Leroy Sane • Magical Skills & Goals • Welcome to Bayern München

Enjoy the most magical Bundesliga dribblings and goals by Leroy Sane so far!
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He is a magician on the ball. The exceptional German attacker started his rapid journey to the top of European football in the Bundesliga at Schalke 04. With his unbelievable pace, his mobility in direct duels and his strong left foot, he is the perfect winger. Since his move to Manchester City at the age of 20, he has shown his amazing skills on the Premier League pitches time and again. Now he is back in the Bundesliga, where the fans of Bayern München can enjoy his mesmerising touches and magical dribbling skills. Do you think he is ready to follow in the footsteps of Franck Ribéry and can start a new era at Bayern München? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ komentarze:

A Hamid
A Hamid:
Seems like he’s moving from Shalke to Bayern😂
Kojo Assan
Kojo Assan:
Bayern refreshing their squad with fresh talent
Meanwhile Barca chasing old men
Edit: Jeez Bayern are treble champs and barca have completely collapsed, even Messi's leaving!
John Ali
John Ali:
Sane and Davies on the left🔥🔥 RIP BUNDESLIGA RIGHT BACKS😂
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
Sane— Lewandowski— Gnabry— Muller

best counter attacking team in the world!

Bundesliga star is back..... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Quite simply a steal for Bayern! Can barely wait to see him play in the bl again!
Football Club
Football Club:
*how many of you think Leroy sane is a future legend.*
*like= yes*
Asmer Alispahic
Asmer Alispahic:
I only hope that injuries will avoid him in the next 4/5 years!
Dwaraka Vamshi
Dwaraka Vamshi:
I came as quick as Sane 🔥😅
Gnabry, Coman, Sane, Davies roadrunners my god 🙌
SSVK 18:
Bayern are definitely going to win the champions league
Sheku King Lucid
Sheku King Lucid:
Bayern: finally what took u so long

Sanè: nah i was quickly shopping in England
All love from namibia😁🇳🇦✌
Arrimaha Dunida Tube
Arrimaha Dunida Tube:
Leroy Sane be like: I am going to end Coman's whole career.
Bastien Invicta
Bastien Invicta:
When you come so early you have nothing to say except how sad you are sane left man city...

Bundesliga wassup
Srytx Productions
Srytx Productions:
Me:Sterlings better than him hes-
Sane:Hold my beer
Ahmed Izaan Abdulla Izaan
Ahmed Izaan Abdulla Izaan:
Michael M
Michael M:
One of Bayern’s best bits of transfer business in a couple years now! Hope to see him in action soon🙌
Abshir Mohamed
Abshir Mohamed:
Bundesliga admin is the definition of amazing
Benjamin Nwogu
Benjamin Nwogu:
Really an excellent deal for Bayern...good luck Sane
Mercurial JK7
Mercurial JK7:
To the future:Sane scored more than a 100 goals with this club
InSANE!! He’s finally here! ♥️🤍♥️
Oxygen Inhaled
Oxygen Inhaled:
I see wat u did with the song at 0:22
Jan FCB:
Sané 🔴⚪️ finally completed.
Barca sleeping...Again,Instead of going for a young potential winger they going for a grandfather midfielder.Bayern will dominate Europe for a few years.
Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer:
Saed Smokey
Saed Smokey:
As a premier league fan I'll miss him good luck to you L E R O Y S A N E
Tsin Hssn
Tsin Hssn:
I like that part in the lyrics at 0:30 where it says "And come back when you're older"
Exactly what happened
Ayon Hazarika
Ayon Hazarika:
Now only havertz left🔥
Somhood Media
Somhood Media:
The song perfectly fits yhis
"And come back when you are older"
Charizard The Beast
Charizard The Beast:
Leroy Sane be like: I am going to end Coman's whole career.
David Burlein
David Burlein:
Can't wait to see Sane and Davies terrorize that left flank for the next five years. THE SPEED! Oh it's going to be glorious.
Koeman OL
Koeman OL:
I call him Leroy (IN)sane 😍🔥
Bipan Tiwari
Bipan Tiwari:
Mark my words he has the capacity to fill robben shoes and he will.. definitely be a big game player...
Santumukherjee Mukherjee
Santumukherjee Mukherjee:
Best business management team from Bayern What a deal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Next year I think they won champions league
Barnabas A T Junior
Barnabas A T Junior:
I saw this coming
Dávid Meksz
Dávid Meksz:
Welcome back in the Bundesliga.🇩🇪

We waited for that signing and he is here.

Enjoy your time in München.
Aramo Dirmesropian
Aramo Dirmesropian:
Bayern Munich are going to be great in Bayern Munich and he is definitely going to win DFB Pokal Cup, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League Bayern Munich is going to be unstoppable with him and he is such a good player he did really well in Manchester City Bayern Munich are going to be totally unstoppable
Yanis Niswan
Yanis Niswan:
Akhir nya sane resmi juga ke bayern 💯👏 , #bundesliga 🇩🇪 #from indonesia 🇮🇩
Bayern is now more stronger than ever....😑 I'm sad for sane gonna miss him in city matches...my favourite player
Goodbye Leroy Sane, you will be miss ❤️
D pharaoh
D pharaoh:
What a coincidence i was checking out this channel i get this vid from 40seconds
Nashhh Boy
Nashhh Boy:
Sane and Coman/Gnabry in wings, Davies as LB ......Bayern's attack gonna be lightening speed...and there gonna be an absolute Goal machine as striker😍
Péter Dudás
Péter Dudás:
Imagine 5 years ago that Sane and Lewandowski going to play in the same team
Abby Gayle
Abby Gayle:
We'll miss you forever a citizen my g
Saidina Ntchea
Saidina Ntchea:
Sane, davies and gnabry 💥💥😳
Padmini H
Padmini H:
Lewandowski x Sanè = Goals × Trophies
admin please heart this i love bundesliga
Magical like this π
Magical like this π:
Sane at Bayern is gonna be fire works trust me Bayern you got a gem.
Jonathan Abbey-Quaye
Jonathan Abbey-Quaye:
I like how the outro is only bayern players
Juan Guzman
Juan Guzman:
Now I’m scared...... imagine what kind of midfielder they are getting since Thiago is leaving 😳😳😳
David Stubbe Prieto
David Stubbe Prieto:
Sabry/ Gnabne will be the new Robbery. Welcome to new generation of football
Alex G
Alex G:
This whole video is mesmerizing. Adminho at it again
Unknown Prophet
Unknown Prophet:
Pretty good editing
10K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
10K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge:
Bayern got a bargain with Sane Transfer,
Jason Shan
Jason Shan:
the camera spin at 1:01 was pretty dope
Nicholas Nyakundi
Nicholas Nyakundi:
coutinho - im bayerns best signing
sane - hello bayern
JFeee 91
JFeee 91:
Its very sad that shalke create so much youth but in the end the players end up in Bayern
Eg:Sane, Neuer, Goretzka
Alyssa Summer
Alyssa Summer:
Bayern is gonna destroy every other team in the CL now
Cant wait to see this baller in action once again
Haedar Noviandaru
Haedar Noviandaru:
Bayern Munich transfer : In Sane
Cabdi Qani
Cabdi Qani:
Wow Bayern Munich attacking trio will be Amazing next year's
Leory Sane on the right wing
Serge Ganabry on the left wing
Robert luenduwizki number 9

And behind them Thiago and Kai haverts to feed them
Welcome 😍
Sane and Davies in left... rest in peace bundesliga right backs
Shubham Annamwar
Shubham Annamwar:
Man. Bayern look absolutely lethal. I can’t wait for football to resume fully.
I like where bayern is headed. Lots of trophies in the future.
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Bayern Munchen sure knows how to sign great young talent. I cannot wait to see him playing in the Bundesliga again. 😃
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Welcome back to the open hands leroy ❤🙏🙌👏
Marek Krzyszczak
Marek Krzyszczak:
Pure magician on the ball! Perfect signing to fullfill the hole after Ribery!
Juxxa Xoagub
Juxxa Xoagub:
Simple yet elegant dribbling
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford:
Zaid Khan
Zaid Khan:
Great editing 🇩🇪🔴⚪
Dj Roma
Dj Roma:
00:46 that's damn awesome
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Great signing!!! Sane will be awesome for us!!! MiaSanMia ❤️
Mustapha Gaye
Mustapha Gaye:
Waw great skill i love that look awesome and amazing. Bumdesliga mad
Deep Joshi
Deep Joshi:
premier league lost another gem
Andrew Selfridge
Andrew Selfridge:
Just a little advice to the editor of this video... he played for man city after Schalke... good few years aswell just thought I'd let you no as you could've got better clips than these. Morons
Gary Casey
Gary Casey:
People talk about Dortmund but Schalke produce some real top talent on a consistent basis.
Zvi Reuben
Zvi Reuben:
Wow he scored some amazing goals. Very underrated
Rudy Z.
Rudy Z.:
Germany has many promising current, and future players; Sane, Brandt, Gnabry, Waldschmid...etc.
Kushagra Chaturvedi
Kushagra Chaturvedi:
Bayern's attack will be devastating now........by the way what's the name of this song?
Him and gnabry on the wings 🤧 omg fifa 21 wya
Дора Неук
Дора Неук:
Adminho,plz give heart!
Jamil Vints
Jamil Vints:
Imagine him playing today....wow.
Cj Sosa
Cj Sosa:
Please play Sane on the right wing for CL and Gnabry on the left..
Ronald Garcia
Ronald Garcia:
Gnabry and Sane 🤔🔟
영상 초반에 말왕 bgm
Khãí Rúl
Khãí Rúl:
Still can't believe with his absolute master class in dribbling and finishing, bayern got him just for 55mil ! 😲
Pramod Das
Pramod Das:
Amazing Sane
Yayın izni yok sadece Schalke mi koydunuz lan :D
Where am I? Sh*tsfu**ed
Where am I? Sh*tsfu**ed:
When you have no spot for Coman... 😳
They have Conan and Perisic like what? Sane should of joined PSG or Juventus
shashwot dhakal
shashwot dhakal:
background music name ??
코망이 부상으로 아쉬었는데
사네가 채워주길
Bilal Adam
Bilal Adam:
Leroy Sane is a bargain super signing
Why is there two & in thumbnail ? Did anyone notice?😅😅🤣
that one guy
that one guy:
Welcome back
Eilam Shacham-Shavit
Eilam Shacham-Shavit:
Leroy Sane!
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis:
Gnabry/Coman and Sane on the wings 🔥
Abrar Hameem
Abrar Hameem:
😭😭😭😭I will miss him a lot as a City fan
adhil vp
adhil vp:
Bundesliga youtube channel is awesome...🔥...
someone pls let me know the name of the bgm