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45 komentarze:

Gavin Newbold
Gavin Newbold:
Leeds Leeds Leeds who’s ready champions V champions
Frankie B
Frankie B:
Liverpool supporter here! We shouldn’t take ANY team for granted! WE GO AGAIN!!
John Smith
John Smith:
Great video mate as always, can’t wait to also watch my first premier league Leeds match! MOT ALAW
Marko. Lufc Hobbs
Marko. Lufc Hobbs:
Reckon .2 .2 Draw Nathan. But. Won't be. Too. Disappointed. If. We. Lose. To. A. Top. Team. Like. Liverpool. Come on. Super. Leeds united
Andy Mclelland
Andy Mclelland:
It’s disgusting how u can’t go to the game to watch Leeds first prem game in ur life time, feel for u lads
Maime Flyte
Maime Flyte:
I’ll be watching behind sofa. C’mon Leeds!
Karen Casey
Karen Casey:
Love it Woodey it’s been a long time coming especially for us who went over in league 1 so bring it on, can’t f**king wait, maybe staring at the ceiling for most of the night, best wishes from Tony in Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪, MOT, ALAW.
QLoiner 17
QLoiner 17:
As long as we don't get embarrassed I'll be happy I'll take a 2 nil loss with a spirited performance.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
Leeds to shithouse are we Burnley? Though maybe we should be like Burnley because they were the only team to take points from Liverpool at Anfield.
Clayton Young
Clayton Young:
Great vlog but Liverpool is a beautiful working class city and the most friendly no need for the sh*thouse we’re refined premier league now lol
Alex Sánchez
Alex Sánchez:
Good luck!!! from Argentine. Marching on together...
Lufc for life #MOT
Lufc for life #MOT:
First time seeing Leeds in the premier league and I can’t wait. CMON LEEDS!!!!
Class vid as always 👍🏻
Mark Dooley
Mark Dooley:
Football. Anything can happen. As an old git, I'm just going to enjoy Leeds playing Liverpool again. We'll have a go but really, we're fighting other teams.
unun septium
unun septium:
Get those 3 points!
Christhorpe Junction
Christhorpe Junction:
Tough match ahead! I think Koch is on from the start, you’re right defence has to be solid. We will probably lose but as everyone has said, this is a freebie. I’m hoping for a score draw, but probably one goal in it. Rodrigo might come in second half, give him a run as it were.

As to the future, well big knock back with probability of the second wave on its way over Autumn and winter, that’d mean that the game on the 19th December would be no crowd. I’m now thinking you’ll be looking at March/April for relative normality. This will have an even more massive effect on things, you’ll see more clubs going bust and pricing for players hit the floor. (More than they already have).
Callum Felly
Callum Felly:
Might look a big of a bellend🤣love your vids mate
Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts:
I'll be sweatin cobs tomorrow watching the score ticker. Cone on Leeds! It's the big time! Show then we mean business!
jose navarro
jose navarro:
Y Jesús dijo me voy
De tácticas ya no hablo
Pero un consejo les doy
La pelota siempre al diez
Que ocurrirá otro milagro!
Ben Williamson
Ben Williamson:
We played our football away at arsenal and should have won, with additions to the squad it only gives us more of a chance. MOT 💛💙🤍
Well Liverpool haven’t lost since 2017 I mean they have to get beat one day
gipton white
gipton white:
1-0 Leeds 25/1 paddy power c'mon Leeds marching on together
Joaquin Guzman
Joaquin Guzman:
3-0 to liverpool. The learning curve begins for LUFC.
jamie Wootton
jamie Wootton:
2_1 Leeds win bro🍻🍻🍻👊
Alan McClure
Alan McClure:
The whites 2 - 1 no worries
Julie Bennett
Julie Bennett:
Love your videos... think all our stomachs are churning today. Let's hope we get a goal at least. I predict 2-1 Liverpool... 💙💛💙💛👊 MOT
Charles John
Charles John:
I'm going for Leeds United 2 Liverpool 0.
Come on Leeds 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼great start 💯
Jose luis Lopez
Jose luis Lopez:
el muchacho es pecho frio, asustado antes de jugar. vamos leeds carajo.
I love that your back in the big time...but I'm sick of leeds fans already.big team with bigger mouths..
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen:
0:47 prodigious
david milliken
david milliken:
Thanks for the video Woodey. Big burden resting on all members of the team but M B will have done his homework on Liverpool , you bet ya. This could be one of those matches that will pass into legend. We all know it's going to be a tough one . C' mon Leeds MOT!!
Rusty smith
Rusty smith:
relax clam down
my first home game was in 1972 against the scum
and we won 5-1
now tell me
your highs and your lows as a Leeds fan
i bet i have a better story
keep the faith #MOT
P S:
I think it's going to be a fast game end to end!
David Holley
David Holley:
Some excellent comments about you on a WACCOE discussion thread Nathan. You must be doing something right. Keep it up
hzekyan ayad
hzekyan ayad:
Calum O'Neill
Calum O'Neill:
U ain’t beating nothing
The hour glass has few grains of sand
The hour glass has few grains of sand:
Leeds fan. We gotta get lucky.
Abdul Fattah
Abdul Fattah:
there u said it, champs of PL vs champs of championship, do the math mate, no algebra needed. simple logic
Thomazio 87
Thomazio 87:
Doubt koch and rodrigo get to start, we know bielsa and his loyalty to the players. The two have just arrived, and barely trained with the squad. Most likely he will start with the same team like he did the last matches in the championship (exept derby game)
The only reason u have a chance coz we can’t get in the ground if it was a full stadium and bouncing it most prob be 3 or 4 nil but now u have a chance to only let 1 or 2 in 😂
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson:
We won't just roll over sit back. We will work are nuts off we waited 16 years for this we're not just here to make. Up the numbers we're here 2 take over marching on together
maher39 maher
maher39 maher:
2 Seasons liverpool only lost 4 in 2 years . Our chances Are very slim , gonna be under serious pressure and can see us conceding at least 3 goals.
Eamonn Spelman
Eamonn Spelman:
We are better now since we played arsenal and we didnt just scrape our way up(yes we didnt walk away with it either).As many have said ,the pressure is not on us.Cheers Nathan for the vid.From Dublin leeds.
cory Fulton
cory Fulton:
My team Liverpool going to beat Leeds united tomorrow Liverpool football club is the best