Let's Talk: Piastri Won't Race For Alpine In 2023?

Earlier today, Alpine confirmed that Oscar Piastri will race for the team next season in place of Fernando Alonso. However, Piastri now disputes that and says he will not race for the team. Let’s talk and try to make sense of it all.

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The F1 Word
The F1 Word:
No 'full' timestamps for this one as it is just a 1 hour 40 minute waffle.
Stream start: 5:35
J S:
My guess to what's going on:

Alpine had a grand plan where Alonso stays for 2023 but leaves in 2024 where Piastri replaces him and told the drivers this. Of course neither driver were pleased by this, Alonso wants to go for more years and Piastri wants in next year, as such the drivers quietly and independently begin looking elsewhere.

Vettel retires giving Alonso a team that will happily give him a multi-year contract so quickly signs and secures his future.

Pretty much simultaneously Piastri finds a welcoming Mclaren, so in order to get a seat for next year signs with them which likely had some form of trigger terminology meaning it comes into effect on 00:00 1st Aug.

Alpine don't know any of this and have forgotten the exact escape clauses in Piastri's contract so when Alonso reveals the move to AM they just assume they can just promote Piastri and just announce it without consulting him. However he is now contractually bound to Mclaren so he posts that statement about him not driving for Alpine.

This sequence of events explains all the strange moves and statements from everyone involved. But as I said this is just my guess.

Also if I had to guess I would assume that Piastri's side is legally correct on the escape clause as he would hopefully have studied the clauses in detail while planning to sign another contract for a different team while bound by the Alpine contract.
Nick T.
Nick T.:
Webber and Alonso are great friends. I think Alonso knew Piastri wasn’t going to Alpine.
Even though he was pretty much forced into taking the action that he has, I do wonder if Piastri is damaging his F1 career prospects before he's even got started by already having the baggage of a major contract dispute around his neck. If he's on the grid next year he's going to need to be extremely quick to overcome any concerns from teams about dealing with him in the future.

I do hope Gasly gets the Alpine seat though purely for the hilarity of seeing him and Ocon having to do all the light-hearted media stuff together. They really do not get along.
Is there any chance Alonso would know about the 31st July date in the contract and time his surprise announcement just after it after failing to agree terms with Alpine? Isn't he good friends with Webber?
Nick T.
Nick T.:
For what it’s worth, I think it’s more likely Piastri is signed to Alpha Tauri with a guarantee to take Perez’s seat once his contract is over w/the obvious requirement he meets certain performance benchmarks.
An interesting Tweet from McLaren (Palou announcement 13.07.2022):

"Our full driver line-up across all racing series will be confirmed in due course"
Time for Gasly to move. Either go to Alpine for a full French line up and supremely awkward media duties with Ocon, or move up to McLaren against Norris. Now or never
2017 Dorama
2017 Dorama:
Alpine knows that they'll lose Piastri. So they're trying to prevent him from driving for other teams by making this announcement. Anyone signing him after the announcement would be to blame. But they're not expecting him to publicize such a refusal that they're being embarrassed. Ricciardo is being embarrassed as well because his movement should be announced before Piastri's.
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer:
This really takes "silly season" to a whole new level.
FishF1 :
This is silly season on steroids and I bloody love it 😂 (the drama, that is…)
@The F1 Word Impromptu = 101 minutes. If there IS a contract, then no one will want to touch Piastri. I don't think Piastri will be driving for Alpine this year.
Elmonte Slim
Elmonte Slim:
Each driver should drive every car each season so at the end every driver has driven every car...that would be interesting
andre dennison
andre dennison:
they failed to pick him up prior to aug 1 a big mistake by alpine
Mark Webber would be an interesting interview right now
Mogster Kupo
Mogster Kupo:
Is Cyril laughing his ass off right now?
CPB 1:
Alonso might have actually made a really clever move signing to Aston Martin, might be the best one of his career with all this kicking off now.
Warren M
Warren M:
It’s always the tiny minuscule details you need to worry about before making a public announcement - you know like calling the parties involved. In other news Mercedes announce Hamilton is retiring, Lewis twitters back “I said I was tired”
I thought the funny season ended when Alonso signed for Aston Martin. But that was just the beginning.
I had my driver's mixed up I thought that McClaren had signed Pato O'Ward from indy car nope its Alex Palou that was signed to McClaren for a unspecified driving roll but he's signed with Chip Ganass racing but here's the kicker Chip Ganass racing is suing Palou and McClaren on the indycar side this is going to be absolutely nuts i hope you all got your 🍿 ready this is going to be a very interesting and entertaining show 🤔
Built 2jz Lexus
Built 2jz Lexus:
I can’t believe everyone is completely forgetting about Williams. What’s the chance they convinced Piastri to do a Russell and drive the Williams for 2yrs until Lewis retires and he gets the Merc.
Second thoughts. How many times have we seen top drivers broken by the new team-mates. Prost meets Senna. Alonso meets Hamilton. Vettel meets Charles. Danny Ric meets Max. Hamilton is clinging on with George but how long will that last? I'd say not long. If Max had joined Merc I'd say we would have already heard the I'm retiring from Lewis. Re Charles and Carlos.... I'm waiting for one of these guys to snap.

When Danny left Redbull, that was it for him. Yes he's still a great driver but his spirit was broken. I'm sure he got it in his head, I'm not the best in F1. And that's the end if you think that.
Ernie H
Ernie H:
Alpine forced Piastri to make a decision
Nishant Gautam
Nishant Gautam:
This is even more exiting than red bull and Ferrari battle on track ......
Lester Combs
Lester Combs:
My boy Alonzo always ALWAYS has the last laugh!!
Alpine shot themselves in the foot signing Ocon, who is an average driver, to such a long term deal. It should have been Alonso and Piastri. The points don't reflect how much Alonso is out performing him.
Joseph Hynes
Joseph Hynes:
The 'McLaren Confirmed' thing is crazy at this point. Why not Piastri to AlphaTauri (replacing the mediocre Tsunoda) for 2023??? This gives him a shot to replace Perez at Red Bull in a couple of years. This seems WAY more plausible than the McLaren/Ricciardo theories out there right now.
Chevrohn McBean
Chevrohn McBean:
I wish i had caught the stream and asked this question:

Whatll happen if riccardo gets it together and in the 2nd half of the season start matching or outmatching lando? What happens then? Itll be ideal for mclaren to not buy out his contract and to keep a driver who knows the car, team etc. So.....what does piastri do then??? Go back to alpine and say sorry for embarrassing you in front of the entire world?
Nick T.
Nick T.:
[email protected] idea of Liberty getting involved because “it doesn’t look good for the sport.” This is great for the sport. Tons of attention and interest and how does a contract dispute put the sport in a bad light? As for the FIA, they have no jurisdiction in this matter.
Derrick H
Derrick H:
Really enjoyed this, but how does Alonso not look the worst?
Robbe Tobbe
Robbe Tobbe:
Stoffel to Williams, im calling it now
Orla Kate Campbell
Orla Kate Campbell:
Herta is not going to McLaren next year, they are interested in putting him in an FP1 session, but he has confirmed on a Sky Indycar video that he is staying with Andretti next year in Indycar
David Brown
David Brown:
Maybe Alpine are going to revert back to Renault F1 and Oscar drives for them not Alpine. I'm probably being silly, I need to have a lie down.
꧁Miss Marquise꧂
꧁Miss Marquise꧂:
Ocon & Alpine deserve each other
Nick T.
Nick T.:
Piastri is a great prospect, but a lot of this is the more a driver is talked about, which was largely due them needing to find a temporary drive for him, it creates so much more buzz and it snowballs into teams thinking we need this guy. He might turn intro just another F3 + F2 champ who fails in F1.
Cletus Spuckler
Cletus Spuckler:
I think it's pretty obvious Mark Webber is taking Piastri to Red Bull.
Rosario Verano
Rosario Verano:
I believe the reason Alpine announced Piastri is to state their legal position. That they have him under contract.

There are other examples other than Schumi / Benetton / Jordan. In 2005, Fisi went to Renault from Jordan without Renault paying a buy-out. Webber then was sent to Williams who wanted Fisi.
Both these examples have something in common:
Flavio Briatore. Alonso's agent, former Webber's agent (remember the 2005 story I wrote?). He's done it again, so if Ricciardo ends up on a trade to Alpine, I won't be surprised.
Greg Byrnes-Mikelsons
Greg Byrnes-Mikelsons:
I would have loved to see Ricciardo in the Ferrari from 2021, unfortunately it’s all been downhill since he left Red Bull
VHB Engines
VHB Engines:
Seems pastries contract arrangement with alpine a day before alpine decided to inact it 🤣
13:40 Ten drivers? Who am I missing (single-seaters)?
1) Norris
2) Ricciardo
3) Piastri
4) O'Ward
5) Rosenqvist
6) Rossi
7) Palou
8) Herta
Aswin Anbarasan
Aswin Anbarasan:
Hulkenberg to Alpine 😍
Lucid Daze
Lucid Daze:
Do legal fees come out of the cost cap budget? At least one team might not be getting a new car next year
Ice Cream Studios
Ice Cream Studios:
If I was Stoffel Vandoorne, I would be standing by with the phone.
Rayhan Kazianga
Rayhan Kazianga:
This is the equivalent of wanting to adopt a kid and he says "no thanks"
Hear me out.. Ricciardo back to Red Bull…
Bruce McKay
Bruce McKay:
Everyone +dog have been talking Oscar for the past year. How could Alpine Brass not be up on his contract ?
What if... Lewis retires and piastri signed with Mercedes already???
Nick T.
Nick T.:
39:00 - It’s not Alonso’s responsibility to give Otmar information about other contractual talks, especially when they’ve done him dirty this season
Andrew DRS williamson
Andrew DRS williamson:
If alonso can't get number 1 driver treatment what chance did piastri have!!!! No wonder he bailed or maybe he's just playing for more cash!!!
Bricky McBrickerson
Bricky McBrickerson:
Piastri in a Torro Rosso, Gasly to Alpine to race side by side w/ his compadre Ocon.
Greg Byrnes-Mikelsons
Greg Byrnes-Mikelsons:
Something deeper than Szafnauer is wrong at Renault/Alpine. Abiteboul sold the dream to Ricciardo for a five year plan, only for him to jump two years in. Then Cyril gets bounced and now this fustercluck.
Allan Riches
Allan Riches:
Oscar to McLaren Daniel to Hass Mick to Alpine
Jari Gustafsson
Jari Gustafsson:
Well offcourse Zhou is gonna be the best option because the market of China is huge except the economy there looks like to tank heavy cause of covid and probable Taiwan war that seem to be brewing.

Average Schumacher, no seat.

Mclaren bringing third car to grid with all those drivers.
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern:
I wish you just did a short one like you did for Fernando. I don't have the time to sit through this one. Twitter went mental over it and it was hilarious 😂
I think Alonso was told by Alpine that they are going to replace him with Piastri in the 2024 & Alonso being Alonso said, ok F you, I'll make a deal with AMR now. Bye bye. I get the feeling Piastri didn't know Alonso was ditching. I think Piastri was thinking, I'm not waiting until 2024 & he had already made a deal which was pivoting on his legal option to leave came into effect. 

Re: Danny Ric back to Alpine. Even though Danny Ric was faster or more comfortable in the Alpine, I suspect that he left because of the political situation there. Even Prost got backstabbed at Alpine by the management. So that situation is odd...caustic. So is Danny Ric retiring?  

Re: Mclaren. Boy Lando was really criticizing his car in Hungary as well. He looked fed up. Could Lando be moving to Merc or Redbull? Is Lewis retiring? Is Checo getting the boot? It would be great to see Lando or Danny Ric in the 2nd Redbull car... If I were Lando I'd be pushing for a Redbull seat or the Merc seat. Mclaren just seems to be a dead end.

Or has Piastri made a deal for Checks seat...

Mick isn't showing anything. He could be gone in a year or so.
Warren M
Warren M:
You’re not in the Zac Brown - Alonso What’s App group Jonty? 😂
Paul S
Paul S:
what does Piastri know that we don't? he doesn't want to drive for Lpine it looks like or he would be chasing after a seat w/ them
Polish Eddie
Polish Eddie:
Alpine right now: I'm looking for my friend Gavin, Gaavvvv? Gaviiinnnn? Where are you???!!
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV:
So Toro Rosso or Mclaren ??
that is all...
Cyril back to Alpine...? 🤣
Mclaren norris piastri
Haas ricciardo magnussen
Williams schumacher albon
Alpine ocon zhou
Alfa pourchaire bottas
that junior program sucks in F1[ in RBR totally]. Every team takes 10 juniors and one of them racing... waiting waiting waiting and then nothing for them.
Mike 2346
Mike 2346:
I’m absolutely god smacked by this what the hell is going on? “ I will not be driving for Alpine next year” what the hell is this? He could go to McLaren but you have danny ric there plus Oscar is contracted to Alpine. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😳😳😳😳😳
Riccardo to fe for 2023
Willy Hwang
Willy Hwang:
AL showed once again, no honor.
Nick T.
Nick T.:
What’s happened in the last 48 hours is the most dramatic and unpredictable drivers & contracts news and announcements we’ve ever seen.
I miss Cyril. 😛
Krankie Boolean
Krankie Boolean:
I blame Drive to Survive.
love bato
love bato:
any driver will do, f1 is all about the car anyway
Piastri -> AT
Marco Reus
Marco Reus:
“We look like a bunch of fucking wankers”
I just hope Webber knows what he is doing here. I would hate to see the music stop and Piastri left without a chair.
Willy Hwang
Willy Hwang:
Al has burned all bridges
JDM bear84
JDM bear84:
Literally scrolled past a sky sports announcement that’s he is 😂
andre dennison
andre dennison:
he going to the orange car
Jamey Kowalski
Jamey Kowalski:
Sean, next time please ask Jonty to be aware of his background noise. Not sure if it was TV, in a restaurant or whatever, but the female voice in the background was very distracting. Thanks.
Poole Dogg
Poole Dogg:

Alpine have bought out Alonso's Aston Martin contract and resigned him on a 5 year contract.
michael fisher
michael fisher:
Palou 2
Lester Combs
Lester Combs:
Too bad Gasly and Ocon dislike each other. An all French team would be cool. Nobody likes Ocon see Checo.
2017 Dorama
2017 Dorama:
Zhou -> Alpine
Schumacher -> Alpha Romeo
Ricciardo -> Haas
Piastri -> McLaren
de Vries -> Williams
Latifi -> Home
Willy Hwang
Willy Hwang:
mclaren buys out danny the has been
lewis retires
danny joins merc
the whole mess is only indicative of how the sport is run and manipulated by the english speaking media. on the one hand you have one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever seen fighting against bad publicity since 07,when he should have enjoyed multiole wdc, landed eithe merc or rbr drives long ago etc etc etc on the other hand you see how the same media has created a star out of RIC when he basically is not at all half the driver of ALO or NOR for that matter and now they don't know what

to do with him once the penny has finally dropped, that he isn't a serious operator and he really isn't very good. quite hypocritical really. the whole industry and driver careers are manipulated by the English speaking media. i really hope someone finally takes note.