Lee 'Scratch' Perry has died

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100+ komentarze:

LION rule the jungle without fear
LION rule the jungle without fear:
Perry have lived a great life and a great person regardless of what people think of him.
Mark Springer
Mark Springer:
Condolences to the family 👪🙏...without Lee Perry there wouldn't be a Bob Marley as Lee's style is ever pronounced in Bob's delivery ...the same holds true for Max Romeo...Lee , while being eccentric and oftentimes off the wall , are characteristics of the genius he is ...
The Musical Giant, the Upsetter. can never really die.
He will forever be the Boss of Reggae, Dub and Modern music.
Rest In Power Super Scratch.
The people Love you Forever.
Its Dwight Cooking Show
Its Dwight Cooking Show:
Rest In Peace to a legend in the music history
SuJae KaHani
SuJae KaHani:
R. I. P. To an authentic creative Jamaican
Bempressi Jahbless
Bempressi Jahbless:
Thanks for entertaining the wold, you were a true Legend. Condolences to his family. R.I.P Sir
Dub Me
Dub Me:
God Damn It!!!!! How many reggae artist (The Best) is this year taking away from us? This man....The Upsetter is truly one of a kind, a force to be reckoned with. His sounds, vibe, and thunder will truly remain with me. Lee made an impact in my life and pockets with his music at 21, I'm now 50yrs with crates of his music, CD, Lp. Most proud to have his first Box set 4Lp( Open the Gate) I raised to him during his show with sharpie he grabbed the pen and autographed inside the Lp box as I held it for him. Very proud to have this Gem. Recorded 5 shows in Seattle and Portland for personal use. Truth and Respect.... RIP Rainford Hugh Perry.. LSP... The Uppsetter.. Very very sad day today..
Nadine Nadine
Nadine Nadine:
I saw him in Panama on January 22nd of this year and he seemed quite healthy to me. My deepest condolences to his family, relatives and friends. May his soul rest in PEACE.
P Virgo
P Virgo:
RIP to an extraordinary Jamaican, a true legend who has rightfully earned his place in the Music Hall of Fame
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor:
Condolences to his family🙏
R.I.P Legend 🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏
R.I.P "Father Of Reggae" LEGEND
Michael T
Michael T:
The Upsetter Lee 'Scratch' Perry has passed away, his music will live forever. RIP , Legend 🇯🇲
Junior Lewin
Junior Lewin:
Another legend has transition from this earth....walk good 🤴 king
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins:
To say this man was a genius would be an understatement !! R.i.p Mr Perry your music will always carry your spirit to the people and will live on .
Javis Ferron
Javis Ferron:
My deepest condolences 💐 to the friends and family of the great perry.
He was on my mind all of last week and I was in the mood of some of his music 🎶 but never got the chance to YouTube some.
Rai Linly
Rai Linly:
Never to be forgotten. Go in peace Rainford, God bless.
Yeates Makes
Yeates Makes:
Legend while alive and his influence and vision will be discovered and rediscovered by music lovers for generations to come. So sad, Toots Hibbert and Lee Perry in such a short time. RIP
Hopeland Baker
Hopeland Baker:
Finally gone to join all the other reggae greats who have moved beyond.Have a wonderful time scratch. Your legacy lives on.
Yvonne Riley
Yvonne Riley:
musical giant
musical giant:
Scratch worked with Prince Buster before going to Gibbs, RIP to all of those legends
Big Ooman
Big Ooman:
R.I.P My Washington garden neighbour your art yard was always intresting. FIRE AND WATER you always said.
Jahnny Splash
Jahnny Splash:
You were the musician of musicians, Lee Perry. Your were unique and your space can't be filled by another. We will miss you but your works will live itinually. Rest in peace, brother. ....... Johnny Splash (Nigeria)
Dgital Hometech
Dgital Hometech:
P. W.
P. W.:
Condolences to the family of the late legendary Reggae artist, Lee 'Scratch' Perry!!
You're gone but will NEVER be forgotten!!
Rest Easy in Power, King!!💐🙏🏾💯
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts:
True he is lively for many years to come for his listeners, another kind of paradise is heaven RIP Lee from a rare listener.
kris J
kris J:
A giant in musical and cultural sense, of a diminutive stature he sure stood tall and delivered. Jah bless mighty DJ, producer, and magician.
Kooka Munga
Kooka Munga:
Just bought albums Super Ape and Heavy Rain and now have to buy some of his other albums . He left us some great albums . Thank you Lee if you are up there listening .
Anything’s Possible Music
Anything’s Possible Music:
Bit late to the party in terms of his music but I've enjoyed his recent work and was really digging his music and the last two albums I've heard so come here to pay my respect RIP
Michelle Reid
Michelle Reid:
I remember Lee Scratch Perry recording studio in Washington Gardens in Kingston.
Jerri Av It9 Music
Jerri Av It9 Music:
*G.O.A.T produer......RIP Legend🔥🔥🔥*
Kennoy Brown
Kennoy Brown:
Condolences to his family. Bless up for the information
Uptop Boss
Uptop Boss:
Condolences to the family dedicated to the end 🙂
Respectful sympathies to the loved ones of Mr Lee Perry. An absolute genius.
Sophia Headley
Sophia Headley:
Oh my 😪😪😪jah know star. Nuff love to Perry. RIP SIR PERRY
Mickey Altieri
Mickey Altieri:
Loved reggae my entire life and Scratch has produced some of my favourite music. Rest in peace legend.
Trevor Davis
Trevor Davis:
RIP. Mr Perry. Your amazing music has always touched me from when I was a youth . Your music will NEVER die.
Hopeland Baker
Hopeland Baker:
Finally gone to join all the other reggae greats who have moved beyond.Have a wonderful time scratch. Your legacy lives on.
GazaNation Uk
GazaNation Uk:
I'm not going to lie this one hurts, I would always turn on the reggae station on GTA5 too hear Lee Scratch perry
Donovan Powell
Donovan Powell:
Rest in peace...mr Perry
Graeme Nicol
Graeme Nicol:
Rip Lee you'll be missed as a Ska fan thank you.
Original Raggaz
Original Raggaz:
Just last night I was marvelling at your genius while listening to Junior Murvin's Crossover on your works, rest in eternal peace King🙏
Raymax Blackwood
Raymax Blackwood:
A Great great great man... A forever legend... Never to be forgotten... His legacy will live on.... Condolences to family and friends... RIEP King man. ❤️🌹
Such sad & heartbreaking news 🥺😢😭😭😭😭 Nuff love Mr. Perry, may your soul rest in paradise ✨🙏✨🕊😔 My deepest condolences to his wife, his family, his friends, and fans around the world 😓
Romario Toretto
Romario Toretto:
The funny thing is been listening to him all month while playing gta 5 with my little one.
Roads of Britain
Roads of Britain:
Ive had real strong feeling i must listen to a lot of his music every day for the last week. 😧😥 Mr Perry’s music will be always with us.
Benny Blanco FtB
Benny Blanco FtB:
Thank you for all this great music R.I.P Upsetter.
Hannah Griffiths
Hannah Griffiths:
R.I.P Sir. Lee, you will always be an iconic reggae champion. Love forever King Perry.
David Henry
David Henry:
Great evaluation teach dem this man was a very talented versatile musician and is contribution to the music industry can never be ignored
Bun Dung
Bun Dung:
Just saw the news on NBC news here in NY. The genius has left a LARGE footprint in our culture. RIP Lee "Scratch" Perry OD
I’m so glad I saw The Upsetter perform live. I smoked more weed to your music than anyone else.
Blair Boyd
Blair Boyd:
Thanks for uploading this information about Lee Scratch Perry,I known him from the 1960s. I remembered when he was living in Washington Garden across from Duhaney Park, also Bunny Grant useto being living there too. My condolences going out to his family and,may his soul RIP.Lee Scratch Perry the best in the reggae music,he was a genius.
nuwave entertainment
nuwave entertainment:
Live on Mr. Perry...
Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Thompson:
Upsetter, Visionary, Shaman, Genius, Legend. RIP Lee.
michael mendy
michael mendy:
RIP To the LEGEND The God Fada
The reverend Jones
The reverend Jones:
Rest in peace Scratch safe in JAH'S keeping!
Maggie Edwards
Maggie Edwards:
That’s a real legend ! Jah jah 🙏🏽rip Lee ‘scratch’ Perry
Condolences to you and the family , ‘your angels are never far ‘👑👑👑🇯🇲🎸🎷🎺🥁🪘🎤⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💎🙏🏽
D Fid
D Fid:
RIP reggae legend.
Kariefe Jackson
Kariefe Jackson:
Rest in peace,,legend we share the same birthdays msrch 20 ,,sleep in heaven
he was a god of reggae and DUB reggae will be missed 🥺
Sean Howard
Sean Howard:
My favorite song by Scratch, Dreadlocks in Moonlight. "The knife dat stick di sheep ago stick di goat! "
Bing Sinatra
Bing Sinatra:
RIP you genius. I'll play Arkology and Apeology through my big speakers once the neighbours go out.
Hilson Vieira da Silva
Hilson Vieira da Silva:
Aqui no Brasil nos amamos Lee, Bob, Peter, Bunny, Garnett etc. Amamos e cremos na vida eterna com Cristo. Amém.
Gavin Mclean
Gavin Mclean:
A lengdary producer, musician and entertainer will always be remembered for his musical legacy, RIP to the lengdary musician.
Deadly Producer!!! Real dub master
Langton Mhembere
Langton Mhembere:
May His Soul Rest in Peace. The King of Dub Music, Lee "Scratch" Perry
דו"ח תל אביב:
Shocking! I loved his music 😔💔
Friday After Next Family COOK-IN By JaysHub
Friday After Next Family COOK-IN By JaysHub:
RIP to our great legend
Ras Jahson
Ras Jahson:
R.I.P. Legend Blessed Love! 🙏🎶🔥❤️🇪🇹
Musa Maturah
Musa Maturah:
RIP💗🇯🇲. That one line though bout hard hard labor and he wasn’t interested in that 🤣😭, I can relate 🥲
Michael raffington
Michael raffington:
Great man, his memories will live on. Walk good bro.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson:
I wish you had gotten a chance to hold a reason with this great eccentric genius. Sleep well Sir Perry.
arch stanton
arch stanton:
Jah bless Lee Perry 🙏🏾 Your creative genius lives on in your prodigious body of work. R.I.P. brother ✌🏾👊🏾
Roots radics
Roots radics:
One of the most creative souls out of our homeland, a force of nature.a maroon shaman of sound and vibration.

R.I.P Scratch.
the wiz
the wiz:
R.I.P to a LEGEND who change reggae music 🎶🎵♥
Possibly Kombucha Slim
Possibly Kombucha Slim:
This brings me nothing but despair.

Never having grown up with my father when we actually came together we both discovered lee scratch perry and our mutual love for reggae dub.

This world might be a cruel dark place but i'd suffer through it an infinite amount of times over to experience that unique bonding experience again.

You'll be missed more than you'll ever know you madman.

Not a lot makes sense to me in this world but I always felt at home with what you brought to the table.
CJOYINNERTAINMENT Sharifah Ihsan-Wilson:
Nuff Respect. ThankFULL I had chance to meet him. Rest in Power Beloved. Condolences to his family and those who loved this Creative Giant. 🇯🇲🌴❤️💛💚
erinn kemp
erinn kemp:
RIP Lee Thank you for your art.
Ma Guy
Ma Guy:
At least he lived a long life. Made a lot of great music.
Aw man.....
Simply Put NewsTV
Simply Put NewsTV:
The great man....RIP King🙏🏾
Grace Abel
Grace Abel:
Condolences to his family and friends...may they find comfort in the Lord
Rest Well Iyah Strength & Condolences Family 🖤❤💛💚
Ohene Blake
Ohene Blake:
Histpry will remember Lee Perry one of the greatest music genius equal to Mozart and Beethoven.

Never given the recognition in his home country.

Biggest regret is not heating Teach Dem say these words 'Faada Perry what was it like growing up from a financial perspective?" And "Faada Perry place of birth?'

Rest in Peace.
Rip 🙏 🕊
Gimme Shelter
Gimme Shelter:
RIP Lee - You leave behind so much for others to learn from
Carlos Vasconcellos
Carlos Vasconcellos:
Love and Light .. rest in Paradise! LEE SCRATCH PERRY ..thank you for all the vibration, frequency and energy - blackboard jungle changed my mind and spirit on a journey of growth and development.. Salute for this video great to know more.. peace.
Thankyou boss for all your great music, you made reggae magical you were the greatest of the great rest in peace
Threepac General
Threepac General:
Big up Teach Dem.... My condolences to his families
Ansel Williams
Ansel Williams:
RIP legend 🙏
nuwave entertainment
nuwave entertainment:
Life well lived.
Legend gone but not forgotten S.I.L 🖤💚💛🎶💯🎶
Kendrick Thompson
Kendrick Thompson:
Rest up legend
Donte Don
Donte Don:
R.I.P Mr Perry Reggae LEGEND condolences to his family Great Teach blessings 🇯🇲 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Yan Mck-Sam
Yan Mck-Sam:
R.I.P Sir!
Stephane F
Stephane F:
RIP Mister PERRY !!! One love from France 🔥
Even as a white English man (as I am) scratch Perry was a huge musical influence and my teenaged and young man years were full of the music of lee scratch Perry. R.I.P TO THIS MUSICAL MASTER
chancellor hudson
chancellor hudson:
daw dawiskid
daw dawiskid:
Rest well mi general..
Jah know condolences to the Perry family Lee Scratch was truly a legend
porc garden
porc garden:
Tru legend allways made my day blessing top top man r.i.p perry 🤜