A day of recognition for Leo Messi, who against Huesca equalled the 767 appearances of Xavi Hernández and against Real Sociedad set a new record. And prior to today’s game with Real Valladolid at the Camp Nou, the Argentinian was given a special tribute in honour of such a remarkable achievement.

Sergio Busquets, Gerard Piqué and Sergi Roberto, his fellow team captains, presented him with a shirt signed by all of his team-mates. And it was a very special shirt – the one from the 2003/04 season in which Messi made his first team debut.

When the short ceremony was over, he was joined on the pitch by his wife and three children. Quite some family photo!


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
This is how MESSI's teammates congratulated him on his achievement! 💪🏻 https://youtu.be/q6Jmuoa90h0
I freaking love this! Messi smiling again in a Barcelona shirt!!! 😍😍
Messi with his kids *melts* my heart
Football Club
Football Club:
*Hats off Legend.*
We will never see anyone like Messi, simply the 🐐
Ricky Riederer
Ricky Riederer:
Antonella has one of the most beautiful and infectious smiles ever
Parth Virkar
Parth Virkar:
Dembeeleee I literally took off my shirt and started dancing as mad when he scored and RIP to all the haters who trolled him for missing the 1v1 first finger on the title let's gooo💙❤
Joachim Sadiki
Joachim Sadiki:
1:51 Mateo pointing at the sky. This kid is a vibe😀
Aysu Yerli
Aysu Yerli:
When I was a little girl he was my hero. He was one of my number one reasons to watch and LOVE football. Him, Xavi & Iniesta were the ones who made me a Barça fan🤍
Mateo to Messi :

Pappa Can We Get that banner to our house 😂
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's:
el estadio , se tiene que llamar Leonel Messi
His wife is such a beauty !
I love how Busquets and Pique are always there for Messi. He will feel lonely without them.
Bruh dembele got the last minute winner🔥cmon Barca
Sumedh Kanade
Sumedh Kanade:
Good to see Ciro smilling instead of crying .. He is now getting to know what his dad really is.. Ciro would have enjoyed this a lot with crowd in camp nou..but glad to see him 😃
Frank_ man917
Frank_ man917:
I want to have sons like leo, you honestly can't hate leo's kids ♥️🟣🔴
utkarsh yadav
utkarsh yadav:
Thanks Antonella for taking such a good care of him..
Bishal Aryal
Bishal Aryal:
Its really good to see Messi family on the pitch of Camp Nou
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
No words can describe this man. Not only he is the greatest footballer of all time, he is also a great father with the best personality. All respect to this man🐐
Thank you for everything Leo ❤️💙 And much love to Antonella, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro!
World's Beautiful Game
World's Beautiful Game:
Forever Legend and that smile of his and his wife 🙏🏾🌟🔥🔥🎨🐐
Mon Subba
Mon Subba:
He deserved everything possible.long live the king 👑🐐🙏
Hail to the King
Hail to the King:
Messi: "it's impossible!"
Barcelona: "it's necessary"
Mark Simon
Mark Simon:
Here after we just clutched that game🔥🙌🏾💯
2:27 His kids don't wanna leave 🤣🤣🤣
Rosendo L.
Rosendo L.:
Messi is a winner, on and off the pitch. Gorgeous wife and incredible family!
768 matches for the GOAT Lionel Messi : Legendary 🔵🔴
This man will retire out of football, but will never out of our hearts💙❤
SouL Hérculés
SouL Hérculés:
Mateo iss so freaking cute 😂😂❤
Historical moment! He will be forever in every football fan's heart, the GOAT 🐐⚽️🇦🇷
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen:
This man.... I am going to miss him with my entire heart❤️💔❤️
Jose Gallegos
Jose Gallegos:
A lion and his pride🦁 👑
Gamer ranger
Gamer ranger:
on his left foot he has tatto of thiago
0:22 his love for his son is amazing
🥰🥰 i freakin crazy for him with onother billion with me
Rahul Shanbhag
Rahul Shanbhag:
Leo's family is so cute ❤️
Miss Independent
Miss Independent:
Jus look how whn he was walking away frm his kids he kept look back at them..ur love by fans all the time , may god blees u more & more messi love u wish to meet u one day & my dream will come through ..ur the greatest player in the universe..
2:32 the way he keeps looking back at his family 😍
Yenaro Ali Rodriguez Alcantara
Yenaro Ali Rodriguez Alcantara:
Como se va la vida. Este video en 10 años, lo volveremos a ver cuando Leo ya no este mas jugando al futbol. La vida.
ማራናታ ጎይታ ንዓ
ማራናታ ጎይታ ንዓ:
Leo's familles is so cute
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan:
Seeing Messi happy feels so good, let's go GOAT
Zerpwron ✔
Zerpwron ✔:
Congratulations G.O.A.T but Antonella... she’s so BEAUTIFUL 😍😂
I completely forgot he had 3 sons. I thought he only had two lmao😂
Barcelona forever
Barcelona forever:
I'm not sure how I'm holding my phone right now because of that goal dembele score a clap a clap a clap glad for the win!!! Congratulations leo
William Johnson
William Johnson:
This makes me emotional 😭
Jacob _tb.
Jacob _tb.:
Can't even imagine him retiring from barca😔
Rohit Chakraborty
Rohit Chakraborty:
Dembele with a damn strike❤️💙 Congratulation culers..
Kb Rai
Kb Rai:
Whenever I watched him at pitch I feel really blessed and relief from negative feelings.
Life of Football
Life of Football:
Love to see his family in Camp Nou and we all know that Messi is simply the G.O.A.T! King Leo! Barca always has its fans to support them... This season is ours. Visca el barca!!
Grichka Tayou
Grichka Tayou:
Damn time flies , I remember that jersey and that season . The season modern Barca took off . It’s been almost 20 years ... 2004-2005 season.
the guy that says E all the time
the guy that says E all the time:
this match almost gave me a heart attack
This video is very emotional for the og barca fans
029_Zahid Mustafa
029_Zahid Mustafa:
Today noone was perfect. It is acceptable as it was after a long break. Messi's game was average but still KING OF THE MATCH. He created some clear chances for Dembele and Alba but wrong decisions in finishing.
Messi the Greatest Of all Time
faiza jahan
faiza jahan:
Let's win the game tonight
Vamos Barca💙❤
Diep Jyoti
Diep Jyoti:
The king 👑
Leo Legend Messi 💝
Can't express how much eye pleasing this video is. His smile is really something divine. Love you Boss 💝
The Greatest Of All Time - Leo Messi.
Emmanuel Jesudas
Emmanuel Jesudas:
Messi is blessed with his family
Mildred Owino
Mildred Owino:
The legend the GOAT
The Unboxing Guy
The Unboxing Guy:
Messi smiling, feels so good 😊
Gergő Dániel Tóth
Gergő Dániel Tóth:
Yeah, we know that he is a Legend and he is the G.O.A.T!!
Forca Barca!! 🔵🔴
Edit: thx for all the likes👍🏻
My king 😭❤️
Mr. Spicy Sher
Mr. Spicy Sher:
A man who loves his family to the moon and back.
Travis Tran
Travis Tran:
Messi and Antonella actually kissed omgggg. I've never seen that besides when they were getting married.
Pranesh Karthikeyan
Pranesh Karthikeyan:
Leo omg i love him smiling 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
That messi smiling in a barca jersey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
C J:
Ciro looks like Messi's "Mini me" 😍
When messi and ronaldo retire this breaking my heart 💔
Айбар Сайлау
Айбар Сайлау:
Ahhh, so cute, OMG!!!😍
I pray that he must play football for all the 100 years of his life🙏
רון ירושלימסקי
רון ירושלימסקי:
Amazing, great moment, to the books of history!! Goated.
Saulo Roberto
Saulo Roberto:
they doing everything they can to try to keep him in the end of the season, his smilling but... let’s see if he doesn’t fly to paris or manchester in july 🤷🏽‍♂️
Virtual realistic
Virtual realistic:
I can't believe my eyes when Dembouz scored. I was like am I dreaming? 😂
Ron FTW:
Ciero, Falls down... He's so cute 😂❤️
Ishraq Ahmed
Ishraq Ahmed:
I freaking love this.
Messi is smiling again and again❤️
*The Greatest of all time*
Shedrach Ameachi
Shedrach Ameachi:
Messi and his team mates love the smile on their faces 😘❤️💙
Emre Sonkur
Emre Sonkur:
Goat and his goat family 🔥🐐
Imran Hossen
Imran Hossen:
Thiago,mateo,ciro all of them are so cute!!!
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia:
Thiago sonriendo y orgulloso de su papi
The most adorable family 😍😍
Christopher IK
Christopher IK:
Dis legend LM10 loves his family more dan football n Dats y his d G. O. A. T
Drink’s Boomb
Drink’s Boomb:
The greatest ever Leo Messi ❤️ from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Syed Faizuddin
Syed Faizuddin:
Well, I watched this live!
Jonah Sevume
Jonah Sevume:
When you start to see tributes. Get worried😂😂
Mas ayu Adam
Mas ayu Adam:
Messi... The most loving family man that I've ever seen... 😘❤️❤️❤️
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
I dont know why i always feel happy when ever i see Leo
THE GOAT felicidades leo que humildad y que linda familia tienes💙❤
Lino Onva Abaga Mangue
Lino Onva Abaga Mangue:
Simplemente “REY”
Mis respetos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️❤️💙
We’ll all love you forever leo you’re the goat🐐❤️💙
Bghdstore Youtube
Bghdstore Youtube:
ciro is more like messi when he was young..
FabriceFlora Fouache
FabriceFlora Fouache:
Félicitations Leo Messi pour ton nouveaux records qu'elle longévité et qu'elle loyauté envers le Fc Barcelone Vamos Barcelone et tu as une très belles familles merci beaucoup à ta femme de t'avoir donné de très beaux enfants
Stela Pentheroudaki
Stela Pentheroudaki:
Cute scenes with his family are back!😍
Rawan Succarieh
Rawan Succarieh:
Another record for the greatest of all time🔥❤ him, Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol are the ones who made me a football fan. Forca barca❤💙❤💙
Junior SRK 10
Junior SRK 10:
Oh Messi, you and your family always melt my heart. ❤️
Hope 777
Hope 777:
Ciro looks like Messi, when he was a child.
F3 perfectionist
F3 perfectionist:
Ciro falling again and again is the cutest thing 😍😍😍
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima:
Nikhil Verma
Nikhil Verma:
U keep smile
magma gaming
magma gaming:
A beautiful end of a legend ❤️❤️❤️

I miss you sir
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
They look so perfect together
Sarah 04
Sarah 04:
They grew up so fast!
Zaj Laug
Zaj Laug:
Congrats to Messi for this achievement.
Heitor Souza
Heitor Souza:
Yes, he is a legend !
Vikbes_Smoke Блог о кальянах
Vikbes_Smoke Блог о кальянах:
From day one till history, Thx God I've seen this