Lana Del Rey - Hit and Run Lyrics

Single Hit and Run.
by: Lana Del Rey

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the bees knees
the bees knees:
if i made a petition for a lana unteleased album who'd sign it?
andres estrada
andres estrada:
Who's listening this during quarantine??? :) her unreleased songs are perfection
Hypnotic Poison
Hypnotic Poison:
"You know this world is mean,nothing's for free,it's money and technology"
The most realistic shit I've ever heard.
Flynn V
Flynn V:
"Lana songs are slow and i can't dance to it"

Me: Your right, you are suppose to strip to it
she kinda ended every pop artists out there with this song
Her unreleased songs seem to be her best songs...
As much as I love her slow, smooth, and intimate songs, it would be amazing to have her release an album where the majority of the songs are upbeat like this!
Lucy Geddes
Lucy Geddes:
"take off your business suit, sitting in your lap for my interview"
Soft Avocado
Soft Avocado:
BrokenGod Ent.
BrokenGod Ent.:
This reminds me of Marina lol more of that electronic feel
Caroline Lana
Caroline Lana:
imagine playing this in the car out loud and the police are next to you.
Marina Monteiro
Marina Monteiro:
she sings "L.Del Rey, hey!" not "all obey hey"

You and me
On a spree
Takin' over
L. Del Rey, hey!
Wanna be your soldier
Kirsty F
Kirsty F:
I love the way she says "keep your girl back, no competing" with a hint of aggression.
idk why but i get britney vibes from this song
ariel venus
ariel venus:
I can feel the Marina and the Diamonds vibes in this
evie rose
evie rose:
This is amazing, and kinda not Lana's usual style!
It's amazing how versatile she is :-) love her!
Sean Sayegh
Sean Sayegh:
This song should be playing in every night club around the world! Lana is so diverse, and just plain amazing. No one on Earth like her!
Diego Flores
Diego Flores:
Lana said Britney was one of her great influences and now I see it
James Sutton
James Sutton:
Clearly her management don't have her best interests at heart because her unreleased songs are fire.
Samya Bornand
Samya Bornand:
if that song was on the radio, it would be a MASSIVE hit!
Hollywood and New York, mister major.
And there's me,
Little queen of the stage, yeah.
He's a God,
One the stars, call creator.
Hail the king of the industry players.
Take off your business suit,
Sitting in your lap for my interview.
Hit it and run.
Let's hit it and run.
Hit it and run.
Hit it and run.
Baby hit it and run,
Hit it and run
Pick me up in your white Lamborghini.
London town,
You'll watch out,
While I'm singing.
Glamorous on the stage,
Boy believe me.
Keep your girl back.
No competing.
Eying you from across the room,
Watching me.
Wa-watching you
Hit it and run.
Let's hit it and run.
Hit it and run.
Hit it and run.
Baby hit it and run,
Hit it and run
You and me.
On a spree.
Takin' over.
All obey hey,
Wanna be your soldier
Hit it and run.
Baby, hit it and run.
Hit it and run
Hit it and run
Oh oh oh.
You know this world is mean.
Nothing's for free,
It's money and technology.
Together we'd be deadly.
You know this world is mean.
Nothing's for free.
It's money and technology.
Together we'd be deadly.
Hit it and run.
Let's hit it and run.
Hit it and run.
Hit it and run.
Baby hit it and run
Hit it and run
You and me
On a spree
Takin' over
All obey hey,
Wanna be your soldier.
Hit it and run
Hit it and run.
Hit it and run
when she says “keep ur girl back no competing” it’s just mesmerizing
syed sameel
syed sameel:
Wow! I just realized this song is about a performer having an affair with a big influential media person( 0:31) who is married, In the beginning of the song she mentions how he couch cast her ( 0:37 ) and then they develop an illicit relationship and she is jealous of his wife ( 1:19 ) but still they continue their relationship..... this sounds awfully like Harvey Weinstein .
Ana Galindo
Ana Galindo:
This song is so much Gaga vibes it would certainly become a hit on those days
kaitlyn zuniga
kaitlyn zuniga:
I remember hearing this in a random store back in 2012 when I discovered Lana, now I think it's so weird they played an unrealesed song + not even famous
Jaileen Lopez
Jaileen Lopez:
Perfect un realeased song album
Go go dancer
Pawn shop blues
Queen of disaster
Hit and run
Damn you
Teenage wasteland
Never let me go
Live or die
Chelsea hotel No. 2
Serial killer
Kill kill
emme b
emme b:
my favorite thing is randomly coming across lana songs ive never heard. its always such a gift.
isabelle ardern
isabelle ardern:
This is one of my favourite lana songs by far
Jose Ysida - Arias
Jose Ysida - Arias:
This is very Britney! Wish Lana would've written this for her and maybe her Britney Jean CD wouldn't have been such a disaster. No shade, I LOVE Britney. 
The Piano Peep
The Piano Peep:
I prefer Lana's newer and more cinematic songs but THIS IS A BOP!
Magicon the great
Magicon the great:
This needs to be on Spotify
wow, it's so fucking good! Lana, you're the damn queen of everything, everything!! I love you!!
Angie Alcala
Angie Alcala:
This could so be on the radio
blabla 005
blabla 005:
I love how her voice sounds when she sings: ,,Take off your business suit, sitting in your lap for my interview!" It's amazing to hear how she can change her voice from a little girl (as in ,,off to the races") to the elder woman (as in ,,Love" for example) or to the operetta singer (as in ,,Salvatore") to the sassy young woman in this song❤️
Dave W
Dave W:
the reason why I truly love this song is cause it's such a departure from the stuff she usually sings(which I love).
The "take off your business suit" part is always so sexy to me.
After few years I still can't believe it's Lana. She's truly talented. In every music genre she looks good
Uğur Aydoğan
Uğur Aydoğan:
sounds like the whole "Blackout" album by Britney Spears AMAZING
I almost forgot this song. It's been 6 years since the last time I listened to this. Very nostalgic.
There isn't a single song I don't like from her!
Increasingly Ready
Increasingly Ready:
This is so different from her style now... this is do electronic!
Bruno Sunkey
Bruno Sunkey:
This song is amazing
Diana Vickers UK
Diana Vickers UK:
I just love the instrumental 😍 (plus her voice)
Lanasfan GrantBiebz
Lanasfan GrantBiebz:
This is really adorable, I'm in love with this song.
ines B
ines B:
wow this so different than all of her other song's! but I really like it it's got a more electronic vibe to it ! it proves that Lana really is the best at everything and can sing every sort of music it is incredible!!!
Raquel Feliciano
Raquel Feliciano:
I only got into Lana a few weeks ago... why am I diving in the unreleased songs already 😂
The bridge in this song is crazy, I can’t even describe how much i love it DAMMIT
Gisele Souza
Gisele Souza:
amo lada del ray ,escuto a todmo momento a toda hora e a todo seguido
Lucien R
Lucien R:
Lana with an electronic beat! What kind of rabbit hole did I fall into?!
omg cuantos feels al escuchar esto otra vez, recuerdo que la escuchaba sin parar allá por el verano del 2013 :(
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana:
I love her unreleased songs so much ^.^
Sinestesia, I Am
Sinestesia, I Am:
She haves so many good songs, i wish all of those were in a album avaible on itunes 😞💕
Sandy Pnt
Sandy Pnt:
(while i'm programming) "build and run, baby, build and run"
Lana Schmydt
Lana Schmydt:
Like one of her best songs ever <3
Hussi Petty
Hussi Petty:
when people say you can't dance to lana songs.
i play this
Animal finatic
Animal finatic:
I'm not sure If I'm the only one who gets irritated when people say Lana's unreleased songs are better than her released ones. It's not that I'm against your music taste because I understand that everyone has their own preferences, but it's just that theres plenty of music artist who have this mainstream style. Lana's a very unique person and I feel we should respect that she has her own authentic music style (like some other artists too, but if someone does have a mainstream style, that does not necessarily make them a bad artist)
Sci' S
Sci' S:
Lana can sing anything it would be so amazing if she makes some song like this one too...this is like a mixture classical power on modern pop lol
TUG Lolita
TUG Lolita:
This song sounded like
0:08 (kinda like) Lady Gaga
0:34 Britney Spears
2:00 Zara Larsson
2:08 Britney Spears
Fatima Jn
Fatima Jn:
The way she pronounces Lamborghini💓
it's "L-Del-Rey! hey! wanna be your soldier!"
Julia Gentile
Julia Gentile:
my middle name is del ray and it's so cool hearing her say it haha
Amanda Mascarenhas
Amanda Mascarenhas:
que nostalgia 😔❤❤❤
Swan Song
Swan Song:
This would be on the radio between 2010-2015 100% if she released it
Rose Vlogs
Rose Vlogs:
She's so obsessed for This era 🇺🇲🎡
I would like to live in the 50s (gloves, pearls, wine and a white old Man with me) 😍
Emily Pozi
Emily Pozi:
I blast this when anyone says that Lana only makes depressing music. A BOP
Abby Edwards
Abby Edwards:
I always thought the lyrics were "together we'd be DEADLY"
Bruno Pinillos
Bruno Pinillos:
this sounds like more like a remix and im here for it 😭😭
I absolutely love this song. Makes me so happy
Lauren Lehman
Lauren Lehman:
this song is literally like my favorite song of hers
La amooooo💖💖💖💖Es una reina 👸🏻 y esta canción está súper bella😍
I remember listening to this a long time ago 😫👏😭
this song literally slaps i love it sm
Ahren Smith
Ahren Smith:
a bop that secretly shook the world
Kleopatra Tzai
Kleopatra Tzai:
such an underrated song 🤗🤗
M K:
I love this song ♥
Lana Del Paradise
Lana Del Paradise:
Love this song💗💗💗
marie -joelle Bogoloh
marie -joelle Bogoloh:
Love this song 👌👍💖💖
is anybody else just in love with everything about her!
and omg I love her clothes
Vicente Andrés Baez Campos
Vicente Andrés Baez Campos:
i really love this song, have an special energy <3
Veronica Joy
Veronica Joy:
one of those songs that's literally like crack to my ears aaaghhh
this song reminds me of sophomore year of high school so much FUICk... used to play it so much then
Joy Steiner
Joy Steiner:
This song is great!!! Hit and Run!
GM Phenomenal
GM Phenomenal:
Well big mistake Lana,you should have done a album with that song
ok but this is so underrated
Madonna Lyrics
Madonna Lyrics:
give me some names of ur favorites songs from lana....i really like her music
Namal Maqsood
Namal Maqsood:
Finally found that song! I used to listen to it when I was like 6. Now I am gonna listen to it till I die.
Julio Marks
Julio Marks:
The first thing I've payed attention to in this video it was not the music but how Lana looks different in the photo, am I the only person who realised that?
Payton Griggs
Payton Griggs:
They need to make this 1 hour 👌
Nikita Nayak
Nikita Nayak:
Love this song !!
2:49 omg i have solved the mystery of the universe .. i never knew what she was saying but i just listened to the demo and she says "el dey rey yay wanna be ya soldier" like i feel like a weight has been lifted
this used to be my fav song years ago omg
I am so addicted to this song right now!! ♡
Patricia Santos
Patricia Santos:
Love this song! Lana Queen forever!
Mariami khmaladze
Mariami khmaladze:
I am lana's fan since 2012 but ta daaam i found this one today 😊 and u know gays I fell in love with her again ❤️❤️she have too many legendary songs🥰❣️ Love u Lana "little queen of the stage"☺️❤️❤️❤️
Boško Popović
Boško Popović:
Amazing song! <3
PyoJi's Boyfriend
PyoJi's Boyfriend:
Still my favorite song from lana Del rey even though it's unreleased lol
Alyssia Guerrero
Alyssia Guerrero:
love lana del rey. she needs more recognition. she is so talented and beautiful💕💕