chemistry with AD and Bron.
Armina Sacandal
Armina Sacandal:
LeBron played well is just that Sun play more aggressive.. And they focus on AD double Team. Hope next game some adjustments especially on board, rebound and playoff Lakers usually lost in game 1 but bounce back on next 4 games to win the series..👍Go Lakers you can do it again back to back..
Nivvi Mithu
Nivvi Mithu:
I'm not worried ... Lakers will win this series
Lakers ain’t winning this season
Jepoy Pagalilauan
Jepoy Pagalilauan:
Just fine..its just the first game..we do better next game..
Melvin Cuaresma
Melvin Cuaresma:
Ain’t worried! Series ain’t over! Last year lakers did the same thing, lakers in 5
John Neil Nicomedes
John Neil Nicomedes:
The defense is there, the offense is what their missing the most.
Mr. Pointman
Mr. Pointman:
2006 and 07 callback. Don't you guys think?
jaime lannister
jaime lannister:
AD needs to stop playing gta
Drummond doesn't compliment Davis game should've started Gasol alongside Davis for spacing. Also Davis needs to be aggressive so their D will collapse thus opening the floor for our shooters. Just an off night game for him. This Lakers team is well stacked from top to bottom but lacks chemistry. Hopefully they get going after this game.
DadePlayz Roblox
DadePlayz Roblox:
Lakers in 6
chilldaonly 1
chilldaonly 1:
We will steal game 2
Lukas Wilson
Lukas Wilson:
Lakers in 5
LJ Tiongco
LJ Tiongco:
CP3 is dirty
justin halen
justin halen:
You can see Brawadis and his boyfriend Ali sitting courtside near the right... (faze rugs brother)
Ben Dana
Ben Dana:
Lakers in 6
Gwapito Onse
Gwapito Onse:
only game 1 but millions of people acting crazy and stupid and in the end they will feel self embarassment
Roed Delarosa
Roed Delarosa:
lakers in 5
Numbrera Christopher
Numbrera Christopher:
Bawi next game
Hurelulga Enkhtur
Hurelulga Enkhtur:
Where is the ben why is he not playing and gasol schrouder worst point guard turn over machin
Lakers. Done
whycan'tiusemnamehere damn
whycan'tiusemnamehere damn:
kcp was cold af today. why not play ben???
Kwame Brown  TV
Kwame Brown TV:
kenneth matibag
kenneth matibag:
Lakers choke again
Anthony Davis this season is not even a top 10 player in the world let alone Top 5.. We troll Paul George constantly but he’s been far better than AD this season.. If the Lakers end up getting bounced early in the playoffs then we should look to trade AD cause clearly winning 1 ring is enough for him..