Lazio vs. Bayern Munich preview: Can Robert Lewandowski & co. rediscover their best form? | ESPN FC

Defending champions Bayern Munich head into the UEFA Champions League round of 16 without a win in their last two Bundesliga games. Will Bayern regain their best form on club football's biggest stage or can upstart Lazio pull off the monumental upset? ESPN FC's Jurgen Klinsmann, Matteo Bonetti and Gab Marcotti share their scouting reports and match predictions for the clash.

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73 komentarze:

Jose m
Jose m:
Lazio 0-3 Bayern in the first 45 min 😂
Siddharth Dave
Siddharth Dave:
The current Bayern form shows just how important Thomas Muller is to us.
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
They miss Mueller badly ... very badly.
If the Champions League comes Bayern is there
robert drowny
robert drowny:
Muller's brain and connecting ability is rare in world football. He is big miss.
Tim Filipiuk
Tim Filipiuk:
As long as Sule doesn’t play out wide, Bayern got this easy. 4-2 on aggregate
David Smith
David Smith:
That marcotti guy never has anything good to say about bayern for years now.
Ryan S
Ryan S:
Gabs hates Bayern so bad, I dont even take what he says about them seriously. He has a point here but he has never talked well about them and never will.
traveler daksh
traveler daksh:
Hold on a second bayern will win it champions league is a different motivation
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Bayern haven't lost in the UCL in over a year. Their last lost was to Liverpool I think. They will beat Lazio easily.
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311:
People don't realise, Müller is indispensable and too important for the team. And Boateng/Alaba combo has been utter trash but Flick keep on preferring over Süle/Lucas. Upset is really on the card.
Crockett and Tubbs
Crockett and Tubbs:
They are the favorites. But if they play like they did against Frankfurt, Lazio has got a shot of winning the first leg. They will desperately need Savic to be at the top of his game.
nicholas gakuu
nicholas gakuu:
this shadow of themselves team just smashed lazio...what will happen to teams if they are in form?.
Angie Wiedenkeller
Angie Wiedenkeller:
Would hardly say Bayern are a shadow of their former selves ...
Charles Klepac
Charles Klepac:
There is a reason Müller is called Raumdeuter. The attacking brain was missing. I’ll take the w though. Pack mas❤️💙🤍
lucky luke
lucky luke:
apocalipsa lazio:)
Jordan Edwards
Jordan Edwards:
3-0 first half🥶
I'm genuinely scared of this matchup. But, it seems that Bayern can have stark differences in form, comparing bundesliga to UCL.
Der Kaiser
Der Kaiser:
i’m not saying we’re gonna win this match but every match is different
the last match is irrelevant because if you watched watched the frankfurt game, bayern created so many chances but just weren’t clinical
it’s fine margins at this level of football and people don’t understand that whoever shows up on the night is who’s gonna win, not necessarily the better team
Critic one
Critic one:
Turtle boteang n sule .. disaster
Andy S
Andy S:
if the defense plays well they should be fine but if they leak an early goal Lazio is disgusting on the counter and defend well as a team
Denton Speid
Denton Speid:
Bayern frankfurt was just a bait up for champion will see the difference tomorrow
Wanjoplang Motivation
Wanjoplang Motivation:
This year 2021 is a chance for Juventus & Ronaldo😍😍
Going for the shock upset. Immobile with both goals 2-1
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
The currently most important outfield player at Bayern isn’t RL9 (which most might think.)
Its one Thomas Muller. It doesn’t seem like it but he is the one who dictates Bayern’s gameplay.
Robert Alarcon
Robert Alarcon:
Not to disrespect Byern or anything but I can see Byern ending like Liverpool and Barcelona like winning everything and then slowly declining but hope that Byern can fix there problems quick to get back on track to winning ways especially for the champions coming up
I have noticed Bayern play with inverted wingers now , which isn't as good when they had old fashioned wingers running in behind the defense in coman and gnabry. Sane on the right is ineffective because of how he makes his runs, his body feint style dribbing and speed, same with gnabry on the left and coman on the right. This is why they are struggling scoring goals as well, the way they played with wingers last season is similar to 17/18 season man city with sane and sterling, which will get you more goals then relying on cutting inside and curling a shot...
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
Gab and stevie xd. Bayern wins end of discussion
2 1
2 1:
Bayern will win once their defense is on point
deutschland München
deutschland München:
the last visite in Rome is 7_1 Mia san Mia
Shiv Sai
Shiv Sai:
They will beat them 10 -0 or something guys
Zuko FNM
Zuko FNM:
If they play like UCL Bayern they will prob win 5-2 or something but if they play like Bundesliga Bayern they will get ROLLED by savic, immobile, lazzari. correa., and alberto
Albert Cardenas
Albert Cardenas:
Müeller the space interpreter
The Wumpus
The Wumpus:
This will be tough for Bayern since Muller and Gnabry are out, but I think this Bayern will win 2-1.
Sledge Dog
Sledge Dog:
The biggest mistake people like Gab Marcotti do is by judging Bayern on their Bundesliga form😆, before Tottenham and Chelsea matches they struggled against Paderborn and Gladbach too. Bayern takes Ucl very seriously and is a different beast there, even though Lazio got a chance.
Kiril Mihaylov
Kiril Mihaylov:
This guy is a Lazio fan .
Piotr Marcinkiewicz
Piotr Marcinkiewicz:
Lazi got whooped and these so called experts thought Bayern would have a problem. Bayern will be champions again!!!!
B Ceesay
B Ceesay:
Manchester City should capitalise on winning the champions league this season because all other big teams are shambles this season including Bayern. Bayern are no where near as good as they were last season in terms squad depth
Fuerte Farmer
Fuerte Farmer:
My lineup for Bayern
Gnabry Lewa
Coman Musiala Kimich Sane
Davis Alaba Boateng Pavard
Vedant Panse
Vedant Panse:
We will lose 2 1 and we will win 3 0 at allianz
Lol omg 4-1
Hayden Gutierrez
Hayden Gutierrez:
lazio goes through 2-0 win at home then 1-1 draw at bayern's turf
jayant 19
jayant 19:
Miss Thomas
xtraclass football analyst
xtraclass football analyst:
Its funny how clueless Marcotti is, when it comes to Bayern. Has no clue at all. They got the best player in the world. Its not Messi...
Nipan vlog
Nipan vlog:
Lazio is long were for playing chances champion league that's is more important game very difficult 😂😂😂😂
Sledge Dog
Sledge Dog:
Came back here to laugh at clowns like Gab Marcotti, a notorious Bayern haters. Haters keep hating, doubters keep doubting, Bayern keeps thrashing🤫.
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
Lazio will win. Knock us out as well.
Mat J
Mat J:
Bayern in disarray, might be tough for them
Ahmed the Infidel
Ahmed the Infidel:
Im worried about our defense.
AlphA RitviK
AlphA RitviK:
imo lazio can actually beat bayern. if immobile turns up then lazio might actually win
Lazio and atalanta are both going through.
Penalty merchant lewandowski vs penalty merchant imobile
Huitribe Wang
Huitribe Wang:
Lazio 1-3 Bayern
Neymar the golden boy
Neymar the golden boy:
Bayern might lose the first leg but will go through on aggregate after big home win.
Cristiano Goatnaldo
Cristiano Goatnaldo:
Bayern is winning Imao
Geovani Mejia Jr
Geovani Mejia Jr:
No Muller no party
V C:
I feel like Bayern will barely beat Lazio and then go out in the QF if they face a top team.
Mat Teo
Mat Teo:
The best team in the world and you fans are whining and crying about one player missing. Pathetic. Lazio are the underdogs and miss two defenders, which is their weakest spot.
Dodi Aguswandi
Dodi Aguswandi:
Two different competition, yes anything can happen but even the best team at serie A not even play at UCL
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo:
Lazio will 100% win the 2nd leg
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran:
Lazio 3-1 Bayern
Bayern 0-4 Lazio

Suffer the Italian defensive counterattack.
Hello My Friend
Hello My Friend:
In my opinion bayern will lose against Lazio in the first leg and they will recover in the second leg.
Penis Man
Penis Man:
No one cares about farmers league fc
Rohit Rawat
Rohit Rawat:
Lazio will beat Bayern in first leg, still Bayern will bounce back in 2nd leg and will go through.
Bernardinho 50
Bernardinho 50:
I love watching Bayern München getting defeated. It's my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Bayern München getting defeated 2-1 by Eintracht Frankfurt is the only reason why I still get satisfaction from my life. I was born to love and enjoy every failure that Bayern München achieves.
Lazio will eliminate Bayern.
Lazio 0-3 Bayern
5 goals in 9 Minutes
5 goals in 9 Minutes:
Mark my word Bayern will win by 7 in two legs
Gerard Khachaturyan
Gerard Khachaturyan:
If you ask me, of course, Bayern Munich will crush Lazio with their youth team alone. After all, they're UEFA's golden boy.
Leg one: Lazio 3-1 Bayern
Leg two: Bayern 4-1 Lazio
Bayern advances 5-4 aggregate
Ødegåård 21
Ødegåård 21:
I know everybody is talking about Bayer but trust me this defense is nothing against Immobile!
Collective Macri
Collective Macri:
Lazio can beat Bayern.
Lazio will win