Last time in Paris! | PSG v Manchester United | UEFA Champions League

As the Reds prepare for our return to the UEFA Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night, we look back on THAT night in Paris in 2019 when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's depleted side pulled off one of the all-time great UCL comebacks!

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Sauce Walka
Sauce Walka:
I know Romelu left but i'm never gonna forget him turning around and celebrating in Di Marias face after Marcus scored the pen!
Will Chapman
Will Chapman:
Couldn’t have imagined this without fans
morning star
morning star:
This was the best match united ever had after ferguson left
Who's after United's 2-1 against PSG
The 3 Stick Figures
The 3 Stick Figures:
Who is here after the win today?!?!?!

Get in United!
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
This match with Mark Goldbridge's commentary is just pure gold
PSG is always down like this
When Rashford scored, McTominay always acted like he scored 🤣🤣
Ibrahim M
Ibrahim M:
9 months and became united captain what a legend
Mariam HB
Mariam HB:
One word to describe that night

TEF_ KillSpree
TEF_ KillSpree:
Whoever went to the game supporting man utd must have had the best feeling ever
morning star
morning star:
Lukaku was underrated in that game
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire:
Wishing the lads all the best. Unfortunately I won't be travelling with the team to Paris. Let's do this boys!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
This gives me goosebumps
X Rze
X Rze:
you guys remember ole beat PSG with academic players most of them, and you want ole out?
morning star
morning star:
I remember watching this match, it felt like a final
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
This particular match falls in that special pantheon of great Manchester United comebacks.
Muhaimin Mohammad
Muhaimin Mohammad:
Who’s here after 2-1 win
Mateo Lopes
Mateo Lopes:
Reall hope we can pull a win
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
What I wish I could see again...

The players shaking hands with the opponents

The ironic cheers and roars

The penalty smashed into the top left corner

Seeing the amazing penalty

Come one Manchester United make us proud ❤🔥

The Rematch - Manchester United VS PSG
Denzel Ng
Denzel Ng:
Last time I was this early, United lost to Everton
Adrian Baquedano
Adrian Baquedano:
That moment when Rashford scored that penalty...

*E P I C*
Controller doggO
Controller doggO:
we need ole to get on his booster and get at the wheel again! 🤣🤣🤣
Qendrim M.
Qendrim M.:
who is here after that 2-1 win 2020
Ismail Amer
Ismail Amer:
come on lads make history again
Ash The one
Ash The one:
Lets repeat the same performance today👍🏽
Harish Kuttan baskar
Harish Kuttan baskar:
STW X Wintrrz
STW X Wintrrz:
Who’s here after winning again ?
Ibrahim Ali Year 11
Ibrahim Ali Year 11:
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
United is for the ones who Believe In 💪
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
Denis Irwin, the most underrated player in history.
Come on united,we’ve got this
Biniam Tekle
Biniam Tekle:
When there exist a passion
kevin owino
kevin owino:
And the history repeats itself. The difference is 1 goal, no fans & the group stage
Bagus Rahmatulloh
Bagus Rahmatulloh:
Red Army From Cilegon Banten, Here We Go!!!
Who is here again after 2-1 win in Paris 🗼😇
Aeryl vales
Aeryl vales:
We need to win no matter 💯
Newton Heath 84
Newton Heath 84:
Even in our darkest hours we manage to write beautiful stories.
Kruti Chovatia
Kruti Chovatia:
Who is here after the 2-1 win today?
Nigel Minor
Nigel Minor:
Who's here after the 2-1 win!!🤣🤣🦓
Rashford The GOAT
Rashford The GOAT:
2:56 Keep an eye on Lukaku he celebrates in front of Di Maria, I'll always like him for doing that 😂😂😂
Aayushmaan Mazoomdar
Aayushmaan Mazoomdar:
Who's here after we just beat PSG 2-1?
qasim sajjad
qasim sajjad:
Why can the whole squad travel to laris Cavani, greenwood, and Maguire miss out
morning star
morning star:
Boys , another mission impossible in Paris, history might, or might not repeat itself.
Aryaman M
Aryaman M:
full time and oles reds have done it again!!!!
come on united!!!!
Well this time in Paris we didn't do too bad either!
Top dawg
Top dawg:
Well we did it again guys! what a game
Monkey's song
Monkey's song:
Hi ! I don't know if anyone will see this message but I'm a guitarist of all styles! I reproduce any sound ... Thanks to those who will go and see. Thank you guys❤️🙏🏻
Basil Nadeem
Basil Nadeem:
And it’s happened again
We did it again Boyss
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
We go in as underdogs and PSG as the favourites again, we have potential to do it again and this time we have Bruno and Telles, let's go into this game positive 💪
6ix Shoota
6ix Shoota:
rashford has only gone and done it again
Abaga Jnr.
Abaga Jnr.:
I still haven't recovered from the sale of Lukaku. Look at what he's been doing in Milan.
Osman Khan Official
Osman Khan Official:
The rainy night we can never forget.101
Muhammed 77
Muhammed 77:
This just got me excited for today
Anjan Iyer
Anjan Iyer:
man i cant stop getting overwhelmed everytime i watch that end!!!!! LETS GO UNITED!!!!!!!!!!
Christian l
Christian l:
I’m going to need an “all the angles” for bruno’s beauty at st james
AJ JR tv
AJ JR tv:
I can't see no one praising lindolof's after an amazing performance last night all fingers point to him when the defence mess up believing Maguire better than him
ahmad hasan al-hilmi
ahmad hasan al-hilmi:
And united has done it again!! Ggmu
Sam Balcombe
Sam Balcombe:
Still give me literal chills when that pen went in
Nkanyiso Mbeje
Nkanyiso Mbeje:
And these clowns sold Lukaku
Ltgittt Muittt
Ltgittt Muittt:
Let's go United. Nothing is impossible. Especially against PSG.
I love that they included Martials reaction
Bobby Makhetha
Bobby Makhetha:
Should have included the part where Di Maria pretended to drink the beer
Johnny Gamergod2199
Johnny Gamergod2199:
This is still giving me goosebumps
Jude Blake
Jude Blake:
I have goosebumps right now... Respect big Rom🔥🔥🔥...and can't forget Fred fighting to keep Rashy away from PSG players..that night was ❤️❤️❤️
Kevin Andersson
Kevin Andersson:
Gilang H
Gilang H:
1:55 they now gone on loan
samipya regmi
samipya regmi:
Love how they zoom in on dmarias face
Big Bosh
Big Bosh:
Love Stewart Gardner but Rob Hawthorne's "OH HE'S SMASHED IT IN!!" on BT Sport is iconic.
Arthik Alexander
Arthik Alexander:
Should've included Di Maria's and Neymar's reaction at the end.
elina wati
elina wati:
MU last tanggo in Paris beautifully executed.
Petar Kaletović
Petar Kaletović:
We should have kept Lukaku!
Lovers Manchester United
Lovers Manchester United:
Crazy night what a comeback from United <3 <3
Jameel Far
Jameel Far:
you forgot to keep naymers reaction come ooon but this was an amazing moment but i dont know what happened after this to us?
Aayush Lamichhane
Aayush Lamichhane:
I really love the performance shown by a utd goal keeper david de gea, this season
Hammam Izzuddin S
Hammam Izzuddin S:
still get goosebump everytime i watch this moment
I can't hold my tears at this moment..i'm so happyyyyy
The Hh
The Hh:
What a night! 🔴
chadouli ibrahim
chadouli ibrahim:
I remember that day, man I was so happy and loud (my poor neighbors 🤣)
Reza Sherzad
Reza Sherzad:
More of the same again please boys!!! GGMU!
Rendi Rodex
Rendi Rodex:
Lets be honest before lukaku's second goal,rasford humiliates buffon with his knuckle shot..
Sub 4 Sub
Sub 4 Sub:
If we take care of defence.. Bruno martial & rashford could hurt them
Emphasis is on our defence
United Forever ❤
Bruno 1000 IQ
Bruno 1000 IQ:
Who is here after Manchester United beating psg 2-1
Harshit Chaturvedi
Harshit Chaturvedi:
Still gives me chills
S.R.A Surapaneni
S.R.A Surapaneni:
The music on this joint is 🔥
Trah 008
Trah 008:
Let's go GGMU🔥🔥
Harsh Unnithan
Harsh Unnithan:
Soma Kholhrg
Soma Kholhrg:
"I love this game" 🤔🤔🤔
Adista Rivaldo N.H
Adista Rivaldo N.H:
Come on Manchester united 🔥🔥❤️
Madiyar Gabdullin
Madiyar Gabdullin:
And We beat them again!
Gilang H
Gilang H:
hey where is Lingard's reaction?
luke pritchard
luke pritchard:
you gotta love freds passion at the end of the game there
Caleb Kipkogei
Caleb Kipkogei:
We did it again
We made it another glorious night today!!!!! GGMU!!!
seeing the starting line up from this game and the squad we might play tonight gives me hope
Cris Ronny
Cris Ronny:
Wan bissaka is the hero of the match. He kept mbappe and neymar in their place. Well done reds.
herrvin 21
herrvin 21:
Look at that passion. 🔴
ahh säā
ahh säā:
I hope United win and I will get 1$ from my friend❤