Lewandowski and Bayern march on | Bayern München - RB Leipzig 3-2 | All Goals | Bundesliga 2021/22

#FCBRBL | Short Highlights from Matchday 21!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern München and RB Leipzig from Matchday 21 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 1-0 Müller (12’), 1-1 Silva (27’), 2-1 Lewandowski (44’), 2-2 Nkunku (53’), 3-2 Gvardiol (58’ OG)

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Fernando Mendez
Fernando Mendez:
Nkunku played a great game, he is unbelievable good
it's funny how after scoring his 41st goal of the season lewandowski said he wouldn't beat muller's 365 goals record
he's getting closer and closer, sure
but the 'worst' part is that he shows no signs of stopping
Muller is having his best season so far, hope to see him in his 2014 goal scoring form and winning golden boot at the world cup 😄😄😄👍👍👍.
Krzysztof Zubryk
Krzysztof Zubryk:
Robert is a man from Mars. He is such a professional Leon ... executor
Scalpa Smiler
Scalpa Smiler:
Nkunku is a beast,the guy knows football 🔥🔥
Albert Kuo
Albert Kuo:
A bit close for comfort, but good effort by RB Leipzig.
blue line
blue line:
Both teams tried win in this strong & difficult match. The one who scored more has won. That is BAYERN.
Bayern vs Leipzig has always provided us, the viewers, with such thrilling attacking football over the years! Glad this match yet again does not disappoint 🔥🔥😎😎
Neo Varley Downes
Neo Varley Downes:
The goal scoring mean machine does it again :0) Muller had a good game also and a fantastic Servant for Bayern over the years. That was a great win, but I am still worried about that defense. It has not really got any better since Kovic was in charge and really needs to be sorted. Rudiger would be brilliant for us and much preferred to Sule and I do not mind him leaving, but not sure if Rudiger would come here. Onward and upward though. Here's hoping for a Dortmund loss tomorrow. The last time those two played it was a brilliant game, even if the outcome was not to a Bayern liking :0)
Chidera Thankgod Obed
Chidera Thankgod Obed:
Sane's celebration before the ball ended at the back of the net

Utmost trust
biyao kiti
biyao kiti:
That was a beautiful cross by Coman. Nkunku was also very impressive.
That was a beautiful cross by Coman. Nkunku was also very impressive.
damar andi
damar andi:
Everytime gnabry score for bayern, I'm having a hard time to process the fact that he used to be a bench warmer at arsenal 😅
This header from Lewandowski 🤯🤯🤯 alien
Kuku Nase
Kuku Nase:
i swear muller is that type who celebrates an own goal
Hh studios
Hh studios:
Honstly Even though So much people know Muller I still think he is underrated He starts so much Assists and even a good finisher call him football man
Suhim Thapa
Suhim Thapa:
Nkunku is one of the best players in Europe this season❤️
Abjo Das
Abjo Das:
It's only a matter of time before nkunku is snatched by some big club. He is an amazing player and will do wonders wherever he goes.
Bayern teamwork and communication wins again!
However congrats to Silva, he ain't giving up with scoring goals yet ;)
tomasz kus
tomasz kus:
Rober isn't a human ....he is a goal machine 🇵🇱💪

Love to see him wearing sky blue top and reunion with Pep 💙💪
onei jike
onei jike:
Nkunku is one of the best players in Europe this season❤️
Beside erling haaland I don't think we'll see such a high prolific striker in world football again a certified number 9
Renan Vieira
Renan Vieira:
Lewandowski é o melhor do mundo hoje sem dúvidas
Leipzig vs Bayern is always a thriller,but with Bayern as the winner everytime they met,this is normal
Bruno Ribeiro Machado
Bruno Ribeiro Machado:
eu fiquei surpreso de ver o Lewandowski e o André Silva marcarem gols nesse jogo
Ahmad Attom Khalil
Ahmad Attom Khalil:
Lewa’s header issa shot
Fredy Hasangapan
Fredy Hasangapan:
Gabriel 1998
Gabriel 1998:
Congrats Bayern! From RB Leipzig fan 👏💪✨🔴⚪🤝🐂
Always pass for lewandowski i noticed when bayern did not pass to lewa they lose match
Emmanuel Orji
Emmanuel Orji:
What a season Nkunku is having
Bayern is such a great team💯
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
What a match 🔥🤩
Nkunku what a player 😊
Harris m6
Harris m6:
This was intense game ⚡
thomas swords
thomas swords:
What an unbelievable game
Hh studios
Hh studios:
Bayern are truly beasts, I been a fan for years Keep up the amazing work! Champions luege vitro next?
IKD ツ:
Nkunku underated, he is good
That pass from Kon Laimer so wow 😯
pouu ktin
pouu ktin:
It's only a matter of time before nkunku is snatched by some big club. He is an amazing player and will do wonders wherever he goes.
dilik mli
dilik mli:
It's only a matter of time before nkunku is snatched by some big club. He is an amazing player and will do wonders wherever he goes.
Nkunku tá comendo a bola. Se o Bayern n renovar com Muller é burrice
Piotr Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski:
Lewandowski 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱💪💪💪
aliss liou
aliss liou:
Nkunku is one of the best players in Europe this season
Roy Jordi Hiro TL
Roy Jordi Hiro TL:
When bayern meet leipzig and dortmun always beautifull for watch
Omar Cruz
Omar Cruz:
¡Damn! Hope we win the next one. Very proud of my bulls.
eroi bior
eroi bior:
That was a beautiful cross by Coman. Nkunku was also very impressive.
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
Leipzig are good don’t forget they beat city under this coach in the CL as well 2-1 and it was a good city that’s why good game by both after 10 days off.
Cau Raja
Cau Raja:
If I don't see the numbers, I would have mistaken Gnabry for Sane because of their hair 😂.
Odinakachi Odynaks
Odinakachi Odynaks:
Congratulations Bayern 👏👏
isaiinwn uwu
isaiinwn uwu:
respects to Leipzig. Always a true battle. Mia san mia
Спасибо за голы! ) Оренбург любит Баварию
Se não melhorar essa defesa, vai perder a Champions 😔
suhail latiff
suhail latiff:
5 Goal thriller = 1 minute highlights.
Eryc Savio
Eryc Savio:
I absolutely love Bayern Munich ❤ 😍 Ghanaians favorite team
as someone who likes rb Leipzig,I must say, I initially doubted Domenico
but man, he's turned it around
Gbaior Terseer
Gbaior Terseer:
When Muller scores first, y'all gone
Christopher Nkunku is cold 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rob Jones
Rob Jones:
Good match, good competition
Malek Bayern
Malek Bayern:
Es war schwer zu gewinnen, aber wir haben es verdient
Zayed زيد
Zayed زيد:
Bayern could score 5 or 6 goals in this match but we win and 3 important points ❤️❤️
#Mia_San_Mia ❤️
Handsome Georgian bank robber
Handsome Georgian bank robber:
Leipzig arent Gladbach, of course Bayern were always going to win this game.
Muller celebrating like that all the time 😂😂
David Olatunji
David Olatunji:
This boy Nkunku is on form
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow:
Longer main highlights from next season please 🙌
Lautaro Alhandro
Lautaro Alhandro:
Nkunku is a baller no cap
Mohammad Aun
Mohammad Aun:
Aggression from Kimmich and Upamecano
Hopefully Leon is back soon, Tolisso with some awful ball retention losing the ball and Bayern conceding on both occasions.
Radhwen Najjari
Radhwen Najjari:
Defender of Bayern is big problem Sule and pavard Slow and they became a big problem to accept playing from an opponent and not to pressure and make decisions to stop attackers Bayern Munich must find more powerful, fast and skillful defenders
0:52 This moment when u trying to pass foodball to Lewandowski because you know that he will score a goal and unfortunately you shoot her yourself
I hope that Bayern fix their defensive problems before the big UCL matches start because a more powerful club would take full advantage of it and score many more goals.
Coman's crosses are getting quite good!
Come on Bayern ❤️💪
NXD Productions
NXD Productions:
Damn... We Bavarians need to sign more Center backs.... We can't play without keeping clean sheets... Especially in the UCL... King Neuer also have a limit.... Need DEFNEDERS!!
Tara Devi West
Tara Devi West:
Is it just me, thinking Jvosko Gvuardiol was mild tonite for his potential new club?
David Nsenkyire
David Nsenkyire:
5 goals in 1 minute editor needs a pay rise 🙂🇬🇭😂
Alfred Gwete
Alfred Gwete:
ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് നിരീക്ഷകൻ
ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് നിരീക്ഷകൻ:
🔥 🔥 🔥 Lewengolski
yahvé m
yahvé m:
Great match
Rina Aguilar
Rina Aguilar:
How in the world do you stop the goal attempt of Gnabry? Like honestly
Judas The Pious
Judas The Pious:
terrible defense there for Bayern..

what's that?
oh.. it's Sule, thank God Bayern didn't extend his contract
Dylan Power
Dylan Power:
Dunno why teams in the premier League dont go for coman he wud be a great asset to the teams
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz:
I see Lewandowksi is picking up where he left off.
Too bad Balon d'or will go to someone not even based off their Calendar Years performance.
MR9 Studio
MR9 Studio:
Lewangoalski ❤️👌
Sterling memes
Sterling memes:
I feel like nkuku is good replacement for me...
mr maher  17
mr maher 17:
It was joy to watch nkunku and scobozlai
Jace Dimples
Jace Dimples:
Michael Ferger
Michael Ferger:
What a game
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
What a match
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗:
What a match
Ray Songz
Ray Songz:
when Coman is on, it's on!😀
fatima salman
fatima salman:
Leipzig should know how to defend on the counter
Will Leipzig be able to defeat Bayern? :(
Dot 21
Dot 21:
Leipzig good job...
681 Bhadane Sudarshan Bhila
681 Bhadane Sudarshan Bhila:
Nkunku 😍🐐
Lukas Lamprecht
Lukas Lamprecht:
Good game strong bayern
Maickel Rojas
Maickel Rojas:
Lewa es impresionante
Peter Mutevu
Peter Mutevu:
The Christopher Nkunku show!
Lewandowski GIGACHAD