Leo's Bad Luck

Leonardo DiCaprio is quite the daredevil, and he told Ellen about a few of his close calls!

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Jordan Stephan
Jordan Stephan:
The title made me think he was going to be talking about never winning an Oscar.
Abhinav Sreekumar
Abhinav Sreekumar:
This man just gave an acting masterclass while telling a 10 sec story .
What a legend
*the russian accent was actually really accurate*
lala L
lala L:
Still the hottest guy alive on this planet
Hydra Kills
Hydra Kills:
Leo & ellen: **breaths**
Audience: *HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA* **dies of laughter**
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
I like his personality.
I’m russian and Leo’s russian accent just awesome and accurate
samarth gulla
samarth gulla:
His speech is so satisfying.
*Did he actually forgot to say about that one time when he was on a ship and it hit an iceberg and the ship sank???*

Come-on how can he forget that?!!!
He couldn't even climb a wooden door because...👌🏻😂
Alex Kok
Alex Kok:
I swear people are getting payed to laugh hysterically at normal conversation.
Mar Romero
Mar Romero:
"we had two, now we have one" hahahahhaahahah
Morgan Agolli
Morgan Agolli:
How is Leonardo DiCaprio not married!? Omg!! Guess he's waiting for me :)
anil mankotia
anil mankotia:
This guy knows how to speak like a gentleman.. So calm and composed..
he protecc
he attacc
but most importantly
his name is Leonardo di Cap
"We seem to have a slight problem here" 😂
I love he easily switched from imitating the stewardess to the Russian guy.
Shivu anir
Shivu anir:
Such a class act... He's been famous for so long and been loved by girls forever and he's not gone insane and Hollywood

Good on him
mialovescontortion agt
mialovescontortion agt:
When leo whispers "your gonna break your legs" it was so funny 😂
He has been my crush since titanic ❤️😍🥰
Vegas Nights Slots
Vegas Nights Slots:
Credits to the Russian pilots who saved lives of Leo and all the passengers! They are the real heroes!
Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma:
His Russian accent 😆😂😂😂 Perfection
Jacks. Rose
Jacks. Rose:
How is Ellen not straight being next to him?!?!?!?
Blabla toto
Blabla toto:
-"We lost one of our engines"
- "How many engines did we haves?"
-" Well we had two, now whe have one"

So funnyyy!!! xD
Deeson Jame
Deeson Jame:
Sounds like he has all the luck in the world.
That awkward moment when you thought the title was about him never winning an Oscar prior....
Aditya Anindita
Aditya Anindita:
Oh...his voice is so relaxing and soft.😍
Asmar Hade
Asmar Hade:
Y’all what is wit the audience they laughing at everything and nothin lol
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee:
Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met based on their ellen interview
Christopher Banuelos
Christopher Banuelos:
The greatest actor of ALL TIME!!! #GOAT
Cameron Milligan
Cameron Milligan:
“Well we had 2, but now we have 1” 😂. How good was that voice
felicity nil
felicity nil:
who thought this was going to be about the oscars....
Freedom Hiker_CA
Freedom Hiker_CA:
I did not realize he has good sense of humor until I watched this interview 🤣🤣🙌🏼🙌🏼
He is the finest man in earth
Aaditya Sharma
Aaditya Sharma:
He is so natural, doesn't seem like he is pretending. Love Mr. DiCaprio
Creation Anomaly
Creation Anomaly:
I feel like this is the first time I'm watching a Leo interview. 😅
amniela duran
amniela duran:
he still sounds so much like he did when he was younger.
Rahaf A
Rahaf A:
Damn he’s making that Russian accent sexy
Note to self: Never fly with Leo D. lol with all my love tho
Noga Benporat
Noga Benporat:
Who doesn't love Leonardo dicaprio!!
diallo Hawa
diallo Hawa:
I love the way he tells stories, feeling like a child again, hanging on every word
Dulce Amore
Dulce Amore:
Russian guy accent maked my lungs collapsed 😂
User User
User User:
-So what's the scariest thing you've ever done?
-I was on a plane to Russia
Baylee Nicole
Baylee Nicole:
The earth keeps trying to take him and God's just not letting it happen 😂
Saransh 999
Saransh 999:
Idk who handles elen's YT but the Guy is King of making clickbaits
Lucia’s Life
Lucia’s Life:
Leo: Yeah, so I-
Susmita sarma
Susmita sarma:
When I'm bored,I watch this, immediately lifts my mood up
Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson:
um all I'm seeing is good luck

did he break his legs? no

did he die in the plane thing? no

if you ask me he is a very lucky guy, he even has friends who check his beard for mustard
chilli pom pom
chilli pom pom:
The 60's & 70's born actors are both good looking and having good acting skills.
Such a golden generation of actors
He’s a really good storyteller
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
I really want to see him doing a comedy movie and that will be wonderful for
Sienna D
Sienna D:
2:04 his smile makes him instantly look young again!
Rukia Dawod
Rukia Dawod:
Leo needs to do some storytimes 😂
Sylvie D B
Sylvie D B:
Omg he NAILED that Russian accent, what a class act talent. Love this dude 😍❤
Elle Kay
Elle Kay:
He's fantastic just on Ellen, I mean really, imagine hanging out with him, with a drink, THAT would be the ultimate!!!
Maya D
Maya D:
This stewardess impression is everything 😂😂
Sheraz Ahmad
Sheraz Ahmad:
His Russian accent is amazing.
This man won't die until he gets his damn oscar !!!
billies girl
billies girl:
2:57 that laugh reminds me so much of arnie grape ughhh i love him so much.
Zara Khan
Zara Khan:
i know everyone's like "omg young leoooo" and im just like "omg young and current leoooo"
Ruby Wilkins
Ruby Wilkins:
His Russian accent sounded like the pageant coach on insatiable x 😍😍🤣🤣😅😅
Bobby Simar
Bobby Simar:
"Did he whisper in your ears" ..and I use to think Ellen is smart.
REPLAY on his impression of the conversion between the stewardess and Russian. Hilarious!
OMG he’s so good at chatting and attractively calm
hoodie and red
hoodie and red:
Ive lost count of how many times ive watched this interview.
He's such a great storyteller
Rhianna Chloe
Rhianna Chloe:
Hottest guy ever existed on earth 🌍
I love him sm 💕💕💖💖
Jessie Banger
Jessie Banger:
He will forever be my biggest crush even though he's as old as my dad lol <3
Hoebean R.
Hoebean R.:
The accents-
K H:
Make up artist
°does her best to make his beard look like it's covered in ice°
°people believe it°

Leo: that was *WAX*
Kim Sanchez
Kim Sanchez:
My celebrity crushes: Leo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Drake & Bradley Cooper 😍❤️
Aamna Pirzada
Aamna Pirzada:
"We've lost engine 1! and Engine 2 is no longer on fire."
"We're Crash Landing"

So Madagascar part 2 is possible
Sam M
Sam M:
That Russian accent is on point... He has to do a role as a russian!
3:49 Actually ... i don’t expect an other reaction off an Russian 🇷🇺
saggit eightyfour
saggit eightyfour:
I thought the Russian guy was gonna be like "So we have still one engine, zere is no prroblem."
Lakshita Harnal
Lakshita Harnal:
"tHat iS nOt goOd..."
Sher H
Sher H:
I am starting to realize that Leo’s a great storyteller.
Zainab Jahangir
Zainab Jahangir:
Leo: I-
Waleed Jawaid
Waleed Jawaid:
Legend says God wanted Leonardo to be alive so he saved the plane from crashing
Abigail Andino
Abigail Andino:
You know, depending how you look at it, it good luck. His parachute didn't open, the reserve got tangled.... Boom! He survives. Airplane loses an engine, tires torn off during emergency landing......boom! He survives. Ship sinks.... Boom he survives. He let's his girlfriend stay on the drift wood big enough for two people......Boom! He survives.
a s
a s:
Can't dump fuel in case of an engine fire, will only spread the fire. Still cool story though. 😁
No Sleep
No Sleep:
If Leo did write a book about his life catastrophes, I would read it.
Caitlin Laing
Caitlin Laing:
the way he speaks is so clear and polite and kind you know what i mean
Jovan Ratkovac
Jovan Ratkovac:
Ellen : How did you get down? 🤔
Leo : ...gravity 😉👌
Abbey Hankinson
Abbey Hankinson:
baseema taranoom
baseema taranoom:
Love him,love his personality
He should have ended this with "and then there's the Oscars every year..."
Viviana V
Viviana V:
He seems experienced a lot and has a lot to tell, OMG I could hear him my whole life, the accent part <3
"im gonna break your legs..."

Ah he’s so adorable so perfect, I am in love with his voice 😍
Emily Norris
Emily Norris:
"Another bummer" being on CNN 😂
We need Ellen to invite Leo and ask him to tell more stories like this awwww
Yamilet Espinoza
Yamilet Espinoza:
3:45-4:42 Im dead the accents he makes killed me 😭😭😭😭😂
Fiorella Angela
Fiorella Angela:
What a gentleman, charming, handsome is! And has really good, clear, pronunciation, it's whole comprensible for english not mother tongue! Love Leonardo :-)
Jared Almaraz
Jared Almaraz:
2:48 you're gonna break your legs 😂
imagine being the parachuting spotter or the airplane pilot that almost killed leonardo dicaprio
lmao that impression of the stewardess XD
Camille Helen
Camille Helen:
whos watching in 2020
BI wifeu
BI wifeu:
he's so funny! more interview for Leo pls! his not just a great actor he can do comedy too! lol! handsome as always ❤
Angaiha Chhakchhuak
Angaiha Chhakchhuak:
I really love him doing impressions at the end...he is soo good..😂😂😂
Black & White
Black & White:
He has great humour!