"LET HIM GO!" Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti in talks over stunning return to Real Madrid

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti in talks over stunning return to Real Madrid

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100+ komentarze:

Zac Steinberg
Zac Steinberg:
Ancelotti convinced James Rodriguez to leave Real for Everton, and then ran off the other way lmao
Embarassing this, how can I “trust the process” if the manager just leaves midway through
As a Liverpool fan, I would sincerely recommend Steve McLaren for the Everton job
Everton looked like they were building something special with the players they were recruiting and the world class manager they had. Well looks like that’s all out the window & wouldn’t be surprised if the big players were to leave soon
King Lee Wong
King Lee Wong:
The speed with which Everton and Real comes to agreement shows that Everton boardroom maybe in on the acceleration, and there maybe more story behind this. Can it be that board and Carlo are not seeing eye to eye on recruitment strategies?
The Edelweiss Pirate
The Edelweiss Pirate:
I'd have thought Real would go for Ole. He's as qualified for Real as he is for Utd.
Jake Treanor
Jake Treanor:
If he wins the league in Spain he's the only manager to win all top 5 leagues. Ancelotti is one of the best.
The - Donovann
The - Donovann:
Mugged Everton right off🤣 absolute comedy gold, They filled a gap in his career... heart was never in the job.
J Pat
J Pat:
Koeman to Barcelona via Holland, Carlo to Real, Martinez to Belgium, yet all failed at Everton
Simon is spot on, takes years to build a reputation & seconds to lose it, Ancelotti just lost all my respect & showed his true lack of integrity.
d 16
d 16:
This man speaks so much sense. Its a wonder so many hate him
Scott P
Scott P:
Don’t get how ancelotti doesn’t seem to get any stick for Everton finishing 10th
Jose was 6th at Spurs and ppl were hammering him
Carlo gets no stick from the press
Jamen .Gallagher
Jamen .Gallagher:
We (toffees) are such a poisoned chalice. Im so depressed and deflated about football right now.
Eko Prastiyanto
Eko Prastiyanto:
Pochetino back to spurs. And Conte move to PSG🔥🔥
The Observer
The Observer:
ex-Soton's manager at Barca.
ex-Everton's manager at RM.
Ying Yang
Ying Yang:
Win-Win - wasn't really happening for him at Everton
Mad Murdoch
Mad Murdoch:
Always knew Ancelotti was the wrong fit for Everton..
Dhul Qarnayn
Dhul Qarnayn:
The Manager world is just a merry go round 😂 I wouldn’t be surprised if Mourinho ends up back at Chelsea soon
I'm not surprised in the slightest. He finished 10th with that squad. I'm sorry to say it looks like it was a stop gap before he moved on.
Mango 4ttwo
Mango 4ttwo:
where the Hell do Everton go now? James will leave. FFP is tying their hands behind their back. They are in a mess
Gavin Cunningham
Gavin Cunningham:
agreed he's been shocking... he's been sacked with in 18months at Real because they're skint and have a lot of older declining players
Robel Tadesse (rtadesse11)
Robel Tadesse (rtadesse11):
So James Rodriguez is going back to Real Madrid too? 😂
Scouse Superman
Scouse Superman:
Wonder if he'll be taking Big Dunc with him 😂
Done and dusted. Although Talk Sport can make it in to a six hour job. 🎤😴
Jonny Meaton
Jonny Meaton:
He's proved at a club that isn't guaranteed success, he isn't all that
G L:
Simon is on point! Totally agree with his views.
ben laddie
ben laddie:
Give it to giggsy till the end of the season
Adam L
Adam L:
It's now official - DEAL DONE - Ancelotti will be re-joining Real Madrid...!
G Best
G Best:
He was just a steady custodian at Everton because he'd never be able to buy or attract the players he needed to win or challenge for anything.
At Real Madrid he'll have the money to challenge at least.
It's a easier job !!
ORLSA Online Racing League South Africa
ORLSA Online Racing League South Africa:
Madrid might not be playing in any league next season
Star Light
Star Light:
K. S
K. S:
Every are heavily in debt because of the pandimc. Good to have discount of buying a player this season! Hope fully fans are back fuly this season! 😁
Hugo Boss Wood
Hugo Boss Wood:
Well it’s no different to spurs going back for poch... 🤔
Jeffreys snapped Neck
Jeffreys snapped Neck:
Daz 008
Daz 008:
Bad choice for him going to real. They will be banned from the champions league and they are massively in debt. Never go back to a team you managed before. Never works out
T-H-E-O ✔
T-H-E-O ✔:
He won a league title in every ‘Big 5’ league except Spanish (La Liga). Please let him go to Real Madrid.
How ancelloti has passed Man Utd is disgusting
Laid Back
Laid Back:
All this hype about manager ruins the game,, overhyped primadonnas like the players
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead:
No surprise if it happens. For Ancelotti it was too big a step down. I sensed that he had problems motivating himself, hence Everton's position.
Wesley Selkridge
Wesley Selkridge:
Some managers are 'project managers' capable of turning smaller/ailing clubs fortunes round given enough time & others are 'finished article' managers great at getting the best out of top players, at top clubs in top competitions to bring home the big trophies...Ancelotti is the later. Everton never suited him nor will it suit Conte or Zidane. They need someone like Nuno or Howe.
Bc 247
Bc 247:
GET NUNO AT ALL COSTS. PLEEEEEEEASE.. ps.. Ask him to take Rodriguez with him.. I just hope we also included a " keep your hands of our players clause" otherwise I can see DCL, Richarlison or Digne goin to the boringbeu
glen kong
glen kong:
He tried his best but soon found out all his players could give him were to break a few legs (credit to them many went unpunished) and finish at the 10th...
Marc Russell
Marc Russell:
Moyes back to Everton?
Am happy he is gone! Carlo is a dinosaur signing 30 year olds for 25 - 30 million ridiculous at a club like Everton. We need to sign 20 - 23 year olds and sell them at a profit to build for the future. Just recently think iwobi and sigurdsson cost total of £75 million together, that is more than Salah and Mane cost together. Unbelievable
Allan The blue
Allan The blue:
Simon Jordan talking sense again, till he said Gomes was a good player
Jack Burgess
Jack Burgess:
Everton should come get Arteta imo
Dill Carver
Dill Carver:
Ancelotti sees a bigger pay day
Robi Jorum
Robi Jorum:
James rodrigeuz back to madrid again
V O:
How long was this in the pipeline, his son David, , moved out of his address, College Path, Formby, a couple of weeks ago.
Frank Ford
Frank Ford:
Coaches leave clubs because they have to coach not just buy the best players. Shows you what a farce football is.
Jameel Yasin
Jameel Yasin:
He will be sacked before the end of the season. Hes on the down ward spiral to be honest. Hes been sacked by bayern and napoli very early into his tenure.
Takumi Hakimino
Takumi Hakimino:
Simon is genius
Peter West
Peter West:
Don't always agree with Jordan, but he is 100% spot on with this one.
mr Smith
mr Smith:
Poor old Carlo his agent said I got you a job in Liverpool then the poor man found out it was the bitters he could not wait to get out
james caff
james caff:
He was a bad manager for us let's be honest finishing 10th and playing shocking football let him go
Sakib Chowdhury
Sakib Chowdhury:
F.Romanno said here we go, so its deal done for sure
Joe Briggs
Joe Briggs:
Disappointed and angry, said 2 weeks ago he wouldn’t go back to Madrid and kept talking about this long term project blah blah. Snake, give me a young hungry manager
He did a great job at Everton. They were there or therabouts for a top 4 spot right up until April or so. I know, as a Chelsea fan, how worried I was of them! Yes, they had a bad run of form at end of season, but overall, they're a much better outfit with Ancellotti.
As a Charles Leclerc fan...I have no opinion on this
Ian Jackson
Ian Jackson:
Drunken Ferguson should be given the job, he got a few good results as caretaker and instilled a little passion. He has been a very loyal servant for them too. Doubt he would finish below 10th!!
Darth Watson
Darth Watson:
Ancelotti to Madrid, Poch to Spurs and Zidane to PSG. Where is Conte going?
If people say Carlo is a fraud who can only work at "big teams" but praise Pep Guardiola, you have no credibility with the point you want to make.
Well that lasted long
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Let the mercenary go he will be sacked after a year anyway at Everton he got job for life
attarkhan caponebiz
attarkhan caponebiz:
Don carlo if go real...nxt ucl will be tight competition.
Kalpa Harshana
Kalpa Harshana:
Ancelotti and Everton was a marriage that never should've happened. Ancelotti managing Everton?? Does that sound right to you?? 🤣
Jay Mitchell
Jay Mitchell:
Bielsa to Everton paaaahahah you've got no chance.. he would never leave leeds United for another English club it's never ever going to happen.
New Thought
New Thought:
He is 100% going!
Colin Dixon
Colin Dixon:
Ud leave any club for Madrid like 💯💯💯
Steve John
Steve John:
As an Evertonian - Simon spot on
Ziggy wiggy
Ziggy wiggy:
Ancellotti getting a pass as usual. Conte is the best manager available at present.
Haha them deluded Everton fans who thought he wanted to be with them for years for a "project", they have gotten their reality check.
Velvet Eye
Velvet Eye:
everton finished 10th but everton were very good until in jannary but then many injuries happend.
Jason Nerves
Jason Nerves:
Everton haven't under archived. That squad is nothing but 10th.
Harold Dottin
Harold Dottin:
Happy Riddance what's the fuss about! Everton need a young vibrant manager. Not people who's sleeping on themselves.
Don Posizione
Don Posizione:
Feel kind of bad for Everton fans, they really saw how small of a club they are today 😭😭
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson:
Carlo Ancelotti has signed for Real Madrid on a 3 year deal to 2023/24.
raymond vermiglio
raymond vermiglio:
Good riddance. He’s on a downward spiral. We don’t need no big time Charlie. Eddie Howe was a boyhood Evertonian, so him or bring back Moyes if he’s up for it. Give the lads the money to spend and let’s dig in, and get a tight squad with passion and the rest will follow. No more buying players 30 + in age. Pace and the will to fight for every ball. That’s what the spectators want. Leeds are doing it. Leicester have been doing it. Everton need to think very carefully on who to bring in next. Ask Sadhguru for his intuitive wisdom. He’ll know who’s best.
Great opportunity for Calvert Lewis to move to Real and follow the manager. They can buy him for cheap.
Roger Ramjet
Roger Ramjet:
Could Arteta find his way to Everton?
Johnsy's Channel
Johnsy's Channel:
Fat Sam 2 Electric Boogaloo. #Evertonneedrescuing
Awwww I'm so fucking sad to hear this. NOOOOOO! But I also WANT him to go just so he can win La Liga for the first time. I'm so fucking torn. I have no affiliation what so ever with Everton btw lol But he's just fucking a LEGEND and when I hear people talking about the GOAT of managers his name is never brought up like it fucking should be it's always just Fergie or Pep. Him and Fergie and Pep are just THE trio IMO.

And he's THE GOAT of GENTLEMEN. ALL who have played for him LOVE him like a father. NO ONE has a bad word to say about him. Unlike say Pep who Aguero was FURIOUS with and didn't speak for months because of how Pep handled his exit from City. That would NEVER have happened under Carlo. Man was a gent. Didn't treat players bad like that. Same with Zlatan, the way Pep treated him. And we all know Fergie fell out with loads of people lol Not Carlo.
Abigail Barfoot
Abigail Barfoot:
Farhad no's nothing about football no one will want the job. Id love conte but we will little Eddie howe and get relegated it's all we deserve. Id take Zidane though he wouldn't come like Eddie howe shouldnt
Sukayo Baka
Sukayo Baka:
Steven Gerrard would be a great replacement .
Why go to a club that sacked you I don’t get it same with poch
If it weren't for Ronaldo (and maybe Bale for a couple of seasons), Zidane would of been sacked a long time ago.
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths:
I wonder if poch would move to Everton?
Goaded Machine
Goaded Machine:
Of course he wanna go to a big club
He’s bigger than Everton
James Marshall
James Marshall:
Don’t blame him get tony bellew in lol
Sleepin Dragon
Sleepin Dragon:
He won't turn Real around. There's a big job to be done there. He hasn't been pulling up trees at Everton so far.
Bez Bez
Bez Bez:
Zidane left Madrid because of a lack of support from the club and they have little money to spend plus massive crippling debts aswell as that wage bill paid out to a mainly aged squad , now they are taking ancelotti and have to sell before they can buy. I can't see it working out to well for either Madrid or ancellotti he should have stayed 🤔😒
Dan Smith
Dan Smith:
CA has flopped at Everton!
Arkadeep Dasgupta
Arkadeep Dasgupta:
As a Madrid fan I want to cry with joy😭😭😭😭..and Pintus is also coming back...OH WHAT A DAY!!!VAMOOOOOOOOSSSS!!!!
Ian Tonka
Ian Tonka:
Ancelotti just typical Italian manager , boring, negative football. He gone back because he sees Barcelona in trouble, and easy time at real madrid.
Ian Tonka
Ian Tonka:
Ancelotti just typical Italian manager , boring, negative football. He gone back because he sees Barcelona in trouble, and easy time at real madrid.
Hopefully Everton fans can pipe down about being a big club. Forever seeing them trying to belittle other non top 6 clubs 😴
Everton for Life
Everton for Life:
Snakey move disgusted and just so upset
Janjua __
Janjua __:
Madrid may not have UCL either