Lebron James BEST PLAYS From The 2020-21 Season! 🏀

Check out Lebron's best moments from this season and catch the Lakers in action tonight against the Warriors!

#StateFarmPlayIn 📺: Warriors at Lakers, TONIGHT at 10:00 PM ET on ESPN!

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Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
I hope he can do this with Westbrook and win the title!
Ace Pitch
Ace Pitch:
I may not be a big fan of Lebron but I will appreciate his greatness while he's still around
Lebron has played for 18 seasons and he still got it he's a legend
Depressed Lakers Fan ➐
Depressed Lakers Fan ➐:
It’s his 18th season and Lebron still plays like he is in his prime🔥🔥🔥
Harry Davis
Harry Davis:
Liam Leech
Liam Leech:
Watching this after the lakers got eliminated and I kind of forgot how good of a season lebron was having before he got hurt
Appreciate his Greatness while he’s still here 👑
Daniel Esqueda
Daniel Esqueda:
Ay real shit he was kicking ass before that injury. That ankle took away all that explosiveness.
Haydar Can Ertas
Haydar Can Ertas:
didn t know he had this much epic blocks despite playing half of the season
I'm so proud of LeBron and his Commitment to basketball is amazing he is amazing player
20:55 minutes of pure class. 36 years old and still going strong.
Myrna Garcia Gonzalez
Myrna Garcia Gonzalez:
LJames is my legend during these times...LOVE HIM....GO LAKERS ! FULL RESPECT FOR ALL PAST THE GREATS !!!!?
Charlesmiguel Salalila
Charlesmiguel Salalila:
This man at this age he still dominating.Proving he is the best player in the league
Alisha Krishanthan
Alisha Krishanthan:
Unbelievable that at 36 he’s still crapping on the young ones
D'Andre Blue
D'Andre Blue:
He definitely playes with alot of energy even with his age he continues to show up.
Vincy Boy
Vincy Boy:
We just have to give respect where respect is due. He is one of the best right now and at his age and he's still dominating in the NBA.
GamerMode Twenty-Three
GamerMode Twenty-Three:
lebron gets older and still dominate the game on a higher level
simple logic
simple logic:
His quickness, skills, dribbling the ability looks 20+ years of age!
Matt_tha_ Shoota
Matt_tha_ Shoota:
Only played 40 games but still got a 20 minute video👑👑👑 insane
Boss G3
Boss G3:
He's so special. Much hated for overcoming whatever gets in his way✍🏽. GREATNESS
Best player of all time 💯💯
The Transit Prodigy
The Transit Prodigy:
This video is 20-21 minutes long. *"Coincidence? I think not!"*

All seriousness, awesome highlights! I enjoy watching him play the game from 2008 until now.
Matthew Winterle
Matthew Winterle:
Any time I see a defensive rebound under the rim by Lebron...I know what's gonna happen😂🙌🏼
Gorbe Angelo Gica
Gorbe Angelo Gica:
He is the mvp if he didn't get injured
Alex Macdonald
Alex Macdonald:
36 yo with leg injury and one eyeball and he still dominated everyone
Kenny Robinson
Kenny Robinson:
Greatest basketball player of all time ever and ever 🐐fuck the media and social media (haters). You will miss him when he’s gone 💯✌🏾
Only player ever expected to win after coming back from injury… same thing happened his first stint with the lakers, subsequently won the next year.
No one holds that Orlando L against MJ though whenever he came back from baseball 🤷🏾‍♂️
LeBron James is a beast!!
Kobe retiring hit different realizing that he wont be on my TV making plays night in and night out.

Gotta be in the moment and appreciate this while it’s here.
5:53 still getting his had at the rim thats legendary
2:07 this is how he “traveled” to greatness
Isaiah B.
Isaiah B.:
Lebron just be having fun out there
The Wise One
The Wise One:
It's just crazy that people say he's not the same player based off him playing in a rushed season, missing half the season with an ankle injury and only game the play-in and the 1st round of the playoffs to get back in "game shape" without AD and a bunch of bums that can't even make wide open shots... Now you got all these people questioning his rank like he's not the best in the game when healthy. He was the MVP front runner before he went down and had the Lakers at the top of the conference.

Bron is gonna come back well rested, at peak shape and be the same player.
Lebron is one player I want to see play until he literally cannot play anymore (in a positive way). The guy is just so awesome and I want him to stick around as long as he can.
Σ Α:
Although there are some things about lebron that I don’t like, no one has the right to hate this man and dispute his greatness. He’s proven his case as one of the best players to play this game and everyone should respect him. He’s not the goat, he’s never gonna be, but everyone with common sense should consider him as one of the all time greats
Domino Bagona
Domino Bagona:
That's the Power of The KING 💪
Shaun Kahler
Shaun Kahler:
My favorite is 10:10 when the other guy puts his hands up for a pass and Lebron interprets it as a celebration for a buzzer beater
Incredible at 36 but play like 26 freakin amazin 😱
Austin Dorsey-Steele
Austin Dorsey-Steele:
Love him as a player, not so much off the court
Jean Yves Vassilys
Jean Yves Vassilys:
LBJ is just unbelievable , 36 years old and plays better than some players around 26
Cho Yen
Cho Yen:
Hail to the king this is a good tribute for the king and a great basketball player and good face og the league ever played the game u cant say any bad things about king james his just a perfect face of the league 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Black Blue
Black Blue:
17 STRAIGHT Seasons of Scoring 25pts a game that's Insane 💪
this guy is a good basketball player
The game winner tonight was 🔥
Keimahnee Brown
Keimahnee Brown:
They don't make em like you no more Bron 👑🐐
Frog Cuck
Frog Cuck:
Crazy how LeBron's taller than Trezz but Trezz plays the 4 while LBJ plays the 1/3.
Efe Eşme
Efe Eşme:
LeBron's aging last thing in the world 36 age and
Who here after he made the dagger 3 vs warriors 🔥🔥🔥
Kai Streets Visuals
Kai Streets Visuals:
9:30 This is why I would keep Schooder for half of what he’s asking for, okay 3/4’s maybe. But if and only if he checks his ego at the door and has a mindset to be the 6th man of the year. The Lakers and Bron as the leader, only want guys who are about the team first. Always! That’s why Trez is out. Kuzma, B.I., Randle. These guys want to be recognized in the league as scorers and get there’s. There’s no problem with that, but it is a problem when it comes to teams with championship aspirations. You can’t be about yourself and expect to win a ring. Everyone has to be in.

Call him a GM if you want, he just understands the game and obviously the Lakers/Pelinka do also.
Uchiha Sage
Uchiha Sage:
One word: Superhuman!
Ocin Low
Ocin Low:
Anthony moore
Anthony moore:
🐐🐐🐐 getting his 5th ring sooon
TJ Leaf
TJ Leaf:
0:02 Lebron goes at PG with BAD intentions 🔥🔥
I hope my lakers win the nba finals this year
Skylar Conner
Skylar Conner:
The best player on the planet even at 37 amazing anyone who says he's not is not watching obv
Polixenia Graf
Polixenia Graf:
Go ! Lackers ! 👍🏀❤
Caucasian Persuasion
Caucasian Persuasion:
Yeah, the games he decides are worthy of his presence!
Jay Mar Fernandez
Jay Mar Fernandez:
I really love King James
ayen machlean vicente
ayen machlean vicente:
I love LeBron, he is one of favorite players of all time, the only thing I hate about him is sometimes he be floppin and acting, which is a bit of a crappy way to get a foul in today's soft league... But overall he still one if the Best I ever seen.
AKO Nas ™️
AKO Nas ™️:
The last time they introduce LeBron in Cleveland, its gonna be the longest standing ovation in sports history.
Ricardo Ric
Ricardo Ric:
Papai lebrão é Zika 🚀💥🏀
Hxzed Decay
Hxzed Decay:
Man I wish the ankle injury didn’t happen, he is still the best, but he’s not moving 100 percent
Hernandez Eman
Hernandez Eman:
Long live the king 🤴 👑
Бениамин Коринфельд
Бениамин Коринфельд:
James like a power Jordan, like an easy Pippen, like a big Kerr!
Nice game, I'm avid fan of James😘
I saw this notification and I said not the king of LA he fire 🔥 Dont play with lebron the king 👑 ❤️❤️
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ:
Can someone tell me what is this man not capable of on the court??? The greatness of him brings tears to my eyes.. Unbelievable!!!
What Lebron did is amazing
Samo Istina
Samo Istina:
0:17 but how can you block that, it's just amazing :)
Emmanuel Mulombwa
Emmanuel Mulombwa:
Kings doing what kings do 🤴🏾
J Jones
J Jones:
SO athletic for his age!!! He can play until he is 40 if he wants!!
Evin Grindle
Evin Grindle:
First round loss or not (mind you that's LeBron's first ever loss in the first round in a near 20 year span for the haters out there) LeBron was having an amazing season and wasn't slowing down at all
Chiefs Kingdom
Chiefs Kingdom:
Lakers be like in 2021:what happened to us, This team was unstoppable in 2020
Me:The basketball gods didn’t want the Lakers to win another one….
Luis H Chantaca
Luis H Chantaca:
Lebron James the best ever 💪💜💛
GOAT In this era Lebron james
Dávid Nagy
Dávid Nagy:
6:57 what was that old minceraft bow shooting sound 😂
Lulu vi Britannia
Lulu vi Britannia:
Should've ran it back with this roster
Harmit Virk
Harmit Virk:
Lebron James king of basketball👌👌♥️
G Hank
G Hank:
G Hank
G Hank:
Jay South Music
Jay South Music:
He had a good chance of winning the MVP if he didn't get hurt by Solomon hill
Please do Julius Randle next!
Jahaziel Gonzalez
Jahaziel Gonzalez:
18 season and still 🐐
I came here after lebron his the dagger 3 in Steph face from last night
younes emani
younes emani:
King James 👑👑👑👑👑
eshaan sran
eshaan sran:
All hail king james lakers in 5
diego. g
diego. g:
Caruso's job today is to follow Curry everywhere he goes
Antoni ramon Molina
Antoni ramon Molina:
LeBron only player with :
35k points
9k rebounds
9k ast
2k stl
Multi- NBA rings
Multi- NBA MVPs season
Multi- NBA MVPs finals
Multi- olimpic champs
Goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Lee H
Lee H:
who will do all the assists, scoring, posterizing, n1, ... at the same time back to back every games at 36? And of course haters will keep on getting more and more as his highlights and age go up. See ya next season bron <3
This man didn’t give a damn, he’s just shooting threes from the logo and look away threes
Money Money
Money Money:
Bunch of Lebron haters on every other video but on highlights everyone shuts that mouth up 😭💀
0:31 🔥🔥
King 👑
Imagine Giannis' brother akumpo cheers for LeBron 💀
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez:
LeBron 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
If he gets 5 titles before he retires I'm going to call him the goat and I don't care how many finals he lost and mj won...
So I've been watching 1990's NBA highlights, there's a marked difference, NGL the former was more exciting and intense...
Forge Master
Forge Master:
Lebron shooting a no look 3: Bench lose control
Curry shooting a jo look 3: Bench snap fingers